Displaced in Time

BY : Demonized
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Toyohisa moves, trusting in Kagome's instruction even though his foe is invisible, and swings his blade over the mouth of the well. There is a very soft, nearly silent noise as something hits the ground at his feet and he squints down at it. He is just barely able to make out the shape of it, though it is as if he is looking at it through an incredibly hazy piece of glass. "What is that?"

Kagome comes up by his side and crouches down to observe the thing, her face scrunching up with confusion. "Hair?"

"So Kaede-baa-baa was right, you can see it," InuYasha exclaims from behind them. The hanyō thankfully hangs back, a check from his peripheral revealing that InuYasha is eying him warily. "That stuff can slice through humans easily," he warns.

Toyohisa prods at the hazy mass with his nodachi and scowls. "Do you see any more of it, Kagome-san?" He asks with a sidewards glance at the Miko. She is looking right at him with a thoughtful frown.

"You can see it too?" There is a faint uncertainty in her voice and surprise.

"Just barely," Toyohisa half-mutters and sheaths his blade. He offers his hand to help Kagome up, which she takes with a grateful smile.

"Well, I don't see anymore, and it seemed to be coming from inside the well." She steps closer to the well and he follows beside her, apprehensive of her getting caught in an attack. She thankfully exercises caution as she peers down into the well, her mouth curling into a frown. "It's empty, but there could be more on the other side."

"Then I should go through first and-what are you doing?" Toyohisa watches with incredulity as Kagome throws a leg over the lip of the well, then grabs her around the waist to prevent her from continuing with her obvious attempt to jump down into the well.

Instead of fighting him, Kagome leans her head back, so that it touches against his karuta sashinuki style kote, and looks up at him from that awkward angle. "Going through the well." She gives a languid blink of her eyes then tilts her head just slightly, a brow arching. "With you?"

From behind him, InuYasha snickers his amusement while Toyohisa can only sigh. Now isn't the time to start an argument, so he picks Kagome up and shifts her so that he holds her with one arm hooked under her legs and the other supporting her back. "Wait a few minutes and then follow," he calls back to the inu hanyō then leaps into the well.

The familiar soft glow greets them, and this time it seems like it goes by quicker. He looks up as his feet touch the ground and a darkening sky is above them. He frowns and searches for any sign of the hair, but sees nothing to indicate its presence.

"It's clear," Kagome confirms for him and shifts slightly in his grasp to put an arm around his neck.

"We should get moving then." Toyohisa propels them out of the well and lands just outside of it, pausing as something prickles at his senses.

"There's hair everywhere," Kagome gasps out as she gets a good look at the area surrounding the well.

"It makes no difference if you can see it or not," comes a voice from the direction of the forest. Perfectly balanced on a razor-thin strand of hair is what looks like a human girl. She wears a traditional kunoichi tunic without the back and sleeves, and it stops at her mid-thigh. Tied around her waist is a bright yellow sash and tucked into it is a wakizashi. "Now give me the Shikon no Tama!"

"Hold on tight, Kagome," Toyohisa whispers and turns to push off without any further warning, having to rely on his sixth sense to avoid the strands of hair. While he still can't see them, they disrupt the flow of the air just slightly enough that he can tell when they are in the way, and where they are located.

"Aren't we going to fight her?" There is a moderate amount of confusion in Kagome's voice and he can feel the slight shift she makes to look up at him.

"It goes against my code to fight a woman, even if they happen to be a yōkai, and you do not belong on the battlefield." He can tell by the way that she tenses up that she is displeased with his opinion, and displeased she will have to be. He will do his damnedest to make sure she does not have to set foot onto a battlefield.

"I can live with your code, Toyohisa, but you will not stop me from fighting! Especially when our opponent is a woman like me! She will not stop coming after us until she gets what she wants, and I cannot let her get her hands on the jewel shard!" Kagome uses her arm around his neck as leverage to pull herself up in his grasp and looks over his shoulder. "She's not chasing after us?" The Miko settles back into his arms and looks ahead of them with a frown. Her expression quickly twists into one of fear when she sees what is ahead of them where the field meets the forest. "Stop! There's too many of them!"

Hundreds of hairs criss-cross to form a net that will cut them into tiny pieces is suspended above the ground, blocking their way into the forest. He stops just a few feet short of the net and frowns as he scrutinizes the area. The strands are much harder to make out, but he can see where they are by finding the slight distortions they appear as to him. From what he can tell, the net continues on both ways.

"The hell are you two doing all the way over there?"

Toyohisa twists around to see InuYasha jump clear of the well, and that the yōkai girl is nowhere to be seen. For good reason too. The wire-like razor-sharp hairs circle InuYasha's limbs and drag him in the direction the yōkai girl had been.

"Gah! Fuckin' hell, not again!" The inu hanyō tries to tear at the hairs only for more to bind up his hands.

