Lust or Love

BY : Phlie
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Lust or Love?

An alternative fanfic
created by Phlie.

Chapter 5 - Everyone's Crying

It had been a horrible night. Kagome had been restless after getting back to
the camp and couldn't sleep. Miroku and Sango had tried to close their eyes and
ignore the fitful girl, but it took them several hours before they all finally
fell asleep. Kagome's sleep was tainted by dreams born of her guilty conscious.

*~*Begin dreaming*~*

She approached him as he was washing himself in the spring. She slowly took of
her clothes, piece by piece, seductively stripping just for him. Right before
she was about to slide her foot into the water her head snapped up and saw what
she feared. Inu Yasha was looking at her with passion in his eyes. No love,
just lust. She tilted her head back and just laughed at him. The thought of him
wanting her was somehow quite funny. Kagome looked back to the hanyou, who was
visibly upset at her laughter. She reached down and retrieved her clothes, not
bothering to put them back on, and simply walked away. She knew what she was
doing to Inu Yasha was wrong, but it was as if she couldn't control her
actions. She felt like she had someone else's brain inside her head. And she
didn't know how to set it right.


Kagome woke up crying. She knew that her talk with Sango the night before had
alerted her to just how mean she was being to Inu Yasha. She wanted to make it
up to him, but she didn't even know where he was. He had gone off a few days
before and no one had seen him since. She stayed in her tent for most of the
day. She didn't want her friends to see her this way.

Sango and Miroku had both avoided the tent all morning. They both had odd jobs
to do, washing clothes and catching food for dinner. It gave them excuses to
give Kagome some time alone. But the day got longer and Kagome still hadn't
come out of her shell.

Miroku worried about Kagome. He had heard his friend crying almost all day. He
finally went over to her tent. He didn't know if he should even try to comfort
her. He was always trying help, but things would get twisted and suddenly
everyone would be angry with him. He was about to turn around and leave when he
saw Sango walking up. ‘Jeez, I'm gonna
get it for sure now’, he thought.

“Is she
okay”, asked Sango, “She had a rough night I think.”

“I was
waiting on you before I went in”, replied the monk. ‘Whew, that was close’, the lech thought.

know I can hear you.” Kagome threw back the flaps to the tent and stomped out.
“Just because I lost my memory doesn't mean I lost my hearing!”

Before her two shocked friends could reply, Shippo ran into the clearing. He
was out of breath and was franticly pointing back the way he had come. The
group just stood there, trying to look in that direction to see what was so

Sesshoumaru”, Shippo gasped. “He's searching for Inu Yasha!”

that bastard. He'll try to hurt Inu Yasha.” ‘And it's bad enough I do that’, she thought. “Let's go get him”,
cried Kagome.

Sango, Miroku, and Shippo all looked at the girl cautiously. They knew she had
gained experience, especially with her bow, but Sesshoumaru wasn't to be taken
lightly, especially without Inu Yasha there to aid them.

we can't fight off Sesshou-”, Sango started, but the
determined girl cut her off.

“I know
I can. Don't you get it? That's why I've
been so much better with the bow. I always knew I could make my mark, ever
since I had my ‘accident’. I heard you all talk about it when you thought I
wasn't listening. I wasn't very good with my aim before. But that's because I
didn't know I could do it. I now
know as long as I believe in myself, I can win any battle.”

‘Hopefully the most important battle, the battle with myself’, thought Kagome.

Her words gave Sango new hope. “You're right. If we believe in ourselves, we
can all win our battles.”


The group raced off to battle with Sesshoumaru. They didn't realize that their
whole day had been shared with the very hanyou their enemy sought.

* *
* *

Inu Yasha had really meant to stay away. He had succeeded in doing so for a
whole hour. Somehow he just couldn't leave her. ‘She needs me, and she doesn't even know it’, he
thought. ‘When she does get her memory back, things will be hard for her and she'll
need me there. If only she wouldn't be so cruel.’

