Demon Nature

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Demon Nature Chapter 3 rin and Sess

Demon Nature
Chapter 3 Rin and Sess

Rin awoke to
his eyes, twin pools of gold watching her, waiting for her to awake. She wasn’t
sore, which meant he’d taken the pain away, which meant that he would want her
again. The thought of him inside of her made her wet, and she felt his hand
slide between her thighs, his long claws slipping inside of her while his thumb
massaged her clitoris, causing her to sigh and close her eyes. He removed his
fingers and using his tongue licked her essence from them while she watched,
wishing to taste his come in her mouth, to taste his body. He seemed to want
that too, and he lay back, sighing as she licked his nipple, her human teeth
unable to do what he did to her, but she gently bit them, causing his manhood
to come fully erect. She stroked it tenderly before her tongue circled it’s
head, seeking out the tender spot at the bottom, where the huge vein stood out,
throbbing his need of her. She knelt between his legs and took him into her
mouth, the saltiness of the pre come like nectar in her mouth. He buried his
claws in her hair, calling out her name between the growls of pleasure that
emitted from his chest.


“I am here
Master. Do I give you pleasure?”

He bucked in
her mouth, and she knew he was on the verge of coming. Snarling, he sat up,
grabbed her and lay her on her stomach, lifting her hips to his erection. With
tenderness this time he entered her, in, then out, in deeper, then out, until
with a cry the massive shaft was inside of her. She was so tight he almost came
at once, but he wanted her to have move pleasure. With one hand on her breast
he used the other one to touch her scars. She cried out and came all over his
penis, her moisture oozing out around the shaft that impaled her. He bit her
back, unable to stop himself from doing so, and she gasped in pleasure, and
pain. His mouth was near her shoulders, and he tried not to bite, tried not to
sink his teeth into her soft flesh, but he did, and she responded by clasping
him tighter. They moved in rhythm with each other now, the scent of blood
mixing with the scent of her come, and he exploded inside of her, the hot
stream seeming to last for hours it was so heavy, and so long an orgasm. She
shuddered her surrender, her mind gone, her body shattered into those million
pieces, if she even still had one. They collapsed as one, and he touched her
gently, not removing himself from inside of her. Vixen that she was, she ran
her hands over the scars that mirrored her own, causing him to harden and
ejaculate into her again, He opened his eyes, looking at the woman he loved,
yes loved, against his demon nature, against every impulse in his body.

“Master, I
love you…” she said softly, closing her eyes again.

Before she
drifted off she heard him say softly “Rin, I love you. I will always love you.”

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