It happened by Accident

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Last time: Kagome heard him release a relieved sigh and she couldn't help but wonder if he had been worried that she wouldn't feel the same. Her gaze softened and her small hands rose to grab his face, drawing him closer to her own. 'Silly Houshi.' She thought internally, her lips forming into a smile. Of course, she cared for the man. Why else would she do the things that she had done with him, if she did not care for him. Silly man. She shook her head and kissed him gently on the lips. He returned her kiss with fever, reigniting the cooling embers between them, causing her to throw her arms around his neck once again, crushing her body to his. Kami, this man was going to be the death of her! A mind blowing and tantalizing death. Hmm…Maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all…

Chapter 8 (Sweet and Fluffy)

Opening the outside door to the kitchen, the priestess shut it quietly behind her and paused as her eyes narrowed to the backside of the unware monk. She watched him bend over the pile of wood and strike the hiuchi ishi to start a fire to begin boiling the much-needed water for their meal. She smirked enjoying the view of her monk's assets and how oblivious he was to her ogling. Oh, what a sight it was. She wondered if Miroku would notice if she silently stalked up to him and gave his shapely backend a squeeze. Just a small squeeze of that firm soft skin. Well crap on a cracker. She was officially a perverted priestess, hell, she was a female Miroku. Kami sakes, she should feel some type of embarrassment from her revelation, but none came. This man truly affected her in many ways. Oh, that tempting Houshi…

She jumped when his voice broke the silence, amusement woven into his tone "Did we not have this conversation already, my lady?" He cocked his head over his shoulder and gave her a sexy smirk.

Color rushed to her cheeks as her mind went back to the manmade hot spring. Oh, she most definitely remembered the conversation and what had happened afterwards. She felt the color spreading from her face, slowly making its way down her neck and to her chest. Kagome tried to distract the Houshi from her spreading blush and gave him a flirty grin of her own, while tapping her finger against the side of her mouth and presenting him her best innocent look. "Hmm…I'm not quite sure Houshi. Maybe you will have to remind me."

Her eyes widened as she observed the purple color in his eyes darken a shade, while he rose to his feet, looking like an animal on the prowl. She swallowed roughly as Miroku began to stalk forward, causing the pail to drop from her hand. Kagome immediately took a step behind her, hitting her back on the door as she watched the monk come closer with each movement.

His smirk widened as he crossed the distance, grabbing her neck, and pulling her into a searing kiss. Her small hands clutched his robes and melted into his hot mouth, as her mind went blank and the world around her seemed to disappear.

Minutes blurred for the entranced couple, only snapping apart when a harsh voice barked into the room. "Oi, you're not gonna be doing that shit all the fucking time, are you?"

The couple whipped their heads to the doorway of the kitchen and spotted an irritating looking Inuyoukai leaning beside the doorframe with his arms crossed against his chest and a nauseated look on his face. "What? Just because you both enjoy that shit, doesn't mean I do and I definitely don't wanna see it either!"

Kagome pulled away from Miroku, relief running through her at the sight of her once missing friend. She rolled her eyes at his words, but they didn't stop her from stepping away from the monk and hurrying to the half demon's side. She threw her arms around his neck, her voice trembled with emotion, though it was half way muffled by her face being buried in the dog demon's chest. "I'm so sorry. I should have told you, Inuyasha."

She felt him sigh, then him pulling his trapped arms free and wrapping them around her, his tone dropping all roughness "Yeah, you should have, but I understand why you didn't. I've been told that I can be a stubborn asshole."

Kagome snorted and let out laugh against his chest "Yes, you can be at times."

It was Inuyasha's turn to snort, before he continued "That doesn't mean I like this shit. I'm not even sure if I ever will, but if this is what you want, then I'm not gonna stand in your way. We are pack and I won't let this, whatever the hell you got going on with the Houshi, fuck it up." He let out another sigh, "If he makes you happy and the bastard does make you happy, right?"

The young miko pulled away slightly, peering up at her hanyou friend and nodding her head. "Yes, he makes me very happy."

The Inuyoukai brushed some stray hairs from her face and nodded his own head at her statement "Good, then I won't have to knock him around like a rikishi fighter!" She giggled some more as she rolled her eyes at his sumo threat. There would be no knocking anyone around, but she would let him believe that he could. She wasn't sure if his massive ego could take anymore blows at the moment, so she bit her tongue to stop herself from saying so.

