Lust or Love

BY : Phlie
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Lust or Love?

An alternative fanfic
created by Phlie.

WARNING!!! If you are a Sesshoumaru fan, DO NOT read this! Turn back! This
chapter will only piss you off!

Chapter 8 - Sesshoumaru's Secret,
Shippo's Confusion

Inu Yasha woke with a start. Something was wrong, but he was still half asleep
and couldn't make anything out for a moment. He sniffed the night air. He
snarled as he peered around, not finding his target. Sesshoumaru was close by,
but he couldn't see the youkai. He scanned the camp sight, only to find Sango
missing. Cursing to himself, he jumped down from the tree and rushed to wake up
Miroku. The monk was sound asleep. Inu Yasha covered Miroku's mouth with his
hand so he wouldn't scream. The monk felt the pressure on his face and his eyes
popped open.

is missing”, hissed Inu Yasha, trying to be as quiet as possible. He left
Miroku and went over to Kagome's tent. He found Shippo curled up tight close to
her stomach. Inu Yasha instinctively growled and it woke up the girl and her
companion. Shippo ran and hid behind Kagome, who was about to scold Inu Yasha
for waking them. She opened her mouth and then snapped it shut. Inu Yasha was
snarling, but not at them. He turned to leave the tent and they followed.
Miroku had already gotten up and was on the move.

whispered Inu Yasha, “it won't do any good for you to go without us. You have
no way of sniffing him out.”

Miroku stopped at hearing what his friend said. “He? Who is he? Who has Sango?”

Kagome's eyes got wide and she gasped. She hadn't realized til then that Sango
was missing. She could tell by the hatred on Inu Yasha's face just who 'he'
was. “Sesshoumaru”, she sighed. “But why would he take Sango. It's me he's mad

he thought he couldn't get to you easily enough”, said Miroku. “It really
doesn't matter why. We just need to get her back before he can hurt her.”

“If we
hurry I can still catch his scent and we'll be able to follow them”, Inu Yasha
said as he sniffed the air. “I can actually smell Sango better. She's in heat.”

Miroku almost fainted as Kagome shot him a look that told him she knew about
what had happened earlier. ‘If Sango was
in heat -. No’, he thought shaking his head. He didn't want to think about
it. He looked back at Kagome. He realized she was gonna keep her mouth shut and
he was glad. Before he could think about it anymore, he realized that Kagome
had already gotten on Inu Yasha's back, with Shippo tagging along. They were
waiting on him. He started running along, trying hopelessly to keep up with the

* *
* *

Sango awoke with a start. She knew that Sesshoumaru had grabbed her up and had
flown away with her, but she didn't know why or where he had taken her. She
tried to sit up, but Sesshoumaru was lying next to her and he simply flicked
his wrist and she was pushed back down. If it had been any one else she may have
stopped to ask them how to do that trick. As it was, she loathed having to
speak to him, but she wanted answers.

“Why the
hell did you grab me up”, she started. “I'm not the one you want.”

“Oh, but
you are”, he replied. “I never really took any interest in you until today. You
were always just 'that other bothersome human female' until I chanced by you in
the forest this afternoon.”

Sango turned the color of Inu Yasha's kimono. She was furious and embarrassed
all at the same time. “How dare you –”

dare I what, watch two pitiful humans trying out each others bodies for the
first time?” Sesshoumaru just laughed at her cruelly. “Come now, you can't tell
me that you didn't enjoy it. I saw that you did”, he said as he ran a single
claw up her thigh.

She tried to slap his hand away, but he grabbed both her wrists and pulled her
arms back behind her head. “Now, now - we can't have you ruining my fun. But
don't worry, I won't hurt you.”

“You are
scum, Sesshoumaru. I don't want ydirtdirty hands all over me. I finally got the
man I'm in love with to respond to me and you're not going to ruin that

Sesshoumaru just laughed and let her go. She slid off the bed and turned to
face him, ready to fight. She couldn't believe it, he was still laughing. “What's
so funny, Dog Breath?”

“I - I
don't want you”, he started as he tried to catch his breath, “I want to BE

Sango couldn't believe her ears. “Nani?! You want what?”

Sesshoumaru tried to compose himself. He was still smiling wildly. “I said I want
to be you.” He began to slowly circle the girl, looking her up and down. He
studied her for a moment, memorizing the way she stood, the expressions on her

“I want
to learn how to be like you. What makes you tick? I want you to tell me your
secrets. That's why I brought you here.” Sesshoumaru said as he backed away
from her. He went over to the table beside his bed and picked up a small
mirror. Brushing his bangs away from his eyes, he continued. “Plus I know that
Inu Yasha and his bitch will come here looking for you, and they'll bring your
man with them. That monk sure looked appetizing. All naked and glistening.
Mmmmmmmmm. That's what I really want to know, how you made him want you.”

Just then Miroku came crashing thru the door, followed by the rest of the
group. He seemed clueless as to what was truly going on. He grabbed Sango to
him and whispered to her, “Did he hurt you?” She shook her head. Turning to
look at the youkai, he brought up his staff ready to attack. Sesshoumaru just
stood there. He had been prepared to fight his half brother and the bitch, but
he couldn't bring himself to hurt Miroku. The monk took this as a sign of
weakness and turned to retrieve Sango.

