My Step Family

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Phoenyx is a young Girl that lives with her mother that always seems to be busy with other things other then taking care of her young Daughter When Phoenyx was 9 Her mother got re married to a handsome younger looking Demon Name Seeshomaru The young girl instantly was drawn to her new step-dad . Sesshomaru became the parent and protector of Phoenyx noticing right away that his new wife neglected the young Girl .
After 5 years of marriage Sesshomaru was ready to call it Quits with Kagura Phoenyx Mother with Kagura many affairs and never being home to help raise Phoenyx  after much thought he talk with the young girl to tell her what was going to happen
"Phoenyx come here please." Sessohumaru called out from the living room
"Yes daddy what is it?" Pheonyx asked as she entered and sat down next to him on the couch
"I want to tell you that this Sesshomaru is seeking a divorce from your Mother"  Seeshomare said in a matter of fact way Thinking it would be better if he just came out and said it.
"What!! Please no don't leave me Daddy. I love you, Don't leave me all alone." Phoenyx cried out as tears started to fall down he face 
Seeshomaru look at the young Girl and wished he could protect her from what would come.
Ever sense she was of the age to bread his beast has not wanted to let her out of there sights. Sesshomaru agreed with his beast that Pheonyx was Turning in to a true beauty, with long reddish brown hair and eyes the color of sapphire, her body was starting to call to males with nice big breasts that were perfect and begging to be touched and sucked on, a flat stomach and good hips and a ass that wouldn't quite. The girl was going to get into trouble as time went on. Hell, Sesshomaru was having trouble keeping his thoughts from going triple x rated in recent months.
"Phoenyx I'm sorry, but your mother and I are not working. she is never here and as a male there a certain thing we want from our females that we are with. Your mother is never here to fulfill that needed. I have needs Phoenyx and your mother is a whore to put it bluntly. Even if she was here I would not touch her. I am truly sorry Phoenyx I care for you but I can't keep living like this." Sesshomaru said but he was not expecting what was going to come out of his little girls mouth
"Please daddy, I'll do anything, I'll take my mother place in all things that you need as a male. Teach me what you need Daddy, don't leave me I'll never make it with out you. You know this, mom will ignore me or worse she will sell me to the highest bidder to get rid of me. Please Daddy, stay till I'm 18 and then you can leave mom " At this point Phoenyx was on her knees in front of Sesshomaru. She may not have been with a man yet but she did know a thing or to about sex. Hell, her friends never stop talking about it. the only one she had ever thought of doing anything like at with was her Daddy Sesshomura, well and maybe her Grandpa Toga. Both Males where gorgeous, both Dog demon with long silver hair and golden eyes. Lean strong Hard bodies that look like they took years and years to perfect. Any women's wet dream in the flesh.
with Phoenyx on her knees in front of Sesshomaru, she did the only thing she could think of to prove to him that she knew what she was offering him. She quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out is big cock and started to lick and suck on it.
Sesshomaru was stunned by his step daughter words and actions. When he came to his senses she had his cock in her mouth sucking and lick it like a pro.
"Oh God! Pheonyx no! you need to stop, this isn't right. Oh god! that feels so good like that Baby." Sesshomaru tried to stop what Pheonyx was doing, but god the way her tongue lick his head and how hot her mouth was around his now very hard cock. He lost the battle before it even started.
Pheonyx was very happy with the sounds her daddy was making. It told her she was doing a good job and he like it. She could tell this because his cock got really hard and was pulsing and her mouth. At this point she decided that she would try and take all of it length in her mouth so she relaxed her throat muscles and suck him in deep into the back of her throat. She was rewarded with a grown from Sesshomaru.
As Phoenyx sucked him in deep he growled and he could feel his end coming. He knew he had to stop her before then or he would get stuck in her throat. As a dog demon when he released he would swell till he had finish cuming and that could be dangerous in the young girl throat.
"baby, please stop I can't cum in your mouth" Sesshomaru said.
With a pop let go of his cock Pheonyx said "Ok daddy, would you like to cum on me or in me" As she said this she tock off her shirt and undid her bra. From there she pulled down her shorts and underwear so she was completely naked for him to decided how he wanted to finish. 