As much as he hates InuYasha, Toyohisa can't bear to see him meet his end like this. "Wait here," he gently instructs Kagome as he sets her down.

Now that he doesn't have her weight slowing him down, Kagome watches in near disbelief as Toyohisa dashes across the field and reaches InuYasha in a matter of seconds with his nodachi drawn. He cuts through the hairs keeping the inu hanyō captive with a precision and speed that she can barely keep track of. With her attention diverted, she fails to notice the presence of the yōkai girl appearing behind her.

"What lovely hair you have, though it isn't as pretty as that hanyō's over there," the yōkai girl exclaims as she grabs Kagome by her hair, her fingers twisting through it. "Scream if you like, girl. You'll be dead before they can get to you!"

Kagome bites down on her lower lip to keep from crying out as the yōkai pulls on her hair, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes from the pain. Instead of reacting how the yōkai wants her to, she shoots the creature a venomous glare. "If it's the jewel you're after, you won't find it on me," she hisses out as the yōkai pats her down for the pouch that holds the shard. Well, she won't find it on Kagome. Not anymore.

"What did you do with it?!" The grasp on her hair tightens even more, and Kagome's vision blurs, but she can still make out Toyohisa as he turns around to check on her.

The look of shock and terror on his face is heartbreaking, yet Kagome has no intention of dying today. Instead, she smiles and turns, grabbing onto the yōkai girl to force her reiki into her. Only this time it is being used with the intent to purify instead of healing. "You know I'm a Miko, right?"

The yōkai girl is engulfed by a lilac-hued light, but not only that, the purifying reiki travels along a few particular strands of the creature's hair all the way back to its source. Back at the yōkai's nest, which will eventually dissolve and remain undiscovered, a red comb hidden inside of a skull disintegrates, and with it so too does the yōkai's body.

"Kagome!" She turns to find Toyohisa racing over to her, his sword left abandoned over by InuYasha in his haste to reach her as quickly as possible. In the blink of an eye, he sweeps her up into his arms before he even manages to stop his mad dash, and nearly crushes her to his chest.

"Gah! I'm fine, Toyohisa!" She tries to push away from him, but it is to no avail, his grip is like a vice.

"I failed to protect you and it nearly cost you your life," he grits out and burrows his face into the crook of her neck.

"Toyohisa…" She speaks his name barely above that of a whisper and lets her hands rest flat against his chest. After a moment she slides them up, prying his face away from her neck, and cups his jaws with a gentle touch. "I'm okay, see?"

"But it's not okay. You shouldn't have-" He is silenced by the delicate press of her thumb against his lips, but his frustration is clear in his eyes.

"I am the only person that can locate and purify the Shikon no Kakera, Toyohisa, so there is no way for me to avoid the danger involved in searching for them. I don't like it, but I also can't sit back and watch everyone else get hurt when it's my fault the Shikon no Tama was shattered." Kagome gives a bitter smile and pulls her thumb away from Toyohisa's lips. "It certainly wouldn't hurt if I had a bow and some arrows."

"Lot of good that'd do you when you can't even hit anything!" InuYasha calls out from where he stands watching them, his arms folded over his chest and his ears twitching with his irritation. "If you two are done having your moment, we need to go back to the village."

"Tch, damn dog," Toyohisa growls out under his breath and pulls his face out of Kagome's hands to glare at the hanyō over his shoulder. "You should be fine to go on ahead of us."

"Yeah, whatever. Don't take too long," InuYasha retorts with a touch of sarcasm then turns and heads for the edge of the forest on the opposite side of the field.

"Even though he's beyond rude and an overbearing jerk he is right, I can't hit anything yet," Kagome admits with a faint blush and brings her hands down to rest against his chest once more. "But it should keep me out of immediate danger, and more importantly not in the middle of the fight. Unless we're attacked by women."

Toyohisa sighs as he returns his gaze to hers, his frustration still very clear in it, but there is also reluctance. "I can see that it is useless to argue the matter further. Just promise me that if a fight becomes too dangerous then you'll run."

Kagome gives a small shake of her head and frowns. "I can't make a promise like that, Toyohisa, not if it means that you would get hurt or killed." Her fingers curled against the supple leather of his armor, palms resting just over the crests stitched into it, and she looks away from him. "I…"

"I understand. I don't like it at all, but I understand where you're coming from." Toyohisa loosens his grasp on her and brings a hand up to turn her face back towards his. He keeps his fingers loosely curled under her chin and his thumb traces over her lips delicately before coming to rest against her jaw. With barely any pressure at all, he tilts her head up and presses a soft kiss to her lips. It lasts for the span of a couple of heartbeats, and then he pulls back just enough so that their faces are only a few inches apart. "We should head to the village now."

