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Sorry this one took a while to come together Ill try harder not to have a long wait in between chapters but with the hoildays coming up it mite be hard to do so Hope you guys like this chapter  now on with the story


Phoenyx woke up early she hated that sh had no idea what happen with her mom and Sesshomaru. Even though she had a great night with Toga she still wanted Sesshomaru. Knowing she was not going to get anymore sleep she decided to get ready for school. It was Monday and with 2 months left to go before summer would start. She had to forget about  the drama and concentrate so she could pass the year.
When she was done getting ready she headed down stairs. She heard voices coming from the Kitchen and realized it was Sesshomaru and Toga talking. So she stopped to listen.
"So what happened last night with Her?" asked Toga.
Sesshomaru knew he was going have to talk to his father, but he really just wanted to see Phoenyx and make it up to her.
With a sigh he said." Kagura is gone, she found out I went to a lawyer and she came back to stop me from divorcing her. I told her that I was looking into adopting Phoenyx.I just need to be able to push Kagura away till Phoenyx is 16 and then I can be ride of that two timing whore"
Toga was shocked that Kagura found out. Which meant that someone in this house new what was going on and told her. He need to fined out who before they told Kagura what was really going on between her daughter and the two Inu demons. She could take Phoenyx away from them if they where not careful.
Phoenyx heard this and new she would have to wait to find out anything else, because if she didn't get moving she would be late. She walked to the door and yelled.
"Bye Toga I'm heading off to school. I'll see you when I get home." With that she left before waiting for a reply from to two in the kitchen.
Both Toga and Sesshomaru heard Pheonyx before she left. Sesshomaru was mad and disappointed that he did not get to see her before she left for school' I guess I have to wait to see her tonight.'  With that he turned back to his father.
Toga looked at his son and say the disappointment in his eye, but he had to talk to him before to much time passed. So they could have what they wanted most Pheonyx.
"Son we need to talk about how we are going to do this. Lets go to my office and talk about the adoption." Toga said.
Sesshomaru looked at his dad for a second with a look of confusion, then realizing his father wanted to talk where they could not be over heard. He got up and walk with his father to his office . Once there Toga started.
"We have a problem. Someone here told Kagura about you going to a lawyer. Its not safe for Phoenyx to be here if we are going to be with her as mates." Toga said.
Sesshomaru was shocked but as he thought about it. It made sense the only place he talked about it was here at his fathers house.
" What should we do?" He asked.
Toga thought for a minute.
"You know that property I bought last year in the country."
"The one with 50 acres of land and nothing on it?" Sesshomaru asked
" Yes, we build a house for the three of us there, and once it is done we live there together. Nothing happens with her before we move in. This way we cover our asses and Kagura won't find out." Toga said.
"What will you tell that women?" Sesshomaru asked
"I'll tell her that I have to over seen a project and have to stay on site till it's done, and I can't give her a time table on when I'll be back. Do to it being a very large and timely project. She will never question it she will be happy I'm gone. So she can do as she pleases here and not have to worry I will find out." Toga explained.
"Ok before we start though how bad was it with Phoenyx last night?" Sesshomaru wanted to know
"Well she through the picture of you and her at the wall." Toga chuckle at the look his son had. He looked like a sad puppy.
"But, I got her mind off of it." At this Sesshomaru growled at His father.
Toga was smiling at his son " Well I gave her a couple of orgasms before bed." Looking at his son he knew he had to tell him before he went into a rage.
" I did not take her innocence boy, but I told her that if you did sleep with her mother I would take her in a heart beat." He explained.
Sesshomaru clamed down at that. His father had the right to play with Phoenyx as much as he wanted to. So long as Sesshomaru had her completely first.
"Ok let get started on the new house right now so it can be done with soon." He said.
Toga was happy with this because if they worked on it, getting it how they wanted it before phoenyx got home. Then asking her what she wanted ,and then finalizing the plane today. They could have it done by the end of next week. 'god he loved that he had the money and power to get things done fast" Toga thought.
At School
Phoenyx was not having a good day, because she was at Togas she forgot her homework at home. So she would have to turn it in late and she hated that.
Seeing Kagome and Sango she smiled and walked over to say hi.
" Hi guys how was your weekend?" She asked.
Kagome looked over and smiled while Sango answered
"Oh Pheonyx you missed the best Party ever. Inuyasha got so drunk he made a fool out of himself it was hilarious." Sango said still laughing at the half demon's antics at the party.
"Oh man, and I missed it not fair my mom came home on Sunday and ruined my planes. I wish I could have gone instead I ended up at Grandpa Togas house last night." Phoenyx said, even thought the stuff she did with Toga was un fucking believable. She was still young and wanted to have fun with her friend at parties and things.
"That sucks, why was she home? I thought she was off whoring around the world. " Kagome asked.
"God only knows why. I wish she would drop off the face of the planet. I hate her so much, the only good thing she ever did was marry Daddy." she said
the girls continued talking for the rest of lunch.Ttill Inuyasha and his gang came over.
"Hi Lady which one of you want to go for a ride?" Inuyasha asked
" What the hell Inuyasha. No one wants to ride you." Sango said making everyone laugh.
"Oh Sango baby I know you want us, we come as a package deal the three of us will all fuck you. By the end of the night you will never want to leave." Miroku said with a smile .
"Hell no I don't get away, and find someone who is stupid enough to sleep with you some where else." Sango yelled at them
"Well how about you Phoenyx? Think you want to join us for so fun it looks like you needed it." Koga asked
"Fuck off" Pheonyx yelled
Koga pulled her to him and held her tight
"How about I just fuck you." he Said in a low husky voice.
At that Phoenyx snapped and punched Koga in the face. Making him go flying across the room. She made sure to use some spiritual powers. Knowing he was a full demon her just hitting him would cause her more pain then him.
Once Koga recovered he came running up to her yelling.
"Hay you Bitch your going to regret doing that."
At that the teacher yelled "Miss King, Miss Higurashi, Miss Taijiya, Mr. Taisho, Mr. Wolf,and Mr. Hoshi you all will be going to the principal's office NOW!" the teacher yelled
They went to the office and waited. Knowing that both Phoenyx and Koga were going to be sent home for fighting. The rest would more then likely have detention for the rest of the week.
back at Togas
Sesshomaru was happy with the planes for the house. Now all they needed was Phoenyx's input and they could start. Sesshomaru phone rang seeing it was Phoenyx's school he picked up.
"Hi yes is this the parent or guardian of Phoenyx King?" the person on the line asked
"Yes this is Sesshomaru Taisho"
"We need you to come pick up Miss King she has been suspended for the rest of the week for fighting with a Mr. Wolf." they said
"I will be right there." He replied and hung up. He looked at his father while pinching his nose.
"It seem Phoenyx got into a fight with one of the half breads friends." He growled out.
"Why would she do that? Your brother friends should stay away from her I will talk to him." Toga said
"There is no point he will away do what he pleases. I'm going to get Phoenyx bring her here and finish the planes. So we can get going, I don't want to wait to long. She will be fertile soon and my beast won't back down once he smell it. He will come out and he will pup her weather we are moved or not" with that Sesshomaru got up and left to get Phoenyx.       

