Demon Nature

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Demon Nature Chapter One Demon


I don’t own these characters,
but they are wonderful!!!



Rin felt the twin scars running
down the sides of her back blaze up, and she knew her master was coming home.
If her bodies reaction was any measure, he would be there within the hour.
Already her nipples were hard, and her inner muscles clenching in anticipation
of him loving her, of her welcoming her lord and master to his home, to his

That she was part of that domain, that he owned her as if
she were a stick of furniture, sometimes bothered her. Mostly when she was alone
while he went out to beat back the seemingly endless stream of fools who
thought they could challenge her master because of her, They thought that because she was his mate,
because he had not taken her and killed her, rending her mortal flesh into a
thousand pieces. Little did they know that he actually did, that when they made
love, and that was what it was, it felt as if he were tearing her apart and
rebuilding her.

The sounds of
her children, a boy and a girl, came to her, and she wished it were night, so
that she’d have him all to herself, that not a moment with him would be denied
her. She sighed, knowing that her thoughts were wrong, but it was how she
felt. After all, she was the wife of a
demon lord, one of the most powerful women in Nippon, and like her mate, was
now immortal. She was twenty six, and would never age a day. She remembered the
day he’d told her he needed her by his side forever as if it had happened

The birth of
their second child had been difficult, so difficult that he’d flown to Kaede
who had come bringing a mid wife. It had taken all of their skill to save her
life, and her master, standing over them, eyes blazing red, had been all the
incentive they needed. When the crisis had passed, and it was clear that she would
live, he’d allowed the midwife to leave. After that he told Kaede that if
anything happened to Rin, fever, anything that could threaten her life, he
would torture her to within an inch of her life, and leave her like that, to
live in agony forever. Kaede had bowed
low, and told him that she would see to it that nothing like that happened. And
it hadn’t. She’d been unable to nurse her daughter, and she later found out
that for months whenever she was brought into his presence, he’d growl. And
have her sent away. The girl who had
nursed her, a young woman whose child he’d killed because he needed a wet nurse
for his daughter, was now dead. When her services had no longer been needed,
he’d given her as a plaything to one of his vassals wantwanted to know how it
was with a human. She’d died trying to give birth to his child.

She pulled
her clothing around her, the winter chill having settled over his domain, and
she decided she wanted a bath before he came to her. He liked it when her hair
was fresh lingling, and her body as well. She knew that he used to find the
smell of humans offensive, but she’d learned during her convalescence how to
scent her body and hair.



“The master
is coming. Run my bath.”

Rin-sama. Right away.”

She watched
him hustle off to prepare the bathing room for her, his commands to his small
f ecf echoing off the cave walls.

She found her
children in the play area he’d made for them, his son InuTaisha practicing the
art of war with a captive samurai who was spelled so that he would not be able
to inflict a mortal wound on the hanyou child of the Great Demon of the West,
and her daughter, the one who had almost killed her, who looked and behaved the
most like her father, Sakura, her sweet name belying her nature. Even now her
eyes were red because this samurai was going to die soon, and she knew once her
father got home, and retired to his rooms with her mother, it would be days
before another one would be brought to them.


They turned
at the sound of their mother’s voice, waiting, annoyed at the interruption of
their game.

“Your father
is coming. Please be ready to greet him.”

They bowed
deeply to her, and she smiled. That smile was the signal that they could
approach her, and they did, running into her arms and accepting her embrace.

your bath is ready.” Jaken wheezed from the corner.

“I have to
prepare. He will want to see evidence that you’ve progressed in your training.”

“Yes mother,”
they said in unison. She stood now and strode away, her children watching her
with awe and respect. She was not like other humans they thought to themselves.
She was the wife of the Great Demon of the West, and as formidable as her mate.
They were afraid of her because she would live forever, and would be able to
exact revenge on them at any time through her mate if they crossed her. Their
father would do anything for her, including killing them. Sakura still
remembered how he’d hated her for years because it had been her birth that had
almost taken h is Rin from him. He would growl in his chest whenever she came
near him until she’d begun to show her nature in “”. T”. This spring, he’d
promised both of them that they’d go out with him. They had only seen their
father in his true form twice, and in order for them to go with him, they’d
have to be able to transform as well. Even Inu Yasha could transform he’d said

As if on cue,
Sakura began to change, and InuTaisha followed, their children’s bodierowirowing, changing, until two huge demons stood where the children had been
before, with golden eyes and long hair. Poison dripped from their fangs and
claws. As one they turned to the now terrified captive, and pounced. In seconds
a bloody heap of bones was all that was left of him, and the two demon pups sat
on their haunches, licking their paws clean of the blood.

