Rest And Relaxation

BY : divaeyez
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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Inu Yasha.
Warning: Lemon. Mature Themes and stuff like that.

‘ **** ’ = thoughts
@ *** @ = me, the author yelling at Inu cuz he was being an insensitive ass!!


Inu laid Kagome on the bed gently.
Standing, he looked down at her prone figure, “Kagome…look at me.”
Kagome shook her head.

‘How can I?
What must he think of me? He probably only acted that way because he feels sorry for me.’
Kagome closed her eyes in pain.
‘He doesn’t love me…and never will because of what Naraku did.’

‘Does she hate me that much that she won’t even look at me?’
‘Does she hate me for not stopping Naraku from almost…’ he couldn’t finish the thought. It just made him furious, and he needed to be calm.

Inu Yasha leaned over her and grabbed her hair in a painful grip.
“I said look at me damnit!” he growled at her.
Kagome whimpered and drew herself into a little ball, tears running down her cheeks.

@Inu Yasha! What the hell is wrong with you? She doesn’t need you to yell at her right now. She needs to be comforted!@

He sighed softly and sat on the edge of the bed.
Lowering his head, he placed a soft kiss on her cheek, moving slightly to whisper into her ear, “please, Kagome…look at me.”
Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at him.
He smiled gently at her.
“Inu..” her voice broke, “…do you hate me?”

He blinked, what ever he was expecting to hear, that wasn’t it.
“Kagome!” his voice came out sharper than he intended making her snap her eyes shut.
“That’s a stupid quen,” n,” he growled angrily and was delighted when she looked up at him, and gave him a little confused frown.
“I could NEVER hate you!” he admitted softly.

Her heart in her eyes as she gazed at him, “…honestly?”
Smiling, he lowered his head and placed a little kiss on the tip of her nose, “honestly.”
She gave him a tiny happy smile.
He grasped her hands and brought them to his lips and proceeded to kiss and nibble her fingers making her laugh.
“Ahhh..somebody’s ticklish!” he laughed.
“Ek! Stop!” she giggled, her tears drying.

Draping her arms over his shoulder he rested his head against hers.
Her eyes closed, she wanted to stay like this forever!
He nipped her ear lobe, “I’ve got to call your mom.”

“Hello?” Mrs. Higurashi answered a bit breathlessly.
“Mrs. Higurashi, there’s someone who’d like to speak to you,” Inu said grinning from ear to ear.
He handed Kagome the phone and frowned when she hesitated, “it’s your mom!”
Hands shaking, she grasped the phone, “h…hi mom…”

Kagome burst into tears.
Inu Yasha took the phone away from her.
“She’s ok isn’t she? He didn’t do anything to her did he?” Mrs. Higurashi demanded anxiously.
“Yes, she’s ok, and I stopped him before he could…” he didn’t finish the sentence. He didn’t want to upset her too much.
“Ok, well maybe a hot bath would help her, she always takes one when she’s had a bad day, ok?” Mrs. Higurashi advised.
“Ok, I call again tomorrow.” He replied hanging up the phone.

“Hey…” he whispered softly cupping her cheek, “how’d you like a nice hot bath?”
She nodded slightly.
Inu grinned at her, “just gimme a sec so I can go run—”
“NO!!” she launched herself into his arms, “don’t leave me!”
Kagome was trembling.
Inu rubbed his hands soothingly across her back, “ok, lets both go take a bath.”
Slowly, Kagome looked at Inu, he was grinning at her.
She smiled at him.
“Want me to carry you?” He purred against her neck.
“No I can walk...” she replied.
“You’re supposed to say yes,” he grumbled.
“Oh…ok,” her tears completely forgotten.

Scooping her into his arms, he headed for the bathroom.
Filling his enormous sunken tub with steaming water, he looked around for the bubble bath, “eh…sorry I don’t got any girly stuff…”
An arched eyebrow raised, “girly stuff?”
He nodded seriously, “yeah, you know all that prissy stuff, the salts and oils and the candles and stuff!”
Kagome burst out laughing.
He turned away from her and smiled, that was the first real reaction he had gotten from her.

‘No sex…’ he chanted over and over in his head.
He reached over and drew Sessho’s shirt slowly over her head and groaned out loud.
She was completely nude!
He was no angel, there was no way he could have a bath with her and not make love to her.

“Uh…why don’t you go ahead and hop in…hmm…and I’ll be back shortly to check up on you,” he told her slowly backing away from her tempting body.
“…but you said…together…” she could feel the tears coming back.
‘He doesn’t want me anymore…’ she thought sadly.
Inu gave a heartfelt groan and gave in, he pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it heedlessly on the floor.
“…Inu, I need you!” she cried melting in his arms.
He caught her lips in a quick hard kiss, wrapping his arms around her and dumping her into the tub.
He laughed at her outraged shriek.

