Displaced in Time

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Not only does he get dragged out of the well, but he is also thoroughly stripped of his weapons without even realizing it. The unscrupulous nature of this assault angers him, yet he is at the utter mercy of the perpetrator who has a firm hold of him by both his short jacket and his shitagi.

"Calm yourself, whelp. You're perfectly safe with me since I have a personal interest in your survival, and believe me, it's very personal," comes a voice that shockingly sounds like his own.

Toyohisa is unceremoniously dumped onto the paved stones of the Higurashi Shrine's courtyard while his assailant walks several paces away from him. He pushes himself up onto his feet, his anger still coursing through him, only to freeze at the impossible sight that greets him.

"Right now you're thinking I'm some sort of imposter, and I know this because thought the very same thing when I was standing where you are," his lookalike informs him with a sharp grin. "So let me spell it out, I am you after five hundred years, and a change or two."

"How?! You can't expect me to believe a single word you're saying when everything that comes out of your mouth is unbelievable! Say something that makes sense, damn you!" He balls his hands up at his sides as he glares at his imposter. So what if he is unarmed! He launches himself at the imposter with the intention to beat him into submission and extract the truth, only to quickly find himself on his back with the imposter looming over him.

"I don't have time for this, much less the patience for it. You want proof, then fine! On the day you were born a visiting Lord and his wife presented to your father a blade, the one you now carry, that would be given to you after your first battle. When you were seven you tried using the sword without permission and ended up cutting yourself quite badly. You were saved from the embarrassment of revealing what had happened by a passing Miko who healed the wound and helped you clean up the blood."

No one else is supposed to know about that incident. It is something he had fully intended to take to his grave, yet this…person claiming to be him knows about it. The rational part of his brain doesn't want to believe it to be true, yet he does believe it. His expression must give something away because his future self chuckles.

"Mind shattering, I know. Been there, done that. You'll get over it quick enough," his future self says with a wave of his hand and steps away to let him up. "Now, onto the reason why I'm having this conversation with you. Kagome is completely inexperienced when it comes to intimate relationships, and she wanted to take things slowly, or did you completely forget that when you decided to kiss her?"

Toyohisa sits up with a scowl, but any irritation he feels towards his future self is abandoned for the shock and realization his words bring. It suddenly clicks why Kagome's behavior had changed so abruptly, and he had been too self-absorbed to notice it.

"As I said, you're fucking obtuse, but now that you've realized what the issue is you can do something about it. Thankfully your blunder works in your favor, though it might take Kagome a while to act normal around you again. What you need to do is take things slow, like baby steps. Talk to her, tell her about yourself, learn more about her, and when you do kiss her again make sure you give her a proper kiss." His future self gives a meaningful grin, one that reveals his inhumanly sharp canines.

"Ne, tō-san, are you sure you should be telling him all of that? Kaa-san will be mad if she finds out," a child's voice states flatly from behind him.

Toyohisa feels like he's been punched in the gut, as all the air in his lungs is suddenly gone. He twists around, jaw slack and his eyes wide, to take in the sight of what looks to be a nearly twelve-year-old boy.

The child has a striking resemblance to himself, but instead of the crimson marks that adorn his future self's cheeks the boy has pale lilac ones, and his eyes are a very familiar shade of blue. He wears a plain, dark blue yukata with a light gold obi, and in his arms are Toyohisa's weapons. Not only that, a stark white bow is slung across his back along with a quiver full of arrows.

"It's fine, pup, and your mother doesn't need to hear about this."

"Then I get Ketsueki if you kick it," the boy monotones with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"Like hell I'd ever die, you damn brat! You're several hundred years too young to be making demands like that!" His future self rages, while the boy merely looks on in amusement. He calms down after a moment and then sighs. "Get back home before your mother starts to worry. She doesn't need to be stressed out any further in her condition."

"You're the reason she gets so stressed out, tō-san," the boy states rather plainly. His gaze flicks over to Toyohisa and he seems to study him, his head cocking to one side much like a dog's. "You'll have to suffice." With those words the boy vanishes from where he stands, only to reappear by the entrance to the well-house where he sets down Toyohisa's weapons, as well as the bow and quiver of arrows. He vanishes again, this time for good, leaving Toyohisa alone with his future self.

"I…have a son?" It feels so surreal, yet he knows that this isn't a dream otherwise it would have been too cruel. He turns back around to face his future self, all but dazed at the news that he has a kid. A son.

