Lust or Love

BY : Phlie
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Lust or Love?

An alternative fanfic
created by Phlie.

Chapter 3 - Fight!

The sun kissed the dew on the grass good morning. Birds flew after each other,
chirping out their love songs. A gentle breeze brought the smell of spring. Shippo
and Kaede both marveled at the beautiful beginning to their day. Inu Yasha sat
in front of the hut staring out at - nothing. There was nothing. Kagome had
left the night before and he had let her go at Kaede's insistence. He guessed
the old woman was right. Kagome probably had a lot to think about and needed
the time to herself. But now he was wishing he had gone after her. She couldn't
protect herself, and she had been gone a long time.

Just as he was about to get up and go looking for her, he spotted Kagome out of
the corner of his keen eyes. He lit up. She was wearing more traditional
clothing instead of those smutty looking skirts he was accustomed to seeing her
in. She looked so fresh, as fresh as the spring day. Then he noticed that she
had a companion. He squinted his eyes and his mood went dark again as he
recognized who it was. ‘Miroku. You lech.
If you've so much as lifted a finger towards her I'll slash you open so fast
you won't have to worry about the air rip.’

“Wow. You
sure are in a bad mood on such a beautiful day”, Shippo said to Inu Yasha as he
watched the hanyou's face get darker and darker.

Inu Yasha turned to him and Shippo thought he was in for another pounding.
Fortunately, Inu Yasha just growled at him and then shot out from the hut,
running as fast as he could to the couple coming from the forest.

Kagome didn't notice him. She had turned to look for her new friends, finding
Miroku there, but not the girl. She called for Sango, but got no answer. Kagome
frowned. Miroku turned then and called for the missing girl. Kagome got an
unsettling feeling. She started to retrace their steps, back into the forest.

Inu Yasha saw Kagome turn and thought she was going to run from him. Then he
heard her call for their friends. ‘Something
must be wrong with Sango.’ He ran faster still and was almost to Kagome
when she let out a surprised yelp. A hand had snaked out and grabbed her,
pulling her up into the trees. Inu Yasha couldn't see her anymore.

“Let her
go, you bastard! I'm gonna rip your fucking head off when I get up there!” Inu
Yasha was ready to kill whoever had grabbed Kagome and leapt into the air. Half
way up the tree something fell past him and he watched it fall to the forest
floor. It was a badly beaten Kouga. Inu Yasha looked from the body lying at the
base of the tree to the girls above him. Sango was balancing herself on a limb,
visibly shaken. Kagome, on the other hand looked as if she had thoroughly
enjoyed herself.

“What a
rush. I didn't know that beating up a pervert would be so much fun. Is it
always this much fun when we battle together”, she asked her companions.

Three sets of jaws dropped as they all whipped their heads to look at the
usually dainty, timid girl. None of them could believe that she had not only
fought off something with her own too hands, but that she had enjoyed it.

Kouga began to raise himself off the forest floor and Inu Yasha pushed him back
down to the earth with his foot on the wolf demon's back. “I think I would stay
down if I were you. What did you do to piss Kagome off so bad”, he asked.

I swear! I was just trying to get her alone. Just to talk”, he quickly added as
Inu Yasha ground his heel into Kouga's back.

why did you grab me”, asked Sango. She was able to finally compose herself and
crawled down to a lower limb, then jumped the small distance to the ground.
Kagome followed her.

couldn't tell you apart at first. You both had on similar clothes and I was so
distracted by the birds chirping around my head, that I just grabbed the first
girl I came to.”

right. You are just a sick, perverted bastard. Admit it!” Kagome had a glint in
her eyes. She could fight him again in an instant.

that would be the monk”, sighed Inu Yasha, as he let
the other demon up. “I think it would be in your best interest if you didn't
come around Kagome for awhile. She's had an accident and isn't quite herself
right now.”


“Yah, I
noticed. But I want to help her. I would do anything to aid my woman.”

Inu Yasha's whole body tensed up. Not because of the asshole's comment about
Kagome being his woman, when everyone knew she belonged to him. This time he
was afraid of the curses that would soon erupt from Kagome. He waited, but
nothing happened. He turned around to find her gone. Again.

* * *

No one had seen her slip away. She didn't know how to handle this feeling
inside her. She had never felt this way, not that she knew of anyway. It was
like a big burst of energy surging thru her body. She loved it, and wanted
more. But how could she keep feeling this way and not hurt her friends? She
needed action. The thrill of winning against the wolf guy had startled her, but
she slowly started to accept it. She sat down on the grass next to the spring
and breathed in deeply. It was almost calming now, the knowledge that she could
do this and not need Inu Yasha's help. He couldn't tease her about being
kidnapped anymore and that in itself made her giddy. She started laughing.

The sound of laughter caught Inu Yasha's ears and he smiled. He didn't know why
she was laughing, but he was glad to know that she was happy. That was more
like the girl he knew and loved.

The three friends went in search of Kagome. They found her lounging by the
spring and joined her. She looked for Kouga and saw that he had decided to flee
her wrath.

that wolf guy run away like a big sissy”, she asked the group.

He's pretty harmless. You should watch out for Miroku, though. He's the real
problem.” Sango shot Miroku a knowing look. The monk looked hurt, but smiled

Inu Yasha sat quietly, watching the group and thinking that things seemed to be
getting back to normal. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice Shippo
trying to sneak up on him. At the last moment, Inu Yasha heard the kitsune step
on a twig. It was too late. The child had dumped a bucket of cold spring water
on Inu Yasha's head and then ran away hoping that by the time Inu Yasha shook
of the water and began to chase, he would back safe at Kaede's hut. Inu Yasha
didn't give chase, though. He was too wrapped up in what was happening there
right in front of him. Kagome had gotten up and was hiking up her kimono.

“What in
the hell do you think you are doing? Do you want Kouga, the lech, and every
other male - human and demon - to come for you?!”

“No, I
just thought that the cold water would be refreshing. Looked good on you.”
Kagome winked at the astonished boy as she walked into the water.

Once again three jaws dropped in surprise at Kagome.

‘Just when
I thought she was back to normal’, thought Inu Yasha.

wait up”, called Miroku. “That does look refreshing!”

Inu Yasha and Sango both pelted him on the head.


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