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Last time: Kagome began to follow Sango, but was stopped by Miroku grabbing her wrist. She twisted to look at him, as he pulled her back to his embrace and kissed her soundly. He drew away and rested his forehead against hers, his deep voice soothing her worry “It will be okay. I will be okay. We will be okay.  Remember what I said last night, Nothing and I mean NOTHING will stop me from being with you! Not even Inuyasha will chase me away!” He sneered when he said the Inu’s name, then quickly kissed her again, before he slowly stepped away from her. “Come my lady, before the dog does come sniffing.” His large hand still held onto her wrist, gently tugging her to follow him out of the room and into what they both knew was the calm before the storm.

Chapter 6 (Revelations and the truth)

The fire crackled and popped, as the young raven haired woman stared at the flames in frustration. It had been a month since Miroku and herself had moved their relationship from friendship to more of a romantic venture, well, it was supposed to be romantic. If it wasn’t for the Inuyoukai of their group, they would have been able to explore more of their new relationship. Unfortunately, the dog demon would not leave them alone not even for a single freaking minute. No, they had no privacy and it was driving Kagome crazy. The only time that the new couple had any form of privacy was at their newly acquired home and thinking of that time made her yearn for her monk’s kisses and touches even more.

She sighed, dragging her gaze from the flames to where the houshi sat on the other side of the fire. Her blue eyes met his and she could see the wanting and frustration in his gaze, before he let out a deep sigh of his own, then ran his hand through his hair. Yep, he most definitely was at his breaking point. They were going to have to tell Inuyasha soon, because she didn’t think either one of them could go on like this any longer. Damn her sensitivity and not wanting to crush her friend’s feelings. If it had not been for that reason, she would have told him already.

A throat clearing drew her attention away from her monk and to the understanding look of her best friend. Sango gave her a small smile, before standing up and brushing off any dirt that had clung to her outfit. She leaned down to dig in her pack, pulling out a towel and a small bag that Kagome knew was filled bathing products, some of which she had brought for her from the future. Sango’s stare turned back to her form and she knew what her best friend was going to ask before she even said anything “You want to go take a bath? Inuyasha said that there was a hot spring within walking distance.” Hell yes she did. She needed to talk to her best friend without certain people listening in. She needed to vent her annoyance before she exploded. With a quick nod, Kagome reached over to grab her own bag and a fluffy towel, then stood up and hurried to her best friend’s side to follow her out of the camp. Both women didn’t glance at either male as they made their way out of the camp and into the wooded area.

When they were no longer within earshot, Sango finally spoke. “Okay, so when are you going to tell Inuyasha about your new relationship? The tension between the three of you is so thick that I’m beginning to feel it myself. You two need to tell him soon or this is going to ruin what you and Miroku have already started to build. Plus, I’m not sure if I can take all of the longing glances you guys give each other!”

Sango made gagging noises as the young priestess rolled her eyes then ran her small hand through her raven mane “Ha Ha, my dearest friend. You just wait until this is you and your significant other. Oh, the teasing you will get my friend.” She giggled madly for a few minutes, before sobering up and releasing a deep sigh as she redirected herself back to the questions at hand. “As for the tension, I know and it’s killing me. You know that Inuyasha watches us like a freaking hawk and we’re barely able to sneak a touch or even a kiss. Hell, Miroku can’t even stand near me or talk to me without Inuyasha giving him the stink eye!” She growled out in frustration “I don’t think I can take this anymore. I’m going to have to tell him. I wish I could discuss this with Miroku, but we are never alone!”

Sango made no comment as they continued their walk deeper into the woods, letting Kagome get everything off her chest. She watched as her best friend rubbed the bridge of her nose before continuing. “I really like Miroku and if we can let whatever we have going on grow, I think it could be something amazing. He makes me feel like I’m the only woman he sees and I like that feeling. Does that make me a bad person for wanting a chance at happiness regardless of the hurt that I know that it will cause?”

Sango gave her a sympathetic look as they created a path to the hot spring, “No, I think we all want that happiness and even though Inuyasha’s feelings will be hurt, it is for the best. Once Inuyasha sees the whole picture, he will be fine and maybe he will find his own happiness.”

Kagome stared at the forest floor and sighed, “I hope that he does. He is my friend and I would never want him to be unhappy. You all deserve some form of happiness.”

