My Step Family

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Here Is the second chapter again this is my frist time writing and put a story up for all to read. thank you and now on with the show


Toga was Really regretting marring Izayio as of this very moment.
"Toga are you even listening to " the women was screaming at him for god knows what now. he had really had it with her.
" no Izayio, I have not what ever it is that you are complaining about please just drop it. I have more important things to do then stand here and listen to you bitch about petit things." he said firmly and walk away from a now angry women.
"Toga!!!!! " Izayio yelled in anger at her retreating husbands form.
'well I guess if he won't pay attention to me I will just go and see Naraku and have some fun with him.' Izayio thought with an evil smirk oh yes she was going to play with her favorite Lover today.

As Toga entered His study he notices his eldest son sitting waiting for him.
" ah Sesshomaru, I was not expecting you till later tonight. So tell me how did it go with the lawyer?" Toga asked
 " I did not go. " Sesshomaru simple said.
" What! But I thought you wanted to leave that cheating Bitch of a woman?" Toga was a little confused at this point. His son does not easily change his mind on something like this.
" I do but I will hold off till Phoenyx is 16" Sesshomaru Stated
Toga Looked at his son and could see there was more to it the what Sesshomaru was saying. The young women in question was beautiful. Toga had to admit the Girl was attractive and if he was not married he would love to go after the girl that called hi Grandpa. He could picture her underneath him screaming in pleasure as he put his long hard cock into her tight wet pussy. 'god I have to stop thinking like this. I now have a hard-on that I will have to deal with later on my own.' Toga thought to himself.
with a sigh Toga asked. " there is more to this what is it you are not saying boy."
"I came to ask you as Alpha of our pack to allow Phoenyx to become a member?" Sesshomaru asked.
Toga's eyebrows shot up this was not what he expected from his older son.
"In what form would she be coming into our pack? what station would she hold she is not blood?" Toga asked with a smirk. He had an idea of what Sesshomaru would say but didn't want to get his hopes up.
"She would be mine! " Sesshomaru didn't want to say anymore. He knew his Father wanted Phoenyx as much as he did, but he did want to give in and just say it.
"your what boy?" Toga demanded  with a growl.
"Grr, as my love and then my mate. When she is old enough to consent to it and not need her whore of a mother to sign for her. Two years is all I need when she is 16 I will mate her to keep her with me and out of her mothers hands." growling back at is Father. Sesshomaru got up from his chair and slammed his hands down on Togas desk.
"Will you allow her into this pack or not" Sesshomaru demanded.
Toga had to laugh at this point, because he would also get his dream of being with the Girl. Pack law states that any female mated or unmated can be chosen by the Alpha to give him pleasure or to also become his mate. If the female is already mated she would have two mates and become the Alpha Bitch in the pack. At this Toga smiled.
"Son when do you plan on taking her. I can smell Her on you but I can tell you have not takin her fully?" Toga asked.
Sesshomaru looked at his Father. Knowing what he was thinking.He had to put him off just in till he could put his own plan for Phoenyx into motion.
"I plan on taking her tonight. I would ask before you take her to allow me 6 months to pup her. So that I can have my heir with no questions of paternity." Sesshomaru said.
Toga had to think. Could he wait 6 months to have the girl. As he thought about he understood where his son was coming from. So, yes he would give him the 6 months with one condition of his own.
"If I give you the 6 months? I want rights to pup her second. I will wait no more then 9 week after your pup is born to start breeding her. I would suggest you tell her this I will not be pleased if she refuses me at that time. " Toga said with a look that told Sesshomaru that he was serious. 
"Of course, Father." Sesshomura got and began to walk to the door but was stop before opening it.
"Oh, and Sesshomaru if she denies me. You will not be Mating her and she will be out of this pack for good is that understood?" Toga said.
Sesshomare was pissed but kept his mask on and said.
"I believe there will be no problem with that Father. She seems  excited at the thought of having us both."
With that Sesshomaru left to get ready to take his little Girl and make her a women tonight.

After Sesshomaru left his office. Toga sat down with a smile on his face. Wishing he could be the one to take the girl first, but he was happy to know soon he would be able to have her. With that he let is mind take him to what he would do to her. Taking out his very hard cock. He start to stroke it. As he pictured what she would do to him. He picture her on her knees naked with her mouth sucking him till he was ready to explode, but before he did he would pull out of her mouth and flip her on to her hands and knees. Smacking her ass till it was nice and red. Then licking her juices up before slamming into to her. Hearing her moans of pleasure as he did so. Pulling in and out of her wet pussy at his demon pace hearing her cries of pure pleasure till he could no long hold himself back. with her screaming his name as she also cam.
As he cam in his hand at that thought. Toga smiled and thought.' yes soon he would have her and soon he would be rid of his whore of a wife too.'
Toga got up and cleaned him self off. With a Smile that if his wife had seen she would have been very scared for her life.        

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