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~blah blah blah~ = conscience speaking

The Plan

I’ve got nothing better to do…might as well surf the web and look for some juicy lemons to read, Kagome thought wickedly. She switched on the computer, and was brought up to her home page; her bank account page. Hmmm…maybe I’ll check my balance first, after logging in she stared dumbfoundedly at the screen. One thing was going through her mind, I’M BROKE!! I only have fifty dollars to my name! What the f—, she began, how the fuck did that happen! She stared at her list of purchases and grinned sheepishly.
~that’s how that happened dumb ass!~
Grrrr…that voice! Kagome demanded, “what do I gotta do to get you to shut up!?”
~stop asking stupid questions…but that’s never gonna happen where you’re concerned so you better get used to hearing me~”

While arguing with herself, Kagome didn’t hear the soft knock on her door.
Souta stuck his head in aatchatched as his sister had a one sided conversation with…who?
“Uh, Sis…umm…who are you talking to?” asked a confused Souta.
“This voice that…,” she broke off as Souta gave her a weird look.
“Uh huh,” Souta mumbled. “Well, umm…will this voice mind it if I talked to you for a minute?”
“Shut up,” she grumbled, “how much do you need?”
He winced, “eighty five dollars, it’s for all new soccer equipment and stuff…”
She reeled, “eighty five dollars!! What the hell is the gear made out of?” She didn’t have that much money, “when do you need it?”
“By Monday,” Souta replied.
She nodded, “Ok, you’ll have it by Monday.” Souta was staring at her.
“And I won’t tell mom.”
He threw his arms around her and gave her a quick huh, “you’re the best!”
“Heh, and don’t you forget it, brat!” she said laughing.

Eighty-five bucks, where on earth am I gonna get that money she wondered.
~Baka, Inu owes you for getting him out of that scrape with that chick~
She blinked, that’s right! If I go today and get that check, I can cash it tomorrow! Ok, it’s a plan she told herself.

Quickly changing out of her raggedy T-shirt, she pulled on a pair of shorts and a vest that left her entire mid riff bare. She stared at herself in the mirror and frowned, I’m going into his place of work, maybe I should wear something a little more decent? She shook her head, nah, I’m only gonna collect my check at the front receptionist desk. It’s not like I’m gonna see Inu Yasha.

She stood on the sidewalk just staring at the building. It was a lot larger than her previous employer’s and far more daunting. A person didn’t amass this kind of wealth and power if there wasn’t a sharp mind behind it, maybe Inu acts the way he does so people won’t suspect anything she concluded.
She took a deep breath and approached the security officer.
The security officer couldn’t believe what he was seeing, gods she’s beautiful.
“Good morning Ma’am, can I help you,” he queried politely.
“Hi,” she smiled “I’m here to see Inu Yasha.” Not a lie, but also not the truth.
The guard kept his features impassive “I’ll escort you in.”
“Oh that’s ok, I’ll be fine just tell me were I can find the receptionist…” she declined quickly.
“In order to enter you need to posses an Identification pass,” he explained.
She grinned a bit sheepishly, “ok…lead away!”
He escorted her to the information desk, “They’ll be able to help you, have a good day Ma’am.”
“Oh! Thank you, and I hope you have a good day also!” she returned politely.
With a curt nod, he walked away to resume his position outside.

“Yes Miss, can I help you?” Was asked politely by a friendly looking young lady. The name her tag said ‘Rin’.
“Yes I’m here to see Inu Yasha?” Kagome explained once more.
Rin gave Kagome’s attire a very curious but polite glance, “do you have an appointment with Inu Yasha?”
“No, I don’t but, what I mean is that I’m here to pick something up,” sputtered Kagome. had hadn’t missed the way Rin had looked at her clothing. I knew I should have dressed more decently!
“What’s your name, Miss?” queried Rin.
“Higurashi Kagome.” She stated simply.
A slight frown marred Rin’s brow, why did that name sound so familiar?
Ah, she spotted the memorandum from Inu Yasha himself stating that if a one Higurashi Kagome stopped by to send her straight up.
Rin stood and with a friendly smile at Kagome directed her to a slightly hidden set of doors.
“This is Inu Yasha’s private elevator, it will take you directly to his office,” Rin explained with her friendly smile still in place.
Kagome smiled back, “thanks a lot Rin. Bye!”
Rin nodded and stood there and watched as the doors slid closed. So what is Inu up to she wondered, he has never had any of his women come here before. She frowned, shook her head, it wasn’t any of her business with that thought she went back to her desk and back to work.

