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Disclaimer: I don’t own Inu Yasha, or anything ok?

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A girl’s best friend!

He hasn’t called, that’s the only thing going through Kagome’s mind at the moment. Kagome, what’s the matter with you came a nagging voice, get real, you KNOW who he is, where he works…why don’t you go find him? NO! I gave him my number and he hasn’t called! She argued back. That means that he’s not interested! Then why are you here sulking over him, was shot back just as angrily. Kagome sat up on her bed…Yeah! Why am I sitting here worrying over that ass? Time to go shopping…to Tokyo! Showered and wearing a pale pink shirt and light blue jeans she took off.

What a girl’s best friend when she’s in a slump, she asked herself…SHOPPING! Kagome was engrossed in looking at a Victoria Secrets lingerie display and debating weather or not to buy the set, when some thing caught her attention. It was a flash of silvery white. Curious she ed aed around to see if it could possibly be who she thought it was. Yup, sure nuff, if was Inu. He had her full attention, him and the female clinging to his arm. She was beautiful, and slender. Kagome felt a twinge of jealousy and ruthlessly stamped it down. Humph, at least I’ve got sexier body than her and I didn’t get a boob job! Kagome Higurashi! Stop these thoughts immediately she admonished herself. She pouted slightly, well its true! Stop staring Kagome, even from this far away she could see that he didn’t want her to be clinging to him. Poor girl, she was actually feeling sorry for her!

Stupid slut! Why the fuck won’t she just go away! He could feel a growl beginning to build in his throat. He suddenly froze in his efforts to disentangle himself from the slut. He sniffed, Kagome? Where is she he wondered?

Slightly panicked that he had seen her Kagome turned away and was about to slip into Victoria Secrets when a hand on her shoulder halted her escape. “TAKE YOUR HAND OFF ME!” she exploded.
“Feh”, he grunted but didn’t remove his hand. No instead he ran it down her arm until he was lightly holding her wrist.
He grinned, he knew how ticked she was, but he couldn’t help himself! “Lingerie,” he murmured, “lets hurry and go in!”
He blinked, “uhhh…Kagome, people are staring.”
“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THOSE BASTARDS!” she threw his words back in his face.
He laughed. He’s laughing at me, -laughing-, -at me-!! The nerve of him! She sighed when she noticed her anger and her cursing wasn’t affecting him, “Inu what do you want?”
“YOU.” That’s all he said and watched her reaction.
He did not just say that she repeated over and over in her head. She knew her face was beet red and her eyes her enormous, but she couldn’t stop it. What’s a girl to do? Might as well just go buy me my new under ware set.

I can’t believe he dared me to model the under ware set for him and she was never one to back down for a dare…well she was 150 dollars richer for it!

She stepped out side; his girlfriend was back and was pouting up at him. Whoa she looks a lot like me, heh, but I’m far sexier she told herself. Inu turned towards Kagome the minute she came outside and gave her an imploring look.
She smirked. She tapped her clingy look alike on the shoulder. “Excuse me, but why are you all over my man?” came the innocent question. Clingy disentangled herself from Inu and turned slightly, blinked and gave Kagome a cold look. “Inu Yasha is mine,” she said softly for Inu Yasha not to hear. Inu gritted his teeth at that statement. Kagome smiled and walked over to Inu and clung to him. He wrapped his arm around Kagome’s waist and smiled down at her. Suffice it to say that her look alike was none to thrilled and took off in a huff.
“Thanks, baby, I owe you one,” he murmured. He’s looking at me like he’s about to devour me…got to put a stop to this…this feeling that he’s evoking in her.
“Damn right you owe me one! And I’ll take cash if you don’t mind”, she stated calmly.
The look on Inu’s face was priceless to say the least, he was just staring at her, “cash?”
“Yea, c-a-s-h, I lost my job ya know, gurl got to get money some where.”
“You lost your job? When?” he asked concerned over this new turn of events. He would have bet that Naraku would not fire her.
“Bout three weeks ago…don’t matter, it’s in the past,” she told him getting angry just thinking about that day not so long ago.
“I’m really sorry, baby, I gave you all the cash I had on me…, will you take a rain check?”
She looked at her watch, uh, time to go, “sure, what ever, just make it out to Kagome Higurashi and I’ll pick it up the next time I’m in Tokyo”, “Inu, I got to go or I’ll miss my train.” She explained. “Oh, and one more thing, STOP CALLING ME BABY!”
“Sure thing when you stop calling me INU!” he retorted. She glared at him, he glared at her.
“Wha?” she was being dragged through the throngs of people.
They made it to the train station in record time. It would have taken her 30 minutes to get through all the crowds and make it to the train station on time. He did it in 15 minutes and wasn’t even out of breath!
“Ahhhhh, still got plenty of time to spare,” he smirked at me. “Ass,” Kagome mumble to herself. He grinned upon hearing her.
“Damn it Inu stop dragging me round,” grumbled.
He sat and released her arm, smirking at her angry countenance. Nose in the air, she turned her back on him. His grin widened. He grabbed her arm once more and gave a none too gentle tug. She was once more sprawled against his chest. She glared up at him only to finm smm smirking down at her.

I want to wipe that arrogant smirk off his face, she thought angrily. Hands on her waist, he arranged her to his liking, noticing people around them staring. He leaned back on the bench taking her with him; she was plastered against his chest.
“INU YASHA!” She swallowed; he’s looking at me like ‘that’ again.
“Uhhhh…”, she started but was silenced when he brought his mouth gently against hers for their first kiss.
She sighed against his lips. Her lips are so soft and taste like raspberries. He brought his hand up to cradle her head in his palm; his other hand was splayed on her lower back keeping her flush against his chest. Kagome was in heaven and just from a kiss! She wound her arms around his neck silently telling him to deepen the kiss. He licked her lips, savoring its softness. “Open for me,” he growled sexily. She parted her lips and his tongue entered tasting her. She gave a little moan. She could feel the ‘bulge’; she drew away slightly, lips still touching, she whispered, “Inu…” He silenced her with another soul searing kiss. There was nothing gentle about this kiss. He was demanding. His tongue stroked hers, he ran his tongue against the edge of her teeth. She was going up in flames. She wanted to do the same things to him! Boldly she thrust her tongue into his mouth, intent on returning the sweet torture. The second her tongue was in his mouth he sucked on her tongue, heat shot from her tongue to between her legs making her writhe and moan on his lap. A throat cleared. Inu blinked; he broke the kiss slowly, his tongue still lapping at hers.

He stared down at her flushed face, her eyes when she looked at him were dazed, and she was having a hard time focusing on him. He smiled gently. Kagome took a deep breath trying to calm her racing heart. She was still throbbing between her legs. If she felt like this…how must Inu feel, she wondered. She looked up and saw people staring at her, she blushed and buried her face in the crook of his shoulder, embarrassed beyond belief.
“Kagome…baby…” he breathed softly into her ear making her shiver. He smiled, she was blushing and hiding from curious eyes, some censorious, other delighted and amused. Some one chuckled behind Inu.

He knew that voice…it belonged to his older brother. The train chose the perfect moment to appear.
“Baby…your train’s here…” damn, he didn’t want to let her go!
Cheeks still a delicate pink, she looked over her shoulder and there it was, the train. He released her and she stood, he followed suite. “So when are you gonna come get your rain check?” Her lips are swollen…he growled…he wanted her…and badly! “I don’t know when I’ll be back in Tokyo…” she whispered. He grabbed her and gave her a quick hard kiss, and with a little shove she was in the train just as the doors slid close.

~Diva Eyez~

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