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   The morning outside the cave was cool and pleasant, the boughs of the trees above her providing excellent cover from the chill of the post dawn air. It couldn’t have been much later past seven in the morning, and yet the day already felt far more fulfilled than the past month in its entirety. Placing her bow upon the ground, Kagome braced the end against one foot and in one smooth motion attached the string, testing its strength and durability with a few test draws. Her muscles groaned slightly under the protest, but with a few pulls were warmed up to their usual standards, her arms and fingers familiarizing themselves with the polished wood. At her hip was the bottle of water and a quiver full to bursting with arrows, and in front of her a full day to hunt and gather any further supplies for the following weeks.

    Soon her feet carried her away from the cave, her eyes and ears peeled for the sounds of small game, rabbits, pheasants, even a goose would be welcome, her body falling into a routine while her mind was left free to wander. Sesshomaru. What an annoyingly perfect enigma that guy was, all strut about power and allegiances and hating his younger half brother (or at least that’s how she remembered it), then look at him now! Barely able to fly more than a few miles without passing out from whatever the hell it was he nearly passed out from! To be fair, she had no idea what was affecting him, nor could she understand how it affected him when she was about as human as a person could get. Some things were beyond her understanding, or at least they would be until a certain infuriating dog would tell her, which she surmised would be never. He wasn’t always so terribly cold, granted he was never warm and friendly, but he was at one point almost approachable, making him less like a statue and more like...something...with a heartbeat.

    “Again Miko, but this time correct your posture” he stated blandly, his eyes focused on her form as she grabbed an arrow from the almost empty quiver and drew back the fletch to her cheek. His hands came up and adjusted her elbow and hip, his cheek almost at her forehead while he spoke slowly and softly. “Always take your time, Miko, the shot will always be available if you remember to stick to your form and wait for the opportune moment” he stated simply, letting his hand fall back to his side as he watched her take aim at the tree a ways off. With a slow exhale she calmed and steadied her body, releasing the shaft in one smooth motion, hearing a thunk as the arrow slammed into the bark of the tree. Taking a deep breath she took a closer look at her target, realizing she was as close to bulls-eye that she had ever been, the arrow still vibrating from the impact. Her smile grew to her whole face, a loud cheer ringing out from her throat.

    “Again, Miko, but faster this time” came the ever monotone of the killing perfection, his eyes looking blankly at her. He had taken each member of their small group under his tutelage, at first trying to teach her a more close combat worthy weapon, and after a lesson in staves realized she was better off with a bow. Though an exuberant learner, she was in all forms klutzy, and therefore ended up hurting herself more than she learned anything, much to the chagrin of a certain Hanyou. While Sesshomaru wasn’t so much a part of the group as one traveling with them, he still ‘Needed to make sure he wasn’t backed by imbeciles’ as he so eloquently put it, and began teaching. Though of course Inuyasha would have none of it, he secretly watched all the lessons from the trees above, practicing when he thought the others were asleep. There was no love for Sesshomaru, only tolerance, as he had for them, and with a huff of annoyance, Kagome picked up another arrow, drew, and fired.

    She found it funny now, that those lessons that were a few years old now, had proven themselves much more handy than the ones she had picked up in the modern day, and yet she regretted not being grateful for them at the time. Sesshomaru did not have to go out of his way to teach any of them, and yet she found his tutelage frustrating because it kept her away from the Inu she really wanted to be with, not to mention said Inu had already helped her develop an opinion of the Daiyoukai without her ever spending more than a few minutes with him at a time. Still, as he had so eloquently put it the night before, he wasn’t looking for friendship at the time, nor was he now, as he was always seemed to regard himself as one who worked better by himself.

    It wasn’t long before she had three rabbits strung up on her belt and a wild goose, her legs carrying her back to the cave while her mind seemed to be elsewhere. She could hear the sounds of the outdoor world coming to life, and it occurred to her that for this journey they would be traveling much like they did when she time hopped, on foot and the long way around. Well, even longer now that they no longer had Kirara and there was no way Sesshomaru was going to let her ride on his back like Inuyasha used to. This meant that they were traversing the length of Japan on foot, and crossing an extremely cold channel, the hard way. Cars were out of the question unless they wanted a mob of angry, hanyou’s she supposed, chasing after them, and flying caused Sesshomaru a great deal of discomfort, which only left on foot. It was going to be a long journey, one doubly so if she couldn’t keep up with the pace or they ran into any trouble that he couldn’t handle.