The young miko turned her face from the ground to the face of the slayer, watching a wistful look appear on her features. Sango let out deep sigh and her voice held the longing “That would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

Silence enveloped them, as they continued their trek through the wooded area, finally stopping when they reached their destination. Setting their bags on the bank, they quickly stripped and carefully slid into the warmed water, both sighing as their tension began to slowly slip away and neither saying another word in the wake of the relative silence.

Minutes ticked by and Kagome remained quiet while she relaxed in the water. She still had said nothing to her friend’s comment moments ago, what could she say really? Sure, crappy things had happened to her, but her family was alive and healthy on the other side of the well. They were safe and clear from the clutches of the evil hanyou. Her friends had not been that lucky, tragedy littered all their pasts at some point in their lives. Yet here was her best friend who deserved happiness more than she did, telling her that she deserved a piece of that happiness too. It blew her mind at how caring Sango truly was. How she took care of all of them, even though she didn’t have to. Funny how everyone thought that she, the miko of the group, was the alpha female. Nope, it wasn’t her. It was the slayer that was alpha female, the other half to their pain in the ass alpha. Her blue eyes widened at the thought and clarity slapped her upside the head. Oh.My.Gods. It had been there right in front of them the whole time. Inuyasha and Sango. Holy crap on a cracker! Her situation was placed to the back of her mind for the time being, until she could wrap her mind around the shocking eye-opener. Sango and Inuyasha….

She glanced at Sango out of her peripheral vision, wondering if the slayer had ever considered their resident Inuyoukai as a prospective suitor. A small snort left her, as she turned around to dig her bath products out of her bag. No, he probably never crossed her mind. From the beginning, she had been focused on her crush on Miroku, plus, Kagome had been crushing on Inuyasha at the time as well. Sango had known how much Kagome had liked Inuyasha and wouldn’t have thought to cross the line. Now though…It was different, everything was different. The young priestess nibbled on her lower lip and glanced at her oblivious friend once again. Her beautiful friend wanted someone to love and to be loved and the potential for that love was right under her nose. ‘Wow. Inuyasha and Sango.’ Kagome would have to think more on this. Man, she really wished she could talk to Miroku about her little revelation. She was sure the monk would have had some insightful ideas on the subject. ‘Sango and Inuyasha…’ That would take some time to get used to.


Two days. It had been two days since her little revelation at the hot spring and she was still not sure how she would get her two friends to notice each other. It was not something that you could just blurt out in a simple conversation. Maybe she should just let it happen by accident, that was how she found herself in her current situation. Yes, that would be the easiest form of action and plus, you can’t force someone to do something that they don’t want to do. If they were destined to be together than the Kamis will find a way and if they didn’t, Kagome would give a little push in the right direction and see where it went.

With that settled, she began to unpack her sleeping bag, but quickly stiffened when she felt the familiar flash of jewel shards.  A groan ripped out of her, as she recognized the aura associated with them. 'Great just what I need!' she internally sneered, before letting her companions know that they were expecting an unwanted visitor and pointing in the direction that the wolf was coming. "Jewel shards coming our way. It's Kouga!" 

Her gaze slid to Miroku and watched his body stiffen, holding his staff in a protective stance, as his stare hardened in the direction the wolf was coming from.

'Oh wonderful. Another pissing contest!'  she thought heatedly, pursing her lips as she waited with the rest of her friends. 

Minutes later, the familiar whirl wind came flying into view and stopping a little distance from the group. The wolf demon gave Inuyasha that grin that Kagome knew pissed the hell out of him “Hey dog breath, you keeping my woman safe?”

Inuyasha snarled his reply “How many fucking times do I have to tell you?! She’s not your woman, you mangy wolf!”

Kouga just laughed, completely ignoring the truth that was right in front of him and making his way to Kagome, grabbing her hands with his. “Kagome my love, is mutt-face treating you well? Have you changed your mind about coming with me yet?”

Her eye twitched and she ground her teeth together, fighting the urge to snap at the wolf. “Hello Kouga. It is nice to see you again. I am perfectly safe with my pack.”

The wolf puffed out his chest and boasted proudly “Not as safe as you would be in mine! I would never hurt you the way dog breath has. I love you too much to do something like that.”

The tiny priestess’s eye twitched again, as a fire sparked to life. He LOVED her, yet he had a beautiful wolf demoness waiting on a promise from his own lips to be her mate. How could he do that to Ayame? How could he be so cruel? How could he think that she would want to be the other woman again? If he knew anything about her, that is one of the thing she would never be again, nor would she do that to another woman. She would not create the same hurt she had once felt. She would not hurt Ayame!