The male
looked at the female, who nodded, and as one they headed for the entrance
to their home to await their father.


Rin stood
while her servant draped her kimono. Nothing too elaborate she knew how he
would be, and despite their wealth she hated to have to get silk every time he
came home. He had decided Jaken needed a mate, and it was she who waited on
Rin. She’d at first balked at serving a human. A quick conference with Jaken
had changed her mind, and now she was as devoted to Rin as Jaken was to their

“Your hair
smells like jasmine, Rin-sama,” the little female hissed.

“The master
will be pleased.”

“I didn’t
know you knew what pleased my Lord,” Rin said softly, and the female began to

“I merely
made a comment that I think he will be pleased with the smell of you,

“It is not
your place to take note of what pleases him you little bitch.”

mistress. I am so sorry.”

The last maid
Rin had had was now history, as was the wet nurse. The Master had fed her to
his children.

“Leave me.”

She hustled
out, and Rin sighed. She actually liked the little bitch, she had never
bothered to learn her name. But she had no business knowing that Sesshoumaru liked
her to smell like jasmine.

The sound of
barking and growls reached her ears, and she smiled. Her back was now totally
on fire, and she stood, smoothing her almost floor length hair back from her
face. She would ask the little bitch to braid it, but that would be letting
another of her secrets out. Taking her time, she braided it herself,
anticipating his reaction to it, and how he would enjoy taking it out.

She checked
their futon, it was ready, clean linens had been spread by whatever her name
was, and a tea service sat ready for later. If he had come in his demon form,
it would take a while for him to reach their quarters. Apparently the children
had figured out what he wanted from them, and he’d probably spend close to an
hour in true form so they could communicate better with him.

Rin lit lamps
against the darkness that had now settled over the valley, and took a deep
breath, wondering how long the little brats would occupy their father.

A scream, two
screams, human by the sound of it, and then sounds of fear. He’d brough lots of
play things for them, demon and human. Rin settled down to wait.


wanted his mate, but for now he was so pleased with their off spring he could
put off his pleasure for now. Rin was no longer the child who used to come
running to him when he’d return from his duties. She was mature now, and knew
to wait for him in their chambers, where she could greet him in her own style.
His son had dismembered a demon who’d refused to pay his tribute after mauling
him. The poison from his fangs had burned the demon badly, but had not killed
him. When he’d indicated that the noise it was making was annoying him, his son
had bitten legs and arms off one at a time before tearing the torso to shreds.
Sakura had begun to do the same to victim, the man’s daughter, but Taisha had
wanted her for another reason. She was beautiful, a cat demon, and her form was
somewhat human, like her father’s had been. Staying in demon form, Taisha had
taken her, leaving her bloodied and torn.

The image had
reminded him too much of how Sakura had left Rin, and he’d ordered Sakura to
kill her, which she’d done. He hadn’t bloodied himself, he wanted to be clean
for Rin, but he stayed in demon form a little longer, watching as they cleaned
themselves and yawned, their fangs dripping poison.

“I am proud
of you children,” he said into their brains, and they looked at him, eyes
gleaming, mouths open and panting, like dogs at rest after being satisfied.
Jaken and his wife were cleaning up the mess already he noted.

“Your mother
will be hungry later. Hunt. Bring something back for her, and eat youll. ll.
There is game to be had.”

They shot
off, and he closed his eyes, shifting into human form. His back was on fire
now, and without a word he left the play area, walking down the long hallway to
his apartments. He could already smell her, smell her arousal, smell that she
was more than ready to accept him. It still surprised him how much stamina she
had, that her sex drive could match his. He’d never known humans could do that,
and that she was not ashamed to bring him pleasure when she was too sore to
take him in. Demons women had talked
about his size, but this human had taken him into her as her first, and only,
lover. He had taken her first blood. Her being sore and giving him pleasure in
other ways didn’t offend him. His only regret was that she could bear no more
pups for him, and that he’d never get to drink her sweet milk again.

Almost fully
erect now, he entered into their room. she was sitting on the floor, her head
bowed, her kimono pooled around her like water.


She bowed
deeply, her head almost touching the floor, and he got down on all fours,
walking to her.


