To Be Loved By A Great Demon

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Sesshomaru nodded in agreement with Rin, he was happy they met as well. But these words were lost on him. Rin, his beloved wife and companion, was truly the only one who not only knew his deepest thoughts and feelings but understood and received them with little to no words needed from him. To the rest of the world he was stoic, blunt, cold and wordless but to Rin he kind, compassionate, and all other good things she could think of.


"I am also glad I decided to follow you too" she added.


The smallest smile reached across Sesshomaru's mouth. Still lost in his thoughts and memories, she pulled him from them with her words.


"I don't know if I ever told you before but you were the first person to ever show me any kindness. No human ever cared to ask me how I became injured before...when the wolf tribe invaded my village, I ran to you, to protect you"


"Protect Me" Sesshomaru reiterated. He had known based on where he found her lifeless body when he searched for the source of the familiar blood he had smelled that day that she was running towards him. Her trail was clear and it didn't take a Demon or Super Natural Powers to know that. But all these years, despite knowing Rin's strength, he assumed she ran to him for safety.


"Yes, you were badly injured"


"You say such silly things sometimes Rin"


She giggled, and he pulled her closer to him by slightly bending his knees where she lay. They caught each other by embracing the palms of their hands.


"Lord Sesshomaru, can I kiss you? Rin asked, as she adjusted her body so that her face was closer to his. She now sat with bent knees, straddling his one leg, still holding his hand. He kissed her. Their tongues entangled and with his one arm brought her closer to him, so that the warmth of her body could press up against his.


Whenever he became aroused his eyes glared red, and his inner demon ached to come out. The whimpers and quiet moans of lust and pleasure escaping their mouths as their kiss become more and more passionate, exemplified the deepening if his voice from the Dog Demon that begged to be let through.


"Sesshomaru" her informal way of addressing him caught him off guard "I can handle it" she referred to his inner demon, his true form that longed to be let loose on his mate. Each time they copulated, it took enormous amount of energy on Sesshomaru's part to hold back.




"Please Lord Sesshomaru, let me" she nuzzled him.


But alas, all that Sesshomaru could imagine was accidentally killing her. The first time they mated, when Rin was still a virgin, she successfully brought his Demon out, unknowingly of course, he injured her and since then he has largely taken control each time they have made love since. It was the only way for him to prevent such matters from arising.


"My Love..." She continued, caressing him, and laying small wet kisses along his jaw bone.


"Rin, No" he stated again though perhaps now with a tinge of weakness and desperation.


Rin leaned into Sesshomaru, bending her head so that her forehead rested on his chin. Her pelvis fell forward on his lap, enabling her to grind against his throbbing member. With that motion, Sesshomaru let out the quietest gasp. 


“To Always Protect and Obey” Rin smiled up at her Lord and Husband. She reminisced upon their Wedding Vows and though the most fleeting thought of their Wedding Night caused her womanhood to ache in excitement she held tight to the Vows she’d made. 


Sesshomaru gently lurched forward so that Rin would fall softly onto the bed that they sat together on. She sprawled out beneath him and he hovered over her with both arms hyperextended to prop himself up. Rin had accepted that she was not going to get to bring out his inner demon right now but soon she would try again. Her glassy eyes gazed up to his Lordship and wordlessly communicated to him that she was ready to submit to his lust for her. 


He leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips, followed by smaller kisses on her chin and down her neckline. Rin’s mind cleared and she closed her eyes so that she could savor her beloved's affections. Sesshomaru on the other hand, his mind had become filled with the memories of when he encountered his mate’s lifeless form in the forest path’s clearing. As his kisses trailed down to the space between her breasts, the scent of her body enveloped him. He lay his cold face in the warmth of her body there, a warmth that he could have no way of knowing all those years ago would become so precious to him. 


He could still vividly recall stating outwardly to Jaken that this would be another test of the Tesseiga, but he was no fool and knew very well the result of the sword would have. The sword had been in his possession for over a century, how truly could he not have known what its uses were? He was not capable of many human and hanyou emotions but he was able to recognize things that perhaps others did not realize of him. This child had exemplified bravery, fearlessness, courage, selflessness and empathy. Selflessness and Empathy were perhaps her most defining features to this day but these two traits were of the most mysterious nature to Sesshomaru to find in someone also displaying bravery and courage. With a single cut, he  dispatched the demons of the netherworld back to hell. Kneeling down to grasp her, the small girl childs heart pumped blood throughout her body again. 


Sesshomaru rested her warm body back down in the clearing, and continued his journey to obtain Tessaiga. 


"Sesshomaru" Rin stuttered his name, as he pulled himself in and out of her. The head of his member stopping him from completely unsheathing himself with each pulse. Rin squirmed, as he scraped across her most sensitive spots inside her. 


"I'm going to cum in you" Sesshomaru leaned down and whispered into her ear. The tickling shock waves of his baritone voice echoed through Rins ear canal, sending her over the edge. She gasped and whimpered, leaning up and falling down, in an attempt to muffle her orgasmic cries in the nape of her lover's neck. 


He collapsed onto her, not in total exhaustion but in joy. The joy of once again having his heart to himself, after 14 long years without her. The joy of being able to come to completion in the act of making physical love to the one being he cherished above all else. In reality, demons, especially such as Lord Sesshomaru can exert themselves quite a lot longer than the average human man. 


In their embrace, Rin was able to snuggle into Sesshomaru's neck. She wrapped her arms around him and twisted his long white hair around her fingers. 


"I love you, My Lord…" Rin whispered to him "...I have loved you since you raised me from the dead…" Sesshomaru glanced upwards toward her now "...I have followed you all the days of my life since then My Great Love, and will follow you all my days to come". 


Sesshomaru closed his eyes in contentment, he remembered very well realizing that the small human child he'd saved from death was now following him and Jaken. While Jaken he recalled did protest a considerable amount, Sesshomaru knew from his own attempts to ward her off while he was injured in the forest, that Jakens complaints were in vain. The two of them would just have to manage now that this strange girl was joining their party. 


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