To Be Loved By A Great Demon

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"What are you two doing here?" Jaken demanded of his Master's children arriving on Kirara beside him.


"We came to visit our parents" Towa replied with a smile as if it were the obvious. And it sort of was.


"The Lord has requested he be left alone with her Ladyship at this time. You children are welcome to wait for them beside me and A-Un"


Setsuna, the younger of the twin children, gave the short demon a sort of sneer.


"Oh? Okay..." Towa plopped onto the ground beside A-Un, palm of hand to face, sitting cross legged. She was clearly disappointed.


Setsuna was not so naive, her keen sense of smell far surpassed her sisters and the demon that served her father. She smelled a heady odor, sweat, and the unmistakable fragrance of slumber. While she rather not dwell on what these scents naturally meant her parents were doing, she resolved that it was best not to pry any further.


Towa, on the other hand ... "What do you think they are doing out there?"


"It's no one's business" Jaken snapped back, the tone he took with Towa was reminiscent of that he took with young Rin. Back when times were simpler for him and his Lord.


Sesshomaru's eyes opened abruptly, glowing red quickly dissolving to pale white. He delicatey released Rin from his clutches and sat straight up, bringing himself to his feet and redressing. Rin had awoken.


"What is it My Lord?" She inquired.


"They have located us" he responded.


"Who?....Our Girls?!" A smile streaked across her face causing her to light up.


"I do not suspect Jaken will be able to keep them waiting much longer".


"I want to come with you, I want to see them!" She was not going to wait for him to tell her that he was going to meet them or ask if she wanted to join him. Wild Horses could not keep her.


She had a brief time to hold and meet her children not long ago but with so much time with them lost to her, she was not going turn down any opportunity to see them.


"Very Well" Sesshomaru nodded and put out his arm for Rin to grab onto and with that he transported them both across the meadow to his servant and offspring.


"So...How Long have you known our parents for?" Setsuna inquired in her stoic tone.


"I have served The Great Lord Sesshomaru for nearly 100 years" he retorted.


"What about our mother?" Towa chimed in.


"Your Mother...?" Jaken was taken aback by this question. Rin came into their lives nearly 25 years ago, changing his Lord forever. As well as himself, if he was being totally honest.


"I have known your mother since was a but a child" he bluntly finished.


"She is a human though, can you explain how that happened exactly?" Setsuna requested.


"it's a long story..." He sighed.


"I actually really like Long Stories" Towa Chirped.


Rolling her eyes, Setsuna sighed "Go on".


Jaken went on:


Your father was injured in battle while seeking the Tessaiga from Inuyasha. After a brief run in with the now vanquished Demon Naraku your father set out in search of Totosei, one of your Grandfather's loyal servants and an unparalleled craftsman of swords. During this meeting, Totosei proposed that if your father defeated his own brother in battle that he would forge him a new sword even greater than the Tessaiga. During this battle Inuyasha was unable to control the powerful demon blood coursing through his veins and unleashed the Wind Scar on your father. This badly injured your father further and we were separated for a time....


"Stop!" Towa Interrupted "I...uh...I like Long Stories but not this long" she rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment, Jaken, just as humiliated as when his Ladyship Rin informed him of her dislike for Long stories many years ago.


"I see them, on the horizon" Setsuna proclaimed.


Towa began waiving to them as Rin stepped away from the aura of light that her husband had transported via. Rin ran to her daughter's waving, and the smallest smile could be seen across Sesshomaru's face.


His Lords happiness was all the Small Green Demon truly desired for himself. To look upon his Master's expression of peace and contentemt was a direct mirror of his own success.


Alas, no one did ever let him tell his stories. After Sesshomaru was cut down by Inuyasha at their fathers resting place, and recovered he began a side quest of finding a suitable replacement for his arm. None of the replacement Jaken found were of a suitable nature as he recalled. The Demon Naraku recieved word of Sesshomaru's need for a replacement and for a favor provided his Lord with a human arm with a shikon jewel shard embedded within allowing him to weild the Tessaiga. Temporarily at least.... When his Lord saught out his Father's Loyal Swordsmith Totosai to forge him a better sword than Tessaiga and Tesseiga, the slime ball proposed that he fight Inuyasha and upon defeat of his brother he would forge his sword. But once again the Tessaiga was out of his reach and they moved on. Totosai had revealed so much regarding his Lords sword during their last battle that h couldn't help but inquire further about it. Unfortunately he may have overstepped some boundaries as his Lord demonstrated the "uselessness" of the Tesseiga upon him. Not longer after the traumatizing demonstration, they acquired a dragon claw that acted as a shield for Sesshomaru against Tessaiga. They were able to battle Inuyasha once again. But just as quickly as the battle began, their Fathers Wind Scar was revealed to Inuyasha and he was able to near fatally attack Sesshomarua. Fortunately the Tesseiga protected him, transfiguring him into a ball of demonic energy and light and teleporting him to safety.