Sesshoumaru rushed towards him, meaning to stop him from leaving with the girl.
Miroku saw him out of the corner of his eye and thought the demon was being a
coward, attacking him from behind. In a flash he brought up his staff, but he
was too close to Sango and accidentally knocked her into Sesshoumaru's large
wardrobe. He did manage to hit the demon as well, sending him sprawling over
the bed. His garments had been disturbed by the action and a pair of pink, lacy
panties could be seen peeking out from underneath his robes.

Once again, all jaws dropped at the sight. The only one not surprised by this
new development was Sango. She had managed to crawl out of the large dresser in
time to see Sesshoumaru hastily trying to cover up his under garments.

Finally, Kagome regained her senses long enough to point out to everyone that
the panties belonged to her. “How dare you steal from me, and then wear them
even!” The girl was furious. She was also confused. She didn't understand why
the youkai would do such a thing. She was naïve and had lost her memory, after

pathetic. I always knew that you were odd, but now I know that you are fucking
sick! Not even the lech would want a freak like you”, sneered Inu Yasha.

Sango almost laughed. She alone knew how bad Sesshoumaru wanted the lech to
want him. Instead she proposed a deal. “I think that Sesshoumaru is gonna leave
us alone from now on. Isn't that right, princess”, Sango asked the youkai. “I
would hate to have to tell everyone about your preferences.”

right. I know about your taste for certain humans”, said Inu Yasha as he tilted
his head toward Miroku. “I don't have these dog ears for nothing, you know.”

Sesshoumaru went pale. If there was one person he didn't want knowing his
secret, it was his half brother. He knew if Inu Yasha or Sango ever told
anyone, he would be the laughing stock of the youkai world. No one knew right
now besides them - not even Jaken knew. And he wanted to keep it that way.

right, you won't be hearing from me anymore.” He smiled slightly, although he
had a sick look on his face. He backed up out of the room, leaving the friends
standing there, amazed. Shippo, Miroku, and Kagome were all equally confused.
Miroku didn't think that wearing Kagome's panties was bad enough to warrant
that kind of reaction from Sesshoumaru. He had thought about trying them on a
few times, himself. He was about to question this when Shippo broke the

just giving up, just like that? What a pansy!”

aren't kidding”, chuckled Inu Yasha. “Let's get out of hear before we run into
Jaken wearing a dress and a wig.”

“Hmmm, I
wonder if Sesshoumaru would like it if I put flowers in HIS hair”, mumbled

* *
* *

As they walked back to the campsite, Sango allowed Miroku to hold her with his
arm around her waist. She felt content, and she looked it too. He was glad she
was finally letting them be a couple. It just felt right for them to be
together. They had both wanted a relationship for so long, but both had been
afraid of rejection. Now everything seemed so to be as it should.

Inu Yasha still carried Kagome on his back. They were traveling at a slow,
steady pace, but she had asked to be carried and he, as a gentleman, had
obliged. She rested her head on his shoulder. Shippo had tried to climb up on
her shoulder, but she had prodded him off, saying that she wanted to sleep.
Shippo thought he wanted to sleep to, but she had told him to walk. Instead, he
turned himself into his pink, bubble like form and floated ahead of them.

Yasha”, Kagome said drowsily, “What were you and Sesshoumaru talking about back
there. What on earth could he have done that was so bad he would rather leave
us alone than have you or Sango tell?”

Inu Yasha paused for a minute, trying to think of the most polite way to tell
her. “Well, let me put it this way, you and Sango have more in common with
Sesshoumaru than you think.”

she sighed. She was silent for awhile and Inu Yasha looked back to find her
asleep. Her mouth was parted slightly and she had a peaceful look on her face.
He smiled and put his head to one side, resting it on the arm that was wrapped
around his neck.

* *
* *

Morning came and the 5 friends decided to break camp and go back to the
village. They needed the comfort of Kaede's hut, and her good cooking wouldn't
hurt either. Before they left the two girls decided to take one last dip in the
spring. The guys had wanted to come too, but Kagome had told them that she
needed some time alone with Sango, some 'girl time' she called it.

Sango had finished washing her hair and they had just moved over to lean
against the bank when Kagome decided to broach the subject of Sango's new
relationship. “Sango, we need to talk. There are some things you may not know
going on, and I just wanted you to know so you could - you know - be careful.”

are you talking about”, Sango asked as she rung out her hair. “I am being
careful. I made sure Miroku's feelings for me where genuine before we made

that's not really what I meant, although I'm glad to know that it wasn't just
sex. See, Inu Yasha smelt something last night when he was trying to pick up
Sesshoumaru's scent. Seems, ummm, that you are 'in heat'. And I wanted you to
know so that you would be careful, 'cause you know that means you could get
pregnant, right?”

that! Not to worry. I found some medicine in Sesshoumaru's wardrobe when I got
pushed in there and downed it. It said on the bottle that it would prevent

Kagome fainted. It was a good thing they had been leaning up against the bank.
Sango went over and gently slapped Kagome on the cheek, trying to awaken her
friend. And that's how Shippo found the two friends, a naked Sango standing
over an equally naked Kagome, and Sango was slapping the girl. He sure was
confused. Miroku and Sango, then Sesshoumaru and Sango, and now Kagome and
Sango. ‘Guess there's still a lot more
for me to learn before I become an adult’, he thought and ran off to ask
Kaede for some of her headache relieving potion.


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