His golden eyes slid from her blue pools to the violet one's of the monk, a sneer ripping out of the dog demon "Monk, one time you make her unhappy and I will be on your ass faster than you can blink. Kagome isn't some village whore or some saseko, you got that!"

Miroku's hands were tightly fisted and the corner of his eyes crinkled as he ground out his response. "I know exactly who and what Kagome is and have treated her with the respect that she deserves. I haven't nor would I ever do anything to harm her. I care for Kagome in a way that I have never felt for another." The monk's hard glare left the inuyoukai's and softened when he met the beautiful face of the said priestess. She gave him a knowing smile and detached herself from Inuyasha and made her way back to the monk. His arm snagged out to her waist pulling her to his chest, while she wrapped hers around his side.

Inuyasha groaned loudly and rolled his eyes. "Not this shit again. Can't you keep your hands to yourself?"

A familiar voice cut him off "Inuyasha, shut up and leave them alone." Their other companion sidestepped the dog demon with Kiara in her arms and the little fox demon on her shoulder.

The young kit's green eyes brightened when he spied his adopted mother figure and he screamed, jumping off Sango's shoulder and making a beeline straight to her. "Mama!"

Kagome whipped around, opening her arms, and letting out a shout of her own. "Shippou!"

The little kit slammed into her chest, propelling her into the monk, who steadied her with his arm, while Shippou buried his head into her neck. Kagome held him to her person as she bent down and took in his earthy scent. Oh, how she missed this small bundle of joy.

Her hold tightened as he peered up at her, his tiny brow scrunching in confusion. "Mama, why do you smell like Miroku?" Blood rushed to her cheeks and looked down at the child with a gaping mouth, before Kagome had time to speak Miroku had beaten her to it "Shippou my dear boy," His gaze flick to the miko in his arms and warmed considerably, then slid quickly back to the tiny kitsune "I am courting your lovely mother."

The kit looked between the two grownups with quizzical eyes. "Does that mean you're going to marry?"

More color flooded the miko and her panicked eyes went to the monk, but he just smiled not looking flustered at all, though he did clear his throat. "Your okaa-sama and I are taking things slow. According to Kagome, in her time couples date for a lengthy period before making the commitment of marriage. We have decided that we will follow the custom in her time, especially with the searching of jewel shards and the threat of Naraku looming over us."

The panic disappeared from her gaze and it softened at the Houshi. She knew he left out the threat of his Kazaana, so it wouldn't scare Shippou. Heck, it wasn't really something that they spoke about all that often. No, they had talked about it once and both decided that they wouldn't let it threaten their budding relationship. They would live one day at a time and simply go with the flow. Plus, they wouldn't give Naraku the satisfaction that they knew it would give him. The couple wouldn't give that evil asshole another thing, especially their happiness. Even if it was to be for a short period of time, they would take what they could get.

Shippou's growling stomach broke the daunting thoughts, snapping Kagome into action. "Oh, you must be hungry from traveling. All of you sit and I will make us something to eat." She handed her son to the monk and bent down to retrieve the forgotten pail of water. Lucky for all of them, it hadn't spilt when she dropped it.

Standing up, she made her way over to the roaring fire, pulling the large pot off its shelf, dumping the collected water into it and going about adding the ingredients to make something edible.


Supper had been uneventful like always with her companions simply catching up with all that they had missed, though Sango had been quieter than usual. Kagome noticed that her best friend looked troubled and she kept shooting subtle glances her way.

Recognition dawned on the young priestess when she realized that the demon slayer wanted to speak to her, rather badly it would seem. She put her poor friend out of her misery and helped her out. Kagome cleared her throat and quietly said her name to draw her attention "Sango?"

Sango whipped her head in her direction, her nervous voice whispered back in question "Yes, Kagome?"

"Miroku said there was a hot spring a little ways from here. It's always nice to bathe after traveling and all. Would you care to take a bath?" Sure, she could have mentioned the private spring, but she didn't want the others to know about it. It was their secret and maybe she was being a bit selfish, but she wanted at least one thing with the monk. Plus, she wasn't sure if she would ever stop blushing when she went in there. Kami, the things that they had done in that room. Kagome fought the blush that wanted to bloom as she stood and waited for her jumpy friend to reply.

