Displaced in Time

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Kagome stares at the lookalike for possibly several minutes, while he just remains perched in her window, silent and waiting. He isn't going away, from the look of it. "Shimazu-san…?" Her voice wagers slightly and Toyohisa tilts his head slightly in response, his eyes lighting up with amusement.

"The one and the same, Kagome-chan. Well, after five hundred years and as an inu daiyōkai, so maybe not the same." Toyohisa rocks forwards and dismounts from the window sill in one smooth motion, and lands by her bed in a half-crouch. Now that he isn't crammed the window, she can make out his clothes; blue jeans, a dark red shirt with splashes of gold petals across it, a black leather jacket, and a pair of black combat boots.

Kagome can only blink at this, not really knowing what to make of the information she is being given, let alone that he is referring to her in an overly familiar manner. Her cheeks warm faintly and she looks away from the inu daiyōkai. Why is he… Does that mean what she thinks it does?

"I know that look, Kagome-chan," Toyohisa says with a sigh, and he sits down next to her on the bed. "I can't really say anything about how things happened, and especially not when, something about changing history and impacting the present."

Her blush fades and she looks back at him, her lips pursing into a faint frown. "Then why risk showing yourself to me?"

"Hmm… because me being here, talking to you like this, has already happened. I was told by a very credible source that you'd need a nudge." The smile he gives her is sincere, and there is so much affection in his gaze, for her, that it makes her stomach churn in the way that is described as having butterflies in it. "You have nothing to fear from my human self, Kagome-chan. He won't force you to do anything you don't want to do… apart from being overly protective and trying to keep you out of the battles that will happen."

This pep talk isn't doing much to help her relax or ease her fears about the whole marriage thing, but she knows that she can trust what the inu daiyōkai is telling her. It is a small comfort in the grand scheme of things. There is one thing that she is curious about though and thinks it can't hurt to ask. "If you're here in the present-"

"Your future self is here too," he answers with a lopsided grin. "Now, I can't stay for much longer, and you'll have to get going soon, so remember; trust in yourself, follow your heart, and, most importantly, just be yourself."

Kagome blinks and then he is gone, the only evidence that he's been here is that her window is still open. With a faint frown, and with her thoughts far more muddled than before, she gets up and shuts the window. "Be myself…" Those words are so simple, yet they make such an impact, much like the kind words Toyohisa had given her when she had been healing him. That she was saving him was more than good enough for him.

"He stills knows just what to say," she says softly, tears prickling at the corners of her eyes. She wipes them away and smiles to herself, a warmth bubbling through her. Turning around, she is startled to find that something has been left on her bed. A black backpack with a white square of paper pinned to it. As she approaches the bag on her bed with a modicum of confusion, she can make out three words scrawled out on the paper in a delicate hand. "Use these well?"

Curiosity drives her to open the bag, and she finds inside of it a set of Miko garments, along with a set of armor and clothes that are a perfect replica of what she had found Toyohisa in. A bit puzzled as to why these have been left behind, she frowns as she pulls out the white haori and the red hakama meant for her. Should she wear these?

InuYasha won't like it, but it doesn't matter what the inu hanyō thinks. Determined to take Toyohisa's words to heart, she sheds her modern clothes and dons the garments appropriate for a Miko. Kagome even ties back her hair like before, though only after she finishes drying it, then she gathers up the armor and clothes meant for Toyohisa, along with the backpack, and leaves her bedroom.

She goes downstairs to find her brother and grandfather sitting at the table, whispering conspiratorially to one another. From the scents coming out of the kitchen, she knows where her mother is, but she frowns when she doesn't see the time-displaced Toyohisa. "Where is Shimazu-san?"

"Your boyfriend is still in the shower, nee-san," Sōta teases, only for their grandfather to smack him on the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?!"

"The nature of Kagome's relationship with Shimazu-san is not something to make light of, Sōta," their grandfather admonishes him with a scowl. "Your sister did a remarkable thing in saving Shimazu-san's life, for which he now owes her. How they choose to approach the matter and resolve it is between them."

