Lust or Love

BY : Phlie
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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story.

Lust or Love?

An alternative
fanfic created by Phlie.

By alternative I mean that this story is not your regular K/IY love story. It's
for all those fanfic readers who want the couple together, but want something
new at the same time. I am rating this R at this time, knowing my mind and how
it works, I am sure that this will get at least limey, if not become a full
blown lemon. lol

Disclaimers: I don't own Inu Yasha, although as my husband fears, I wish I did.
lol I also don't own any of the other characters from
Inu Yasha. This disclaimer stands for
every chapter of this story.

Chapter 1 - Down the Proverbial Rabbit

As usual, she was running late. Missing school all the time was hurting her
more than she had realized and had needed to stay after class to get notes for
the geometry test. She knew that Inu Yasha would be upset because he was always
upset when she was late. Come to think of it, he was just always upset. This
thought continued to plague her as she ran home as fast as she could. As soon
as Kagome reached the door to her house, she new that he would be furious. She
was already 2 hours late, and she still had to pack up the clothes, food, and
other supplies she would need to take with her. She decided to pack extra food,
knowing that she could probably make Inu Yasha forget about being mad at her by
bribing him with ramen. As she headed out the door, Kagome gave her mom a quick
goodbye and flung her bag over her shoulder. With the weight from the extra
food, Kagome almost couldn't carry the pack. She made a mental note to herself,
Need to gain more strength if I'm gonna be late often. Soothing Inu
Yasha can be a chore.’


again, she made her way to the building that contained the well she had to
enter to get to feudal Japan. She was in such a hurry that
she didn't see Buyo stretched out in front of the well. She tripped over the
newly awakened cat and the weight of her pack helped propel her head first
towards the portal. Stone met forehead and Kagome let her pack go. As her body
slipped thru time, her mind screamed out *Inu
* just before she blacked out.

* *
* *


Inu Yasha paced back and forth in front of the Bone Eaters well. He was pissed
and worried all at the same time. Kagome was always late, but never this late.
He mumbled under his breath, "Bitch, thinks she can keep me waiting."

He stopped, hearing a noise in the near by bushes. ‘What the hell’, he thought. Inu Yasha silently crept up on the would be attacker only to find Shippo trying to sneak up
on him. He was about to grab the kitsune when he *felt* Kagome scream his name.
In an instant he was back at the well and stuck his head in to find her lying
at the bottom, her pack lying beneath her. She wasn't moving. Inu Yasha leapt
into the well, thankfully he missed landing on her. Standing above her, looking
at her frail form, all anger melted as urgency moved in. He gently picked up
her limp body and was glad to realize that her heartbeat was strong. He shook
her slightly, but she didn't respond. He got her back to sunlight and started
racing her to Kaede. Shippo wasn't far behind. The kitsune had seen the look on
Inu Yasha's face and was afraid for Kagome.

As they reached the village, Inu Yasha started screaming for Kaede, but he
could have saved his breath. The wise woman had already sensed a disturbance
and had rushed out to meet them.

has happened”, Kaede asked the worried looking hanyou.


“I don't
know. I was waiting for Kagome and in my mind I could hear her call my name.
When I found her, she was just lying at the bottom of the well. Sh-she won't
wake up!”

her into the hut”, said Kaede, “I will try to find out what is wrong.”

Inu Yasha laid Kagome down on a straw mat in the corner of the room. Kaede had
to ask him to move so that she could examine the unconscious girl. Reluctantly,
he moved to the other side of the small hut, but soon came back to see what was
going on. Shippo also seemed to hover over Kagome, waiting.

“She has
a lump on her forehead. She must have hit her head somehow”, Kaede said as she
brushed back the girl's hair to show them. Kagome's normally pale, smooth
forehead now sported a large bump that was turning black and blue right in
front of their eyes.

“Is she
gonna be okay? She hasn't made a sound or batted an eye since I found her.”

Kaede got up to get a wet clothe to put on Kagome's head. “The lump is the only
thing I can find wrong with her. And we'll just have to wait to see what
happens. If you like, you can stay here tonight.”

right I'm staying”, Inu Yasha stated. “I'm not leaving here without Kagome”

Shippo peered at his sleeping friend. “I'm staying too”, he piped in. “Poor
Kagome. Please get better.”

* *
* *

In the middle of the night Kagome awoke, sat up, and looked around. She could
barely see anything at first and then her eyes started to adjust to the dark.
Luckily it was almost a full moon. She blinked a few times, wondering where she
was. All she could make out was a few shadows and what she thought must be a
small house. Inu Yasha heard her stir. He quietly crawled over and whispered to

you're awake! I was worried about you.”

She looked over at Inu Yasha, a strange look on her face. As her brain took in
the features of the boy next to her, her eyes grew wide and she stammered, “Wh-who are you?!”


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