Lust or Love

BY : Phlie
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Lust or Love?

An alternative fanfic
created by Phlie.

Chapter 2 - Kagome's change

Inu Yasha couldn't believe what he had just heard. He shook his head to make
sure his brain was still there. Kagome didn't know him? They had been traveling
companions for the last year, fighting side by side, day after day. They had
become friends, maybe even more than that.

it's me - Inu Yasha”, he said as he reached out his hand to smooth her hair.

She saw his hand go out and she backed away. “I don't know who you think you
are, but no one ever touches my hair, especially weird looking guys like you!”

Inu Yasha quickly stood up and yelled, “What? Weird looking? What about you?
Wearing those silly clothes all the time. You're the weird one!”

Kaede and Shippo woke with a start. When Shippo realized that Inu Yasha was
yelling at the newly awakened Kagome, he got very mad and jumped on top of Inu
Yasha, tugging at the dog demon's ears. “She's been sick and all you can do is scream at her?”

Inu Yasha grabbed hold of the kitsune, squeezing his throat, and was about to
throw him to the ground when Kagome stood up suddenly and then fell back to the
floor just as quickly.

“Now see
what you have done?! You boys should know better than to act that way around
Kagome, whether she is sick or not.” Kaede went over to where the girl was
slumped over and helped her up. Kagome hadn't lost consciousness again, but was
too weak to stand on her own.

you for helping me”, she said to Kaede. “Can you explain to me where I am, and
who you all are?”

Kaede gently helped her over to the fire that was still burning. “Do you not
know us, Kagome”, she pondered. “You must have lost your memory when you got
that lump on your head.”

Kagome just sat there looking confused. Kaede got a bowl and fixed Kagome some
of thep lep left over from their last meal. “I will tell you all that I know.
The boys can help me fill in the rest.”


* * *

“…and so
we fight together to regain the shards you spoke of? I fight along side you”,
Kagome asked of Inu Yasha.

She had absent mindedly started to pet Shippo as her mind did double time,
trying to sort out what she had just been told. Of course, this made Inu Yasha
upset. Shippo always got the attention.

“Yah, if
you want to call it that. I fight and rescue you. You find the shards and get

Shippo snickered. He had never thought of it that way, but that was mainly how
the days were passed. Kagome didn't hear the kitsune's laugh. She was too
upset. How could this boy think so lowly of her?

“Well, I
guess I must continue this quest with you, but don't expec to to just sit
around and wait to be kidnapped”, Kagome said, glaring at Inu Yasha.

well don't expect me to just art around and wait to-”

Kagome broke off his sentence. “I don't expect anything of you!” With that,
Kagome surprised everyone by getting up slowly and leaving the hut.
u Yau Yasha was confused now. Kagome was acting so differently. She had always
wanted to be his friend, and now it appeared that she didn't want to have
anything to do with him. He got pulled out of his thoughts by Kaede lightly
patting him on the shoulder.

He snarled at her before he realized that he needed answers and growling at the
old woman wouldn't help. “Why is she being this way”, he asked her in a more
pleasant tone.

“I have
heard of this happening before. When I was a little girl there was a case like
this in the village. A man was patching his roof after a storm and fell. When
he awoke, he had forgotten himself, and everyone else. He was changed. He had
been a serious man before the fall. Afterwards he became a jovial man, playing
jokes on everyone and always ready for a laugh. He regained his natural
temperament, but that was years after the accident.”

“So she
could hate me for awhile. Is that what you're saying?”

least she still seems to like me”, squeaked Shippo. He dodged the bowl Inu
Yasha threw at him and scrambled out the door.


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