He lifted her
mouth to his, noticing that she’d painted it red, and he nipped at her lips
before asking for and receiving entrance to her mouth while his hands sought
the warm soft flesh underneath her kimono. It had been three months and now
neither one of them wanted anything less than to be joined, to be one, to
remind each other of their place in the other’s life.

Sakura and
Taisha, still in demon form, could smell the mating as soon as they entered the
house. Shifting to human form after dropping the dead deer on the floor to be
dressed and cooked, they wiped the blood from their mouths. Theatheather, to
their sensitive ears, was purring in pleasure. Rin was overcome, moaning softly
in her throat.

But for all
their hearing, and the scents they were picking up, they could have no idea
what was happening between the demon lord and his mate. Even now, after two
children and how much love making, she was still tight, and he reveled in this,
it was like having her for the first time every time. Her tore his mouth from
hers, causier ter to cry out, trailing his lips down her neck to her breasts,
his tongue licking at the tense red buds, his fangs nipping as gently as they
could, memories of the sweet milk she’d given only to him, never to her
children, flooding his brain as he suckled like her child, at one breast while
his fingers rolled the other nipple that now pressed against his hands, it’s
redness not only from his manipulation. His claws had drawn blood, it’s scent
laden with her need, her desire, her wanting him to make her his as he had all
those years ago.

Sessho….” She was moaning deeply in her throat, a sound that almost equaled the
growls in his chest as he held himself back, tasting the sweet body of his
woman, his mate, the only woman who had been enough to satisfy him, to make him
go the long nights of his patrols without taking anyone of the females who
would approach him, most of them in heat, most of them willing to bear his pup.
He switched breasts, leaving tiny bite marks on the one he abandoned, a rof
blood nor circling the nipple. And she was arching now, her hands seeking his
throbbing manhood, hands that barely fit around it’s shaft, but that sent fire
through his body and almost caused him to come. No, he would wait, wait to be
inside her, his penis at the mouth of her womb, to come, to mix his body with
hers, to reclaim something he was in no danger of losing. She was shifting
herself, her body totally under the control of her vagina, which ached, cried
for him.

please, take me….” She moaned as he tasted her blood on his tongue, the hard bud
of hipplipple pressing against the top of his mouth. Instead of taking her, he
slipped one of his fingers inside of her, careful not to scratch her here, not
wanting to cause her more pain than she could handle. He would draw it from her of course, but he wanted her to feel
pleasure, to know how much her Lord missed her. She was wet, her hair damp from
her orgasms, and he wanted to taste her essence, to mark himself with her scent
again, to let everyone know he he sexed, and dare them to challenge him. But
that was not to be now, because unable to wait any longer, she touched him at
the base of his neck.

His penis,
rigid with need, leapt of its own accord, and she gasped as he plunged into
her, taking her all at once. He moaned as her vagina clamped over his hardness,
unable to work up to the speed he wanted, instead starting at it, her body
rising to meet his thrusts as her nails raked his back, her legs spread wide
over him as they entered the final stages of the dance. Her moans and his
cries, howls really, echoed throughout the house, and everyone inside pretended
not to hear. Their voices sang an eerie duet as she screamed her surrender, and
he sounding as if he were surrendering what passed for his soul, called her
name, the sound ending in a growl of pleasure that caused everyone in the
castle to squirm. If any of them had dared to look, they would’ve seen them
wrapped in each other’s arms, smiles of contentment on their face in the now
dark room. And they would’ve seen the mark between her breasts, his half moon,
that made it possible for him to call her from wherever he was if need be. He’d
done that the night they’d done the ritual granting her immortality, and Rin
made sure no one ever saw it. Rin slipped into sleep, and Sesshoumaru wiped the
damp hair from hace.ace. At some point her braid had come a loose, and her hair
was all over, her black hair mixed with his silver. He had made peace long ago
with the emotion she made him feel, something he didn’t want to share, not even
with his children. He cared for them, and by the spring they’d be able to go
out with him and establish their presence. If his plans went the way he wanted,
they’d defeat the demons of the north and east. The south they would have to
tackle together. By next year this time he would be the God of the Humans, and
with his human mate they’d rule Nippon. The humans would pray to Rin, a woman
they’d know had once been like them.

He ran his
hands over her wounded breasts, taking the wounds away and leaving them whole.
She had full, soft, beautiful breasts he thought to himself, and he wished he
could get her pregnant again, just to taste her milk. He closed his eyes to
think about his plans, and to wait for his wife to awaken from her dreamless
sleep to begin again where they’d left off.

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