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The light that filtered into the small cave was enough to rouse the young miko, her eyes blinking awake to see the pale sunlight against the wall she was facing. With a soft sigh, and a much needed stretch, Kagome began her morning routine, though with more grumbles of complaint about how she never woke up with this pain in the feudal era. Turning around to glance at the Daiyoukai, she was met with a very pleasant surprise, one of which she never would have thought to see in her lifetime. Sesshomaru was asleep, and  he was snoring. The white haired demon was sitting against the same wall, his head tilted back and his mouth ajar as a soft snore escaped his lips, looking more peaceful than Kagome ever thought possible.

Nearly afraid to move, she stood transfixed by the sight before her, her eyes immediately drawn to how much like Inuyasha he looked, her heart giving a painful throb of reminder that he was not. The silver hair, golden eyes, pale flawless skin, even the way that his fingernails came to claw points, and yet, that is where the similarities ended. As she studied him, she began to notice the differences between the two inu brothers, her mind slowly working through the fact that this man that tied her to the past was not the one she wanted. Sesshomaru’s shoulders were broader, his eyes more narrow and studious, and his hands held an elegance that Inuyasha’s calloused ones did not. Shaking herself out of her reverie, she tiptoed as quietly as she could out the cave, letting the cold air force her body awake the rest of the way, a shudder passing through her entire form. By the time she returned to the cave, Sesshomaru was up and moving himself, straightening his swords at his side and watching her quietly as she rolled up her sleeping bag and shrugged into the backpack. Nodding silently to him, she grabbed her bow and followed him out of the cave and into the early morning air.

Without a word he turned north, and began to walk at a fast clip away from their sleeping place, and towards their final goal. With an almost inaudible sigh she gave the cave one last glimpse, and with steely resolve followed the daiyoukai into the trees. Their trek continued in silence for almost an hour, every now and then stopping to listen and feel for any signs of danger,  however it was never anything more than the wildlife, and their journey continued on. Kagome was the first to noticed the mangled corpse of the deer, the blood soaked ground dry and brown, bits of hide and flesh flung about the animal. Without even asking she lifted her bow, reaching for her reiki to feel for any hanyous in the area, however without a single one close enough to even trigger her senses, she let go and walked forward to study what was left of the animal. Sesshomaru chose to stay further behind, his eyes watching her studiously as she lifted bits here and there to get a closer look at the long dead animal.

“Miko, is there any particular reason you are study the carcass of a deer?” His voice was haughty, and commanding, as if he had no time to waste on such nonsense.

“It’s odd, most hanyous when they kill for food can only consume human sized portions, a fraction of what’s been eaten here. This reminds me of an old demon attack from the fuedal era, but there aren’t any demons close enough to warrant even giving the idea a moment of thought.” Her voice rang in his ears as his mind gave an internal sigh of relief. His secret was not out yet, and though she was observant, she did not credit him to the kill that had been made. Truthfully he was unaware as to why he kept this secret from her, she had no reason to not know, just as he had no reason to not tell her. However he found himself still not opening up to at least stall her, perhaps it was shame? The Daiyoukai was unfamiliar with such feelings, as he had never needed them before this point. However as he studied his kill, the internals of the lifeless animal scattered about the clearing, he felt a sharp pang of what he could only assume shame, to let his beast rise forth like that.

Kagome studied the stoic demon from the corner of her eye, her eyes wandering over his pristine white hakama, looking for some explanation of the doe before her, however every article of clothing he wore was as fresh as new snow. Internally shrugging, she stood and adjusted the pack, brushing off her knees for good show as she turned to face the tight lipped man before her.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t tarry, we have a long way to go yet,” she intoned sweetly, giving him a toothy smile. She refused to let him get under her skin, belittle her and make her life hell. With a soft grunt he once again turned north, and strode off without an explanation. Walking silently behind him, she found herself staring up into his back, her mind losing itself to thought as she moved, losing the world in the rhythm of one foot in front of the other. Sesshomaru was not one for much talk, he never had been, and it seemed that the centuries had done little to alter that fact. Turning her memories to said centuries ago, she found herself wondering about her companions, Sango and Miroku obviously got married, as relationship blind as Kagome was even she could see it bright and clear. Inuyasha was something she was unable to think of, as it was clear he had not survived the years, but she was not ready to hear about his life yet, it was still to fresh on her heart. That left Shippo and Kirara, both of whom should have survived the centuries with ease, as they were full demon like Sesshomaru.

“Miko if you do not speak as to what vexes you so, this Sesshomaru will seal your lips so you stop sighing in this general direction.” Speak of the devil she thought, her eyes narrowing and focusing once more on the white haired ass hat in front of her.

“Sometimes your hearing is too good for your own good” she muttered, stepping up her pace to match his at his side.

