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Last time: Miroku's violet eyes sparkled and he let out a throaty chuckled, "This is the ladies' room and there is always a door connecting it to the master suite." He grabbed one of the lit lamps and headed into the darkened room. His head reappeared and her heart did a flip. A grin appeared on his face "I will see you shortly, my lady." With that, he was gone and the door slid shut with a click.

 </p><hr />

<p>A rumble reverberated throughout the darkened room and lightening flashed brightly, illuminating the area for a second as a high squeak sprang out from a bundle on the lone futon. The hidden form shook like a leaf and made several more squeaks as another round of thunder raged outside.</p>

<p>A tired and slightly agitated voice filtered from the closed door on the other side of the room. "You okay, Wench? What the hell is with all of the damned noise?"</p>

<p>The covered form slowly pulled the blanket down to reveal her raven head. She swallowed roughly and tried not to screech as more thunder voiced angrily. Her small hand shook as she brushed her hair out of her face and let out a ragged sigh before she answered the irritated hanyou. "It was nothing, Inuyasha. Really, the thunder just startled me out of sleep that's all. Everything is fine now that I am fully awake."</p>

<p>She heard a snort and the half demon's tone stated that he really didn't buy her response, but he didn't pry any further. "Sure, whatever you say. Will you try to keep your noise to yourself, it's fucking hard enough trying to sleep with all of the goddamn noise outside. I don't need your banshee shrieks too."</p>

<p>Kagome rolled her eyes, 'Always the gentleman. He has such a way with words. Every woman wants to be called a banshee.' Her response held her sarcasm, which she hoped he got, "Gee, thanks Inuyasha. I'll try to keep my banshee shrieks to myself. I wouldn't want to disturb your beauty sleep."</p>

<p>Thunder sounded again, but Kagome bit her tongue and clamped her lips tightly, so the insensitive half demon would go away. Seconds after her response, he let out a snarl "Good, you fucking better!" he stomped away without waiting for her reply, his loud grumbling could still be heard by her, "Fucking women! Fucking storm! Fucking noise!"</p>

<p>The young priestess blinked in the blackness and scratched her head. She was surprised by Inuyasha's behavior. Normally he was more…intrusive. Why the hell is he acting like this? 'Maybe he just wanted to go to back to sleep?' She thought to herself. Yes, that's what it had to be. A snort escaped 'Really, what else could it be?' She never finished her line of thought as the storm sang out even louder and the room flashed intensely, causing her to fly up from the futon and scramble to the wall that held the secret door.</p>

<p>Another round of booms rang out, her lips compressed even tighter, so she would not scream and draw the peeved hanyou to her door once again. Her small hands pressed against the wall where the monk had been pursuing earlier. She slid them hurriedly along the smooth surface, hoping to feel some type of depression or lip of a button that would give access to the master room.</p>

<p>'Where is it? It has to be here somewhere.' She cried anxiously to herself. 'How did the damn Houshi find it so fast? How the hell did he even know about it anyway?' The young miko shook her head and silently berated herself. 'Now is not the time Kagome, focus woman! Find the hidden latch, then ask the monk later.' Her hands continued to move along the wall, until her finger tips hit an uneven edge. A mental sigh and a quick rush of triumph ran through her as she swiftly pressed the obtrusion, waiting for something to happen. Soon the wall gave a light click and the hidden door began to slide open.</p>

<p>Relief filled her as she hurried to slip past the half-opened door and into the murky room. She stopped short when she heard the hidden door come to a halt for a second then begin to move once more. She jumped when she received another round of explosions, then the door swiftly clicked close, leaving the scared priestess in darkened silence.</p>

<p>Kagome noted that it was quiet, really quiet, especially compared to the loud environment she had just ran from. Why was there no sound of the storm raging outside? Had the Houshi preformed some type of spell? The room flared brightly, starling the curious female and bringing her back to why she was in the Monk's room to begin with. She shook her head, chasing away more questions for later. Honestly what was she doing? Why was she just standing there? It was just plain creepy with her standing there lost in her thoughts, like stalker creepy and one thing Kagome was not, was a stalker. A little flighty, yes, but a sleazy stalker she was not.</p>