"Grandfather…" Kagome gives the old priest a thankful smile, then her gaze flicks to Sōta. "You know, Sōta, I don't make fun of you when you bring Hitomi-chan over." Her smile sharpens into a grin as Sōta turns a bright red and starts stammering out an apology. With that taken care of, she shifts the bundle of clothes and armor in her grasp then goes in search of the bathroom that Toyohisa is in.

Toyohisa frowns as the hot water of what is called a shower rains down on him—not so much because the concept of indoor plumbing is something he can't comprehend, but because he's stuck on the conversation he'd had with Lady Higurashi. Kagome's age isn't something that bothers him in the slightest, but it is the fact that things are so very different here in her time, and that what he is asking of Kagome just isn't done anymore. Sure, Lady Higurashi has given her blessing and has reassured him that she will speak with Kagome concerning the matter, but there is no place for him here in the future. Despite how certain Lady Higurashi is that they will have to go back through the well, he has no certainty that Kagome will want to go back at all. Never mind his intentions.

He is a damn fool, pinning all of his hopes on to a girl, still a child in her time, when he has nothing else left to turn to. He has no home to go back to and he is no better than a rōnin.

Turning the water off, albeit a bit awkwardly, he bites back a sigh as he steps out of the shower and onto a soft cloth mat that has been laid out on the floor. Toyohisa frowns again and picks up the towel he is supposed to dry off with. It is soft and unlike anything he knows of from his own time, and as he swipes it over his body, he finds that it absorbs almost all of the water clinging to his skin. This is certainly handy.

There comes a soft knock from the door, making him pause and blink. "Shimazu-san?" Kagome's unmistakable voice, slightly muffled by the door, calls out. "I'm leaving some clean clothes for you out in the hall."

There comes a soft thunk as something weighty and more than just clothes are set down outside of the door. He waits to hear her retreating footsteps before he opens the door and peers down at what is an exact replica of the armor and clothes laying in a haphazard pile behind him. Just where did she manage to get these on such short notice?

Huh. Maybe he's wrong.

Dried and dressed in a matter of minutes, Toyohisa now frowns at the bloody and dirt-stained mess left on the bathroom floor. Lady Higurashi had insisted that he leave it there for her to take care of when she had shown him to the bathroom to begin with. With this clean set Kagome has provided for him, he can do as her mother has asked.

He pushes the matter out of his mind and makes his way back out to the foyer, where he comes across Kagome waiting for him. She is dressed as she was before, but the lack of blood and dirt on her clothes makes it evident that she has changed too. A shy smile flits across her face as she catches sight of him, and now he knows for sure that he is wrong in his assumption. "Higurashi-sama?"

"We should talk, Shimazu-san," Kagome says softly, and beckons for him to follow her into the room off to the right of the foyer. "And I suppose you should call me Kagome."

The room is furnished with strange items, all of which are unfamiliar to him. There is a black box sitting on top of a strange pedestal, the front of it darkly reflecting the room, Kagome, and himself. His gaze lingers on it for a moment, and then he settles it back on to the young Miko. "Then I should insist that you call me Toyohisa, Kagome-sama."

"It's only fair, Toyohisa-san, and is there any chance I could convince you to drop the sama?" Her smile, though still shy, is warm and makes her look all the more beautiful. Had he not been informed of her age he would have thought her to be older.

"If it makes you uncomfortable, then yes, I will drop the sama." Even though Toyohisa thinks that it is a level of respect that she deserves to be shown. Miko are held in such high regard for their abilities, and so whoever this InuYasha person is, he hates them for making Kagome feel so undervalued and incapable. "You wanted to talk, Kagome-san?"

"Yes… About the, uh, marriage thing…" She grows noticeably nervous and even fidgets with her sleeves while a pale pink dusts her cheeks and the bridge of her nose as she looks away from him. "Can we take this one step at a time?"

Toyohisa can't help but smile, relief flooding through him at Kagome's question. His fear that she would reject him is finally laid to rest, as what she is asking him leaves room for hope. "Absolutely, Kagome-san."

