My Step Family

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Hi everyone sorry its be awhile it took me some time to figure out where I wanted the story to go next I had way to many ideas so I had to step away and come back when I could think better I hope you like the next chapter i will try to post again before then end of the month enjoy.
Once Toga and Sesshomaru got Phoenyx into the suit at the hotel, Sesshomaru handed Phoenyx over to his father. So he could clam down and Sesshomaru could order food for them.
"hello I'd like to order some food for Pent house suit on floor 50. I would like three Stakes 2 rear  and one mid-rear all with baked and green beans sour cream on side I would also like a cheese burger mid-rear fries and potato salad, as well as 3 diet cokes and a bottle of white for dessert strawberries whip cream and chocolate sauce please and thank you" Sesshomaru order.
looking over at his father and Phoenyx.
" I ordered food for us " Sesshomaru said
Toga Looked up at his son knowing that This was going to hard on them for the next few weeks if not months. Depending on how long it took Phoenyx to heal for the ordeal. He was going to kill his wife and youngest son for what they did to his little one.
" Son take Phoenyx and lie down for a little while. I have some things that need to be seen to immediately." Toga said. He hated giving up Phoenyx but he had to deal with his wife and youngest now, before to much time has passed and they come up with a way to get out of this.
"Ok father let us know when the food is here." Sesshomaru Said as he took Phoenyx from him and walk to the bedroom to lie down.

Phoenyx for the most part was lost in her own head. Not really hearing anything being said around her. She didn't realize that they had moved her or even who's arms she was in till Sesshomaru put her on the bed. It was then she knew she had to do something. She need Sesshomaru to take away the memory of Inuyasha being inside her even if it was just the tip of his cock, she need to have that gone from her memories asap and the only way she could think of is to have Sesshomaru take her and make love to her.
"Sesshomaru?" she said
"Yes my princess." He answered.
Phoenyx got very nervous she was scared to ask.
Sesshomaru saw this and was pulling her close to him he said.
"Baby what ever it is you can tell me, I love you. You don't have to be nervous to say anything to me." Sesshomaru wait till Phoenyx decided to say whatever she want to say.
Getting her thoughts and nerve together she took a deep breath and said.
"Can you please make love to me. I need you to take away the memory of what they almost did to me and replace it with you making love to me." Phoenyx looked down not be able to look Sesshomaru in the eye incase he said no.
Sesshomaru was shocked whatever he thought she was going to say it sure was not that. He didn't know how to process her request, But however he handle it he would have to be careful not to push Phoenyx to far to fast.
"Phoenyx, I get that you want to forget what happen, but are you sure this is the right way to do it. I not saying No, I just need to know you will be alright after this. I don't want you pulling away because of it. I wouldn't be able to handle it." Sesshomaru said.
"Yes, I'm sure They almost took away what was meant to be your to take. I don't want to wait anymore please make love to me." she explained.
Looking into her eye he saw that she was not lying and any hesitation he may have had was gone.