The slayer quickly nodded in agreement, getting out of her seat and to her feet, relief in her tone and brown eyes "I would love a bath, Kagome! Let's go get our bathing stuff and head out."

Kagome smiled and nodded her own head, before turning to the door and making her way out of the kitchen with Sango following right behind her. They both went their separate ways and met back up at the kitchen with their bags.

The miko went to the monk and gave him a kiss on the cheek, while she snatched up the kitsune from his shoulder. Kagome scrunched her nose, taking in the earthy scent of the young demon, and noticing that it smelled a little too earthy. How had she missed it the first time? The young kit was starting to smell a tad ripe and was due for a bath and his clothes a good washing as well.

She smiled at Miroku then to Inuyasha, both were still tense around one another, making her second guess her decision. Maybe she should stay just in case they get into a fight.

The monk caught her worried look and waved her off "All will be fine, my lady. Go take your bath and have girl time."

Shippou cried out, flailing his arms "Hey I'm not a girl!"

Miroku laughed at the small fox's outcry "No you are not, but I daresay that you need a bath."

The kit glanced between his mother and the monk. "I don't smell that bad." He then pointed his tiny finger at their resident dog demon "Not as bad as Inuyasha over there."

Inuyasha snapped from the table and throwing a glare at the kitsune. "Hey, don't throw me into this shit and I don't fucking stink, you little brat."

Shippou frantically bobbed his red head and raised his little fists at him "Yes you do. I can smell you from here. You need a bath more than I do, you smelly old dog!"

Kagome watched Inuyasha's face flush with color, as if he were embarrassed instead of being enraged. She swore his golden eyes swiftly flicked to Sango for a second, before returning back to the kit and giving him a glare. "I don't FUCKING stink! Now would you shut your bratty mouth!"

The kitsune opened his mouth to shout back a response, but was stopped by Kagome's hand covering his face. Her tone was sharp as she scolded the small kitsune. "Enough Shippou, it is not nice to point out that someone doesn't mess good."

The Inu at the table barked out a laugh at the fox demon getting chastised and only stopped when Kagome's cool gaze shot to him. "Knock it off as well. You are older than him and should know better!"

Inuyasha ignored her reprimanding like always and waved her off. "Yeah, Yeah wench. I've heard it all fucking before. Now take the brat of yours and go take that goddamn bath. You're irritating the shit out of me!"

Kagome rolled her eyes at his brash attitude and turned away to give the monk another kiss, ignoring the gagging sounds that were now coming from the half demon. Oh geesh, you would have never guessed that she is younger than the dog at the table. Guess age has nothing to do with maturity. Inuyasha was proof of that. She snorted lightly to herself, before bidding both males goodbye and making their way out the door and to the hot spring.


They had been in the hot spring for quite some time now. Shippou and Kirara had left as soon as they were finished bathing, leaving Kagome and Sango on their own.

Now that the small ones were gone, Sango was sending her nervous glances once again, as if she were trying to get up the courage to speak up about whatever was on her mind. Never was her friend a wilting flower; She was a demon slayer for Kami sakes, but whatever this was about, made her dearest friend shy and non-slayer like.

The young miko couldn't wait for the slayer to buck up and blabber, so she started the show. She cleared her throat and Sango's gaze went to hers. "Are you going to tell me what has you all in a tizzy? You've been dancing around this since you arrived, so just spill it already!"

Sango ran a hand through her wet hair and released a heavy sigh "I think…No, I know that something happened between Inuyasha and I. Well, I felt something and the way the dog has been acting I'm not sure if he felt anything, though I swear he did." The slayer started moving her fingers over the surface of the steaming water as she sighed this time in frustration "I thought I saw something flash in his eyes, but I couldn't identify what it was. There was something…" Her voice dropped to a whisper like she was saying it more to herself and not to the miko in front of her.

