Demon Nature

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Demoness stared as the body of Houshi was brough into her lair. His head was
sitting on his chest.

“A gift
from Lord Sesshoumaru,” one of the guards said bitterly.

She stared at
the lifeless body, then ordered it destroyed. She set up the force field around
her lair that afternoon. The attack could come at any time she thought to herself, wondering if her enemy
would wait until spring.


She whirled
at the sound of the voice, ready to berate the retainer for interrupting her

please, please come. Something is wrong.”

She stared
in shock as she saw the bodies of the men who’d brought Houshi in twisted into
shapes not even demons took, green foam bubbling from their mouths. Fear was
not an emotion she was used to feeling, but she felt its icy hands grip her
heart as a name echoed in her brain. Sesshoumaru. He’d found a way to poison
her lair. More bodies lay outside, near the pyre they’d prepared for Houshi,
the same green foam on their lips.

She growled
deep in her chest, understanding what he had done. The body was laced with
poison, a poison that was fatal to whomever touched the corpse, and would kill
her entire household if the body was burned. To bury the body would desecrate
her lair and leaving it out would be a constant reminder of just who was in
charge of the game.

“He is
truly evil,” a retainer said, and she turned, slitting his throat at the
stupidity of the statement. Sesshoumaru was a demon. Of course he was evil she
said to herself, shaking her head.

She threw
her head back and roared, a roar of power that shook the human villages several
miles away. The priests recommended sacrifices to the spirits to allay their
wrath and turn their anger away from humans.

Leiko would
never surrender to Sesshoumaru, he who had refused her advances, who said he
was a dog, and cats were not part of his world. She had been a young demon
then, and he’d been about her age. Already to human he now bedded had been with
him, a little girl he’d kill anyone for. No one had really seen her in ages, he
kept her hidden away in is castle. She would be the only leverage they could
get over Sesshoumaru, but getting inside his castle would not be asy tsy task,
and getting to his mate almost impossible.

roared her frustration again, and the humans cowered in fear, hoping that she
would remain in her lair and not come out in a murderous rage.

Without a
word she changed form, her human body assuming the form of the tiger, her eyes
red, and her breath flame. She leapt into the air, disappearing towards the
east. On the ground, a seemingly human girl stood watching, her golden eyes now
changing to red as she growled softly to herself. Leiko had taken the bait, and
was now headed east. Sakura smiled to herself, and with a leap headed for home
to report to her father. With her lair empty, perhaps he’d allow she and her
brother to try it’s defenses.


Akemi felt
the shift in the air, and sighed. His kingdom was the sea, and he could feel
the vibrations from the earth like others felt earthquakes.

“Sire, the
Great Demon of the North is requesting an audience.”

It had
taken over a year to regain his strength, and he had not been above ground, in
human form, in all that time. But if Leiko had come, it meant what he had
feared had begun. Sesshoumaru’s pups were old enough to stand with their
father, and he needed to give them land and peoples to rule. He would never
split his domain, something he had fought so hard to secure, which meant that
he and Leiko were threatened. The She-Tiger would now be talking about an
alliance between the three Great Demons, but the south, the land of old Yemon,
who had been in power sithe the days of Sesshoumaru’s father, had never forged
any alliance. His land was prosperous, and it’s people strong. But all that
would change if a war broke out among the demons, and Yemon would not want to
be involved.

But Yemon
had a daughter, full youkai, who had once mated with Sesshoumaru, before the
human woman had become his life mate. There were rumors that she had borne his
child, and Sesshoumaru had never moved against the south. Yemon was a wolf
demon, and there would be no objection to a child born of the union of
Sesshoumaru and Yore, his daughter, assuming power. But, his hanyou children
were the ones he’d raised, and the ones he was fighting for. If Yore had indeed
borne his pup, consolidating power in the West, North, and South would give him
effective control of the country. Yemon could not defeat him, and Yore would
bow to her mate, ceding power to Sesshoumaru, or their offspring.

All of this
went through his head as he headed to the surface, shifting into human form as
he waded to shore where the beautiful Leiko stood just past the water line.



“You look

“What is
this about? Why are you here in the middle of the winter?”


“I told you
that you underestimated him. Now you want…what?”

poisoned my lair, and killed my chief of staff.”


“You think he’ll
leave you alone?”

“It was
already my opinion that he was behind the attack on me. You told me no.”

“We have to
form an alliance. It’s the only way.”

“If he
poisoned your lair…”

“It’ll be
taken care of. The humans will take care of him, and they’ll die. I’ve spelled
him to appear human.”

“You are so
kind,” he said with a smirk.

“But, you
are right. I for one don’t want that overgrown dog ruling my lands.”


Both demons
started as Sesshoumaru walked into their midst.

“I’m hurt


overgrown dog? My, my Akemi. I remember a proposition you made to me when I
visited you the last time in this form. You seemed deeply disappointed that my
tastes didn’t run that way.”

Ripples of
blue coursed over Akemi’s skin, his gills flaring. Two hanyou, a boy and a
girl, the girl the image of her father, came and flanked Sesshoumaru.

“I think
you have misread my intentions. I merely want to propose an alliance.”

alliance? I have a body back in my lair that I can’t get rid of.”

“My sons
idea actually. Creative isn’t he?” Sesshoumaru said silkily.

“But, I
digress. The south is ripe for the picking, and the three of us could share
equally in its wealth.”

The two
other demons, one with red-gold eyes, the other with blue green ones, stared at
the one with the golden eyes.

“I see five
people here Sesshoumaru.”

children? They’re children still. You don’t seriously think that I was going
to…oh my. How devious do you think I am?”

For their
part, Sakura and Taisho stayed silent, watching their father in action and

never seen the sea, and I thought it would be educational for them.”

“It’s the
dead of winter Sesshoumaru. We can’t go now.”

south will be there in the spring,”
Sesshoumaru said with a smile that sent daggers of fear through the other

“It’s good
to see you well Akemi,” Sesshoumaru said before he, and his children
transformed, taking to the air, and disappearing.

“We must
find out about Yore, and her child.”

“I can’t
send anyone…”

“I have
someone I can send.”

Leiko knew
about Akemi’s daughter with a human, who spent her time in a nearby village
when she was visiting her mother.
“She’ll leave in the morning.”








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