Demon Nature

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Demon Nature
Chapter 2 First Moves

The demoness of the north paced, her
minions cowering against the walls of her castle, hoping not to come under that
golden glare. She was a tigress, and she’d won her position by sheer power,
overcoming her brother who was supposed to be the heir, and killing her
parents, who had been ready to wage civil war against her. She growled despite
being in her human form, her tail wrapped around her waist. She had never
mated, had never had children, and now she feared that she’d made a mistake,
The north was in the grip of winter now, so news was hard to come by. Like the
other Demon Lords, she made a patrol in the fall, taking on all challengers and
marking the boundaries of her domain. Despite the snow and ice, word had come
from her border with the west that Sesshoumaru’s pups were now able to assume
demon form, and that he himself was training them for war. Demons and humans
alike were being used as toys for his children, and the reports were they were
if anything meaner and more cunning than their father. She let out a roar, a
roar that contained so much power that one of the walls in her audience hall
collapsed. Yet she knew her power would not defeat Sesshoumaru and his whelps.
When Spring came, he would attack, and the north would fall to him.

“There has to
be a way,” she hissed, looking at her advisors.

“My Lady, the
Lord Sesshoumaru has no weaknesses. His arm grew back, and now he’s stronger
than ever.”

“He’s fucking
a human, his whelps are hanyou, and yet he stands poised to take over my

“He may
attack the East first My Lady.”

“And why would
he do that?” she asked, stepping up into the minion’s face, her amber eyes
ringed with red.

“There is
internal dissent, some say fueled by Lord Sesshoumaru himself. And remember,
The Eastern Lord was injured very badly during an attack last summer. Some say
he’s never fully recovered.”

“Even if that
is correct…we buy another year?”

“My Lady
could consent to breed…”

she roared. “During my pregnancy I would be reduced to a lactating cat. That
demon bastard would take over my domain in a day, and kill not only me, but my
cubs. No.”

“You could do
as he did My Lady, breed with a human. You would be guaranteed one cub, and you
would not have so long a convalescence. The wife of the Lord of the West was
not overly burdened…”

“He took the
pain away from her, and healed her you twit. And when the second pup was born…”

She stopped,
and looked around.

“Why do I
tolerate you demons? Get the hell out of my sight. Now.”

scampered away, and she sat down on her throne. When Sesshoumaru’s human
bitch had born his second pup, he’d
sealed his home from demon and human sight, and it had lasted for months. There
were rumors that he had died, or that she had died. When he’d reemerged he’d
been stronger, and picked up right where he left off. Maybe it was time for her to seal her home off from the world,
create a barrier only those she designated could pass. It would stop
Sesshoumaru from his final victory, and perhaps leave his human vulnerable. His
father before him had been foolish in his love for a human, but this woman was
different. She was immortal, and was rumored to be able to fight at the demon
lord’s side. There was no proof of that, but…

She sent for
her top spy, a very human looking demon named Houshi.

“I want you
to go to the West. Be back before spring.”

“At your
service My Lady,” he bowed, walking backwards towards the door.

please stay and talk to me, she purred, and he bowed, coming back to stand
before her.”

“Sit next to
me,” she said, patting the space next to where she sat. Houshi did as he was
told. It had been a while since she’d called on him to service her, and he was
glad that he could perform the service for her again.

Outside the
room a shadow separated itself from the wall. The man was clad in the livery of
the Demoness, but his loyalty, as did his wife and children, lay in the West.

Sesshoumaru would be glad to hear this news.

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