<p>She cleared her throat and softly called out to the resident monk, who she might add was apparently unaware that she had even invaded his space. "Miroku? It's Kagome. Um…hello?"</p>

<p>A groggy voice flittered from the right of her, causing her to cock her head in that direction. "My Lady?" his voice clearly conveyed his confusion.</p>

<p>She bobbed her head, even though the monk couldn't see it and confirmed her identity a little louder this time. "Yeah, it's me, Kagome."</p>

<p>The young priestess heard the rustling of bedding and the creaking of the futon then the thumping of bare feet on the wooden floor, indicating that Miroku was no longer in bed, but now standing "Is there something wrong, my lady?" The confusion in his tone was gone and it was now replaced with worry.</p>

<p>Kagome's cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Man, what was she supposed to say? Now standing in the darkened room with the wide awake Houshi, she felt silly for rushing into his room because of some childish fear of storms. Her cheeks became even hotter and her hands flew up to cup her blazing face. "I…Um…There was…I mean…" She stumbled over her words, flushing even more. 'Aww man.' She let out an embarrassed groan 'Can I possibly embarrass myself any further?'</p>

<p>Miroku's deep laugh bounced off the walls and his footsteps echoed against the cool floor as he made his way to where her voice had originated from. A few strides and he was pretty close to her personal space, his large hands reaching out in the murkiness, taking small steps with each swipe of his hands as he tried to find her.</p>

<p>Her breath hitched when one of his hands finally came into contact with her side, slowly skimming her clothed back as he looped his arm around her waist, drawing her body to his. His warm breath brushed against the side of her face "Kagome, what is wrong? Why are you in my room? Are you here to have your way with me?"</p>

<p>A giggle slipped passed her lips, his perverse question overriding her embarrassed situation. "Yes, you caught me. I'm here to have my wicked way with you monk."</p>

<p>He laughed again and tightened his hold on her. "I knew you could not resist me. You naughty temptress you."</p>

<p>Kagome sighed dramatically, "It seems I cannot. Your monkish ways have wooed me to your side. I had to come and see you."</p>

<p>Miroku dipped his head, his breath tickled her ear. "I am glad that you are here."</p>

<p>A smile crossed her lips as she realized that she was glad she was there too, even if her reason for being there was childish and impulsive, she was still happy nonetheless. Her tone held the same sincerity as his had "So am I." Kagome closed her eyes and exhaled "Miroku?"</p>

<p>"Yes, my lady?" he questioned softly.</p>

<p>Her stomach fluttered with a thousand butterflies as she got the nerve to ask if she could stay. She didn't want to go back to the booming room. The room where she was alone and most definitely frightened. "Can I…Can I stay with you?"</p>

<p>He pulled her even closer, so that her raven head now rested against his bare chest as he buried his face into her citrusy scented hair, then laid a soft kiss upon it. The tone of his voice held a huskier richness to it. "Of course, you can…My Kagome."</p>

<p>Kagome's heart slammed against her ribcage and the fluttering in her stomach increased by tenfold as his words echoed in her mind 'My Kagome' "Okay.." So, it wasn't the most intelligent thing that has come out of her mouth, but hot damn what was she supposed to say, especially when he had just called her his.</p>

<p>Miroku just chuckled and lead her to where the futon was located. She crawled onto the bed, making her way to the far side of the mattress and slid under the covers.</p>

<p>The mattress dipped with Miroku's weight and the blanket shifted allowing him entrance. After making himself comfortable, he carefully reached over and pulled her closer to his form.</p>

<p>Kagome's eyes slid shut and a sigh escaped her lips when she was nestled tightly against the monk's warm body. Her head settled on one side of his chest as her free hand rested on the other. She could feel his accelerated breathing beneath her cheek and his erratic heartbeat thumping against her palm.</p>

<p>The monk's hand slid to the hand on his chest as his fingers intertwined with her tiny ones. He tilted his head toward hers and gently laid a kiss on top of her inky hair as he wondered why she had come to him. What had happened in her room that would frighten her so? He knew he would have to ask if he wanted an answer to his internal questions. The monk cleared his throat, breaking the silence that had engulfed the room. "My Lady, what has made you so frightened?"</p>