The young priestess's brows rose at her words and she couldn't help but be thankful that the Kami's had actually listened to her. Okay, so something happened with Inuyasha. Ah, that would explain that moment in the kitchen. Hmm…She wondered if Sango had even noticed, but with the way she was acting, she didn't think that she did. Well whatever happened had left her poor friends confused and dare she say, interested. Yes, she could work with that. Now she just needed the whole story. Kagome raised her hands to silence her babbling friend "Whoa. Okay. Start from the beginning and don't leave anything out."

The slayer's brown head bobbed frantically "Okay. Yeah. I can do that." Sango agreed and spilled everything that had transpired that day.

By the end, Kagome's mouth hung open and a look of astonishment crossed her face. She blinked a few times, before the words came to her. "Wow. Shit. Umm…" Her hand came up to scratch her head as she continued "Well…It does sound like you both had a moment." So Inuyasha had indeed been glancing at Sango in embarrassment. Well hell, who would have thought that. Kagome shook off her thoughts and continued with her conversation "I'd say give him time and if he felt something for you, like you did him, then he will come around."

She hoped that what happened in the kitchen was the start of that stubborn dog becoming aware of other females and the stopping of him mourning the what ifs and what could have been. It was about time that he moved on with his life and let the dead miko finally go, though should he not see reason, she could always give him a little push. A glimmer of delight passed through her blue pools and she clapped her hands enthusiastically "And if he doesn't get it through his thick skull, then I'll just have to give him a little nudge or…a nice big S.I.T. Both would be gratifying and well deserved." Especially after all that gagging he was making earlier, that immature mutt.

Kagome crowed happily to herself as Sango rested her head back on the bank and sighed. "No, I don't want him to be with me because he feels forced. I want him to be with me because he wants to. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if he will make a move or not."

The small miko stopped laughing and gave a sigh of her own. As fun as it would be to put the pressure on that grumpy dog, she knew that the slayer was right. She knew that if it were her in Sango's place, she would not want Miroku coerced in any way. "I understand. I'm sure it will work out in the end."

Sango didn't look at her as she spoke "You think so."

Kagome shrugged her shoulders and snatched her towel to get out "I don't see why it wouldn't. I was told by someone very wise and dear, that we all deserved happiness."

Sango laughed and followed her out of the hot spring "Wise and dear, huh?"

"Yes, very wise and dear." She gave a cheeky grin at the older woman, before drying off and changing into clean clothes.

The slayer shook her head as she did the same as the younger woman. She cleared her throat and whispered softly to the miko "Thanks Kagome. You know for listening and stuff…"

Kagome smiled brightly at Sango, while packing away her things "You're my best friend. Of course I would listen to you. You did the same for me once. That is just what best friend's do!"

"I know, but I just wanted to tell you. You may not be wise, but you are dear to me as well."

Kagome cried out in mock outrage and stomped her small feet "Hey I'm wise!"

Sango laughed heartily at the sight of her friend "Okay, maybe a little bit."

The young priestess nodded her head in appeasement, then turned on her heals and began to track back up the path. Sango laughed out loud again, before quickly grabbing her stuff and hurrying to catch up with her wacky friend.

Shortly up the path, the hair on the back of the slayer's neck rose, causing her to slow her movements. They were being watched, she was sure of it. Sango stopped in mid-step, her hand shot out and grabbed ahold of Kagome arm, shoving her behind her and moving into a defensive stance. The slayer glared at the bushes in front of them and called out. "I know someone is there. Now show yourself!"

Both women heard an amused chuckle and the familiar figure dressed in furs came into view, causing the duo to stiffen. The evil hanyou laughed some more, before speaking "Now, now. Miko tell your bodyguard to back down. I am not here to fight, well not today at least. Though slayer, how is that brother of yours these days?"

Sango growl and began to move to attack, but Kagome's arm stopped her. "No Sango, that's what he wants you to do." The slayer didn't say anything as she kept her eyes on the enemy and her weapon ready.

Kagome released the slayers limb, then stepped out from behind her friend and glared at the piece of garbage in front of her. Her tone was sharp as she spoke bluntly "Naraku, what do you want?"