Back at the School
Phoenyx sat and waited for Sesshomaru to pick her up. She was mad that she was suspended for the week. She was also mad about Sesshomaru choosing to spend time with her mother alone. Even though she understood it she was not happy about it. When Sesshomaru's blue Lamborghini pulled up she got in. Not even looking at the driver once in.
"Care to tell me why you where in a fight with the half-breeds Friend?" Sesshomaru asked.
Phoenyx just sat there not looking at or responding to Sesshomaru. She didn't want to deal with anything right now. She was just so mad at the fact he went out with her mother the whore and seeing him now made her get even madder.
"Phoenyx you will answer me or there will be consequences." He Said.
Phoenyx refused to say anything. She didn't care at this moment if she was going to get punished or not, she was pissed at him and even being in the car with him had her boiling with anger more so by the minute.
Seeing she was not going to say anything Sesshomaru took off towards his fathers house.
Once they got there, Phoenyx jump out of the car and ran into the house slamming doors along the way. Toga looked out into the hallway to see his little one storming off to her room and Sesshomaru coming in looking like he wanted to kill something. Taking a deep breath Toga caught the scent of something that would explain why the girl was acting this way.
"Sesshomaru." He called
"Not now father I have to deal with Phoenyx's behavior right now." Sesshomaru said .
Before Sesshomaru headed up the stairs Toga was in front of him.
"Son she's in heat." He simply said.
Sesshomaru eye's widen. Knowing she was in heat he had to leave before he did something and it got back to Kagura.
"I will leave her to you. Make sure to get the house done soon. I don't know how long I can stay away knowing she is in heat." With that he walk away.
Toga was sure he was going to have to fight his son to stay away from the girl, but was relieved when he left.
Now he had to deal with the girls heat. Which brought out her anger most of the time. 'Great how did this happen.' he though.
Up stair Phoenyx watched as Sesshomaru left. She started crying "He really doesn't care. Maybe he is thinking of going back to mom or even finding someone else to be with. "
Toga was outside her door hearing this he walk in to her room.
"Little one." He said.
With that Phoenyx ran to Toga hugging him and crying her eyes out.
"He doesn't love me anymore. why doesn't he love me?" She asked.
Toga didn't know what to say for a moment. Wondering why she would jump to that conclusion.
"Little one why do you think he doesn't love you?'" He asked.
Sniffling she answers" Because he just left, without saying anything about what happen with my mom or finding out why I got into a fight. He doesn't care anymore. He is going to leave and I'll be all alone with that whore I have to call mom."
Toga was shocked at how his little one could be so over emotional when she was in heat.
"Little one the reason he left was not because he doesn't love you. It's because you are in heat and with you both being emotional he didn't want to do something at could put you both in trouble with your mom." Toga explained.
"What are you talking about? How would she find out if we sleep together? She's off whoring around the world." She asked.
"Phoenyx, someone told her that Sesshomaru went to a lawyer. The only place he talked about it was here in my house. So we think someone is telling your mom what's going on."
"oh!" Was all Phoenyx could think to say.
"On that note, there are things we have to get done. Come to my study I want to get this finished today." toga said while leading Phoenyx to his study.
Once there he told her what they had planned. Showing her the blue prints for there new house. It was going to have 12 bedrooms with 12 full baths, 2 half baths, 10 fire places, open concept main floor with a library and 2 offices, a workout room, a media room, a gaming room and a four car garage. It would also have a big garden and an outdoor kitchen as well as 2 pools one indoor and one outdoor both heated with jacuzzi with them. Phoenyx love everything. She made a few tweaks like the color of the house was going to be navy blue with white trim, and the kitchen she got to design seeing as that was her domain. As well as her personal bath room and bedroom. Once everything was settled Phoenyx was tired. So she went up to her room. Once there she called Sesshomaru.
"Hello this Sesshomaru Taisha pleases leave your name and number after the beep I'll get back to you when I can." his voice mail said she waited for the beep
"I'm Sorry, I miss you and I love you please forgive me?.... well I love you and goodnight." She ended the call. Crying herself to sleep wondering why he didn't answer.  

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