To Be Loved By A Great Demon

BY : AngryMothNoises
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"Dads palace is really nice" Towa exclaimed throwing herself into the bed on her new room of the palace. 


"It is" Setsuna nodded in Agreement. 


"Come along, Setsuna, I will show you to your chambers" Jaken stated as he turned his back on Towa and began to waddle his way out of her quarters. 


"Wait! You mean Setsuna and I are not sharing a bedroom?!" 


"Lord Sesshomaru's palace is grand enough for each of you to have your own bed chamber, isnt that good enough for you two?!" 


Towa didn't know how to respond, of course it was good enough, but at home in the Reiwa Era she shared a room with her "little sister" and had no complaints. After so many years she just expected that her and Setsuna would naturally share a bedroom if the opportunity arose. 


"I'm sure my room is not far from yours, Towa" Setsuna said to break the silence that has developed in the room. 


"It is right across the hall, these rooms have been set up for you two since your Lord Sesshomaru learned of your mother's pregnancy with you both" 


"I never thought of our Father being so sentimental" Setsuna retorted as she followed Jaken to her own bedroom. 


The information Jaken had just shared was enough to pacify Towa into relaxing back into her bed. She would use the time she was separated from Setsuna as a means of digesting the statement that little demon had just made. As many thoughts began to flood Towa's head. 


"Were we supposed to live here, all along?" 


Meanwhile, several bed chambers away from the squabbling of Jaken, Towa and Setsuna, Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Rin were at peace in their own quarters. 


"Would you humor me, My Lady?" Sesshomaru inquired from across the room. His spouse had fallen into a deep sleep after their coitus and in that time he had made his way over to his Study Area, and there he sat reviewing several items he'd laid about his desk, and while there Rin had gradually awoken from her slumber and with their bed quilt pulled up to her chest she hummed a tune, notifying her dearest of her wakefulness. 


"Of course my beloved" she responded in a breathful tone. 


"Come, sit on my lap, like when you were a child" 


Rin began to reach for her clothing, but was stopped by the mischievous glare her husband threw her way. 


"Yes, I see…" she said aloud. 


Sauntering over to him, she made a seat out of his lap as he had requested. She leaned into him allowing him to breathe the scent of her hair in more deeply. 


"My Lord, while I mean no disrespect, I had not the slightest impression that my childhood self had elicited such perversions in you" she jabbed. 


She knew very well that Sesshomaru had been largely asexual through out his many centuries on this earth. She also knew that it was not until she had begun living with Kaede at the age of 14 that Sesshomaru had professed any intention of his affections towards her in any form and by then if she had sat on his lap...well, Lady Kaede would have had a thing or two to say about it. Yes she was certain of her husband's love of her and knew that he possessed no corrupt desires to her as a child or any pedophilic tendencies. But never the less she manipulated his phrase to her own fantasy. 


"You do me a disservice Rin" Sesshomaru defended. 


With a childish chuckle Rin retorted. 


"It's just that had I known I could elicit the sort of reaction I am now from you all those years ago, I can't say I wouldn't have tried this then" she grinded against him resulting in his manhood becoming erect again. 


He shot her a look that could kill, but played along with her inappropriate game. 


"Rin, had you tried this then, I would not have allowed you to travel with me" 


Rin jumped up and turned to face her beloved, startling Sesshomaru just the slightest. 


"You Lie! We are bound together!" She exclaimed. 


"Calm down My Heart" Sesshomaru soothed her with a large clawed hand caressing her face.


"Tell me again why you let me travel with you" she requested sitting back down on his lap.


"If it pacifies you, then very well…" Sesshomaru began to tell her for the second time in their knowing each other of how he knew that Rin was his actual "Heart" incarnate. 


Sesshomaru had lacked empathy and love, affection, regret up until he met Rin.


When he held her lifeless form in his body at the clearing of the forest path he could feel her heart begin to pump warm blood back through her veins. As her eyes blinked open he gasped. Gasping not because he was startled by her revival. Her revival was ensured by the power of his sword. No, it was that at that moment time stood still. Her huge eyes starred into his and for the first time in his life he'd felt something he'd never felt before. It was the first time in his life, that he'd even noticed his own heart beating in his own chest. He was trapped in her gaze. This small, dirty child had somehow captured his heart in him reviving her. How is it hard to say but Sesshomaru’s best guess over the years was that Rin was the first time he had used his sword for good, for what his own father had intended it for. 


Rin stood in his arms without breaking eye contact as if to command the Heart she owned to stand with her. Sesshomaru stood, turned and began to head back in the direction he came. While Jaken droned on in the background, the girl Rin followed after her servant. 

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