He finished undressing and slowly eased himself into the bath water.
With a sexy smirk, Inu reached over to grab Kagome’s hand, she was miffed at him.
Inu tugged her till she was standing in front of him.
Kagome lowered herself until she was straddling Inu’s hips trapping his erection between their body.
She leaned forward until her breast were squished against his chest and rested her head against his.
“Make love to me Inu,” Kagome whispered longingly.
Inu shuddered at those softly spoken words, “ I don’t want you to feel that you have to because of what happened…”
Kagome drew back angrily, “so what I want doesn’t matter! Is that what you are saying?”
“…you don’t want me right now,” he grit his teeth.

‘Dumb ass…’ she thought angrily.
~show him that you do want him~
With a wicked grin on her face Kagome reached out and took Inu’s hand and placed it over her breast.
His finger clenched.
She smirked at his reaction.
She slowly ran his hand lower until it was inches away from her heated core.
“Touch me and see weather I really want you or not…” she whispered releasing his hand and leaning into him once more.
“No, finish it Kagome…” he breathed raggedly.

She swallowed visibly and seized his hand and slowly drew it to her hot core rubbing his hand against her wetness slowly.
Torture, it was sheer torture!
He eased a finger inside making her scream softly and clenched against his finger.
“Ahhh Kagome, you’re so wet and ready for me…” he purred into her ear.
She shuddered voluptuously.
He couldn’t wait much longer.

Grabbing her hips he lifted her, impaling her on his hard length.
The feeling was intensely pleasurable, ripping a moaom bom both their throats.
His hands tightened on her hips holding her still, she was still so very tight.
Lowering her head to trail kisses against his jaw, shoulder and chest. Swirling her tongue against one flat male nipple, she smirked when she felt Inu shudder.
Leisurely she treated his other nipple to her lazy ministrations.

He needed to be inside her!
He lifted her up slowly and impaled her with his engorged length.
He wiew few from her quickly and slowly lowered her onto him.
Catching onto the rhythm, Kagome took over the ride, spearing herself over and over with his shaft until they were both screaming out their pleasure.

Her inner muscles spasmed, clenching tightly around him and milking him dry.
Boneless and content, she slumped against him and let sleep claim her.

He watched as sleep tried to claim her.
He couldn’t have that before they talked to her. Standing quickly, with Kagome still cradled against his chest he grabbed a towel and began to dry them.

“Kagome we need to talk,” Inu told her rousing her.
Kagome groaned…talk!
“Can’t it wait till tomorrow Inu?” she asked sleepily.
“NO!!” he practically yelled.
She sighed and looked up at him, “hmmm, I’m listening.”
“I…” he just stared at her.

‘He dare wake me to TALK and then clams up?’ She raged.
“You what?” she was getting pissed, the nice afterglow dying a quick death.
‘What the hell is you problem Inu Yasha? Just tell her!’ he scolded himself.
“I…I…love…you…!” he admitted slowly.
‘He loves me!’ Kagome thought ecstatically.

A little bit of revenge is in order she thought wickedly, “good,” and with that she rolled away from him and closed her eyes, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing.
Inu’s jaw dropped, “GOOD??!! I TELL YOU I LOVE YOU AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS ‘GOOD’!!!”
Kagome yawned, “there’s no need to yell.”
“WOMAN,” Inu roared.
With a little giggle, Kagome turned and snuggled closer to Inu.
That was enough revenge, “I love you too, Inu.”

He swallowed the foul words he was about to blast at her, “you do?”
She nodded closing her eyes, “very, very, very much.”
He finally relaxed and closed his eyes, truly happy for the first time in his life.

“Kagome are you ok?” He asked a little concerned.
“My tummy hurts…” she admitted shyly a light blush covering her face.
A huge face splitting grin covered Inu’s face, “I guess you’re still not used to my enormous weapon, huh?”
Kagome only snorted.
Inu chuckled softly.
Wrng hng his arm around her waist he let himself drift off to sleep.

In the morning…
Kagome gazed at a slumbering Inu Yasha.
She let her eyes rove over him hungrily.
‘I want to touch him the way he touches me, but do I dare?’
She was torn, ‘what if I make him mad?’
Biting her lip she gave in to her desire to touch that part of him that filled her so.
Sitting up carefully so as not to wake Inu she let her hand travel slowly down his ripped stomach, coming to grip erect member.