"And two older daughters, then there's the twins on the way, but that's all too telling. You needn't concern yourself about kids just yet. Kagome is your priority, and I shouldn't have to say it, but don't even think of mentioning any of this to her. She has the Shikon no Tama to worry about. Make sure to give her that bow…and try to not die on her." A sharp, meaningful smile is given and then his future self is gone.

The reason for the abrupt departure quickly becomes evident as the sound of light footsteps echoes on the paved stones behind him. He doesn't even have to turn to know it is Kagome, her steps faltering just a little as she catches sight of him. "I thought I'd come and wait for you."

Kagome hadn't expected that Toyohisa would follow after her, but it certainly makes sense that he would. Overprotective is quite an accurate descriptor for the samurai. "Thank you for that," she responds with a faint blush while he stands up and turns towards her. There is something different about his expression, a certain kind of softness to it that makes her stomach twist in a nervous yet pleasant way. It reminds her of the affectionate gaze that the inu daiyōkai had given her.

"I managed to find a bow and some arrows for you." Toyohisa motions over towards the well-house where his swords and tanegashima are currently leaning up against the outer wall. Placed next to them is a pure white recurve bow and a black quiver completely filled with arrows.

To say that she is amazed is an understatement. Words can barely describe her awe as she goes over to the bow and picks it up. It barely weighs anything at all, and the grip is a perfect match to her hand. "Oh wow, this is amazing, Toyohisa!" Her earlier embarrassment forgotten, if only temporarily, she pivots on her heel and launches herself at Toyohisa.

He catches her on reflex, though he seems a little surprised with her reaction, but happy nonetheless. "I'm glad you like it, Kagome." His smile is warm and that soft expression lingers for a moment before it shifts and becomes hesitant. "I must ask for your forgiveness, Kagome. I overstepped my bounds earlier with that kiss and placed you in an awkward position."

Kagome pulls away as her face warms at the mention of the kiss and she averts her gaze. "It's not something you need to apologize or ask forgiveness for, given the extreme emotional duress you were under, but I do forgive you for it."

"Extreme what?" Toyohisa frowns at her choice of words, and she can see that the phrase is probably too modern for him to grasp.

"You were upset," Kagome elaborates with a shy smile and meets his gaze again. "And reacted accordingly. It's not something to fault you for, but I do need some time to sort myself out."

"Take as much time as you need, Kagome." He gives her another smile then steps around her to collect his weapons.

"Y-yeah. Thanks." She blushes again and turns to follow Toyohisa to collect her quiver of arrows. Upon picking it up she realizes that there is something tucked in amongst the arrows, and she pulls free three items that vaguely resemble gloves.

"Those yugake are well made," Toyohisa observes as he peers at them from over her shoulder. "May I see them?"

"Sure," Kagome answers and she places them in Toyohisa's outstretched hand. "So what exactly are they for?"

"This is an oshidegake and is worn on your bow hand while you're still acclimating to using a bow. It will help protect your wrist and thumb from the arrow and fletching," he explains and holds up the single-digit piece of leather. "The shitagake, this cloth one, is worn under the yotsugake to help protect the leather from sweat and to keep it from degrading, and these are worn on your draw hand. The yotsugake gives you a better grip for bows with a higher draw weight."

"Wow, you know so much!" Kagome near gushes out enthusiastically after he finishes going over the purpose for each glove.

"Well, I know the gear itself because I use a mitsugake," he corrects with a grin and holds up his left hand to show his gloved thumb, index, and middle finger. "Yugake aren't exclusive to archery, but I did grow up watching my mother prepare to go out hunting with the other Shimazu women. They're excellent hunters and quite proficient with the bow. As for these yugake, the quality of the material and craftsmanship far exceeds anything I've seen in my time. They will last a long time with proper care."

"Then I'll have to practice every day so I can live up to those standards," Kagome states, purposefully avoiding the issue of how Toyohisa had come by the very modern gloves and quiver. She can already guess as to what had probably happened, though not the extent of it. "We really should head back through the well," she adds as she slips the quiver on, which turns out to be a belt quiver and then slings the bow across her back. It fits neatly over her backpack and a gentle tug on it proves that it will be easy for her to remove.

"I'm almost surprised the dog hasn't come looking for us," Toyohisa comments dryly as he gives the gloves back. "What's his issue?"