Kagome feels her cheeks heat up with a blush and she can only nod since it seems she has forgotten how to speak. She takes a step back as soon as Toyohisa lets go of her and presses a hand to her mouth while the warmth of her blush takes over her entire face.

"Oh, and this goes back to you, right?" Toyohisa asks, seemingly oblivious to her state, as he pulls the pouch containing the jewel shard from where she had tucked it under his shitagi. He holds it out to her with a smile.

"I can't believe you buried Kaede-san, InuYasha!" The petite Miko shouts at an unaffected InuYasha while Toyohisa watches on with the elderly Miko at his side.

"So who might you be, young man?" Kaede asks without taking her gaze away from the unfolding drama. "And who are you to Kagome?"

"Shimazu Toyohisa, and I am to be her husband." Toyohisa watches Kaede from his periphery and takes note that the old Miko seems surprised at this news.

"Really now? You are aware of her circumstances, I hope?" Kaede turns to look at him and she frowns as she takes in his appearance. "You have the look of a samurai, but I've not seen armor like that before."

"My circumstances are more like hers, Kaede-sama, in that I am not from this time. I am from one hundred and three years ahead of this time, which is why you do not recognize my armor." He grins as Kagome forces InuYasha to face plant then turns to properly address Kaede.

"One hundred and three years? That is a considerable amount of time and your accent… You must be quite far from what would be your home." Kaede's frown deepens and she looks in the direction he knows the well to be in. "Did you come through the well?"

"I've been through it, but it only connects to her time. The way I got here…" Seems like it had been the product of a nightmare. "I don't think it's something that could happen again. Anyways, I am indeed very far from what I used to call home. I'm from Satsuma, and as much as I'll miss it I couldn't go there now."

"Even if there is a jewel shard in Satsuma, Toyohisa-san?" Kagome asks as she finally comes over to them. Her cheeks are a bright pink as she meets his gaze and she immediately looks away from him. She's been doing that since they had left the field where the well is.

"That's different, Kagome-san. Of course I'd go to Satsuma if we needed to, but as it stands I have no reason to go. My place is with you." He blinks as Kagome's face goes from pink to red at his words then tilts his head slightly. "You're awfully red, Kagome-san, are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine! Everything is fine!" She looks anywhere else but at him, her voice oddly sharp and higher than before.

"That's funny because you smell awfully embarrassed," InuYasha taunts from where Kagome has left him on the ground. He has propped himself up and is looking at her, a shit-eating grin on his face. "It also smells like you-"

"Osuwari!" Kagome whirls on the hanyō as his face is slammed into the ground with the subjugation command, her hands balled at her sides. "I am fine! There is nothing wrong with how I smell!"

"Hey now," Toyohisa croons out as he comes up behind Kagome and slides his arms around her waist. She goes rigid immediately, and he has no doubt her face is still quite red. "Are you sure that you're okay? You seem quite flustered."

"Come along, InuYasha. We should go see to the village," Kaede instructs as she shuffles past them.

"I don't see what the fuss is all about," the hanyō grumbles as he gets up from the ground and brushes himself off. "All I was going to say was… Oh." InuYasha looks their way with a knowing smirk, amber eyes glittering with amusement. "Have fun you two," he remarks salaciously.

Toyohisa shoots the hanyō's retreating back an icy glare for possibly making the matter worse. He waits for InuYasha and Kaede to leave, mindful of the young Miko stock still in his arms the entire time, then dips his head down and presses his cheek against her hair once they are alone. "Tell me what's wrong, Kagome."

"It'll sound ridiculous," she finally responds after a long moment and, at the same time, all of the tension seems to leave her body. Her shoulders sag almost unnoticeably and she twists around in his arms. Her face is still a dark red and the color isn't fading any as she looks up at him.

"Just tell me anyways," he insists with a gentle smile. Surely it isn't anything bad.

Kagome's expression freezes over for an instant and then she forces herself to smile. "I-it's nothing, really, but I just remembered that I forgot my history book! So I should head back and grab it!" Her voice pitches upwards just slightly as she speaks and she manages to slip out from his grasp, all while waving her arms in front of herself. "I'll be right back!" And then she is gone.

Toyohisa blinks at the weirdness of Kagome's response and the sudden change in her demeanor, then frowns as he follows after her at a jog. By the time he reaches the clearing he can see the light of the well's telltale glow fading, signifying that she has already gone through and meaning that she had run the entire way. While he can wait on this side of the well he isn't comfortable with Kagome being out of his sight. If yōkai are around now, who is to say that they aren't around in the future.

His impatience makes it feel like the trip to Kagome's time takes even longer than usual, and he has to look up to make sure there isn't a star-strewn sky above him. The relief he feels at the sight of the wooden beams making up the well-house's roof is incomparable to any other feeling at that moment, and it is very quickly ruined as he finds himself getting dragged out of the well.

"Man, you are fucking obtuse…and I can't let that stand, since it's an insult to myself."

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