“This Sesshomaru’s hearing has not changed, Miko, obviously your memory of such has faded” he stated, his eyes scanning their surroundings as they traveled. Tokyo could still be seen nearby, the sprawling metroplex that was the hub of activity in Japan now quiet, almost serene from the wooded hills.

“Well obviously THIS Sesshomaru has not gotten with the times, as no one refers to himself in the third person anymore” she shot back, the corners of her mouth tightening as she glared at him in turn.

“Such a shame that an eloquent form of speech was ruined by humans, as they do with everything.” The corner of his lip twitched in what she could only assume was a smirk, his ego bloated with what she sure he felt was another barb to her.

“And yet, it is your kind who caused our current predicament,” came the sickly sweet reply  of the onna next to him, her eyes carefully staying away from his form. While she was right in a way, he knew that the game they were playing was pointless.

“That is  not certain, as I do not know of a single demon who would cause this havoc on a scale this size, that seems, shockingly enough, something humanity would do.” Damn, he had her at that one, and her brows furrowed as she pondered his words. The fact that this only affected those with demon lineage meant that this was indeed caused by humans, whether she liked it or not. Satisfied with the silence, Sesshomaru basked in the silence of his victory, as petty as it might be. The girl was a breath of fresh air in her own sense, a reminder of who he once was, what he once was, feared and revered in the same breath. These humans had destroyed the planet, crowding it to a point of hazard, then demanded that creatures such as he could never have existed because they would have found evidence of such. Their ego and lust for power knew no bounds, and though he could not help but admire the resilience and cut throat of her species, he still found himself hating them all the more for it. It was as if roles reversed, and he did not appreciate it one bit.

“What happened to Shippou?” she asked calmly, far too calm for what he had expected, and for not the first time he was minutely surprised at her choice of person. He had always figured it would be the slayer, or perhaps his wretched brother, yet it was her adopted fox kit.

“Are you sure you wish to know miko,” he found himself asking. He did not want to have to deal with a blubbering girl if he didn’t have to, and when she gave a resolute nod, he took a deep breath, and began the story.


Sesshomaru found himself staring down at the teenage fox-kit, the youngster puffing up  his chest slightly and raising himself to his full height. The boy’s normally unruly hair had been combed into a neat ponytail, his clothes freshly cleaned and his tail and ears hidden, all to impress the inu before him. This request came as no surprise to the Daiyoukai, and though he found himself wanting to deny the fox kit’s request, he knew this day was coming, and it would break her heart.

“This Sesshomaru agrees fox kit,” the young man visibly relaxed a bit as his relief was palpable, “however, if Rin decides to mate you, know that it is for life pup.”

“Yes Sesshomaru-sama, I am aware of the ramifications of my actions”  he replied with as much courage he could muster, “Youkai mate for life, and her life is bound to mine. Once mated, the only way out of a mating is death for both.” The boys arms visibly trembled at the very thought, and he had a good right to be afraid, for if he had even thought of harming his ward Sesshomaru would have made sure his death would be as painful as possible.

“Hn, go now. And good luck.” With a hasty bow Shippou thanked him, and darted off as fast as his feet could carry him. In truthfulness he knew Rin could have done no better with her choices, the fox kit being a good person in truth. He found himself thinking of his adopted mother, and wondered what parenting they taught in her time to raise a pup that was not her own so successfully. It was not uncommon for humans to adopt other children, however the success rate of a human adopting a demon child was about as close to zero as one could get. He wondered where she had gone initially when he had come to bring Rin to Inuyasha’s village, as he had hoped to leave his ward with the onna until a time which he could return. When Inuyasha explained to him the mystery of the young girl, several mysteries suddenly became as clear as the sky above, and he wondered how far in the future she was in.

Several years passed, and though not much happened in that time he always checked in on his ward and her chosen husband, seeing their courtship from a distance he was most comfortable with. Soon she bore him one child, followed by the next five over the span of the half century. Edo blossomed and grew, the border of the village expanding each year, and though Inuyasha popped into the town, he never stayed long, leaving after a few short weeks at the well. Sesshomaru knew the girl wasn’t coming back, but how Inuyasha pined for her then. Those were the golden years, the blissful years, sure a new demon would get puffed up on himself and try to restart what Naraku had failed years before, and each time was dispatched in short manner. Not one had lived up to the spider hanyou, and Sesshoumaru was all the thankful for it. The golden years however, had to come to an end, and when they did end, they ended in a bang.

“Rin! You need to go with Sesshomaru-Sama, I can hold them off for a little while but I need you to be safe” Shippou pleaded, the now grown man holding her desperately as he pleaded. She  nodded, and Sesshomaru found himself letting go a small sigh of relief, he did not want to have to capture his ward against her will, her relenting to go on her own two feet meant faster traveling. Taking her hand, he lead her out of the house and towards what was left of the forest's edge.

