My Step Family

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  This chapter has some dark stuff in it rape and incest sorry about the long wait but this one took a little to come out I didn't know it was going to turn out like this till I was already into writing it you have been warned.


As the week went on Phoenyx stayed at Toga's house. She missed Sesshomaru very much but understood why they had to be apart for now. As Phoenyx stayed away form Inuyasha and his crew she unfortunately Had to deal with Toga's wife Izayoi. Phoenyx  wish she could just tell the woman off, but knew she had to keep her mouth shut. The women in question right now was Bitching about how Toga had put a limit on her spending. Toga did this after in less then a month she spent 1.2 million dollars on cloths, jewelry, and spa treatments. Phoenyx wonder how anyone could spend that much on things they wear once and then throw away after. Phoenyx had, had it and tried to leave but Izayoi stopped her .
"Pheonyx dear, Why don't we go shopping? We could get you some new cloths and get your hair and nails done too, make you pretty for all the boys at your school. Maybe my son will ask you out then it would be prefect us one big happy family." She said with a dreamy smile on her face.
Phoenyx had to think fast to get out of this.
"Sorry Izayoi, I have to go and do my English Project. It counts as 75% of my final grade. If I fail I will have to stay back a year. So, maybe some other time." Phoenyx quickly ran off to her room.
Izayoi was pissed. She was going to use that girl to get more money from Toga, but she just ran off. Turning away Izayoi stomped down the hall to her sons room. 'If that little Bitch doen't want to help her, then she would just make her life a living hell while she could.' she thought
"Inuyasha honey?" She called
"Yes Mom? What is it?" Inu replied.
"That little Bitch won't help me go shopping to spend your fathers money. I want you to have your way with her. Why not bring your friends, she mite enjoy your guys attention." She smiled evilly
"Gee mom, All this because she wont go shopping?" Inu asked.
"No! she also pulls your dad attention from me. As much as I hate your father, I hate when he pay another female more attention then me. I'm his wife I come first not some stupid little virgin girl." She sneered
"Ok, okay calm down mom. I'll get the boys together and by the time we are done she won't be a virgin any wear anymore. Dose that make you happy mommy?" Inu smiled
"Yes, it does now let mommy show you how happy it makes her." With that she drops to her knees and undoes Inuyasha's belt. Then undid his pants. Inuyasha smiles and is already looking forward to his mom giving him a blowjob, he was already semi Hard when she pulled him out of his boxers.
"looks like someone is happy to see me." Izayoi smiles up to Inu.
"Yes! Bitch suck my cock make me cum now!" Inu said in a growl.
Without waiting another second, she did just that. Think happily about what would happen to Phoenyx later.
Later that day, Phoenyx was up in her room waiting for Sesshomaru to call. Hoping that he would say the house was ready and they could move in. She couldn't wait to start this new chapter in her life. She would be turning 15 in a few weeks. She wanted to be in the new house and settled in before then. She loved Toga but Izayoi and Inuyasha where driving her crazy. Just then her phone rang.
"Hay daddy!  how is everything?" She asked.
"Hay baby girl, we should be able to move in by the end of next week. How does that sound?" Sesshomaru said with a smile in his voice. He knew she wanted to be with him and his father and away from everyone else so they could be together.
"Its not soon enough! Izayoi is driving my crazy. " She said. Phoenyx just then hears a knock on her door.
"Hold on one second daddy someone at my door." She put down her phone and went to open the door. Thinking it was Toga, upon open it she got pushed in by the three boy she hated the most Inuyasha, Miroku, and Koga.
"What do you want? Get out of here!" She yelled.
"What we want is you screaming as we have our way with you." Inuyasha said. Unknown to Inuyasha, Sesshomaru could here everything and was running to his car he tried to calling his father. He  knew he was in meetings all day. he hoped like hell he could get to Phoenyx in time.
"What! No! Get the fuck out of my room! you assholes!" She yelled.
But they didn't listen, they all smiled and jumped at Phoenyx. She fought them but it was three agents one. Once they had her on the bed with her hands held above her head.
"Now be a good girl and we will make it pleasurable for you. Continue fighting us and it will hurt like hell. " Miroku stated.
With that Koga took his claw  and cut open her shirt. While Inuyasha was pulling down her pants.
Phoenyx started screaming and crying hoping Sesshomaru was hearing this and would come and save her.
"Shut up Bitch! Stop fighting us. " Yelled Inuyasha.
Phoenyx was now down to her underwear.
"Oh look boys, she must have wanted us, because look at the sexy bra and panty she wearing for us. " Miroku said while licking his lips. 
Phoenyx had on her favorite bra set it was purple lace. It was only meant to be seen by Sesshomaru and Toga not these three idiots.  
"Stop this Please, just stop I don't want this." She cried.
"Who cares if you want this? We want this and that's all that matters." Koga said while her groped her right breast. Phoenyx started to cry even harder.

