To Be Loved By A Great Demon

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"So….if you can keep it to a few words, I actually would like to know how you know our mother" Setsuna stated in her usual monotone to Jaken as he began to shuffle out of the room. 


"The Great Lord Sesshomaru raised her from the dead almost 25 years ago...Rin holds My Lord's Heart and he requires her at his side. I, his right hand, naturally took over the job of supervising her and preparing her to become a Great Lady" 


"That wasn't so hard" she smirked at home. 


Jaken rolled his eyes in response "May ye get some rest, princess" and left her room immediately. 


"My Mother is my Father's heart?" Setsuna wondered aloud. 


As Jaken made his way to his own chambers, he passed quickly by the door to where he knew without hearing what he heard as he walked by to be his Lord's Bedroom. 


"Gah!-" Rin yelped. 


Sesshomaru had her bent over his Study and was pounding into her. 


Jaken scurried to his own room. 


"I'm going to cum!" Rin moaned. Sesshomaru plunged his manhood into her orifice again and again. Faster each time than that before. 


"" Sesshomaru tried to say her name aloud but his breath was taken from him with each stride. 


Together they sped up, Rin pushed up against Sesshomaru with her behind fast and faster, Sesshomaru penetrated her quicker and harder. 


Each other's breaths became shorter and higher, until, until…


Sesshomaru slammed into her without reprieve, and Rin being lifted inches off her toes bent over her spouses' Study, buried her face into the hand carved wood. 


Sesshomaru bent down over Rin, and gently bit the nape of Rins neck. This same spot he had latched onto many times since their first mating. 


Rin could feel her Lord's cum fill her entirely. Yokai Semen was thicker, whiter, and they produced significantly more than your average mortal man. The mucogenic fluid oozed out of her orifice, while Sesshomaru still seized her neck, trapped by the knot that had formed in his member preventing him from pulling out. Yokai of the Dog Demon Clan had typically human appearing manhood's but did swell extensively at the shaft after ejaculation. During these time periods Rin had learned to stay still. Her beloved's inner demon was out and in control, and he could be a very volatile character if provoked. She learned this the hard way of course during their first time together all those years ago. Now she simply embraced the post-coitous bliss these few moments of immobility allowed them. Drifting off into a deep sleep, Rin dreamed of the early days she first shared with Lord Sesshomaru and Master Jaken. 


Sesshomaru paused in the forest clearing, he could feel her, feeling him. He became hyper-aware of her ability to sense the nature of his thoughts. Before she psychically interrupted him, he had been submerged in the thought of Tesseiga’s power over him today, his Fathers sword had compelled him to save a human this day. A cruel trick his late Father is playing on him, no doubt. Binding him to a Mortal Girl Child. Though all these thoughts were heavy in his head, he could not ignore the sensation of an uninvited voyeur in his mind. There was no words to converse back and forth, no voice, almost…just like.. The vibrations after words are spoken…and the comprehension that comes with it. He turned to look down at her, without words: 


“What is your name, girl?” he inquired 


“My Name is Rin” the voiceless voyeur responded “How are we doing this?”


Sesshomaru did not respond, not wordlessly and not with words. 


“You must refrain from getting in the way” he stated aloud, “You must care for your own needs if you are to join me, do you understand?”


“Yes, M’Lord” the Girl spoke words for the first time, her reborn voice rang in Sesshomaru’s ears, no matter what happens from here on out, this voice will be forever stained in him.


Rin knew she was safe and would always be with Lord Sesshomaru. Her very young soul and mortal mind were not yet privy to or capable of understanding exactly how this was. The concept of hearts and souls being tied together, the power she now had over one of the strongest beings to walk the earth, or her newfound telepathic connection with him were all unknowns to her at this time. All that mattered was what they shared in their hearts now. 


Several days went by, with no issue. Lord Sesshomaru and Jaken traveled long hours during the day. For a flight capable being, her Lord certainly did love to walk. She never could quite understand why between his powers and A-Un’s wings they rarely flew. But what did she know? She was just happy to not be lonely anymore. 


Sesshomaru stopped, A-Un halted behind him. 


“Why have we stopped, My Lord?” Jaken inquired.


Sesshomaru did not respond, he didn't even turn to the Kappa Demon. The thing was that after so many years of traveling together, the two had developed a strong bond. Not in the way, Sesshomaru and Rin had after just a few weeks. In a different, more brotherly way, but still not in the way Jaken would have most likely have preferred. And certainly not in the way that Sesshomaru desired at all. Yet, Jaken understood Lord Sesshomaru better than most. Better than anyone, until recently. Words and Gestures were not needed for Jaken to understand momentarily what was occurring. 


Rin dismounted the two headed dragon and ran off into the tall grass. She had to relieve herself. 

Jaken couldn't quite place his finger yet on how Lord Sesshomaru knew that Rin had to be excused. Was he psychic? Was his sense of smell that powerful? 


“All done!” Rin yipped, climbing back onto A-Un. 


“You reek, Child!” Jaken yelled at her. 


Rin was not used to bathing or washing regularly. She had no understanding of cleanliness or hygiene. 


“There is a spring ahead, you may bathe there Rin” Sesshomaru stated. He felt before in her mind an increasing in urgency, from that sensation alone he couldn't tell it was her explicit need to relieve herself, but after the fact he was pretty sure he had picked up on her anxiety to ask to stop and run off. Just as well, after Jakens comments he could feel a tinge of humiliation and pain from her.


“A Hot Spring?” Rin asked with a smile. He nodded and faced the direction of it, it was truly fragrant the steam of the waters just beyond the many trees. Rin jumped down from A-Un and ran off toward the waters. 


Lord Sesshomaru struck Jaken fiercely for the pain she felt over his comment that in-turn he had to endure. The insolence. 


“My Lord, What was that for?!” he cried. 


“Take A-Un and find her clean clothing” his Lord commanded in a soft monotone. 


After that strike, Jaken would not question him further, he mounted A-Un and flew off. 


Sesshomaru walked toward the waters where Rin had gone. He was able to hear Rin enter the water, and knew he could approach the waters without infringing on the young girls modesty. The water and steam covered her well enough. Typically Sesshomaru would rely on his supreme sense of smell to watch over Rin but the steam had washed away the slightly repugnant scent of the child he had become used to. He was interested to see what her true scent was when properly bathed. It was in truth not the worst scent Sesshomaru had ever encountered, not by a long shot. The odor which seemed to be sourced primarily to her tattered dress and sticky hair reeked of dirt, decaying plants, dust and cleaned fish. Rin slept on a dirt floor amongst the low growing plants and insects before joining them, she caught and cleaned her own meals. A hint of respect for her perseverance trickled up from Sesshomaru’s heart into a slight smile as he thought of her. 


“Come Along Rin, we must be going” he ordered her out of the water. 


“Coming!” she cheered, just as she swam to the edge to grab her old clothes to put on, Jaken touched down with A-Un. A small orange and yellow checkered dress in tow. 


“Rin! Don’t you dare put that thing back on!” Jaken barked, rushing up to where the ground and waters met to kick her clothing back into the water. He slammed her new kimono down onto a small rock and marched off to meet Lord Sesshomaru. 


She stepped out of the water, and dried her hair the best she could with her hands and strength. Her mother once used a comb to put her hair back after bathing, now all she had was a small swatch of fabric not even big enough to tie her hair back completely. She adorned herself in her new kimono and grabbed just enough hair that it was out of her eyes and ran towards Sesshomaru and Jaken on the other side of the trees with a huge toothy smile. 


“I love it, Thank you Master Jaken!” she twirled. 


“Lets go!” Jaken hissed and they were off. 


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