He had slowly made his way back to the camp sight that same night and watched
over her as she fitfully slept. She looked so beautiful, so troubled, so vulnerable.
And of course, she was in heat. Her whole body seemed to scream out to him. No
wonder he couldn't stay away. He finally fell asleep right before dawn, only to
be awakened by the sound of Kagome crying. Their friends also heard her, but
for some reason didn't respond to her at first. He came so close to leaping
from his hiding spot and whisking her away in his arms. He knew that he
shouldn't, though. With her in heat she would be sure to hurt him again.

She finally stopped crying, but the sound was only replaced with that of her
yelling. Ugh, it was going to be a long day.

* *
* *

By the time the group caught up to Sesshoumaru, he was ready to leave. He had
caught his brother's scent, but then it had disappeared. When the measly humans
appeared, he had only sneered at them. Without his half- brother, there was
nothing they could do.

are you hiding him, bitch”, he snarled at Kagome.

Kagome raised her bow, carefully positioning an arrow in it, and aimed for
Sesshoumaru's heart. She laughed. “Do you think I would tell you? I would never
supply you with anything. You are nothing but a fucking hyena, hiding in the
shadows, preying off the kill of others!”

Four heads spun to look between Sesshoumaru and his attacker. ‘Damn, that was just mean’,
thought Inu Yasha from the limb he was lounging on. ‘Way to go!’

Sesshoumaru's eyes got wide and he paused for a moment. Kagome thought for a
minute she had already fired her arrow. But the reaction she got was from her
words alone. He swung back his arm as if to slice her with his poison claws.
The whole group tensed, waiting for his attack. In a flash he was gone.

happened, where did he go”, asked Shippo as he blinked
several times and stepped out from behind one of Sango's legs.

Miroku began laughing hysterically. “I-I guess he ran away. He looked like he
was gonna cry! Bahhahhh!”

Kagome put down her bow. Her head started to throb. She had been so tense, so
ready for a fight, and now the pressure was off. ‘That sissy really did look
like he was gonna cry.’

“I need
to cool off”, she announced to her friends. “I'll be down by the spring.”

“Want me
to come with you”, asked Miroku.

Kagome, Sango, and Shippo all hit him over the head with rocks at the same time
and he found three backs facing him. “What?
It was just a question.”

* *
* *

Kagome made her way down to the spring. She didn't know how many times this
place had become her refuge. She felt as if she could relax there, catch up on
her thoughts. Everything seemed to become clearer to her when she was in the
cool water.

wait up.”

Kagome turned around to find Sarunnrunning towards her. “I really don't feel
like company right now, Sango”, the girl sighed.

“I know.
I just worry about you. You are like a sister to me, Kagome. I know that you
like to stay out here and think. So I brought you some things from your pack”,
Sango said as she reached into her kimono. “I brought some snacks and your
flash light. You are gonna need the light if you stay out here. There's no moon

moon”, whispered Kagome.

Sango peered at her friend. She wanted to stay with her, to help protect her
from herself. But she knew that if Kagome had a visitor tonight, it would be
better if she weren't present.

“Are you
sure you're gonna be okay?”

Kagome looked up at her friend finally. “Yes, thanks to you. I won't be blind
tonight.” Kagome took her things and smiled at Sango.

* *
* *

Kagome was finally relaxed again. The sun had just gone down and she had
finished her bathing and had dried herself off. She was now sitting on the
bank, watching the sky, waiting for the stars to come out. She knew that she
would see them better tonight since there would be no moon. She was in a daze
and didn't hear the sound of someone coming up behind her.

“Do you
see what the stars see”, asked a low, masculine voice.

Kagome whipped around to see who was behind her. It was still just light enough
for her to see his face, but she couldn't make out the rest of him. She got her
flash light and shone it in his face. Her heart raced as he flinched and backed

“Wh-who are you?”



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