    The cave was warm, the tingle of her barrier a welcome feeling at her back as she sat outside, drawing a knife and prepping the rabbits and the goose. Cleaning a kill was never her favorite part, especially since she had to find a way to dispose of the pelt without drawing attention. With a sigh, she laid the cleaned carcassas out on a rock and went out to bury the skins and organs, far enough away that it wouldn’t attract predators to their current location. Dusting her hands off of the soil she had caked on her palms, she made her way back to their sanctuary. Her bow on her hip, her hard earned lessons in the feudal era teaching her that she was to never go unarmed, especially with the smell of fresh blood on her hands. She hummed softly to herself, a habit she picked up after being alone for so long, a small comforting sound in the ever oppressive silence of her loneliness.

    It was because of her humming that she didn’t hear the initial sounds of an approaching, well, someone in the dense brush that surrounded the cave. She was about to bend over and grab the three kills she had laid out, when she heard a louder rustle, a definite snapping of underbrush. Without a second thought, she drew her bow, her other hand grabbing an arrow and fitting it in the string, half drawn but pointed at the ground, her ears straining for another sound in the brush. Based off the sound she had heard earlier, it was too big to be an animal of any kind, unless bears were this common so close to Tokyo, so that left a human, or hanyou, as she had started calling them. The next events happened so quickly, Kagome couldn’t be sure if it happened at all. From the bush to her left, a scraggly looking hanyou launched out, claws extended and eyes so red they might as well have been bleeding, and in the next breath it had sprouted an arrow through its left eye socket, Kagome heaving for breath with her bow upright and missing an arrow.

    The creature gave one last jerk and lay still at the edge of the clearing, it’s lifeless eye turning the normal brown of her kind, his hand still outstretched towards her. Choking down a sob, the young Miko knelt down and retrieved her arrow, wiping it clean on the man’s ragged clothing. In all her time she had been by herself she had only killed two of the hanyous, this kill being her second. The rational part of her brain screamed from the back that she had defended herself, and any normal person would have done the same in her situation, that she had done the right thing. The emotional part of her placed the arrow calmly in the quiver, her eyes staring at the man she had just killed, a storm brewing inside her chest. Slowly she took a step back, and then another, one hand coming to cover her mouth as she felt tears well up in her eyes, her body choking back a sob.

    “Do not waste tears Miko,” came the familiar baritone behind her, her body spinning in it’s spot to stare at him. She didn’t even feel him approach or leave the barrier, and yet he stood calmly as if he had been there the whole time.

    “That was a man, Sesshomaru, a human being who had no control over his actions” she snapped, her hands clenching into fists at her side, the tears flowing freely down her face now.

    “That man...was no longer human, Miko, and he would have killed you had you not killed him first” he replied simply, his eyes boring cold daggers into hers.

    “That man could have been human again once this problem was fixed” she snapped, keeping her tone low in case he wasn’t the only one within hearing range.

    “Hn” was all he stated, turning and retreating into the cave as if the barrier wasn’t even there. She scowled darkly, gathering the meat she had left out and storming after him into the cave.

    “Listen, I know you think us all lowly pathetic humans who are not worth the dirt beneath your shoes, but these are my people, my kind, and I am not fond of senselessly killing them” she snapped as she entered the cave, her eyes boring holes into the back of his head.

    “Hush Miko, you begin to irritate me” he said quietly, taking his customary sitting pose on the far end of the cave.

    “No, I will not hush, and my name, is Kagome” she ground out, her hands automatically setting up the meat to roast by the fire on the inside of the cave “it would do to learn it.”

    “Or what, Miko,” he retorted, emphasizing her title, “You’ll leave?” She could almost see him smirk, if he did such things, and it infuriated her, her eyebrows knitting together in anger.

    “Why not? I’ve survived almost a year without you, and you obviously need my help or else we wouldn’t be going on this messed up family vacation” she snapped, her hands busying themselves with the food prep before her. His silence caught her off guard, and as she looked up, she noticed he was looking at her with an unreadable expression, his amber eyes staring into her own. How he reminded her of Inuyasha, with his eyes and his hair, right down to his fingers and the way he held himself when he knew he was right. But he wasn’t, and that fact was rammed home as often as he could take the time to make the distinction. “I know that you need my help more than I need yours, just as I know that eventually I would have gone insane from the isolation. That being said, it would not kill you to be more civilized towards me, seeing as how you need my help.”

    “Hn” he responded, his fingers clenching in a noncommittal gesture, as if dismissing the conversation in his own arrogant way. It felt good to have some of her regular fire  back, to bandy words with someone and to prove herself against a foe she could win. Kagome sat in silence, cooking her breakfast and dinner lost in her own thoughts.

    “Why teach me?” She spurted out softly, her eyes still on the fire before her.

    “Pardon?” He retorted with his eyes still closed, the back of his head leaning against the cave wall.

    “Why teach me back then, if only we were allies. You personally did not have to oversee it, I’m sure there were others who would have been more than happy to teach me in your stead.” Kagome paused, her eyes focused on the flames of the small fire rather than the youkai seated across from her “You had personal vested interest, if only a small one,” came the quiet statement, her voice reminding her she wasn’t used to being loud at all.