"It's complicated, but I rather be the one to explain it," Kagome begins as she leads the way into the well-house. "So the time the well leads to is 1497, which you know, but fifty years before that there was a Miko named Kikyō who was in charge of safeguarding the Shikon no Tama. I don't know all of the details, and Kaede didn't seem to know much of how they met either, but she did meet and befriend InuYasha. Something went wrong though, and InuYasha attacked the village for the jewel, and he even mortally wounded Kikyō in the process. After she pinned him to the Goshinboku with a sealing arrow she instructed Kaede to burn the jewel with her remains."

She places her hands on the lip of the well and stares down into its depths while Toyohisa stands next to her, his expression contemplative. "I'm apparently Kikyō's reincarnation, and I was born with the Shikon no Tama inside of my body. I didn't know that, however, until after I was pulled down the well by a revived centipede yōkai when I came down here looking for my cat three days ago. Coincidentally it was my birthday. I never imagined I would spend it trying to not get myself killed, first with the villagers who thought me to be a foreigner, then with the centipede yōkai which came after me again for the jewel and tore it out of my side, and then InuYasha who I freed because the centipede yōkai ate the Shikon no Tama, transformed and kept regenerating because of the jewel. That's what led to Kaede putting the beads of subjugation on him. When I tried to leave to come home the first time, which was yesterday, a group of bandits kidnapped me on orders from their leader who was being used by a shibugarasu that was after the jewel. It also ate the jewel, transformed and then I spectacularly failed at trying to shoot it out of the sky. It was my first time picking up a bow, and InuYasha expected me to have Kikyō's mastery over it. I only hit it because I tied one of the shibugarasu's severed legs to my next arrow, because it was regenerating too, and that is how the jewel ended up getting shattered."

"So he blames you for not being Kikyō," Toyohisa concludes with a scowl. "I don't care if you're her reincarnation or not, you're Kagome and that is what I care about. Forget about Kikyō and what she could do, otherwise you'll just limit yourself."

"Just be myself," she adds with a sincere smile then vaults herself into the well before Toyohisa has a chance to react. The transitional glow of the well envelopes her as she falls, and once her feet touch the packed earth in Sengoku Jidai she immediately begins to climb out. She is only halfway through her climb when the bottom of the well lights up beneath her, so she glances down to watch as Toyohisa appears with a scowl.

"I can walk, you know," Kagome grumbles from her position in his arms with her head tucked under his chin. Just from her tone alone, he can tell that she is pouting, which is just fine with him.

"Twice now you've gone ahead on your own, which in turn makes it more difficult for me to keep you safe," he chastises, his voice firm. "And after what you just told me before you brazenly jumped into the well I'm disinclined to let you out of my sight indefinitely."

"What if I need to get cleaned up or change my clothes? There will be times when I need a certain amount of privacy and that can't happen if you're going to be watching me all of the time," Kagome argues.

"You'll get the privacy you need in those situations so long as you don't go out of hearing range." And by that, he meant his own hearing range, not hers and definitely not InuYasha's. While he is certain the inu hanyō has a greater range of hearing, he does not trust him one bit with Kagome's safety and well-being. "So where's this village at?"

Kagome shifts in his arms to take in their surroundings and then points in the direction he is already heading in. "We're almost at Goshinboku and the village is just a ways past that."

"Then we should probably pick up the pace," Toyohisa murmurs as a grin spreads across his face. With a slight tightening of his grasp on Kagome, he pushes off into a dead run. The trees blur past them as he follows the barely visible path, and for several minutes the forest just seems to go on until it finally thins. They burst through the line of trees and out into where it opens up into the valley that the village is nestled in.

"It isn't much, but this is Edo," Kagome states softly as he comes to a halt on the path leading up to the village. There is a field to their right and beyond it, bordering a hill that the forest they had just left is encroaching upon, are a couple of houses. Ahead of them is the rest of the village, a few more homes, and a storage house, while to their left is an expanse of rice fields.

"Where is everyone?" Even though night has fallen only a small while ago there should have been a few of the men outside, not to mention someone on watch. With a frown, he sets Kagome down and scans the houses.

"That yōkai from earlier probably attacked the village in search of the jewel. Kaede-san was injured when we found her." Kagome walks ahead of him by a few paces then turns and looks back at him expectantly. "Toyohisa-san?"

"She didn't seem too distressed when we found her, so the villagers probably didn't suffer any losses," he comments as he follows after Kagome.