The hanyou clucked his tongue and spoke "What do I want? Well that is a loaded question, is it not? Though I am not here for what I seek the most. No, what fun would that be. I just came to discuss information that I stumbled across. It seems that you have a new love interest. How fickle you are, little miko. Was Inuyasha not enough? Hmm…I wonder how the dog feels about your love affair?" His lips twitched into a sinister smile and continued to talk "I would not have thought that you would go for the Monk, especially considering his lecherous ways. I wonder if you will be enough for the houshi? After all you are virgin and I'm sure you have those thighs locked up tight." He chuckled again "A man can only take so much, before his eyes start to wander. Hmm…has his eyes already started to drift?"

What the hell? Was he implying that Miroku would be unfaithful to her if she wasn't putting out? Boy did this evil asshole have a rude awaking. Her and the monk may not be having sex, but they were participating in a hell of a lot of other things. Thank the gods for her sexually active friends and their overly large mouths. She knew more than a virgin should, but it really did help in her current relationship. Her man was satisfied, she made sure of that. He would not need to find someone else, though she knew that he had used to be a player, but he wasn't like that anymore. Plus, Kagome trusted him, just like he trusted her. Not that Naraku could grasp the concept of trust and loyalty.

She gave him a bored look and watched as the smile faltered. Ooh he must have expected a different response. Her arms crossed and she sighed "Is that all you wanted to talk about? I am not sure how my relationship is any business of yours to begin with. If that is all, then we are leaving."

"Hmm…not my business." He rubbed his chin as if in thought.

Kagome raised her brows and nodded her head sharply "Yeah, it's none of your business."

He laughed deeply and his voice dropped menacingly "When it comes to the Monk it is my business. I am forever tied to the Houshi. Little priestess, have you forgotten the gift I gave his ancestors?"

The miko put on her best poker face at the mention of his curse being labeled as a gift. 'Yeah, a gift my ass.' She sneered to herself and continued to listen to the sadistic hanyou.

His sick smile returned as he spoke "How is his wind tunnel? Has it begun to crack and splinter yet? Hmm…I wonder if he has spoken to you about its condition? Has he, miko?" She didn't respond and that caused him to smile some more. "No, I'm sure the monk wouldn't want to worry you. You know it will kill him eventually?"

Oh, she knew that it was a possibility that he could die. They had indeed spoken about it. How could they not? It was a huge part of their lives and something that wasn't going to just go away. Plus, they had agreed to push it to the side for the time being and take every second that they could be together. What he was saying to her wasn't anything new. She was done with this conversation and no longer wished to speak to this pathetic half demon.

The small priestess knew Naraku was watching her reaction once again and when she didn't give him the response he was looking for, his smile disappeared for a second time. Kagome didn't wait for him to reply as her voice iced over. "We're done here." She glanced at her tense friend "Sango." Before anyone could blink, the slayer's large boomerang sliced through the air and cut down the unguarded hanyou before he could respond. The small doll fell to the ground and Sango turned to Kagome, her worried voice hitting her "Kagome you okay?"

Kagome shook her head and let out a shaky breath "Yeah I'm okay." She hadn't realized how scared she had truly been until it was over. She ran a shaky hand through her wet hair and a quiver slid in her tone "Let's just get home." What she wanted most right now was Miroku. She needed him to hold her and to tell her that everything would be okay.

The slayer hoisted her weapon and slowly nodded in agreement, before making her way down the path that they had created.

Minutes later, the shaken miko released a relived sigh at the sight of their home and hurried to the sanctuary of the kitchen, leaving the slayer to trail behind. Opening the door, Kagome dropped her bag and ran to the sitting monk, crawling swiftly into his lap. She buried her face in his chest and clutched his robes tightly, as tears began to form in her eyes.

Shock and confusion was clear in the Houshi's voice and body as he wrapped his arms around his upset woman. "My lady?"

Inuyasha let out a menacing growl and he began to get up from where he was seated, but stopped when Sango's voice flooded the room. "Inuyasha relax. I took care of him."

Miroku's body began to tremble and his voice held an edge to it. "Took care of whom?"

Sango bent down and picked up Kagome's bag, then placed it alongside with her own as she sat down. She let out a ragged breath and ran a hand through her brown mane, before she spoke "We ran into Naraku and it seemed he wanted to speak to Kagome."

The monk's hold tightened on the small miko in his arms, though the tension in his body never ceased "What did he want to talk about?"