Kagome wrenched her hands away from the irritating wolf demon, finally reaching her limit “Kouga! I did not want it to come to this, but you leave me no choice. I am not your WOMAN and I NEVER will be. You have Ayame and need to stick with your promise to her. I will not be the other woman and I won’t let you hurt that damn girl! I am sorry Kouga, but I don’t love you and you know that you don’t love me.”

He shook his head and denied the facts, “I do love you. YOU are my woman!”

She growled a very Inuyasha like growl and shouted at the delusional wolf “You don’t love me, you love the idea of me! Hell, you don’t even know me Kouga!” Her finger snapped his way and she poked him rather hard against his chest. “You need to keep to your promises. You need to pull up your big boy pants and keep your fucking promise to Ayame! She has waited for your foolish ass for far too long now. You go find her and make her your mate!”

“No, I don’t want Ayame, I want you!” Kouga refuted vehemently, trying to grab ahold of Kagome’s hands once again.

She dodged his hands, her temper rising with each time words came out of his mouth. “WE WILL NEVER HAPPEN DAMN IT! I HAVE MY OWN PROMISES TO KEEP TO SOMEONE!” the words flew out of her mouth before she could stop and register them.

A ‘You have what?!’ filtered into their heated conversation and all eyes turned to a very angry looking hanyou. He was visibly shaking and his breathing was coming out ragged, as his golden eyes narrowed at the priestess, then went straight to the abnormally quiet Houshi.


Kagome’s breath hitched when Inuyasha turned his heated gaze to Miroku and she heard the inu aggressively snarl. Oh uh. At that moment, horror overcame her as she realized that Inuyasha had finally figured it out.  Her blue eyes widened, watching Inuyasha’s body tense before launching himself at the monk. She panicked as the inu flew through the air and did the first thing that came to her mind, she screamed out sit boy. They all watched as Inuyasha plummeted to the ground making a large Inuyasha sized hole.

Kagome ran to the houshi, grabbing onto his robes, and throwing herself at him. “Miroku!” she cried urgently as the monk’s arms instinctively went around her and she buried her face in his chest, taking in his calming scent.

Soon after another snarl ripped apart the silence, causing Kagome to whirl around in the houshi’s arms and coming face to face with a pissed off Inuyoukai. She stiffened her back bone, refusing to back down and giving Inuyasha a glare that could match his own. ‘Bring it on dog boy!’ she seethed to herself. She did nothing wrong and damned if she was going to let Inuyasha rule her life. Who she cared about was none of his god damned business and she refused to let him continue on with all of this ridiculousness.

Anger and betrayal flashed in his golden eyes and he growled once again. “How could you do this to me?!” he roared heatedly.

The fire that had dampened down, ignited brighter than before, causing the miko to bellow right back at the dog demon. “How could I do that to YOU?! Are you fucking kidding me? You have some fucking balls Inuyasha! I cannot believe how god damn selfish you can be at times. Have you not thought of my own FUCKING happiness?! Do I matter that little to you?” She beat her tiny fist against her small chest, as she continued. “After all the shit that you have done, have I not stayed with you? What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

Inuyasha didn’t say anything in return, his anger still visible, though he made no move to get closer to the wound-up couple. His angry eyes mirrored her own, as he ran his hand through his silver hair and sneered at Kagome, then the rest of the group. “I don’t need this shit. Do whatever the fuck you want!” He suddenly took off without another word, leaving his open-mouthed comrades behind.

The young priestess felt her anger snuffing out, as she watched her dearest friend run away from them, no, from her. She knew he would be hurt, it was unavoidable considering the situation, but it still sucked nonetheless. Her face twisted to meet Miroku’s and she was met with understanding, before he leaned in quickly to kiss her on the lips, then whisper in her ear, “It will be all okay, my lady. He will understand in the end.”

A sigh heaved from her little body and her voice tinged with hope and sadness “I hope so. I so want him to be happy like us.”

A smile curved the houshi’s lecherous lips, leaning down once again to coast them lightly against her own and responding softly “As do I my dearest Kagome.”

Soon the priestess’s eyes and mouth left the monk’s and turned back toward the direction that Inuyasha had taken off to. She bit her lip and considered her options. Kagome knew that they couldn’t leave Inuyasha. No, they couldn’t leave him, even though he had left them to begin with. They couldn’t abandon him just because he was being a stubborn ass. He was family, he was pack. She knew that someone had to go and get him, hell, try and talk some sense in him as well. It most definitely could not be either her or Miroku, so that left one person…. Kagome turned her attention to her best friend with pleading eyes and watched as she shook her head in silent agreement.

