Displaced in Time

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"Yes," Kagome breathes out with a tearful smile, her fingers curling into the fabric of Toyohisa's shitagi. "I will take up the Shimazu name and become your wife." Even though they barely know each other. Even though she is a Miko and he is now a yōkai. Even though it might be for the sake of convenience. None of that matters because she knows that it will become so much more—the look that Toyohisa gives her has her heart fluttering because it reminds her so much of the look that his future self had given her. So filled with affection and warmth.

"May I kiss you?" Toyohisa asks her softly, his gaze imploring as he lifts a hand to cup her cheek.

Kagome nods, and as his mouth descends upon hers she tightens the hold she has on his shitagi. His lips are warm and gentle against hers, and they linger for far longer than they had during the kiss he had given her earlier. Long enough that Kaede returns from tending to InuYasha and clears her throat as politely as possible.

"I don't know why I bothered warning you if you're going to display such inappropriate behavior out where everyone can see you," Kaede grumbles as they pull apart.

"Well, you could just declare us married since all of the usual traditions don't really apply to us when we're removed from our respective time periods," Toyohisa responds with an arched brow and he wraps an arm around Kagome.

Kaede gives him a sharp look, her mouth pressing into a thin line for a moment before she sighs and motions for them to follow her into her hut. Once they're inside she kneels beside the fire pit in the center and hangs a pot of water over the low flames. "It will be some time before we can get a home built for you here but I will let the village know that you are now husband and wife."

"Thank you, Kaede," Kagome softly says with a slight bow only for the elderly Miko to wave her off.

"The village will want to throw a feast to celebrate your marriage, which I'm sure can be arranged for tomorrow evening," Kaede says as she prepares three cups for tea, and she looks at both of them. "So at least stay for that before you set off looking for the shards."

"Actually, I was hoping to stay and help out around the village to make sure that everyone is okay before we leave." Kagome looks from Kaede, who shows a small amount of surprise and a greater deal of appreciation in her expression, to Toyohisa, and his mouth is curved into a faint, affectionate smile.

"I have no problems with that," Toyohisa murmurs in a gentle tone.

"I'm not sure I would be able to sway you into leaving in search of the shards before then, not when you set your mind to something, so thank you, Kagome." Kaede turns and prostrates herself, and it's Kagome's instinct to step forward to stop her but Toyohisa places a hand on her shoulder and shakes his head.

"It would devalue her show of gratitude to you if you were to object," Toyohisa quietly explains, and Kagome blinks slightly before she nods in understanding.

Kaede eases herself back up, wincing a little as she does so, then motions towards the raised wooden flooring. "Please, have a seat." Kagome and Toyohisa move to kneel on the indicated space, side by side, while Kaede gives them a satisfied look before she checks on the pot of water. "Now, as I am sure you are aware, Kagome, that as not only a human but a Miko as well, your joining with Shimazu-san will be met with some rather fierce objection from both humans and yōkai now that he is a yōkai."

"I am well aware of that, Kaede, but I don't care what anyone else has to say or think about us," Kagome says rather fiercely, and she scowls at Kaede while she grips the fabric of her hakama in her hands.

"You will not find any objections from me, Kagome, so there is no need for you to give me that look. I just wish to make you aware of what to expect in your journeys," Kaede explains a bit curtly, and she removes the pot from over the flames to pour it into the cups. "Not even Kikyō dared to pursue a relationship with InuYasha while he still had yōkai blood running through his veins, and she had sought to use the Shikon no Tama to make him human."

"Well, I'm not Kikyō and I have no intention of using the Shikon no Tama to make Toyohisa human again," Kagome says a bit hotly. "He's supposed to be an inu daiyōkai."

Kaede's brows rise a bit with her surprise at that last statement and then she looks from Kagome to Toyohisa to gauge his reaction. "And what if he wants to become human again?"

"I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be alive in five hundred years if I were to become human again," Toyohisa states in a serious tone that has Kaede giving him a confused look while Kagome grins to herself. His nose wrinkles slightly and he glances in Kagome's direction, quick enough to catch her eye before she looks away from him.

"I believe that settles it then," Kagome says rather sweetly as she returns her gaze to Kaede. "My husband shall remain an inu daiyōkai and anyone who objects to our relationship because of what we are can take it up with us directly. I will be more than happy to show them the error of their ways."

Toyohisa can't help but grin giddily as Kagome refers to him as her husband, and he subtly scoots closer to her so that their sides are touching. She tilts her head just a little in his direction, and her scent washes over him like a heady perfume, laced through with her happiness and that smug satisfaction he had picked up from her a moment ago.

"Then I wish you both a long and prosperous marriage," Kaede says sincerely and she brings them the cups of tea she has prepared for them.

Toyohisa accepts the cup offered to him and raises it to his mouth to take a sip. His nose scrunches up as he catches the scent of the tea, and there's something about it that has him lowering the cup immediately without drinking from it. "What's in this?"

"It's just tea, Shimazu-san," Kaede says, and there's no hint of a lie to her scent. "Is it not to your liking?"

"No, it's just that it smells weird to me," Toyohisa answers with a frown as he stares at the contents of his cup.

"It could be because you're an inu daiyōkai now," Kagome offers in a gentle tone as she sets her own untouched cup down. "Or maybe just an inu thing? I know dogs aren't supposed to have certain things like chocolate or caffeine or anything in the leek family of vegetables because it's bad for them..." she starts to explain but trails off when Toyohisa and Kaede give her confused looks.

"What's chocolate and caffeine?" Toyohisa asks, thoroughly puzzled by what she had listed as things that dogs can't have and likely applies to him as well.

"Uh, I don't really know how to explain it off of the top of my head but chocolate is a type of food and a flavor, and it can be used in a lot of things. It's toxic to dogs and can make them seriously sick or even kill them. As for caffeine, it's something that naturally occurs in tea and also isn't good for dogs either," Kagome attempts to explain, looking and smelling frazzled as she gives her answer. "But you don't have to worry about chocolate here in Japan for a while, only caffeine and a few other things that grow here naturally."

Toyohisa nods slightly even though he still doesn't quite grasp Kagome's explanation beyond that this stuff is possibly bad for him, and he sets his cup down beside hers. "Maybe it's best if we turn in for the evening," he says with a glance at Kaede, who nods as she collects the untouched tea.

"You may stay here with Kagome for the evening, Shimazu-san, as is your right." Kaede empties the cups before she puts them away, along with the cup that had been intended for herself and the pot used to boil the water. Once she is done with that task she moves to collect a few of her things. "I will go and stay with Shiho-san."

"We are waiting until Kagome is ready to take that step, Kaede-sama, so there is no need for you to stay elsewhere tonight," Toyohisa says while Kagome blushes profusely, her scent twisting with nervousness.

"I see," Kaede says without pausing to collect her things. "I will still go stay with Shiho-san so that the village will think your marriage is consummated even if you do nothing tonight."

"Is that really necessary?" Kagome asks tentatively, her face fully red.

"If you don't want anyone to challenge the integrity of your marriage then yes, it is absolutely necessary," Kaede answers with a note of finality to her tone, and she tucks the things she is taking with her under her arm before she heads for the entrance to her hut.

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