    “As I said before, I needed better allies to guard my back, and I did not have time to summon a teacher worthy of my replacement” he responded, his arrogance practically seeping through his words. She sighed, realizing that she wasn’t going to get much more out of him, and settled into to cook her food and think, she was used to just her own thoughts.

    “Keh, I don’t like the bastard teaching you Kags” Inuyasha spat, sitting in a huff across from her while she tended to her sore hands. “It’s like he’s just here to torture us on purpose.”

    “Inuyasha, if he really wanted to torture us, I’m sure he’d find a lot better way of doing it than teaching us,” she replied with exasperation, this not being the first time Inuyasha had brought it up. This wouldn’t be the last time he brought it up either, seeing as how he had brought it up at least twice a day since Sesshomaru and his pack joined theirs. Kagome sighed softly, flexing her fingers one last time before leaning forward and tapping the hanyou on the nose. “Is it that you’re jealous?” She asked a small twinkle in her eyes.    

    “Keh as if! I just don’t like it is all” he muttered in reply, his eyes taking on a look of seriousness. He looked at her hand slowly, as if memorizing the details of it, his mind lost in his own thoughts. There were a lot of unspoken emotions between the two, and though they had not reconciled the Kikyo vs. Kagome feelings situation, Kagome hoped that after the spider hanyou was dealt with there would be time to work it out. She knew she loved him, that if he asked she’d give everything up to him, yet it was up to him to find it in himself to realize she was not Kikyo, and it was all for the better. However their moment of peace was short lived, as the growl from Kirara echoed through the trees, a warning growl..

    “Why have you not asked me?” Sesshomaru’s voice startled her out of her reverie, her eyes once again looking up at him as she pulled her meal off the fire.


    “About the past” he retorted, his unfailing gaze staring straight at her. It would seem he could hold his curiosity no more, and though he did not care for the Miko, this was a turn he had not expected. What he had expected were pleas, gushing tears, ningen things as they were, yet this unflinching woman before him showed no signs as to the person he believed her to be, and it unnerved him slightly.

    “Because I don’t think I’m ready to know” she replied, turning her head away from him as she cut the meat from the bones. “Nor do I think I was meant to know.” In truth Kagome didn’t want to know about Inuyasha, for if he had eventually forgotten about her and fallen in love with another person, no matter who, she didn’t think she could bear it. And on the opposite, if he had pined away for her til his death, she would never forgive herself, and be angry that he let his life waste away. No, it was better, easier not knowing, figuring that once she was mature enough and ready perhaps she would look into it, however until that point she would just put it in a back corner of her mind, and forget about it.

    Sesshomaru studied her, truly and fully since before she had left behind the times of old and become the woman she was today. He knew that she was not the love sick teenager that followed that dolt of a brother he had, her body had grown and matured, old scars faded against the skin that saw too much sun. She worked with a resolute patience, letting no motion go to waste as she took to tasks that he had once seen her do when inuyasha brought in a kill for the pack. No he knew she was a Miko from this time, and yet, it came to a surprise for him when he saw just how much he did not know her. She still had fire, and enough of it to go around it seemed, and he was thankful for that, as small as it was, yet there was a distance to her as well, the once open girl had become sheltered off from the world.

    Her disappearance was something of a myth to his brother, who swore up and down that he could travel with her, and go to her time, as he put. The well blocking him out only caused rampages, then moping, then another rage fueled attempt to break through. It had caused some curiosity to Sesshomaru, who was convinced the Miko  had had enough of his brother and his split love, and left to be in her own time. Though now studying the same woman before him, he found himself not so sure, his eyes traversing her form and taking in new scars.

    “Miko,” he stated simply, getting her attention. Her blue eyes snapped up into his, willing him, daring him, that fire within her fueled by her dislike of him, by the fact that he was not someone she wished to deal with.

    “Yes, Daiyoukai?” She asked almost too sweetly, her head tilting to the side.

    “Why did you never come back?” That question rocked her harder than anything else he could have asked, bringing back memories she did not want to remember, of the darkness of her depression and the desperation of young love.

    “I could not” she said quietly, packing some of her food away in a plastic container and nibbling on the rest. That explained it to the youkai, quite simply, and with inward roll of his eyes he tilted his head back once more.

    Puppy love. It’s all those two  had ever known and it was unfortunate that he was now saddled with that same woman. Hopefully her, childish, attraction she had as a youth had left her in adulthood, though he thanked whatever Gods were left that she had not recessed into teenage ways, showing the quieter side of maturity.

    This trip may not be so bad as he thought, and with a thankful inward sigh resigned himself to sleep.

    ‘Prat’ Kagome thought to herself, staring at him angrily. ‘This trip is going to be hellish.’

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