To Be Loved By A Great Demon

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Rin had been lulled off to Dreamland under the gentle weight of her Lord. As Sesshomaru came to, he gently unsheathed himself from her backside and delicately placed her into their marital bed. He then dressed himself and went to find Jaken. 

"Jaken" he ordered, coming upon him lingering about in his own chamber doorway. 

"My Lord, I have seen to it that both Towa and Setsuna made it to their rooms" he bowed. 

"Show me to them" 

"Uh...right away sir" 

He scuttled down the hallways quickly with his Lord behind him. 

"Towa is here in this room and Setsuna is uh across the hall in her room" he stammered. 

"Very Well Jaken you may leave me" Sesshomaru ordered. He had the most quizzical and yet serious grin on his face.

Jaken longed for the days where he and his Lord were each other's sole companions. However he couldn't help but feel a tinge of pain in his heart thinking of such things when he'd grown to love Rin and her children so dearly over the years. 

He thought about Rin often, especially when his Lord ordered him about. Insolent as she may be at times, she was the first person to refer to him as "Master" and had even saved his life once. Strange as it was, Rin was like a daughter to him in many ways. A strange….human... unwanted….child. That he loved as much as his little green kappa heart would allow. 

He wondered what Rin was up to right now since Lord Sesshomaru was by his lonesome. 

Rin rushed up behind Jaken, and surpassed him quickly. For a 9 year old she was quite fast. 

"I beat you Master Jaken!" She cheered.

"We weren't in a race," Jaken groaned.

She pointed out the decapitated head of a lesser demon laying before them. When Sesshomaru came up to where they'd stopped. He could smell his brother and the scent of Naraku on the remains. Rin was petrified of the demon head and let a shrill cry. Followed by more shrill screams. 

"Rin! Enough of that! Silence" Sesshomaru commanded aloud to her.

"Yes my Lord!" She retorted.

She felt her Lord's heavy thoughts, but could not make sense of them. 

Setting up camp a few miles from where the head of the lesser demon was found, Jaken and Sesshomaru commanded her to stay behind as they had a meeting with a KaiJinbo? At least that's what she thought they said. 

She laid down in the grass, the fire flickering, and relaxed. She was at last no longer lonely. 

The hum of the earth alerted her to the approaching of A-Un, Master Jaken and her Lord. 

She jumped and cheered with joy and lept towards them.

"RIN, STOP, DO NOT MOVE!" Sesshomaru commanded. She froze. 

With his talons he lunged up and forward cutting down several trees in the process. A woman somersaulted forward. 

Rin had never seen her Lord interact with a woman before and was interested immediately but did not want to disobey his orders. She remained frozen outside of their peripheral vision listening intently to their conversation. 

"You must be Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru, you're very clever" the woman spoke, "My name is Kagura, the wind sorceress, an incarnation of Naraku"

It was about then that Rins thought train derailed, she was no longer listening to their correspondence. 

Her Lord was much more than clever...he was kind, compassionately, dashing, brave, handsome, she could go on. But above all he was warm...maybe not in a way other's could perceive but in a way only she understood. In the evenings, Sesshomaru didn't sleep, a full demon such as him really didn't sleep in the way a human like her did. He more or less entered into a meditative state that allowed him to rest. In that time, which wasn't even every night but every few days, she would wander from the nearest tree she was using to sleep, or A-Uns warmth, whichever ever was more convenient that evening to Mokomoko. She held Sesshomaru lower and laid on the earth beside, Mokomoko wrapped around her. It was serene. 

"Rin, you're free to move now" her Lord commanded, waking her from her daydreams. 

She felt him smile. 

But their reunion was short-lived.

"Rin, you must wait here a while longer…" her Lord stated plainly. 

"Yes My Lord," she smiled. 

"Let's go Jaken, we have a sword to find" he mounted A-Un and they departed. 