<p>The young miko buried her face to his chest and mumbled out a response. "It's stupid."</p>

<p>Miroku stroked her back as he softly replied "It could not have been too stupid, my lady. It had scared you so much that you needed to escape. Now please tell me?"</p>

<p>Kagome felt her cheeks rush with warmth as her embarrassment enveloped her. God, she could not tell him! It was stupid and childish. She let her fear of storms get to her. She burrowed her face deeper into the monk's chest.</p>

<p>He stroked her soft hair and tried again, "Please tell me what frightened you?"</p>

<p>She turned her face so that her cheek was again on his bare chest. A sigh escaped her as she struggled with her words. "I…well…you see…" She closed her eyes, before another sigh freed from her lips, then she slowly opened her eyes once again. "I'm…afraid of storms." There she said it! She felt her face heat up even more. Man, this was so embarrassing. Now he really was going to think that she was childish. She opened her mouth and more words began to come forth. "It's been like that since I've been little. I know that it's childish and I should be over it, but I cannot help how I feel."</p>

<p>He didn't say anything as he continued to caress her head. She was getting more anxious by the minute as he continued his silence. Why wasn't he saying anything? Was it really that bad? Did he now see her differently? Did he no longer want her? She felt like her heart was being squeezed painfully and she fought the light film of tears that sprung out of nowhere. It hurt to think about Miroku not wanting her any longer. It hurt worse than she thought it would have. It made no sense at all. How could it? They were just starting this thing between them. Where was this feeling coming from?</p>

<p>She didn't have much time to think on it when she was jolted out of her thoughts as his movements stopped and he finally spoke, "My lady, everyone is afraid of something, are they not? Sometimes we outgrow it and sometimes it stays with us. I do not think you are being childish."</p>

<p>Kagome felt relief at his words and let out a nervous laugh "Oh." She laughed again "good. I couldn't help but worry that I chased you away."</p>

<p>He tightened his hold on her and kissed the top of her head. "Never my Kagome." He kissed her head again. "Nothing will ever chase me away from you." His hot breath tickled her ear "and I mean nothing, not even time itself will stop me from being with you."</p>

<p>Her heart sped up at his declaration and she melted more into his embrace. 'Wow.' She thought to herself. Miroku kept surprising her at every turn. He was not what she had thought and it truly blew her mind.</p>

<p>Silence enveloped them as they both listened to each other's racing heart beats and shallow breaths. What seemed like several minutes, the monk's deep voice broke the stillness. "Kagome?" he questioned softly.</p>

<p>"Yes Miroku?" She replied in a hushed tone and waited for the monk to respond. She felt him swallow roughly, before he continued. "May I kiss you My Lady?"</p>

<p>Kagome tipped her up just as the lightening lite up the room, their eyes meeting for a second before she whispered her response "Always."</p>

<p>The Houshi let out a sexy growl and quickly claimed her lips as his hand cupped her face and her small one gripped his muscled forearm. She let out a sigh and Miroku took the opportunity to slip his warm tongue between her lips. A moan echoed from the small miko as their tongues stroked and battled with each other. Soon the ache from the lack of oxygen began to demand that they pull away.</p>

<p>Miroku groaned as he drew away first, resting his forehead against hers as he sucked in large amounts of air. Time passed once again before the monk moved to speak in her ear. "May I…" He swallowed coarsely "May I touch you?"</p>

<p>Kagome's breath caught in her throat and her mind raced. Did she want him to touch her? She felt herself grow wet at the thought of him touching her in a way that no other has. Oh yes, she indeed wanted him to touch her. She craved his touch, just like an addict craved a fix.</p>

<p>She didn't recognize the husky voice that fell from her plump lips. "Oh Miroku…" Kagome felt him start to pull away, clearly misunderstanding what she meant. Oh dear, he must have thought she was going to deny him. She had to clear up the misunderstanding quickly, so she hurried with her words. "Please…touch me."</p>

<p>The monk's movement stopped as her words slowly began to process. He growled before forcefully returning his lips to hers as his hand moved slowly down her waiting body.</p>

<p>She moaned as his fingertips grazed the hardened buds of her breasts, and continued to slide down her quivering stomach, making its way to her now soaked panties. When Miroku skimmed the damp cloth, he let out another throaty growl. "Soooo fucking wet!" he snarled out, before flicking his fingers against her tender spot.</p>

