My Step Family

BY : Rysing21
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Kagura was pissed as she got off the plane. Why she was home? While she had to see if what her friend said was true. If Sesshomaru was filing for divorce, she had to stop him.
She wasn't ready to stop her life to take care off her stupid Daughter. How that Girl was hers she'd never know. When she married Sesshomaru she knew he would stick around and raise her daughter. He loved kids while ok, not kids but he cared for Phoenyx. She'd hoped it would be enough to stay till the bitch was 16 and then Kagura would sell her off to some pervert who liked young girls. Now her friend told her she saw Sesshomaru coming out of a lawyers office. So she had to get home and try to fix it before leaving again. once arriving to the house where her husband and kid lived she put on a fake smile.
"Babies, I'm home." She called out.
Phoenyx came down the stairs and was shocked to see her mom. 
"Mom! what are you doing home?" she asked
"Why Honey I'm home to see you and your father. I've missed you both so very much." Kagura said in a sickly sweet voice
Phoenyx had no idea why her mom was home. she hated it because her and Sesshomaru had plans for tonight. She was looking forward to being with him god why was she here.
"I missed you too mom." she replied
"Where's your father?" Kagura asked noticing he was not here.
"Oh, he went to grandpa's to talk to him about sometime. He should be home soon." Phoenyx Said.
Kagura didn't like the sounds of that if Sesshomaru was seeking a divorce he would have to ok it with his father. ' Maybe That's how I can stop this. sleeping with Toga and he will do anything I want.' Kagura thought after all Toga was a very good looking demon. It wouldn't be that hard for her in fact she would very much enjoy it.
As Kagura was thinking the front door open and in walked Sesshomaru
"Baby girl, you ready for..." Sesshomaru stop mid way seeing his wife standing there with his little one talking.
"Is she ready for what baby?" Kagura asked
Sesshomaru for his part didn't miss a beat
" for dinner Wife. I did not knew you where coming home. What do we owe this little surprise?" he asked.
" Oh, while I missed you both and I thought before my next project started I would come home and spend time with you." Kagura said.
Sesshomaru was pissed now he wouldn't be able to have his little one tonight. His beast was also pissed at that thought and the look of Phoenyx face told him she felted the same. Why did this bitch have to come back?
"Phoenyx, you will pack a bag you are going to grandpa's tonight. So, me and your mom can have sometime together." Sesshomaru said wanting Phoenyx out in case things got bad.
Phoenyx looked at Sesshomaru with a look of hurt. ' so instead of being with me your going to sleep with her' she thought.
" Fine!" she said and stormed off to go pack.
" While I see she is definitely in her moody teenage years." Kagura laughed.
Sesshomaru saw the hurt and knew  what she thought but, he'd need to know why his wife was her and how to get her to leave. Then he would fix things with Phoenyx.
"Yes, she is. So, do you need long to get ready for dinner or can we leave drop Phoenyx off and go to our favorite restaurant?" he asked
" I'm ready" Kagura said. 
"So am I1 " came Phoenyx's voice coming down the stairs. "I do hope Inuyasha and his friends will be there. I would so like to hang out with them." Phoenyx added knowing this would piss Sesshomaru off. She didn't care if he was going to be with mom, maybe she should be with Inuyasha or one of his friends.
Growling " You will stay away from the Half bread and his so call friends." Sesshomaru knew what would happed if she was with those Boys. He was not letting her be with anyone but HIM.
" Honey, why not there close to her age. Let her have fun." Kagura said not sure why her husband was acting this way if he was leaving them.
" I said no! As her father I do not want them any where near my little girl" Sesshomaru said
" You can't stop me you'll be with mom." Phoenyx yelled she hated it.
Sesshomaru grab her arm as she tried walk out the door to the car and growled low and whispered in her ear" you will stay away from them or you will lose me." he said
Phoenyx ripped her arm away from him and walked out the door.
Kagura watch and now she understood why Sesshomaru was seeking a divorce that little bitch was driving him away.
"let go " Sesshomaru said.
With that they left stopping at Toga house to drop Phoenyx off before heading to dinner.     
Once at the restaurant and seated Sesshomaru decided to just aske Kagura why she was home.
"Darlin, I must ask why you would come back now when you have that big project coming up? As much as we love you, we don't want you to ruin your career for us. We support you when it come to your work." Sesshomaru was laying it on thick but, he had too to find the real reason she was home and get her the hell out. So he can save what he had started with His little one.
"Okay, I'll tell you but, I want us to try and fix this. We can send Phoenyx to boarding school, if she is to much baby. I just wish you would have called before it got so bad." Kagura said.
'What the Fuck send Pheonyx away why would I do that? She's MINE and I will never let her go' Sesshomaru though
"Babe, what are you talking about. Why would we send our little girl away?" he asked.
"Isn't she the reason you went to see a lawyer? Baby please, don't throw us away, just because Phoenyx has become unruly. We can send her away so that you don't have to deal with her anymore." Kagura said almost crying at the end. Like she didn't want to lose him because of her daughter.
Sesshomaru didn't know what to say but, knew he had to think fast. He had no idea how she knew about him going to talk to a lawyer but, he sure as hell wasn't going to allow Kagura to send Phoenyx away from him. When he was so close to having her.
"Oh honey, I wish you would have just called me. I would have told you over the phone. so you wouldn't have had to come all the back. " Sesshomaru said and then took a sip of his wine before continuing " I went to a Lawyer to look into adopting Phoenyx. You know how much I love her and I wanted to make it permanent. That she would always be Mine.... I mean my Daughter" he add checking himself at the last minute. Hoping Kagura didn't notice his slip up.
Kagura was socked.' so that's why. While I guess if he wants the burden of the girl. Why not? She can wash her hands of them both once the adoption was done. She could just up and leave. Yes this would do just fine.'
"Oh honey, I'm so glad. I was really scared. If you really want to do that. I'm all for it when would the process start." Asked Kagura
"It will take some time. I have to talk with Phoenyx and she if she wants it but, I don't think that will be an issue. Then it could take months to a couple of year at the latest would be just after her 16th birthday." Sesshoaru couldn't believe how easy this lie was coming out or how quick Kagura was to eat it up.
"Oh that long. 2 years well I guess that's not to bad in the grand scheme of thing. Do you need me here to do all this or can I go back to work and you send me anything that needs to be signed ?" Kagura said hopefully. She really wanted to get back to her lover in Europe as fast as she could.
"No you can go back as soon as you want to. I won't need you in person for this. My father will handle everything from here on out. If we need you to sign something we can e-mail or fax it to you." Sesshomaru was happy to see she wanted to leave quickly and not stick around. If she did he wouldn't know what to do.
"Well then let finish up and get back home. I wish to get back to work as asap. This project needs my eyes on it at all time or it will fall apart. I'm sorry if it seems to soon but really the reason I came back was I thought you were leaving me and now that's not the case. I need to get back." she explained.
Sesshomaru wanted to roll his eye. He knew she wanted to get back to what ever boy toy she had. Before he ran off looking for someone else.
"No of course not baby. I understand as I said if you had just called it would have saved you a trip" with that they finished dinner and went back home. Sesshomaru lied and said he had work to do. She should sleep seeing as she had at 6:30am flight. Kagura didn't put up a fight she went straight to bed. Thinking how great it would be when she could just be done with him and her daughter all in one go.