The black ships, the westerners, the end of the shogunate, these things presented real dangers to both him and his kind, one he had no way to protect against. Humans, bolstered by western weapons, sought after and systematically began destroying his people, emboldened by their new technology. Some things he could not hold onto forever, and his lands apparently were one of those items, all his servants and subjects disbanded, the youkai told to hide and stay away from humankind in general. All that had been left was getting Shippou and Rin out of Edo, the last two who had tried to integrate into life that the humans had built. The kitsune  had tried to blend in, however it was no use as Miko and Monk alike had joined the hunt, using their own abilities to root out any remaining youkai, as if the tenuous treaties that had kept the peace were never there. The ever young couple had found themselves surrounded as they had tried to leave, three out of their five children safely hidden, the other two long since buried. Rin had been distraught over the loss of the youngest, when the humans began slaughtering youkai the two little hanyous had been the first targeted, as they could not hide themselves as easily.

Brought back to the current situation at hand, Sesshomaru cut a path for them both with his whip, Rin staying within very close range of his person as he lead her out of the now city. They had just made it to the edge of the forest, to the edge of safety when she had fallen. With a cry she was brought to her knees, her arms immediately wrapping around her torso as she looked towards the city’s heart, where Shippou still fought to buy time and freedom. The kitsune was supposed to have given them moments only, then find his own way to retreat, which is what now worried the Inu, that the boy was not there. Looking down at his ward, he saw spots of crimson seeping through her kimono, staining her hands as she began to cry in earnest. For the first time in centuries, Sesshomaru panicked, full fledged heart racing panicked, grabbing his ward and holding her close to him.

“Rin stay with me, stay with me damn it!” He knew there was nothing he could do, there was no way to get to Shippou in time, and no way to heal what he knew to be a gunshot wound. Grinding his teeth he held onto the frail onna, watching as her crying slowly subsided, her body going quiet, then her last shuddering breath. In his heart he knew that Shippou too had passed, though he could only bring himself to care in the  barest of ways. Rin, his Rin, his ward, was gone. There was no way he could bring her back this time, and he howled at the futility of it all. Water droplets landed on her face as he held her, and his thumb wiped them away before another landed on her cheek, and with a start he realized he was crying, sobbing like a pup. He wanted to be angry, he wanted to howl and ravage the humans responsible, and he half stood to do so, his eyes starting to bleed red. It was one last look at her face that stopped him, now so serene she might have been sleeping, if not for the red staining her beautiful blue kimono. The guns these westerners brought were lethal, and he knew that he would die in that onslaught, though part of him wished he would just go anyways.

Sesshomaru gently picked her up, carrying her deeper within the trees, wishing that he could retrieve her mate, but knowing that Shippou’s body was an impossibility, as his corpse would be paraded around as another human victory. Instead he carried Rin as deep as he dared, giving her the last rites she deserved, watching her body burn to ashes, his eyes refusing to weep more than they already had. In his heart, he steeled himself for his next quest, her kits. Three still lived, and he would find them and protect them, in her and her mate’s place, it was the last he could do for her after failing to protect her himself.


“Her three surviving kits lived and died of old age, as hanyous are wont to do, their descendants also have grown old and died, the only one left having passed last year.” Sesshomaru finished simply, his eyes glued straight ahead. Her death still filled him with sadness that he had thought himself over, yet each time the memory revealed itself he found himself wishing to weep for her loss.

“At least they are not suffering as others are,” Kagome whispered softly, knowing he could hear her, “And though I am saddened at his death, I am happy he found love.” She saw the Daiyoukai nod, her eyes noting the stiff shoulders and tightened corners of his eyes. He still felt the grief of Rin’s death as fresh as if it had happened yesterday, and though there was naught she could do for him, Kagome felt a small stab of grief that her kit was no more. Part of her had long accepted that if Shippou had been alive, he would have found her by now, so his death was less of a painful experience than she had expected. However knowing how he had passed still hurt, her heart clenching in her chest as she fought the sorrow she knew Sesshomaru to be feeling. Slowly she reached up, and laid a hand on his arm, giving a soft pat of comfort before lowering it again, shocked that he had not reprimanded her for such an action, just as she was surprised that she had done as such.

“We have more miles to cover yet,” he said stiffly, nodding slightly towards her in appreciation, “then we shall camp for the night.” Kagome nodded, adjusting her pack on her back. They had a long way to go, and though she let herself dwell on Shippou, she did not let it slow her. She had a mission, and she forced herself to focus on that, the rest she would grieve when it was all over.

If she survived that long.

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