<p>His words sent another flash of heat to her center, causing more wetness to spill. Kagome whimpered as his digits rubbed harder against her clothed core. Her whimpering increased with each flick of his quick fingers and the more she made noise, the more daring the monk became.</p>

<p>When his name slipped passed her swollen lips, his assault on her clit intensified, causing her to buck against his bold fingers. Kagome's eye rolled upward as she felt herself climbing higher toward the release she so greatly wanted.</p>

<p>Miroku's warm lips coasted the shell of her ear and his deep voice commanded her attention "Cum my lady." He growled wildly "Cum now!" The tiny miko came just as her monk demanded, screaming his name and many other words along the way. "Mirrrrrrokuuuuu. Ooooh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" He flicked his fingers one more time before pulling away from her pulsing core and kissing her temple lightly.</p>

<p>She leaned back against his arm, feeling deliciously relaxed. Her breathing ragged as she wheezed out a low wow and a deep laugh echoed throughout the room. He kissed her temple once again and tightening his hold on her.</p>

<p>Kagome could feel her eyes beginning to feel heavy. The long fight with sleep was no longer an issue and soon darkness overcame her before she could even say goodnight.</p><hr />

<p>Moring came faster than either one of the occupants wanted. The muted light began to stream into the room, making the sleeping residents stir.</p>

<p>Kagome opened her cobalt eyes, groaning slightly at the realization that morning was knocking. She quickly turned to bury her face against the warm chest of her um… boyfriend? Special friend? 'Hmm..' she thought to herself, clucking her tongue. They had not really talked about what they were to each other. She decided to bring it up as soon as they were both awake.</p>

<p>Kagome lips twitched upward as she remembered the night's events, then her face warmed with a rush of blood to her cheeks. 'Wow.' When she ended up in his room last night, the thought of him touching her intimately was the furthest from her mind. She had not expected that, not that it was not welcomed. Oh, it had been. Mmmm…Very much so.</p>

<p>A loud yawn broke her from her thoughts, as his strong arms wrapped around her petite waist. His breath tickled her ear, causing a shiver to slide down her spine "Good morning, my lady."</p>

<p>A moan slipped passed her lips before she could stop it, "Mmmmm…Good morning." She kissed his naked chest and he let out a groan of his own. "Woman, you will be the death of me." He replied with a kiss to her raven head.</p>

<p>She laughed as she leaned over to lightly pecked him on the lips. She winked at him before she responded, "It would be one helluva way to go."</p>

<p>He swiftly leaned into her to captured her lips roughly, "Yes, it would." He mumbled against her soft lips, before kissing her some more.</p>

<p>After some time, Kagome let out a low whine as they pulled away from each other. She pouted, giving the monk puppy eyes "Do we have to get up?"</p>

<p>Miroku kissed her lips quickly, then flopped back against the futon. A sigh released from his lungs and his violet eyes moved to connect with her azure ones. "Unfortunately, my dear Kagome. If we don't, our resident dog demon will come a sniffing." You could clearly hear the hostility as he spoke. Inuyasha was not Miroku's favorite person at the moment and Kagome wasn't sure if that would change anytime soon.</p>

<p>The young priestess frowned as she collapsed on the futon as well. "Ugh. I know." They laid in comfortable silence, until the sighing priest nudged her shoulder reluctantly. "We should get up, my lady." She huffed and pulled herself out of the futon, dragging her legs to the hidden doorway.</p>

<p>Stomping toward the wall, she internally whined as she felt around the partition grumpily. Hm. Leaving was not on her list, hell, dealing with the mood swinging Inuyasha wasn't either. Nope not at all and to be perfectly honest, she would have preferred if she could stay in bed with the downright sexy monk, but no, she had to pacify a temperamental Inuyoukai, whom she might add has been acting very unusual as of late.</p>

<p>Kagome paused the movement of her hands when Miroku slid his arms around her middle and lightly kissed her neck. His hot breath hit her décolletage as he sighed deeply. "I know you do not want to go. I do not want you to go either." He kissed her neck again, then continued on "Eventually we will have to tell him. We cannot keep sneaking around like common criminals. We are doing nothing wrong and we most definitely do not need to explain our actions or growing relationship to anyone," His sneer even more evident as he spat the last words "especially to Inuyasha!"</p>

