Rest And Relaxation

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Rest and Relaxation

Kagome groaned, and looked at her clock. It was only 8:30 am, she groaned again, then shot out of bed. Only 8:30!! I’m late for work! She jumped into the shower and was out, in less than 5 minutes! It was a record for her. Kagome sighed as she ran to work. She had already been warned about being late before, was it just yesterday; she asked herself when her boss had called her into his office to “talk” to her about her tardiness?
Kagome said to no one in particular, “I wish my car wasn’t in the shop.” At least if I had my car I would be able to make it on time with no worries! Arriving at the office out of breath, but with five minutes to change into her office attire, she made a mad dash for the ladies room.
“Come on, come on, stupid elevator”, she mumbled to herself.
“Good morning Kagome”, came softly, slightly to her right. She already knew whom that voice belonged to.
“G-good morning, Sir”, she stammered, “How are you this morning?”
He gave her the look…the one that said they would have another “talk” once they were in his office suite.
She stood just inside his office door waiting for him to sit; instead he whirled around to face her.
“Kagome…is every thing alright? At home?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, every thing is fine”, she replied softly.
He reached into his jacket and withdrew an envelope and extended it towards her. She hesitated in reaching for it…is hringring me? For being late on one day?
“Earth to Kagome! Here take it…” her boss Mr. Diazo told her, his lips twitching.
She reached out and hesitantly took the envelope… “Go ahead and open it, girl!” he exploded. She jumped “Yes sir!” She blinked… “Sir, you want me to take a vacation…ummm…I thought—” He cut her off, “you need a break, just smile and say thank you! You’re the best!” Kagome gave a little laugh and nodded “you are the best boss ever!”

A month of nothing but rest and relaxation…she sighed, this is heaven! She couldn’t believe she was here at one of the Spa Resorts that her friends were always talking about and telling her she needed to go to one. They had been right! She didn’t know what she was missing.
Her eyes flew open, she sat up on the lounge chair and looked around for the person who had uttered that insulting word…. he had better not be speaking to me!
He drawled, “Feh, so, you’re awake bitch,”. She felt her anger begin to surface once more. She was the only one he bothered! It was annoying to say the least!
Her left eye started to twitch; there goes my R&R she thought angrily. “Inu Fasha was it, right?” She heard a growl? She blinked and stared at him. He was one weird guy! With his silvery hair, golden eyes, and those tattoos on his face (which she thought were sexy as hell, but she’d die before admitting that!). But he was easily the most handsome guy there, a fact that irked her to no end. The growling was back “my name is INU YASHA! Bitch! Get it right.” Stunned that he would even get angry with her for getting his name wrong, the nerve of that guy! “Stop calling me Bitch!” Kagome yell at her antagonist, and was further enraged when he only smirked at her. “You’re a bitch, so I’ll call you bitch.” Kagome took a deep breath and smiled at him, which had Inu Yasha narrowing his eyes at her. “My name is Kagome.” “What ever” he grunted. She was fuming!

She waited until he had folded his length into one of the chairs close to her. I’m losing my mind to even think about doing this, but he called me a bitch one too many times! She poked him in the chest, yes she thought, I’ve definitely lost my mind. He didn’t move a muscle, just barred his teeth…no, not teeth, she swallowed. Those look like fangs! Before she could move to retract her hand, she found herself sprawled against him. I refuse to blush she admonished herself, like that’s gonna stop me for blushing she snorted to herself. Defiantly she glared at him, he was watching her through half lower lids. Nervously she licked her lips and her blush deepened slightly when his eyes followed that little movement. She had had enough! Getting up might be a little awkward, but she couldn’t be draped over him like this for crying out loud! She shifted so that she could get up and froze when his arms tightened on her wrist. “What—”, she began only to stop when she saw the smirk on his handsome face. “If you wanted to touch me you only had to say so, bitch,” he smirked. She was pissed, and he couldn’t help himself, this was the most fun he had had in years! His hand trailed for her wrist, up her arm to her shoulder, then down to her waist. Kagome was as stiff as a board! Enough was enough she told herself sternly. Get up off of him Kagome, she told herself, but…. it feels so good to be held by him. She sighed…he wasn’t letting her go, “Inu Yasha?” “Hmm? Kagome?” he whispered. “Let me go, people are staring at us.” “So?” he retorted, “let them stare, I don’t give a damn about those bastards.” She giggled; she couldn’t help it. “Inu Yasha…” His arms tightened around her, “have lunch with me…bitch.” He whispered into her ear. “Lunch? The bitch part completely forgotten” She could feel the “bulge” in his lap. She raised one haughty eyebrow, “so that’s what you call it huh?” He grinned, “No, that’s desert if you’re a good girl.” Kagome sputtered, “excuse me?!” It was his turn to chuckle, “so are you gonna have lunch with me or what?” When he didn’t get a response, he stood with her in his arms. “P-put me down….” He slid her slowly down his body, when her feet touched the ground she was still flush against him and the “bulge” was even more obvious. “Come on, I’m starved.” Wordlessly she followed him. Well now I know I’m certifiably to to simply follow him.

God she’s so tense he thought somewhat amused; does she think I’m going to grab her and have my way with her in the restaurant? He grinned, not a bad idea, minus all the people though. He sighed, “so…are you here with anyone?” he already know the answer to that one…. no! “No I’m here by myself, what about you? I saw you with a…umm…some girls.” His response was a snort. “How much longer are you gonna be here?” “Two weeks,” came a soft reply. “Any thing wrong?” She shook her head, no. She couldn’t tell him what she was thinking; she couldn’t even believe she was thinking it! I’m 23 and still a virgin for crying out loud…. I’ve never met a guy who I was remotely interested in to even consider…but I don’t know, I’m attracted to him! When he looks at me…she groaned silently…when he touched me! I all but melted in his arms and he hasn’t even kissed me yet! Should I? We met when I first got here…but this is the first time he’s actually spoken to me though, all the other times he would just stare at me with those beautiful eyes of his. Should I have a holiday fling? She sighed dejectedly; I’m not the fling type! But maybe, just maybe…. During all this Inu Yasha was silently watching her, she has such an expressive face he thought with a tender smile that she didn’t see. He knew the moment she came to her decision, and smiled. She was already his, she just didn’t know it yet. He smirked, she hasn’t wondered why any of the males here hasn’t approached her…he was the reason why. He had quite effectively staked his claim on her and everyone knows.
What’s that buzzing, she wondered idly…she blinked, my cell phone! I completely forgot I had it on me. She gave Inu Yasha an apologetic look and answered…
“Diazo? What? Yes. I understand. Yes, I’ll leave right away.” That’s all he could hear from her side of the conversation.
“I’m sorry Inu Yasha, I have to go, my boss needs me at the office…” She felt horrible, she didn’t want to leave! I fly fly find a guy who I like and I can’t even be with him!
“It’s ok Kagome…can I get your number?” he grinned wickedly at her
“You mean….??” He didn’t let her finish, “Yes”, it was all he said. He was tempted to go to the train station with her but decided against it. He needed time to rethink and re-plan. Oh poor Kagome, she thought this was good-bye…but it was anything but!

~Diva Eyez~

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