Rest And Relaxation

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Oh Happy Day….

Kagome stretched languidly on top of Inu. She had never felt so incredibly content in her life.
She smiled and snuggled her faceper per into Inu’s shoulder.
“You awake?” Inu questioned softly.
“No…” she mumbled while placing wet open-mouthed kisses on the side of his neck.
“Really? Sure feels like you’re awake to me,” he purred, enjoying the attention.

He grinned running a sharp claw down her back making her shudder.
“Inu…” she begged, “please…”
He chuckled amused at her plea, “thought you weren’t awake.”
She nipped his neck in retaliation for laughing at her.
Smirking wickedly, he ran his clawed hands lightly up and down her back making her shiver and shudder.

“Do you like that Kagome?” he growled huskily.
Kagome nodded raising her head to look at him.
He gave her a sexy smirk and placed little nipping kisses on her shoulder.
He applied a gentle pressure on the dimples at the base of her spine, causing her close her eyes and moan his name pleasurably.

Blindly her lips sought his in a passionate kiss. (ewww, morning breath!)
He kneaded her firm ass cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart slightly.
He slid a finger against her crack moaning when he encountered proof of her readiness.
Wetting his finger in her creaminess, he slipped it into her pussy.
She arched her back, clamping her legs closed to trap his finger inside her.

Abruptly he rolled taking Kagome with him.
He looked down at her, a grin gracing his lips.
Kagome glanced questioningly at him and pouted when he removed his finger from inside her.
His grin got wider.

Gently Kagome reached up brushing a stray lock of hair that had fallen into his left eye, cupping his cheek as she pushed the lock behind his ears.
He turned his face in to hand purring as she stroked his markings.
“Kagome?” he purred softly.
“Hmmmm?” she responded distractedly.
When she touched his stripes she felt an answering tingle against her thighs and hips. She frowned slightly, that hadn’t happened yesterday…or had it she wondered.
She blushed, she wouldn’t have noticed a feeling so minor when she had been consumed by the raging fire that Inu had awoken in her.

“Do you need to call your mom or something?” he questioned, placing a light kiss on her nose.
Inu could tell that she was sore. He couldn’t stomach hurting her just then, after all, he thought smugly; there would be more than enough times when he could make love or fuck her when ever he wanted to.

She blinked at him, his seemingly innocent question snapping outher her reflection.
“Oh! Yes, I…” she couldn’t believe she had forgotten to let her mom know her whereabouts! She’s probably freaking out by now, Kagome thought a bit guiltily.
“Here…” he handed her his cell phone.
She dialed her number.

Her mom picked up on the first ring.
“Kagome? Kagome is that you?” her mom questioned anxiously.
“…yes, it’s me” Kagome mumbled into the phone.
Inu struck by sudden inspiration; he lowered his lips to her ear.
With a wicked look on his face he blew delicately into her ear making her shudder.
He could hear her mom demanding to know what was wrong.
Grinning he blew once more and nibbled at her soft lobe.
She shuddered.

Her voice wobbled, “nothing’s wrong mom…ARRRAHHH!!” he had bitten her on her neck causing a sharp bolt of heat to shoot from the sensitive spot to pool between her legs.
She tried to move away from him, an impossible feat with him crushing her into the bed.
She tried shoving at his chest.
A loud deep growl was the only sound that could be heard in the room.
“Ummm…Kagome?” her mom smirked into the phone, “are you busy at the moment?”
“…” Kagome was speechless.
“Will you be coming home tonight?” she asked.
“NO!” Inu growled rudely against the phone.
“INUYASHA!!” Kagome yelled at him, stunned that he was acting like this.
“Well dear, you and ‘Inuyasha’ be careful,” and with that the line went dead.

She was confused, “why did you do that?”
“I don’t want you to leave Kagome, stay with me…” he whispered.
“Stay with you? But I don’t have any clothes or anything here…” she tried to explain to him.
“Grrr…that’s not what I meant! I mean permanently.” He growled.
“P-permanently?” she stuttered.
As my wife!
“Yeah, as my mistress…” he finished softly. Staring at her waiting for her reaction.
“As your mistress?” she repeated softly, she needed to be sure she heard him correctly.
He nodded.
Her heart broke.

~Come on Kagome, don’t let him know how badly he hurt you…just smile…~the voice whispered encouragingly
She smiled at him brightly, “you’ll give me time to think about it won’t you Inu Yasha?”