"He wanted to speak to her about a rumor he had heard. One about her having a new love interest, though I am unsure how he knew about it at all. It seemed like he was trying to mess with her. He kept watching her face for something and Kagome wasn't giving it to him." Sango's face twisted in disgust at the memory. "He hinted to her that you would eventually be unfaithful and then when that didn't work, he brought up your wind tunnel. He asked her if it was cracking yet, then asked if she knew that…that you would die because of it." The slayers brown eyes softened at the distraught priestess as she continued "If what he had been saying had bothered her, you wouldn't have been able to tell. She gave no reaction to him at all and that really threw him off."

Miroku sighed and bent down to gently kiss Kagome's head, before looking up at his two companions. "That does not surprise me, we promised that we would not let that vile hanyou have any more of our lives. We will no longer let that evil abomination have power over us." His beaded hand ran up and down her back, trying to sooth the frightened women. "No matter how long we should have together."

The dog demon sitting at the table lifted his fist, and lightly hit the table top in agreement. "Damn straight. We can't let that asshole have shit. This is my fucking pack and I'll be damned if I'll let that prick take something away from me again!"

Sango gave both males a determined look and shook her brown head in agreement as well. "Yes, we are all pack and we cannot let that creep destroy what we have. Like Inuyasha said, he has taken too many things from us and I will not let him take away any more of my loved ones." Her voice flooded with emotion as she continued. "I do not know what I would do if you all were taken from me. I never thought that I would find others as special as my father and brother. I do not want to lose any one else…"

A film of tears pooled in her brown eyes and she turned her face down to her lap. Sango had not expected to become so emotional, but with Naraku bringing up her brother, it had broken open old wounds. She jumped in surprise when she felt a hand on her shoulder pulling her into the hardened chest of the half demon beside her, his gruff voice hitting her ears. "He's not gonna take anyone from me again and that includes you woman. We're not gonna let him take shit and we're not gonna go anywhere, okay?" He patted her back gently and let out a deep breath as he glanced at the monk for a little help.

Miroku just gave the dog demon a questioning look and his lips twitched with amusement. What was going on with these two? Apparently, he had missed something vital. "Well now, what is this?" He flashed a cheeky grin at the lost looking dog demon and cocked his head waiting for the dog's reply.

Inuyasha didn't say anything as he glared at the nonhelpful houshi and continued to sooth the upset slayer. 'Stupid monk. How the fuck I am supposed to handle this?', Inuyasha snarled to himself as he tried to stop the crying woman in his arms. "Hey don't cry. Fuck. I'm not good with this shit, woman." He continued to pat her back as he spoke "We will figure all this shit out, okay? Now can you stop all that crying?"

The woman in his arms nodded her head against his chest, then pulled away from him. She sniffled several times as she scooted back to her seat, her face flushing pink and her eyes avoiding the ones of the Inuyoukai. "Sorry about that. I think I will head to bed." She leaned over to the hanyou and quickly pecked him on the cheek "Thank you Inuyasha. Goodnight." Sango pulled back once again and reached down to grab her bag, before standing up and making her way out of the room.

The half demon sat there stunned, only moving his hand to touch the spot that the slayer had kissed. Soon his face flooded with color and he began to stutter "What?...why?...She…Kiss…Me…"

The monk's violet eyes twinkled with amusement and he couldn't help the laugh that slipped out at his bewildered friend.

The hanyou snapped his eyes to the Houshi and they narrowed as he barked at the man, clearly forgetting his embarrassment "What the fuck you laughing at, monk?"

Miroku smirked at the now irate dog "I just have never seen that expression on you my friend."

Inuyasha scoffed while his face became even redder and he stood up from the table "I'm going the fuck to sleep. This has been one fucked up day." He turned to leave, his fingers touching the spot once again as he hurried from the room.

Miroku watched his friend quickly leave and looked down when he felt the priestess in his arms giggling into his chest. She looked up at him with red puffy eyes, but now an amused smile graced her features. Her voice was rough and scratchy as she spoke. "I can't believe she made the first move. I guess she didn't want to wait after all."

The monk tilted his head and questioned his lady "My dearest Kagome, what have I missed?"

She grinned wider and more giggles slipped passed her lips "Oh my sweet monk a lot. It seems that while they were gone they had a moment of connection, though I would say it was more like a moment of awareness of one another."

