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Playing Games

“It's a GOD DAMN CONSPIRACY!” Kagome yelled to no one in particular causing the people are around her to glance at her strangely. Two weeks! I've been looking for a job for two whole goddamn weeks and have yet to find one she thought angrily. With my resume, it should have been a breeze to find a job. It's not like I don't have the experience. She fumed silently. I ran Mr. Diazo's office smoothly and efficiently for nearly three years single handedly!

God I'm glad I didn't take my car, I'm in no shape to drive…road rage is dangerous when you're already enraged. She perched demurely on the edge a bench and awaited the arrival of the train. Three weeks! I've been trying for three weeks to find a job and as soon as anyone reads my resume, they start singing a whole new tune. She sat there glowering fiercely as she recalled today's disastrous interview.

She had been sitting patiently in the lobby of PNK for fifteen minutes, as Mr. Konner, her intewer wer was held up in a meeting. She hadn't missed the hostile looks Mr. Konner's secretary had been sending her way.

Heh, I just seem to have that effect on other females she said to herself, highly amused. Why not have a little fun with the stupid girl she asked herself seeing as it didn't look as though she would be going anywhere anytime soon.

Kagome waited until the secretary sent her another scathing look, which was happening every two minutes, and smiled seductively at the girl. Oh no, I can feel the laugh coming…must hold it in! The poor girl blinked at Kagome, her eyes widening slightly. Kagome shifted in her seat and crossed her legs which caused her already short skirt to inch higher up on her thighs giving any passer by and the secretary quite an eye full of long shapely leg and thigh. She leaned forward slightly, and her smile changed to a sexy pout.

“Why have you been looking at me like that,” Kagome purred at the now shocked secretary.

“Uh…I…uhh…” came the reply.

“What's your name?” Kagome questioned.

“Rei…” was the squeaked reply.

Kagome stood, her hip swaying as she strolled over to Rei's desk.

“Rrreeeiii…” Kagome purred, leaning towards Rei slightly, lips parted enticingly.

“Yes?” Rei replied leaning towards Kagome with her eyes on Kagome's lips.

Time to go in for the kill, she grinned wickedly and closed the last few inches between herself and Rei, their lips a hair's breath away and looked Rei in the eyes. Her own filled with mischief.

“I don't give a FUCK weather you like me or not, I could careless about a silly little girl such as yourself who doesn't know any better than to look insultingly at someone who could be your future boss,” was whispered softly but no less insultingly. (~you naughty, naughty people…Kagome is strictly dickly! muwahahah~)

Rei jerked back as though she had just been slapped full across her face and gapped open mouthed at Kagome.

Kagome raised one finely arched brow at Rei and straightened just at Mr. Konner's door opened. The men exiting stared at her with naked lust in their eyes. Why are men such assholes she wanted to know angrily. Like you're any better with what you just did to that poor girl, was shot back just as quickly. Kagome frowned, you! I told you to shut up! The voice retorted, like I'm gonna listen to a baka like you!

“Eh…Ms. Higurashi?” Mr. Konner asked a bit intimidated by her fierce scowl.

“Yes,” she smiled, her scowl instantly transforming into a brilliant dazzling smile that had all the office occupants staring at her.

“If you please?” he gestured for her to enter the office.

“Take a seat,” he smiled kindly at her. “You didn't have any trouble finding us did you?”

“No I didn't, your directions were very precise,” Kagome replied.

Mr. Konner nodded.

Kagome reached into her tote bag and extracted a folder, which contained her resume and some other important paper work, copies of her degree and high school graduate certificate, and other relevant certifications. She had found out, that some employers would look for any reason to shoot a person down for a job. You would think that because I have my associates that it's a fair educated guess that I've graduated high school, would you not. She shook her head to dispel with that thought.

She handed Mr. Konner her resume. He accepted it and placed it on his desk in front of him.

With out glancing at the resume he asked, “what would we gain by hiring you Ms. Higurashi?”

And so he questioned her for twenty minutes.

I've got the job in the bag she thought happily.

Finally he glanced down at her resume and frowned.

“You worked for…” he visibly swallowed “Dark Hand INC.?”

She nodded, “yes, that's correct.”

“Oh I see, well thank you for your interest in PNK, we'll call you in a few days to inform you weather you have secured the position or not.” He mumbled

She could sense the change in him the minute he realized whom her former employer was. She frowned slightly and shook his hand.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to see me, Mr. Konner,” she mumbled distracted.

She walked out of Mr. Konner's officer and was greeted by a smirking Rei.

Kagome returned Rei's smirk with one of her own, as she brushed passed the girl; she fed hed her off leaving one very stunned secretary staring at her back. If only she had looked back would she have seen the look of naked longing on said face…

I can't believe I did that she laughed. Humor restored…for the moment at least. She made her way to the train station.

“Kagome?” a voice asked somewhat hesitantly.

Kagome blinked and turned her attention to the source of that voice.

Heoomyoomy thoughts went flying out the window at the sight that greeted her.

“Sango! Miroku! What?! When??” She gushed happily.

“We're glad to see you to!” and with that Sango and Kagome embraced happily, grinning at each other.

“Do I get a hug also,” Miroku asked amused.

The hug started out innocent enough until she felt hands caressing her ass.




“Wha…what was that for,” he asked genuinely confused cradling his abused cheeks.

Both Kagome and Sango were giving him murderous looks. Seething, Kagome turned to Sango and proceeded to bombard her with questions.

“We've been back for about a week, we're here on a job…” explained Sango.

“Is it top secret?” Kagome asked in a stage whisper.

Sango and Miroku laughed, “No, no, nothing like that. We've been out for about 5 months now.”

“What? You don't work for MI5 anymore? And you've only been back for a week? What have you guys been doing all this time?” Kagome asked giving them both knowing wicked looks.

Sango blushed, “no! erm… nothing like that!”

“Actually working, we work for ourselves now,” Sango mumbled slightly embarrassed.

“Oh! That's awesome!” exclaimed Kagome.

Her gaze turned shrewd as she gazed at both Sango and Miroku, they were…had been the best secret ops around, who ever hires them must filthy rich.

Miroku cocked a brow, “out with it Kagome.”

Kagome flushed, “I was just thinking that who ever hires you guys would have to be loaded…that's all.”

Miroku and Sango both grinned.

Why the hell isn't Kagome at work? She's dressed for a day at the office so why isn't she there? It's only 11:00 am, Sango wondered.

“Are you on break or something Kagome?” questioned a concerned Sango.

She shook her head, “nah, I'm actually job hunting…that bastard Naraku fired me.”

Miroku and Sango exchanged surprised look. Kagome chuckled, “don't look so shocked you to.”

“Well I'm kinda glad you don't work for him anymore, you know, your mom and I we never really like him. He gave me the creeps,” Sango shuddered for effect.

Kagome, grinned, shrugged and stood, “well my train's here, don't be strangers, OK? Mom will be upset if you guys don't stop by to say hi!”

“And Sango? He gave me the creeps also,” Kagome admitted hesitantly.

And with a final hug with Sango and Miroku she hopped on the train.

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