She stops fidgeting with her sleeves and looks back up at him, her nervousness appearing to wane. Another warmer smile lights up her face and her blush darkens a little more. "Thank you, Toyohisa-san, for being so understanding."

He steps closer to her, and though surprise flits across her face she doesn't move away; she even lets him curl a couple of fingers under her chin. He traces the line of her jaw with his thumb, taking in the way that she leans into the touch with a smile, then presses a kiss to her forehead. "You gave me back my life, and you're giving me a purpose to live for, Kagome-san. I had nothing to look forward to, no family to go back to, so it is I who should be thanking you." He pulls away with a smile and notes that her blush hasn't faded any.

"I-we should go see if dinner is ready," Kagome nearly stammers out, and she sharply turns away from him.

Toyohisa's smile twists into a grin as he follows after the young Miko, keeping pace so that he is only a few steps behind her. They pass through the foyer and go back into a setting that he is much more familiar with, a place to eat. Set out on the low table is a large bowl, filled with what appears to be a soup of sorts. The most prominent smells coming from the bowl is that of eggs and fish, but he doesn't recognize it.

"The oden smells delicious, kaa-san," Kagome comments as she takes a seat on the right side of the table. At the far end, taking the place at the head of the table is her grandfather, and seated to the left of him is Kagome's brother.

Toyohisa kneels beside Kagome, filling the spot between her and her grandfather, and takes the bowl that is passed to him by Lady Higurashi. He follows Kagome's example and ladles some of the oden into his bowl then picks up his chopsticks. "Itadakimasu," he murmurs under his breath before he samples some of the daikon.

"How is it, Shimazu-san?" Lady Higurashi asks between delicate bites of her own food. "Did they have oden in your time?"

"We didn't have anything like this, but it is good," Toyohisa answers then bites into what turns out to be a boiled egg. Next to him, Kagome is inhaling her food, like she hasn't eaten in ages, which surprises him. "Kagome-san?"

"Don't mind her. She happens to love oden," Lady Higurashi comments with a smile, and she sends him a knowing look. She's caught on to the difference in the way that he has addressed her daughter.

Toyohisa goes to take a bite of something else when the shōji behind him and Kagome slam open, and everyone freezes up. He glances over his shoulder at the intruder, his eyes narrowing, and he notices Kagome doing the same. The recognition on her face is as clear as day, so he takes in the intruder's appearance with a suspicious scowl. Stark silver-white hair, golden eyes, and a pair of…dog ears on top of his head? "Tell me something, Kagome-san. Is that InuYasha?"

"Who th' fuck's asking?" the dog-eared intruder growls out, his golden gaze assessing Toyohisa. He sneers after a moment then focuses his gaze on Kagome, who hasn't move an inch since his appearance. "Damn you. Whoever said you could just go home whenever you feel like it?"

Oh, this is definitely him.

Toyohisa calmly puts his bowl and chopsticks down, then turns as he rises from the table to face InuYasha. "Shimazu Toyohisa and I do not like the way that you are addressing my intended."

InuYasha blinks at that, looks from Toyohisa to Kagome and back, then he laughs. "Your intended? That's rich. Who would want a defective bit-"

Toyohisa lunges forwards and grabs InuYasha by the throat. He takes pleasure in the mix of surprise and shock that forms on the inu hanyō's face and bares his teeth with a snarl. "You will not speak about Kagome like that ever again, you damn dog! She is perfect as she is, and I am happy to call her my intended!" He tightens his grip around InuYasha's throat then bodily throws the inu hanyō out into the foyer. He goes to step out into the foyer, only to be stopped by Kagome grabbing his arm.

"He isn't worth it, Toyohisa-san," Kagome bites out tearfully and glares at the wheezing InuYasha as he stands back up. "Osuwari!"

Toyohisa is ready to argue but is instead surprised at the effect that word leaving Kagome's mouth has. The beads that InuYasha wears glow with white light and he falls over face-first into the floor with enough force to make a loud thud. "How did you do that?"