Her eyes widened slightly, he was so hard and silk soft at the same time.
Curiously she gave a gentle squeeze and jumped out of her skin when Inu moaned in pleasure.
‘He likes that’ she thought excitedly.
She squeezed him once more, slightly hardhan han before.
“Kagome…” Inu moaned roughly.

Checking to see if he was still asleep she gasped when she saw him watching her intently.
“You’re awake!” she squeaked, “why didn’t you stop me?”
“Don’t stop…” he managed to coke out.
Licking her lips, she turned back to her new toy.
Slowly she ran her thumb over his engorged tip making him shudder.
Without preamble she lowered her head and swirled her tongue slowly over the tip.

Inu was in heaven!
He watched as she completely took him into her mouth, her hot wet tongue stroking his length, her dark head bobbing up and down between his spread thighs driving him wild.
Kagome was quickly driving Inu over the edge.
Inu gave a quick yank on Kagome’s head pulling her away from his exploding shaft.

He was gasping for breath, his eyes narrowing as he watched her reach out to run her finger over his stomach through his cum and bringing it to his mouth to taste him.
He groaned.
She grinned and was about to take him inside her when the doorbell rang.
Kagome hesitated.


“Ummm…Inu, I think you should go get the door…who ever it is doesn’t seem to be going away…” Kagome said amused at the killer glare Inu Yasha was sending towards the bedroom door.
If looks could kill…

With a growl he flung himself off the bed, grabbing his previously discarded shirt and wiping his chest and stomach clean.
He tugged on a pair of shorts all the while muttering inaudible curses at who ever had disturbed them.
“It had better be damn important…” he growled opening the door.

“Well good morning to you to Inu Yasha!” Sessho said happily.
Inu narrowed his eyes suspiciously at his brother, “it WAS a good morning until you interrupted us!”
“My apologies,” Sessho grinned walking into the living room and seating himself comfortably on the couch.
Grrrrr…“what can I do for you so you can get the hell out of here and I can get back to Kagome!” Inu growled.

Sessho sighed, “very well…we now own Dark Hand Inc…”
“Sesshomaru…” Kagome whispered softly, neither man…er…demon…whatever! having heard her entrance.
Sesshomaru stood politely, “good morning Kagome…”
“I’m sorry…for the way I acted yesterday…I…” she didn’t know how she could explain how she felt to him.
“It’s ok. There’s no need for you to apologize. I understand. Really I do,” he gave her a friendly smile.
She returned his smile and sat.
Sessho sat next to her.

Inu stood glaring at his brother.
“How the hell is it we own Dark Hand??” Inu demanded.
“If you’ll calm down, I’ll tell you,” Sessho retorted calmly.
Inu growled at that making Kagome laugh.
Standing, Sessho reached into his jacket to retrieve some papers, which he handed to Kagome.
“It’s my early wedding gift to the both of you…” Sessho said blandly, clearly telling Inu Yasha that he was going to marry Kagome.
That said, Sessho began inching his way towards the door, “you own Dark Hand because…”

Just a few more steps and he’d be able to escape.
“I killed Naraku!” Sessho exclaimed bursting through the door.
Inu leapt grabbing Sessho’s ridiculously long hair and yanking him back inside.
“You WHAT?!” roared Inu Yasha, “the bastard was supposed to be mine! And you said that I couldn’t kill him because it would seem like murder…which it would have been!”
“I was planning on killing that bastard slowly and enjoying every minute of it!” Inu raged furiously.
“Does it matter who killed him? You would have made a mess of things Inu, I made it seem like he committed suicide and had the winning bid for his company and now you’re free to be with Kagome without having her worry about you getting hurt.” Sessho said calmly.

Kagome had sat quietly through their exchange, now it was becoming quite clear that both brothers were itching for a fight.
Not bloody likely she thought angrily.
She wanted to go back to bed with Inu and continue their pleasurable activities.

Calmly she walked over to Sessho and smiled at him, “thank you for getting rid of Naraku…but there won’t be any fighting today.”
Turning to Inu, she gave him a haughty look and crossed her arms.
Relaxing their fighting stance, Sessho gave Inu a taunting smirk that clearly said, ‘your bitch’s telling you what to do…you pussy.’
“Kagome…” Inu began in a warning tone glaring daggers at his brother.
Kagome glared first at Sessho, then at Inu, “fine, I’m going home.”
Inu blinked, “no, don’t go…you win…no fighting.”

“Then lets go back to bed…” she begged prettily.
Giving Sessho a taunting look of his own, ‘I’ll be a pussy anytime bro, cuz I’m about to get some when ever I want!’
Inu sung Kagome into his arms, heading for the stairs, taking them two at a time.
“See ya round Sesshomaru!” Inu yelled laughing.
He had some more interesting things to do with Kagome…


~Diva Eyez~

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