"'Bout time you two showed up," InuYasha calls from ahead of them as he leaps down from the closest rooftop and essentially blocks their path.

"I went home to get my history book, InuYasha," Kagome responds casually as she sweeps past the inu hanyō. "Toyohisa-san also found a bow and a quiver of arrows for me."

"The hell's a book?" One of InuYasha's ears flicks back as he turns to follow Kagome with his gaze.

"And why do you need to know? You've been nothing but rude and disrespectful since I met you, and not to mention what Kagome told me about how the two of you met. She stopped me from killing you once, but as she said back in her time, she will not stop me again." Toyohisa stands at his full height as he stares InuYasha down, the hanyō whirling around to glare at him with his ears going flat.

"You caught me by surprise then, that doesn't mean that you'd stand a chance against me now or ever, human," InuYasha growls out and flexes his clawed fingers while he shifts his stance. "Even with that sword, you wouldn't stand a chance."

"Is that so?" As much as he dislikes raising his blade against someone unarmed or with no obvious weapon, there is something about the way the hanyō had taunted him. Toyohisa isn't one to back down from a fight, and InuYasha seems keen on having one. His gaze briefly flicks towards Kagome's direction, and he finds the Miko watching them with a faint frown.

"I'm not getting in the middle of this, so if you two want to fight then go ahead. You better come back to me in one piece, Toyohisa." As much as she tries to hide it, there is a certain amount of worry to Kagome's tone and posture.

"He'll be dead when I'm through with him," InuYasha snarls out and throws himself forwards. "And once I've put his heart in your hands I'm going to kill you next, you no good bitch!"

Toyohisa leaps back as dirt and rocks fly up from the long furrows that InuYasha's attack produces. He draws his nodachi and pivots on his heel, blocking another strike from the hanyō on the draw as he comes straight through the plume of dust and debris of his initial attack. It produces a sound of metal on metal, though InuYasha is only using his claws.

The hanyō was fast, Toyohisa will admit that much, but he is just as fast and his skills are finely honed while InuYasha's are crude. That difference makes itself apparent as he slides back towards the hanyō almost immediately and slashes at him at an upward angle. He knows would have cut straight through InuYasha had he not leaped back at the last second, and instead leaves him with a fairly deep score across his chest.

Shock and disbelief bloom across InuYasha's face at the injury, as though he was expecting a completely different result. It lasts only for a second, and instead of retreating the hanyō swipes a hand through the wound to coat his fingers with blood. He feints to Toyohisa's left, changing direction at the very last second to slash at his back with the blood-covered claws.

No pain comes, though he can feel the impact of an attack, and when he whirls around with a horizontal strike that aims to kill InuYasha because surely this will end with one of them dying, the hanyō is already leaping out of range. "What's the matter? You seemed so certain you could kill me when you can't even wound me!"

InuYasha growls, his fangs bared while his ears are laid flat against his skull, and he seems to reassess Toyohisa. First, the sword that has wounded him, and then the armor that has stopped his attack. Something seems to click because InuYahsa lunges straight at him again despite the difference in their skills. Another metallic clang rings out as the hanyō blocks his strike with the claws of his right hand and delivers a punch to his gut with his left.

Not only does Toyohisa get the wind knocked out of him, but InuYasha takes it a step further and grabs the nodachi by its blade to wrench it from his grasp as the hanyō leaps away again. The distance between them is more than enough that InuYasha now holds the advantage, especially since he also has Toyohisa's nodachi within his grasp. Well, he isn't completely unarmed.

"Where'd a human like you get a daiyōkai blade?" The question is spat out as InuYasha scrutinizes the sword, now holding it properly by the hilt. "And fire-rat fur armor?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, dog, and I really don't care one way or the other. I'm going to send your soul straight to hell," Toyohisa grits out as he draws his wakizashi and tanegashima. "Now prepare to die!"

InuYasha's eyes glint maliciously in the moonlight and he leaps forward at the exact same time Toyohisa does. Instead of using a slashing strike, the hanyō instead goes for a straightforward lunge with all of his weight behind the attack. The path of the nodachi is undeterred and it strikes true, piercing straight through the protections of whatever the strange fire-rat armor, as InuYasha had called it, offers and goes right through his heart.

There is a brief, sharp feeling of pain, a strange pulse and then everything goes black as someone screams.

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