Swinging her feet off the bed she stood, still smiling, “where’s your bath room?”
He pointed to a door off to her right.
“Kag…” he was at a loss as what to do for the first time in his life.
“Hey, Inu, I’m gonna take a quick shower and head off to the bank, I really need to change this check, k?” she told him brightly.
Without waiting for a response she made a beeline for the bathroom.

Two minutes later with a towel wrapped securely around herself, she saw her short and top sitting on the edge of the bed.
Inu wasn’t anywhere to be seen.
She shrugged and picked up her shorts and sniffed cautiously.
Yeah! They’re clean! The flushed slightly, the maid must have seen them in the living room and washed them.
She shrugged, she’d have to thank the maid some day, the prospect of wearing dirty shorts that smelt of her arousal was distasteful to say the least.

Hurriedly she dressed and headed down stairs.
She saw him sitting on the couch. She couldn’t stop the blush that stole across her face as images of last night danced teasingly in her head.
“Kagome…?” was all he said.
He couldn’t continue the sentence. He didn’t know if she was pissed or not and didn’t want to risk setting her off.
She grinned at him, “I’ll be back as soon as I’m done ok?”
He nodded and watched her go.

She took a deep breath; I won’t be weak and cry she admonished herself.
“Hey Kagome!” Sessho greeted her brightly. (some one must have gotten laid last night too!)
“Huh?” She looked up surprised to see him standing directly in front of her, “oh hi.”
He frowned at the look on her face, “going some where?”
“Did you and that fool have a fight already?” he demanded frowning.
She forced herself to smile at him, god he’s far too perceptive! “No we didn’t have a fight, and I’m just going downtown.”
“Need a lift?” he offered returning her smile.
“That would be great,” she accepted more grateful than he’d ever know.

“Do you need me to wait for you?” he offered her, still a bit puzzled at her behavior.
She smirked at him, “you mean you don’t mind waiting two hours for me to finish up my business?”
She watched the almost comic look on his face and waved him away, “thanks for the kind offer but I’ll find my way back.”

She tried opening the door to the bank.
It’s closed?
She read the sign open at 9:00 am. She looked at her watch, she had twenty minutes until it opened.
She grinned, at least I’ll be the first one in she thought.

She was in and out of the bank in less than ten minutes. Time to head home she decided.

Inu can wait until hell freezes over for all I care she fumed at the train station after having her ticket refunded.
“ my mistress,” she muttered under her breath.
The nerve of that ass hole! Didn’t he know a mistress was just a fancy way of saying prostitute?
He might have well say, Kagome I’m willing to pay you two hundred dollars each time you sleep with me.
The audacity she fumed further enraged when she felt a tear slip down her cheek. Angrily she dashed it away and boarded the train and heading home.

“Where the fuck is Kagome? It’s already been four fucking hours!” he fumed.
Sessho gave him a bland look and stood, “well I guess we won’t be double dating tonight, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, baka.”
He glowered at his brother’s retreating back.

She sighed sadly as she started the trek home. All I want is to have a nice long soak in my ‘amber romance’ bubble bath.
“Hi mom,” she said cheerfully from the kitchen’s doorway.
She watched as her mom jumped slightly in surprise, then whirled around to face her.

“Honey! I thought you said that you wouldn’t be back tonight,” her mom was confused.
Kagome shrugged her shoulder, “change of plans, something came up and he had to take care of it.”
She hated lying to her mom.
Mrs. Higurashi cocked her head to one side, she knew Kagome was lying to her. She had only lied to her once before.
Poor dear, didn’t know she’s a terrible liar. What in the 13 hells could have happened thagomegome felt she had to lie to her, she wondered a bit sadly.
Mrs. Higurashi smiled, “ok dear, and will I get to meet your young man?”
She gave her mom a curt nod and turned heading up stairs.
“Kagome? You’re not going to help me with dinner?” Mrs. Higurashi quizzed.
“Sorry mom, I just want to go to bed, plus I already ate before I came home…” she lied again, facing away from her mom.
Her mom frowned, “as you wish dear.”

Inu looked at the clock…8:00 pm.
“Fucking bitch!” he yelled shattering the wall with one furious punch.
Kagome knocked softly on Souta’s door.
“Yes??” came a muffled reply.
She poked her head in, “hi! Here’s the money.”
He took the envelope and looked questioningly at her, “where did you—”
She cut him off giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and quickly left returning to her room.
He was better off not knowing where she had gotten that money.

She lay there, clutching a pillow to her chest, thinking.
‘Maybe I over reacted.
Maybe I should have just said yes.
Maybe I should have just told him how I felt instead of running away like a little child.’
At that thought she burst into tears and cried herself to sleep.

~Diva Eyez~

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