Hours passed and the dawn came "Where could Lord Sesshomaru and Master Jaken be?" She wondered aloud. In the not too far distance, away from her campsite were flower fields. Tons and tons of wildflowers as far as she could see. It was then that she decided she would fashion her beloved Lord a Crown of Flowers. Rin became to skip toward the flowers - 

A wet nose nudging her cheek. Rin was awake and her dreams of the simple days of her childhood traveling with her one day husband were far away from her now. 

"Oh!" She mumbled in alarm but still half asleep. 

"Oh My Dearest!" She smiled, wrapping her arms around his fur covered neck. Lord Sesshomaru had transformed and was nuzzling his dear wife. 

"Whatever are you doing in this form?" She thought aloud. 

"Undress" her husband's thoughts echoed in her mind. 

She delicately removed her night gown, pulling the string that kept each side together as she stood. The yokai before her sat, and held his head and nose high. Sesshomaru's tactical skills were lacking in this form but his senses were heightened. 

His red eyes shine brightly at her as she stands before him bare. She mustered up a faint smile at him as she drowned in coyness. He came to his feet, all four of them and stepped forward. Burying his nose in her, he lapped at her juices. 

Instantly the blood in her body rushed to her womanhood, and she started to fall back with a quiet cry of pleasure. But before she could hit the floor she was caught by the strong arms of her husband now in his more familiar form, naked. He was kneeled on one knee holding the small of her back and waist with both palms. His face now more so buried in her lower stomach and navel. Her dazed eyes, half hooded, glanced down at his face. Still the red of how demon blood flared in his eyes but now it was accompanied by the loveliness of his pupils and irises.

"Sesshomaru…" Rin intended to greet her beloved but before she could stand and speak, Sesshomaru resumed the act he had started. His curved and skilled yokai tongue darted in and out of her, and she moaned in pleasure in a stuttering fashion.

"Hu, Hu, Huh…" she ached.

On the brink of climax, Sesshomaru repositioned himself expeditiously and pulled Rin down onto his member. She wailed in shock and pleasure as her body readjusted to his girth. He sat on the floor with crossed legs and she sat on his lap facing him with her legs wrapped around his waist.

"My Intention is to impregnate you again Rin" he stated bluntly and plainly to her and she rode his cock, Hu-ing and Huh-ing and Ah-ing the entire time. She didn't care. She heard his words and she could care less. All she cared about in that moment was reaching orgasm with him. 

"Rin...Ah-" Sesshomaru's words and breath were muffled. He arched back, supported himself on his arms, and tilted his chin to the sky. Rin continued bobbing up and down on his lap, taking him in and almost releasing him, again and again. She suddenly stopped. Unable to come up any further, tied to her lover's lap now but the knot that had formed on his manhood, Rin gasped for air. It felt like the first breath she took in hours though their coitus had lasted much less than that. She knew what was coming now, she knew any moment he would lunge forward and bite her and she braced for it. 

"Ah, Huh.." Sesshomaru, still in the position he had climaxed in, was shaking his head and transferring the weight of his bodies from both his arms to just the left, as his right arm came to cup his forehead. 

"My Lord what's wrong?!" Rin leaned forward to comfort her husband. Before he could even answer though it became obvious to her what was happening. He was desperately trying to hold back his inner demon. He was strangling it in himself, fighting it back. Truth be told though she had grown accustomed to the way their lovemaking ended each time it was not the most pleasant and not what she envisioned as a young girl. 

She had watched her Lord suffer and battle many times on her behalf, but she couldn't gaze upon struggling so intensely any longer. Unable to get through to him with her words, she thought of something that never occurred to her to try before. 

Sesshomaru was still struggling to stifle his inner demon and wasn't sure if he could hold it back long enough for the knot in his member to release Rin from their embrace. Suddenly he felt a wet, warm, SHARP? But a dull sensation on the nape of his neck. His true form and inner demon pacified within him, he was able to relax and glance down at his wife who hard “marked” him. 


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