"Back in Sengoku Jidai, there is an elderly Miko named Kaede. She put the beads of subjugation on InuYasha when he tried to kill me and told me to pick a word to stop him. I chose osuwari." And the beads light up again, forcing InuYasha's face back onto the ground. "It only works for me, however, so we can't leave him to his own devices."

"Interesting… the dog comes with a leash," Toyohisa muses as he coldly glares down at InuYasha's prone form. He ignores the weak growl the inu hanyō sends his way and turns towards Kagome. There are tears still in her eyes and a few tracks running down her cheeks. The sight makes his anger and hatred towards InuYasha burn even hotter, and as much as he wants to send the hanyō's soul to hell he knows that Kagome is right. Killing him will have no meaning. "You're a far better person than I am, Kagome-san, and much kinder."

"She might be, but I'm not," Lady Higurashi exclaims as she stands up. She gives InuYasha a furious glare and puts her hands on her hips. "How dare you come into our home and insult my daughter! I don't want to see you here ever again or I will ask Shimazu-san to take care of you!"

InuYasha gives a wheezing growl but otherwise doesn't make any threatening moves. He slowly pushes himself up and gives them all a sullen glare, his ears flattening against his hair, before turning and exiting the house.

"We should go too," Kagome forces out as she watches the retreating hanyō, her gaze distrustful. She uses her sleeve to dry her tears then steps out into the foyer where she picks up a black bag and slings it over her shoulder.

Toyohisa follows after her after sharing a look with Lady Higurashi and grabs up his swords and tanegashima from where they rest in the corner. "We will try to come back soon, Higurashi-dono," he calls over his shoulder, and hopes that he will be able to keep to those words.

She can sense that Toyohisa is only two steps behind her, and he is armed with his weapons, so she keeps her gaze on the foul-mouthed hanyō ahead of her. "There's a lot more that I'll have to explain to you, Toyohisa-san, about how and why I ended up in Sengoku Jidai. Once we're on the other side of the well, we can go to Kaede-san's village and talk there. She'll be able to help fill in the gaps."

InuYasha goes oddly stiff ahead of her and pauses in the entryway to the well-house. He looks back at them with a scowl, his nose wrinkling.

"Something to say, dog?" Toyohisa growls out, having also noticed InuYasha's behavior. She frowns faintly at the samurai's hostile tone, but it is every bit deserved given what has just happened.

"Something attacked the village," InuYasha spits out and looks away. "Some oni looking for the Shikon no kakera. She used some weird shit I couldn't see."

Kagome's frown deepens and she brings the pouch she wears around her neck out from under her haori. "So you came here looking for my shard, is that it?" With a glance back at Toyohisa she can see that he is confused. "It's part of what I need to explain, Toyohisa-san. The simple explanation would be that yōkai and men alike are after the Shikon no Tama, which I accidentally broke, because it can grant them power and a wish. The legend goes that there is only one correct wish that will make the jewel disappear, and it has to be pure otherwise the jewel gets tainted and filled with malice."

"The hell are you telling him for?! He could be after the jewel for all you know!" InuYasha gives Toyohisa a distrustful glare of his own, looking rather petulant as he does so.

"The Shimazu have no need to rely on things like the Shikon no Tama for power. We will take what we want by our own hands or die trying, it is the Shimazu way," Toyohisa retorts icily as he strides past Kagome and approaches InuYasha. "My life is to Kagome's, and I would sooner die than abandon her," he hisses out at the hanyō before moving around him to enter the well-house.

"Toyohisa will be traveling with me, InuYasha, whether you like it or not, and we have agreed to work towards marriage, so yes, he is going to be my husband." Kagome can't help the faint blush that tinges her cheeks as she speaks, but she keeps her gaze locked onto InuYasha's. "It would be in your best interest to not insult or attack either of us because next time I might not stop my future husband from killing you." With that said, she too goes around the hanyō and steps into the well-house, only to find Toyohisa with his nodachi drawn and looking around suspiciously. Suspended in the air in front of him, coming from the mouth of the well, is a mass of hair, poised to attack. "Toyohisa! In front of you! It's coming from the well!"

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