At this point all rational thought went out the door for Sesshomau. As he watch his step daughter take off all her cloths. When she was done, he growled and pulled her to him. He kissed her with such passion it left Phoenyx breathless. After dominating her mouth Sesshomaru stated kissing her down her body. When he got to her breast he stop and took one into his mouth. As he sucked on her nipple making it hard he heard her moan with pleasure. He continued sucking on it as his other hand went down her body to play with her Pussy. which was dripping wet. Sesshomare eye's at this point started going red with lust as his beast was trying to come out and claim the Girl.  Phoenyx  was out of her mind with want. The way his mouth and hands where skillfully playing with her body. She could not think straight all she knew is she wanted more. More what she didn't know just more.
"Pleases Daddy! more I want more" she cried out
"More baby? I'll give you more. We have just started, But if you want more of daddy you will have to wait till tonight, but before then I will make sure you cum." Sesshomaru said in a very husky voice that was filled with want and lust.
At that phoenix wanted to protest, but then Sesshomarus tongue was licking her clit as he put one finger in her. She screamed in pleasure as Sesshomaru lick her like he had been staving and her pussy was the first meal he had had in days if not weeks. He made sure to pay attention when she seemed to be on the edge he would stop and switch it up. By the time he was ready to let her cum he had four fingers pumping in her and she was shacking. As he moved his fingers and tongue faster he felt her walls squeeze his fingers and her juices running down his hand she screamed out as she came on his hand and tongue.
"Daddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!" as she cam hard he continued to lick up her juices as she came down for her high
"DDadddy ... that.. was... amazing, I want more. Please daddy, don't leave me. Let us do more of this together." She said as she tried to regain her breath. 
 Sesshomaru was also came down from the high, he thought to him self 'why not, he wanted her.' All thou she is old 14 she is of age to be with a demon like himself. The laws are different for human demon relationship. Then when it was human to human relationships. So, maybe he should give in to her. Hell if when he tock her fully was anything like what just happed he would stay with her for all her days, but before that could happen he had to talk with his father about this, because he was the alpha of the pack he had to approve before Sesshomaru could go any further with her.
"Baby girl, we have to wait but I will promise you I will not leave you. Before we go any further I must speak to my Father the Alpha of my pack. I must worn you my Father might want to have you as while.
"What! why daddy, I don't get it. Isn't grandpa Toga with Izayoi why would he want me?" she asked confused but also a little excited about the thought of the older Inu demon wanting her too. 
"Its a Inu demon thing. The Alpha can have any female he wants in the pact, and that's what I want to do. Is bring you into my pack. So I need my fathers permission to do so. As for Izayoi she has not been keeping my father very happy as of late.
"Ok, I get it I think. Would you be mad if you Grandpa had me? Would you not want me after that?" Phoenyx asked in a sad voices thinking that if Toga had her Sesshomaru would no long want her. 
"No baby, I would not be mad but he would be the only other to ever be allowed to have you. No one else would touch you ever." Sesshomaru explained
"Oh um, I have one more question then." Phoenyx said worried about what she wanted to know and how it would be answered
"Yes what is it." Sesshomaru asked 
"So does that mean that you would be sleeping with Izayoi too? if I'm sleeping with Grandpa? because I don't know how I feel about that. I know its selfish but I don't want to share you at all." phoenix pouted
Sesshomaru started to laugh he couldn't help it she was to cute with the way she was pouting 
"Its not funny you know." Phoenyx was getting mad 'Why is he laughing.' she thought
"Oh my sweet, sweet little girl. 'm not laughing at you or your question. I'm laughing because Izayio has been trying to get this Sesshomaru into her bed for years. I promise you here and now I will never and I mean never sleep with Izayio she has a lot in common with your mother. As a matter of fact I would not sleep with anyone else while I'm with you. We Inu demons tend to only be with one female at a time." Sesshomaru explained
"But what about me being with Grandpa Toga? why would allow me to be with him if you would only be with me?" She asked.
"Yes well, that is because he is the alpha of our pack. To share one female with the alpha is a honor. It means that the female I have chosen is worthy of my alpha and she has a higher rank among the females in the pack. she is basically the alpha Bitch of the pack." He told her. 
"ohh ok." Pheonyx was still a little confused but she was going to just roll with it for now. 
"Now lets get up and get cleaned up. Afterwards why don't you take a nap and ill go talk with my father" Sesshomaru said while helping Pheonyx stand. 
"ok" was all she said as she got up and went to her room to clean up and take her nap. 

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