Sesshomaru was speed, weaving in and out of traffic like a mad man. He had to get to his fathers house quick or HIS Phoenyx would be raped by his disgusting half brother and friends. He could not let that happen. He try his father one more time.
"Hello this in Toga speaking" Toga answered.
"Father get home now!" Sesshomaru yelled.
"Sesshomaru what's wrong?" Toga asked.
"The Disgrace of yours is about to rap Phoenyx. I can hear them on the other phone now. They pushed there way into her room and have her pinned down. From the sounds of it they got her down to her underwear!" Sesshomaru growled as he hear another scream from his Phoenyx on his cell phone.
"That boy is dead! I will kill him for what he is doing!" Toga yelled, as he ran from the office. It would only take him 5 minutes to get home and he prayed that that he wasn't to late.

As Koga played with her right breast, Miroku was playing with the left one. Pulling it from the bra and sucking on it. Inuyasha had his hand in her panty's trying to get her wet by playing with her clit. At this point Phoenyx was full on crying. She could believe what they wear doing to her. Only Sesshomaru and Toga should be able to touch her like this. They where the only ones she wanted.
"Shut up Bitch! Or I will gag you." Koga said "Hay Inu, why not tasted her bet she tastes amazing." He laughed.
Inuyasha stopped for a moment and thought about it. Deciding that that wasn't a bad idea. He pulled off her underwear and spread her lags lowering his mouth to her pussy. He started licking and found that she tasted better then anything her every had before.
"Mmm Bitch, you taste fucking good. I think you will be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner from now on. Your mine." Inuyasha stated and went back to eating her pussy.
Koga and Miroku at this point had Phoenyx's bra off and where at her breasts, like two hungry  baby leaving marks as they went. Inuyasha having his fill of Phoenyx decided to take off his pants and boxers. Freeing his cock which was hard at this point. "Bitch look at what you do to me." Inuyasha snarled while rubbing his cock. "Now you will learn what its like to have a real Male inside of you." When Phoenyx heard that she started fighting again with all she had. "Oh Inu! I think she wants it bad." Miroku said laughing. Inuyash got down in front of Phoenyx and started rubbing his cock against her pussy. Once his got into position, he started pushing the tip of his cock into Phoenyx. Just then Phoenyx door went flying open and two very angry Inu Demons with blood red eyes came flying in. Pulling the three boys off the young girl. Toga was betting the carp out of them. Showing them why he was the Lord of the wester Demons, and Sesshomaru Picked Phoenyx up and got her out of there. She clung to Sesshomaru like her life depended on it while she cried into his shirt. Realizing Phoenyx was naked he went to his fathers room and into his bathroom. Turning on the bath so Phoenyx could wash. He placed her in the water telling her he would be right back with some clothes for her to put on. Phoenyx just nodded her response. When Sesshomaru walked back into the bedroom Toga was there with his eye still Red.
"Are they alive?" He asked.
"Yes, but just. They told me why they did this to Phoenyx." Toga Growled.
"Why!?" Sesshomaru asked.
"Because That Bitch that gave birth to Inuyasha got mad, That Phoenyx did want to go shopping and that I paid Phoenyx any attention to her was to much for her. So she told Inuyasha to have him and the boys show her what it was like to be with a Man. Seeing as she was still a Virgin." Toga was ready to kill, so was Sesshomaru at this point. 
"You better take care of her or I will. " Sesshomaru said, as he walked into his fathers closet and grabbed some sweat pants and a t-shirt for Phoenyx. When he walked back into to the bathroom he dropped the clothes and ran to Phoenyx. Who was scrubbing her skin so hard she was bleeding.
"baby, Baby please stop! Your hurting yourself." He cried out dropping to his knees to stop her.
"No I need to get them off of me. I so dirty please left me get clean." She cried. she felt like she would never be clean again, and that both Sesshomaru and Toga where going to leave her, because how dirty she was now.
"Baby, your clean come on lets get you out and dried off. Then we will get you out of here." Sesshomaru went to reach for her.
"NOOOO! I'm too dirty don't touch me. I have to get clean or you and Grandpa Toga will leave me. Pleases let me clean myself off." She sobbed. At this point Phoenyx couldn't see anything. She was crying so hard, Toga heard this and walked over and bent down to her.
"Little one, we are not going anywhere. You are not dirty, you a beautiful to us. We know that this was not something you asked for. We would never hold this over you little one. We love you. You are precious to us. So please stop hurting yourself and allow Sesshomaru to get you dressed. Then we will leave this hell together. ok?" Toga said.
Phoenyx just shook her head and allowed Sesshomaru to pick her up. As he dried her off and got the shirt and pants on. It was quite no one talked after Phoenyx was dressed. Sesshomaru  picked her up turned to his father. "You drive. I am not letting her go right now." He said.
Toga just nodded and walked out and to the car. Once in he took off to a hotel. Where they would stay till the house was done next week. Toga looked back at his son and Phoenyx and knew what Sesshomaru was felling. They both wouldn't be letting her far from them any time soon. He would let his son know that once they where in the room he need to hold Phoenyx to clam down his beast as well.       

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