"Jaken, we are leaving" Sesshomaru uttered to her servant. The small green demon barely realizing his Lord had made his way over to him as his daughters and wife cooed over each other just a few feet away.


"Yes, My Lord" he quickly responded and snapped out of his day dreams.


A-Un made his way to her Ladyship, letting Rin know it was time to depart from the meadow.


"Lord Sesshomaru" she nodded to her beloved, and mounted A-Un.


"Where are you headed?" Setsuna Inquired of her Mother.


"To My Lords Palace" Jaken retorted.


"Can we come?!" Towa yelled, as she and her sister climbed a top Kirara.


"It would be best if you two went elsewhere of your own Accord-" the Small Demon was silenced abruptly by the echoing silence of his Ladyships frown and aura of disappointment followed by a quick thump in the head by his Lord.


"Yes" their father responded and they were off towards the Palace of The West.


The mist of the clouds in the sky were ethereal, Kirara road up with the two demon princesses in tow beside their mother on A-Un and their Father flying just ahead of her.


"I never knew Lord Sesshomaru had a Palace" Setsuna stated bluntly.


"Your father is no wanderer" Rin smiled.


They landed consecutively on the Palace balconies, Sesshomaru stepping forward to assist his Good Lady Wife down from A-Un. Though she has never required his assistance before. She leaned into him delicately, just enough for her daughter's to take notice and become flush with embarrassment for viewing their parents public display of affection.


"What are your plans now that we are here?!" Towa inquired sheepishly.


"Rest" her mother smiled.


"Come with me Children, I will help you find someone to make your accommodations.


As they sauntered off into the Palace, Rin leaned back into her beloveds torso.


"I couldn't help myself" she admitted with a childish smile glaring up at her husband her looked down up her. She knew that it was unbecoming for a Lord of his stature and nature to be seen showing any kind of affection but after so long Rin could not help herself.


"I see" he near smirked in acknowledgement of her flirtations.


"Let's Go!" Rin cheered grabbing a hold of her Lord's arm to guide her into their room for "rest".


Lord Sesshomaru sit upright in his bed, fully clothed, while Rin lay haphazardly across his legs in a Purple Kimono. The Bed Chamber was dimly lit, and Rin closed her eyes daydreaming.


"Lord Sesshomaru, do you remember when you saved me?"


"What of it?"


"I'm so happy I found you in the forest that day"


Sesshomaru didn't respond he only smiled suttely. Recalling the day he encountered young Rin. It was when the Tesseiga saved him, and he was teleported to a Forest where he collapsed against a large tree. He was in and out of consciousness for several days and separated from Jaken, his loyal servant. A small girl, no more 6 or 7 peered through the near by tall grass at him. Instinctively he hissed and snarled at her, his inner demon glaring through. She took a step back startled, but scanning him she saw the extent of his injuries and made a small nod in acknowledgement. She stepped through the gross, closer to him than before. Realizing, a small filthy girl child was of no threat to him even in this state he relaxed against the tree, and his inner demon receded.


"Go Away" he uttered starring off now. She made a few steps around the small clearing he lay in of shorter, flatter grass and back into the tall grass of the forest out of sight but not smell for Lord Sesshomaru.


A few hours later she returned, with a bamboo canteen of water, she very quickly left it within arms reach of him and scampered away. He lay against the tree confused.


About an hour after that she returned once again with a small portion of food.


"Mind your own business girl, your generosity is wasted, I dont eat human food"


A sign and look of defeat washed over the girls face. But she persisted.


Returning hours later in the early hours of the morning, she carried with her an even smaller portion of food. But this time she was covered in bruises. Before she could even serve him his food, he began;


"No Thanks"


She fell to her knees after a few steps closer, closer than ever before.


"I told you I don't need anything from you".


She was defeated once more.


"Where did you get those bruises?"


Rin perked up, not having anyone care to ask her something like that in so long took her off guard.


"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to" he continued.


But it was too late, her smile shined through her beaten face.


"What are you smiling about!?" Sesshomaru was taken back "I simply asked a question, I don't care I'm just curious"


But there was no backtracking for her, she was elated. The mute girl did leave him to rest, but this time she left with a skip in her step and lingered closer to his resting site. She picked flowers and hummed songs before making her way back to her hut.


When Sesshomaru gathered his strength shortly after his last meeting with the mute and apparently "deaf" girl, he made his way to his servant Jaken waiting for him in the clearing of the meadow outside the forest. Upon his arrival the scent of blood, of blood he had smelled before overcame his senses and he had to pursue it's whereabouts.


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