At Toga house
Once Phoenyx was inside Toga house. She went to her room. She was mad, how could he she thought she meant something to him. At that she saw a picture of her and Sesshomaru. She picked it up and throw it at the wall.
Just as the picture went flying. Toga enter her room just missing being hit with the picture. She just had throne at the wall.
"Little one what is wrong?" Toga asked.
"Nothing!" Phoenyx said stubbornly.
"Oh, then why would I have almost gotten hit with your favorite picture of you and my son?" Toga said trying to keep the laughter from his voice.
'oh she is one little spite fire that's for sure' he thought.
She knew Toga knew about what was going to happen tonight. Its the reason Sesshomaru had come over here earlier.
"Grrr, he is with her. For god knows how many days. I know she will sleep with him. oh, but I have to be a good girl or he'll leave. Where's he can fuck her all he wants." She yelled.
Ok Toga was not expecting that. 
"Little one, I know my son. He will not sleep with that whore." Phoenyx shoot him a look that said she didn't believe him.
"If you think that, then you have no trust in my son. Phoenyx he wants you in this pack, not her you. So keep that in mind" he said but deciding to add a little something to her thoughts.
"But if he does... I would have no problem taking you for myself." he growled.
Phoenyx turned in shock, And Toga tock that moment to get a taste of his little one. He quickly took her lips with his own. Noticing her flavor of raspberry and vanilla. Nipping at her bottom lip. She gasped and he took advantage to deepen the kiss. Sticking his tongue in her mouth. Phoenyx was shock and then she melted into Toga's kiss allowing him to take control with where the kiss was going. Toga's hand started on her shoulders but once deepening the kiss his right hand moved down her front and into her tank top to play with her beast. As he reached into her bra to take it in his hand he heard her moan. With that, he started trailing kisses down her neck only stopping to pull of her tank top and bra. Once done with that task he continued. Taking one of her very hard round nipples into his mouth getting rewarded with the most sexiest moan he had ever heard. Phoenyx could think with what Grandpa Toga was doing to her was amazing. She was already very wet and all he has done was suck on her nipples.
Toga made sure to pay attention to both beast but, he couldn't help but to bring his left hand down into her paints. Where he found her very wet. Growling in approval he started playing with her clit. Make small round movements once again erring him a moan of pure pleasure. Deciding to add a finger into to her wet pussy got her more vocal
"Oh yes! Grandpa Toga ! yes! harder! please harder! yes! " She yelled
He added another finger to her and picked up the pace. She was so tight he wonder if his cock would fit into her. Adding the third finger he felt her start to come to her end.
"Yes little one! That's it cum on my hand. Cum hard show me what it will feel like once my big hard cock is in you!" He growled out. 
At that Phoenyx cam so hard her legs went out. The only thing holding her up was Toga's fingers that where still inside of her.
Toga slowly pulled his fingers out. Holding her in his arms as she fall after her orgasm. Putting his finger into his mouth tasting her essence. He was in heaven and couldn't wait to take her completely. 
"Little one, why don't you take a shower and go to bed. Don't worry about anything tonight." Toga said kissing her top of her head.
"But what about you Grandpa. I think you need to cum too." Phoenyx said with a wicked smile.
"Oh no Little one. If we go any further I would not be able to stop, and Sesshomaru has claimed you first. till he says other wise I will keep to my promise of not taking you till he has." Toga said. Knowing he would have to wait longer to have her fully but, Sesshomaru hasn't had a chance to talk to her about anything that he and him arranged in their meeting this afternoon. So he would keep quite
Phoenyx was not happy but understood. She got up and went to take a shower. Once out Toga was no ware to be seen in her room. She got into bed and as soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep with a smile on her face.              

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