<p>She leaned into his embrace and let out her own sigh of frustration "Yes, we will have to do it soon. I don't like that we must hide either. I'm just not sure how Inuyasha is going to take the news. You know that he has been acting weirder than normal." She craned her head to look him in the eyes, her voice going soft "I just don't want anyone to get hurt. Inuyasha, as you know, can be very unpredictable, well, among many other things that is." Her lips pursed at the thought of the frustrating dog demon.</p>

<p>This time Miroku huffed, his own voice strand with bits of annoyance and anger. "I cannot say that Inuyasha will not be a problem, because we all know that the dog will dig in his hind legs if he feels the damn need. If it should come to that, I promise my dearest Kagome, that I can more than handle a tantrum throwing Inuyoukai who thinks he has ownership over my damn woman!"</p>

<p>She rolled her eyes at his own declaration of possession. If he thought more on it, he would see that their possession came hand in hand. It was just that she found it very attractive in the monk and not so much in the dog demon.</p>

<p>She moved her hand to lightly pat his arm with big doe eyes "I know that you can handle Inuyasha or any demon. I can't stop the worry though. You both mean a lot to me and I would never want to see either one of you hurt."</p>

<p>The monk let out breath as he ran a hand through his hair, then placed a tender kiss to her lips "I know." He reached out and found the hidden button without a second thought, before nudging her toward the opening panel. "Now go get dressed so we can get this over with. I will see you in a few minutes."</p>

<p>"Okay, see you then." The petite miko pouted with hunched shoulders, while making her way through the doorway. She turned to give him a sad wave before the door slide shut.</p>

<p>Another sigh released from her lips as she made her way to her bag to pull out the clean items that she would need. When she was done, she ran a brush through her tangled mess, before making her way out her door and heading to the area where she knew she would find her companions.</p><hr />

<p>The morning slowly drug on and since it was still raining, they had decided to finish cleaning, before they resumed their shard traveling. Inuyasha had not been happy about the decision and let the others know of his displeasure by grumbling the whole damn time during the discussion and well after.</p>

<p>Kagome was sure that Miroku was biting his tongue to stop himself from telling the dog demon to shut the hell up. Hell, she fought the urge many times herself. She knew that the monk did not want to draw any more attention to either one of them, though at the time she could see that Inuyasha was really pushing the houshi's buttons. She just didn't know if it was intentional or not. Sango must have noticed the tension as well, because she soon barked out orders to each one of them and sending them on their way.</p>

<p>This was how Kagome found herself walking along the hallway bucket in hand as she slid a screen open, stepping into a small room that had not been occupied for quite some time. The smell hit her nose, the musty scent that lingered in rooms like this, causing her to scrunch it up. 'Ewe gross.' she thought to herself, as she shook her head and flashed the light around the room until she spotted window coverings. She set down her bucket, before making her way to the curtains and flinging them open, letting in the dulled light from the dreary outside.</p>

<p>Her blue eyes roamed the now exposed room, suddenly realizing that she was in what looked like a study. A thick layer of dust was on every surface and Kagome knew there was a chance that she would come across some type of creepy crawler. A shudder sliced through her and at that moment, she wished that she had a vacuum. It would have been a heck of a lot easier if she had one. Damn feudal era and no electricity or technological advances. Man, how she missed those things now that she was no longer in her era. Guess you don't appreciate what you have until its gone. Well, it's not that it's gone per se, but she spent more time in the feudal era, then she did her own time. She loved her mom, brother, and grandfather and missed them very much, but this was her home now. Her family was here in the feudal era and not hundreds of years away. She shook her head chasing the thoughts away for another day and turned her attention back to the task of cleaning the dirty study.</p>

<p>Hours later, Kagome wiped her sweaty forehead with the back of her hand, tossing the cloth in the dirty water as she surveyed her hard work. The study looked livable once again and no longer smelled stale. She was proud of her work, placing her hands on her hips and a smile on her lips. She was glad that Miroku had been able to acquire this place, since it would be nice to have a home to go to every now and again.</p>