The slayer cleared her throat and nodded in the direction the dog had taken off. “Where do you think he is heading to?”

Kagome didn’t even bat an eye, nor did she have to think of her reply. “Inuyasha’s forest, where it all started for us. He’s going to go there.”

Sango’s brown hair bobbed with her head and she quickly turned to her small demon friend, “Come Kirara, let’s try to catch up to Inuyasha. If we can’t, then we head to Inuyasha’s forest.” Kirara mewed loudly in agreement and her size expanded as she waited for Sango to sit upon her. The slayer made her way to the neko, but paused when the voice of the small miko stopped her. “Sango, he will be most likely be at the Goshinboku.” The slayer gave another quick nod, then hurried to the neko demon. She turned back to them before they departed. “I will find Inuyasha and try to get him to see reason. You two go back to our residence and wait for us. Once I’ve gotten everything settled, I will grab Shippou from Kaede’s and bring him along. Don’t worry Kagome. If my words do not get through to our resident dog demon, then my Hiraikotsu will have to do the trick.” She winked at friends before taking to the sky and heading out to find Inuyasha.

When Sango’s image faded from view, Kagome moved her gaze from the sky and swept the camp, catching the blue eyes of the forgotten wolf. She expected Kouga to be just as angry as Inuyasha, but what she saw was just sadness and resignation. He apparently had taken her words more seriously then she had expected. Her anger now gone with him, she gave him a sad smile. “I truly am sorry Kouga. I wish I could be what you want, but I cannot.”

The wolf demon gave a small nod of understanding and sighed, “I know Kagome. You were right all along. I don’t know you and that means I can’t possibly love you. How can anyone love someone when you know jack about them. I need to keep my promise to Ayame. She deserves better than what I have been treating her. She deserves a chance and my full attention.”  His blue eyes trail to the monk “You are very lucky man, Houshi. You had better treat her with the respect that she deserves. She has put up with mutt-faces bullshit for far too long. If you wrong her in any way I will kick your ass.”

Miroku’s violet eyes fell to the small priestess in his arms and he smiled tenderly at her, before turning back to the wolf. “She is very special to me and I intend to treat her like the goddess that she is. You do not have to worry wolf. She is in very good hands.”

The monk’s response must have satisfied the wolf demon’s mind, because he quickly turned away from them, looking over his shoulder before he left. “Goodbye, Kagome. If you ever need our assistant we will come to your aide.”

Kagome raised her hand to Kouga and gave him a small wave. “Bye, Kouga. The same goes for you. I’m glad you are giving Ayame a chance. I truly think you two will be very happy.”

He smiled broadly to Kagome, then gave a nod to Miroku, who returned with the same, before taking off with a whirlwind of dust at his feet.

The young priestess sighed and leaned back into her strong monk, closing her eyes. She felt his hot breath on her ear and his husky voice caused a shiver to run down her spine. “We are finally alone, my lady.”

His words surged over her as realization dawned, that for the first time in a month, they were truly and utterly alone. It sent a rush of desire through her tiny form. Kagome felt her skin start to tingle as thoughts of what can and could happen while they are now unaccompanied. She felt her heart begin to batter against her ribcage and her breathing became uneven. She opened her eyes, tilting her head back so that her face met his. Her cobalt eyes twinkled with excitement and desire, as her shallow breaths hit his warm lips “It would seem that we are, Monk.” She purred, her eyes twinkling even more. “What do you think we should do about that?”

Miroku’s mouth curved up into a sinful grin, turning her around so she was flush with his chest, his warm breath hit her own lips and the tone of his voice huskier than before. “Oh, my sweet Kag-o-me, many things, soooo many things…” With that said, his lips crashed to hers, silencing whatever response that was going to fall from her occupied lips.


Okay, so there wasn’t that much interact between Miroku and Kagome, but I needed a way to get the lovely slayer and knuckle headed Inuyoukai together. Plus, I got the damn hiding of the relationship out of the way. So, to me that is a win-win situation.

I am getting back into the groove of things and never realized how much I’ve missed writing, especially this story. I wish there were more stories about Miroku and Kagome, they really are a great couple.

As for the next chapter, well it will be out as soon as my silly mind can pump it out. Okay, what did you all think of this chapter? How about the drama that went down? I wasn’t too harsh on Kouga, was I? Don’t forget to review to let me what you all think and thank you to everyone that enjoys my story as much as I do.

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