Miroku raised his brow at the new tidbit and his own smile widened "Really now. Well isn't that surprising. Though if we are talking about first moves, I do believe that Inuyasha did that when he pulled her to him."

Kagome rested her chest against his chest and conceded to the words of the monk "Hm..well if you look at that way, then yes he did make the first move. How very bold of him and so not like him at all."

The monk leaned down and nuzzled the top of her head with his cheek "Yes, it seems when you like someone, you are willing to do things that you would never normally do." He turned and kissed the crown as he whispered into her hair "Are you okay, Kagome?"

She moved her head to look up at him, leaning up to lightly kissed him on the lips "Yes, I am better now. After hearing all those horrendous lies, I just needed you."

He bent down and kissed her forehead, then leaned his cheek against it. The conviction in his tone made the young miko's heart slam against the walls of its prison. "No matter what is said, I will forever be by your side. No matter what that vile creature says, I will never look at another. I only have eyes for you, my beautiful priestess."

Kagome lifted her hand to his head and ran her fingers through his hair as she forced away the tears that wanted to spill. "No matter what Miroku, my faith in you will never waver. Even if our time is cut short, you will always have my heart."

Miroku pulled her closer to his person and kissed her on the forehead once again. "Kagome…" He swallowed roughly, his voice tinged with emotion "I…I love you."

Her heart surge at those three words and couldn't believe that not even a while ago she had thought that what she had felt was not quite love, but now she knew without a doubt that she had been wrong. She loved this man with everything in her. Even if others think it's too fast, it doesn't matter. She knows what she is feeling and it is without a doubt love. A tear slipped passed her tightly closed lid and her own tone clouded with all of the feels in her. "I love you too, Miroku. So much that I think my heart may burst."

His hand came up and cupped her face, wiping away the fallen tear, while he leaned in and kissed her tenderly. Her body suddenly warmed at the heated touch of his soft lips against her own. The monk's tongue slid across her flesh, causing her to moan and giving the man above opportunity to taste what she was willingly providing. When both of their lungs ached for much needed air, they were forced to finally separate. Kagome opened her eyes when Miroku drew back, both sucking in ragged breaths.

The monk's hot gaze cut to hers and he gave her one of his wicked smirks. "I believe it's time to go to bed, my lady."

She shook her head, but stopped when she realized that they had a new addition to their little group. "What about Shippou?"

Miroku helped her stand, then lifted his self from the position on the floor. He brushed the hair from her face as he spoke. "Do not fear, love. Our little kitsune is having a sleep over with Kirara tonight. He will be fine for the night."

Kagome smiled sweetly at his explanation and grabbed his wrist, dragging him quickly out of the kitchen. "Well if that's so then come on."

In the hallway, Miroku stilled his movements forcing the tiny miko to cease in her own. She turned to question her monk, only to be pulled swiftly to him, his lips crashing against hers, before releasing her lips and leaving her quite dazed. He grinned cheekily and began to pull her to their room. "Yes love, now let's go bed."


AN: Well hell, I didn't expect that chapter to go that way, but somehow it had felt right. Hmm..I know in the last chapter I had them say that they care deeply for each other, but with the scare of Naraku and the serious talk Miroku's wind tunnel, I thought it was quite fitting for those feelings to come forth. I guess they just needed a push of their own for them to realize how deep their feelings ran.

As for Sango and Inuyasha, well that just came out of left field. Now that we all know that Inuyasha has indeed noticed Sango in the same way that she has him, it should become a little more interesting. I hope I didn't make Sango look like a crybaby, but I thought that anyone in her situation would have moments like the one I wrote, especially when Naraku purposely threw out that cruel insinuation about her brother. Plus, it gave me a reason for Inuyasha to make a move, even if he doesn't realize that was what it was. I couldn't resist having Sango give Inuyasha a thank you kiss, it was just too cute! Though the flustered Inuyasha did tickle me pink. Hehe..

Then we have the entry of our little Shippou and I couldn't help the scene with him telling everyone that Inuyasha smelled worse than him. Hehe. I can't wait for Shippou to interact with Kagome and Miroku some more. They make a cute little family and I'm wonder if I should have Shippou start calling Miroku papa in the upcoming chapters. Hm..I don't want it too soon. I'll have to think on that one…

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