<p>Kagome couldn't help but think that they all needed a place of some stability, especially with the threat of Naraku hanging over their heads. They deserved some sort of peace during these trying times. Hell, they deserved whatever happiness that they could get.</p>

<p>Her smile got bigger as her thoughts moved to the handsome monk and how happy she was right at this moment. Her fingers went unconsciously to lips, causing her to smile even more. She was so happy that she could burst and that wonderful perverted Houshi was the cause of it. That thought made her heart begin to skip a beat and a flutter of what people would call butterflies in the stomach. A sigh released through her fingers as she whispered his name to the empty room. "Miroku"</p>

<p>She jumped when the said monk's voice chimed with what sounded like relief and a large amount of delight. "Ah, it is good to know that I am not the only one thinking about us." Kagome spun around, her eyes wide with surprise and her face reddened from embarrassment.</p>

<p>Amusement danced in the monk's violet eyes, while he gave her a cheeky grin and stepped into the room. He quickly cleared the distance between them, not giving her a chance to recover, as his large hands cupped her heated cheeks and his lips connected with hers. They kissed for what felt like forever, only pulling away to take in breaths of air when their bodies called for it. It was like everything around them was gone and it was just the two of them.</p>

<p>A clearing of the throat finally broke them apart and both jumping from surprise. Miroku spun around blocking Kagome's view of the doorway, causing her to peer around the monk's arm. There in the entrance stood her best friend with her hands on her hips, shaking her chocolate mane and giving them a pointed expression. "Look, I get that you two are together, but if you're not going to tell Inuyasha any time soon, then you both need to be a little more discreet and a hell of a lot more careful. You both had no idea that I had stumbled upon you and if it had been a certain Inuyoukai, it may have ended differently. You guys know how he tends to overreact, especially when it comes to Kagome."</p>

<p>Miroku heaved a heavy sigh and ran his hand through his hair, "Yes we know and we are planning on talking to the dog about our relationship soon."</p>

<p>Sango crossed her arms and frowned "Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later, because I can only cover for you two for so long. Inuyasha already suspects something with you two and it won't be long before he catches on. He may act stupid, but he is far from it. Plus, he is a Inuyoukai and they tend to be a little possessive of their pack members, especially the females." Her brown eyes met blue ones, "I know you don't feel anything for Inuyasha other than a brother and when he pulls his head out of his ass, he will see that you are more of a sister than that of a romantic partner, but until that happens, you both are going to have to deal with his whiney ass. You know how stubborn he can be and it may take a while for him to adjust."</p>

<p>This time Kagome sighed, moving next to Miroku, and rubbing the bridge of her nose. "I know, I know. You don't have to tell me. I just think that we have to break it to him very gently and somewhere outside with lots of space." Yes, lots and lots of space and nowhere near their new dwelling.</p>

<p>Sango nodded in agreement as she turned in the doorway, "I agree and when the time comes, I will be there to try to knock some sense into him. Now come you two, I sent Inuyasha out to hunt for something to eat and he should be back soon. We wouldn't want to give him any more suspicions, now would we?" the slayer shook her head and headed back to what would be considered a kitchen without another word.</p>

<p>Kagome began to follow Sango, but was stopped by Miroku grabbing her wrist. She twisted to look at him, as he pulled her back to his embrace and kissed her soundly. He drew away and rested his forehead against hers, his deep voice soothing her worry "It will be okay. I will be okay. We will be okay. Remember what I said last night, Nothing and I mean NOTHING will stop me from being with you! Not even Inuyasha will chase me away!" He sneered when he said the Inu's name, then quickly kissed her again, before he slowly stepped away from her. "Come my lady, before the dog does come sniffing." His large hand still held onto her wrist, gently tugging her to follow him out of the room and into what they both knew was the calm before the storm.</p><hr />


I must say that this chapter was my favorite so far, though that could change at any time. I really do love the dynamic between Miroku and Kagome. I cannot wait to expand their relationship and all the ups and downs along the way.

I'm not sure when the next chapter will be, but it will happen. I think I enjoy this story more than my other story. I may just focus on this one, then work on my other story after I have finished this one.

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