Her sandaled feet sank into ankle high plush carpet that was a brilliant white. I feel like I’m walking on a cloud she thought to herself; never had this at Dark Hand INC she reflected.
Kagome walked over to the office manager, “hi, my name is Higurashi Kagome and I’m here to see Inu Yasha.”
The office manager nodded and indicated a plush chaise for Kagome to be seated.
Kagome felt a little thrill race up her spine, I guess I’m going to be seeing Inu after all! She couldn’t stop the little smile that graced her lips. She could just picture Inu and the smile that he’s would give her once he sees her. He’ll kiss her and….
“Ms. Higurashi? You can go in now.” Came a polite voice snapping Kagome back to reality.
Kagome blushed slightly at her thoughts and stood.

She gave a polite knock and entered his office. She noted that it was a very masculine office done in deep purple and navy blue. It suited him.
He smiled beautifully at her, “Kagome—”
“Hey Inu Yasha,” this was from Sessho who reading a memo and almost plowing into Kagome. He stopped just in time and let his eyes rover over her. A wicked smirk on his handsome lips, “…and this must be the stunning Kagome. allow me to introduce myself,
you may call me Sesshomaru. I’m Inu’s older brother.”
Kagome blinked, older brother?
She shrugged her shoulder and extended her hand, “It’s nice to meet you Sesshomaru.”
Sessho smirked at his brother who was growling at him. He took her hand but instead of shaking it he brought it to his lips and bit it then licked fle fleshy part of her palm causing her to shiver slightly.
Surprised she just stared at him, and frowned, was that growling she was hearing?
Sessho forgotten she turned her face towards Inu and looked at him strangely.
“Kagome…” Sessho smirked.
She turned back to Sessho who was still holding her hand, his thumb caressing her wrist.
He’s flirting with me! She wanted to laugh. Instead she settled for a smile.
Sessho’s smirked turned into a smile, “I need to speak with Inu Yasha privately.”
She nodded and side stepped Sessho and went back to her comfy seat.
Kagome had just sat down when a loud crash which caused her to jump. Where the hell had that sound come from she wondered and looked at Inu’s office manager. She continued typing as though she hadn’t heard anything.

“Don’t ever FUCKING touch my woman!” yelled an incensed Inu attacking a smirking Sessho.
Fists, growls and claws were flying.
Fifteen minutes later both a battered mess, were interrupted from a call for Sessho’s secretary.
“This isn’t over Inu, we’re going to finish this fight,” growled Sessho.
“Feh, can’t wait!” was Inu’s ready response.
Surprisingly they were both smiling.

Kagome re-entered Inu’s office and just stood there gawking at him. He was a mess just like his brother! His shirt had claw like scratches down the front and back, and his lip was bleeding.
“Inu, why were the two of you fighting,” Kagome asked concerned.
Inu was glaring at her, he didn’t bother to reply.
She sighed and grabbed a tissue from her pocket and walked over towards Inu.
Wordlessly she leaned over and dabbed at the blood running down his chin. Suddenly he grabbed her wrist halting her actions.
“Have dinner with me Kagome.” Inu ordered.
She was surprised, “Um, I’d love to but I’m not exactly dressed to go anywhere Inu.”
“Well we can have dinner at my place,” he persisted.
She bit her lip and against her better judgment nodded.

~Diva Eyez~

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