He started kissing her like life depended on it. Rolling her on her back while he was on top of her. Once they parted their lips he moved down her neck kissing the spot where her neck and shoulder met. Where he would mark her as his for life. Phoenyx was loving the was it felt as Sesshomaru made love to her neck. Her hand where unbuttoning his shirt, so she could feel his bare chest with her hand.
Sesshomaru growled at the felling of Phoenyx's hand on his chest he loved it. He started pulling her shirt off revealing her beautiful breast. As he palmed the right one, he started sucking the left one. Hearing her moan at this he made sure to pay both breast equal attention. Once both breast where equally worshiped he started kissing down her stomach. when he got to the boxers she was wearing he made quick work of taking them off. Spreading Phoenyx's legs apart, he got a good look at her pussy. It was all ready wet for him. He had to control his beast because it wanted to take her right then. He knew he had to prepare her pussy for his cock or he would hurt her. He was a lot bigger then most. With that in mind he stated playing with her clit as she moaned he put one finger into her. Felling how tight she was around just one finger his cock got painfully hard.
"Oh Daddy! that fells good, mmm yes!" Phoenyx moaned.
"Does it baby? Well Daddy is going to make it feel even better." With that Sesshomaru bent forward and started licking her clit.
"Ahhhh! Daddy! YES! Daddy, don't stop, so good." Phoenyx screamed.
Sesshomaru add another finger into Phoenyx very wet pussy. He continued eating her out till she had her first orgasm when he felt her release he put in the third finger and continued to pump them into to her, as her lapped up her juices sending her into another orgasm.
"OH GOD! DADDY! YES! SESSHOMARU! YES! I"M CUMING! I"M CUMING! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Phoenyx screamed to the world. Before she could come down from her high she felt Sesshomaru more.
Sesshomaru quickly took off his paints and boxers and position his cock at her entrance. Before she came fully down from her high, he pushed himself in to the hilt breaking her hymen. Hoping she feels little to no pain. He stay still for a moment letting her get use to the feeling of him inside her.
Phoenyx felt him enter her. There was some pain and she was glade he was letting her adjust to him.
"I'm ok now. You can move Daddy." She said when she was ready to keep going.
Once Sesshomaru heard this he pulled out slowly then pushed back into her. Doing this a couple times before picking up the pace.
"Oh baby, you so tight around my cock you feel so good. " He growled out as his beast wanted to come out and play too.
"Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Harder, faster, please daddy I wont break. You feel too good I need more." Phoenyx said.
With that Sesshomaru let his beast come join in. Putting her on her hands and knees and fucking her from behind he got deeper into her.
With his beast and him as one his senses where heighten and he could smell Phoenyx's scent and that she was not quite done with her heat.
At this his beast took over pounding into to her. Refusing to give control back to Sesshomaru. He would pup her this night and mark her. His beast would be dame if he let anyone stop him least of all his other half. This was their Bitch and he was not going to stop till she was pupped.
"OH GOD! YESS! YESS DADDY! DON"T STOP! DON"T STOP! YES! YES !YYYEEESSS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!! SESSHOMARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRU!!!" Phoenyx cam so hard. Sesshomaru kept pounding into her like an animal. She loved it, she didn't want him to stop ever.
After Phoenyx fifth orgasm around Sesshomaru's cock he was close to his end.
"GOOD BITCH, SO TIGHT! YOUR MINE! SAY IT! SAY YOUR MINE!" he growled out as he speeded up his thrusts into her pussy.
"I'M YOURS DADDY! I'LL ALWAYS BE YOURS!" Phoenyx was about to have her 6 orgasm. At this point she didn't know what she was saying but she didn't want him to stop.
"GOOD BITCH!" Sesshomaru felt his balls tighten and he pumped into her two more time felling Phoenyx latest orgasm he cam hard, harder then he had ever cam before. He also knotted in her to insure she would be pupped. He bite down onto her shoulder marking her as his. With that done Sesshomaru's beast gave up control.
Sesshomaru was mad at his beast for what he has done, but he couldn't feel guilty it was after all something that would have been done later on. He had just wanted to wait till she was truly ready for it. Instead Phoenyx would be 14 pregnant and mated to him. He hoped she would be ok with it.
Sesshomaru rolled them both over so she was on top of him, while he was still knotted in her.
"Daddy?" Phoenyx said.
"Yes baby girl." Sesshomaru looked at phoenyx.
"That was amazing. Thank you." She wisperd.
"Yes it was, and thank you. " Was all he said as they laid there in silence.
As they laid there Phoenyx notice that Sesshomaru was still in her and he was still hard.
"Daddy?" She started.
"Yes." Sesshomaru answered. 
"Why are you still in me and you are still hard. Does that mean you want to go again?" Phoenyx asked
Sesshomaru groaned his beast was yelling hell ya, but he knew she couldn't handle another round right now as much as he would love it.
"Baby I'm knotted in you that's why I'm still in you. As for another round as much as I would love one you are not ready for round 2." He said.
Phoenyx look a Sesshomaru and thought. ' Not ready. Hell with him still in me I fell like I am ready. I'll show him'
Phoenyx sat up Sesshomaru' hand went straight to her hips. She started moving up and down his cock.
"Baby girl? What are you doing? Oh God! " Sesshomaru moaned as phoenyx started to ride him slowly. He could take the slow pace she was moving at. It was pure torture so he flipped them and started thrusting into her hard and fast . Phoenyx was screaming at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hit her hard and fast. At the same time the door to the bedroom opened and Toga walked in.
"So this is what lying down looks like now?" Toga said as he watch his son fuck their little one.
Sesshomaru didn't stop, he kept going he didn't care that his father was watching them, and from the noises Phoenyx was making she like be watched.
"OH GOD! DADDY I'M CUMMING! " Phoenyx yelled.
So was Sesshomaru at this point, as they orgasm together with Toga watching. This orgasm was stronger then the first time. Once Sesshomaru caught his breath, he flipped them over once again to where Phoenyx laid on top of him.
" What can I do for you father? " Sesshomaru asked. 
Toga notice that his son cock was still inside Phoenyx. Which only meant one thing. He was pupping her. With a smile on his face he looked his son in the eye and said.
"Oh, nothing son. The food is here. By the way the bellboy left here with a hard on. It was hard for me to get him to leave. You guys where going at it pretty loudly. also I can't wait 5 and a half months and it will be me making our little one scream like that." sending the message to Sesshomaru that he knew that he was pupping her.  With that said he left the room with the biggest smile. He wouldn't have to wait as long as he first thought to have Phoenyx. She would carry Sesshomaru's heir for four months give birth and then 9 weeks later it was his turn to pup her. Yes he couldn't wait.      

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