Lust or Love

BY : Phlie
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Lust or Love?

An alternative fanfic
created by Phlie.

Chapter 6 - Starlight

'Not again', he thought. 'She
doesn't know who I am.' He panicked for a moment, thinking something else
had happened to her. 'Ahhhhhh. She doesn't know about my change. She doesn't
recognize me in this state. I know I didn't reveal my secrets to her, but I
thought someone else would have. No wonder she hasn't told me to sit'

"I am a weary traveler, searching for a place to refresh my spirit. May I
join you?"

Kagome looked at the boy. He looked, how could she put it? Safe. He looked
safe. He was handsome, but not roguish. She got up and came closer to him. He
had beautiful, raven black hair, longer than hers. She looked into his eyes.
She was mesmerized. His eyes were not only a beautiful, almost violet color,
they looked kind and friendly. She felt as if she could look into those eyes

"Ahem”, coughed the boy. "I don't mean to sound rude, but are you out
here to stare at the sky, or me?"

Kagome blushed wildly and looked away. She hadn't felt this way around any of
the boys she knew, especially Inu Yasha. She felt almost as giddy now as she
did after a fight, only the feeling was different, better. She felt great and
she wanted the world to know!

The boy just stood there with a half smile on his face. He recognized that look
on her face. This was the Kagome he remembered. This was the woman he loved. He
wanted to reach out to her and hold her close, but he declined. He wasn't ready
for more pain. He needed to make sure she was his again.

She came out of her daze and sunk back down to the ground. "You may join
me”, she said as she timidly glanced up at her new companion.

He stood there for a minute more before positioning himself at her side. He was
almost close enough to her for them to be touching, but not quite. He hid a
smile as he felt her body tense up at the closeness.

"The stars are singing to us, you know. Their light shines on us and sings
us to sleep."

Kagome glanced over at him. Was she hearing correctly? Was this boy being
sensitive? She was unused to this. Inu Yasha was always complaining and being
rude, Miroku only cared about being in the starlight if it meant it made you
want to get naked with him, and Kouga wouldn't know what starlight was if you spelled
it out for him. She wasn't sure about Shippo, but she figured he was too young
to care.

She got a dreamy sort of look in her eyes and just nodded her head at the boy.
She wondered if she had already fallen asleep and really was dreaming all this.
She hoped not.

* *
* *

They talked all night. They never even touched elbows, just talked. Inu Yasha
couldn't remember the last time they had been this civil, this nice to each
other. They had a wonderful time, just the two of them. It was too bad she
didn't realize who he was. And now he had to go before he returned to his
hanyou form and found out. He rose up and turned toward her, helping her up.

"I must be going now. I have a long day of traveling ahead of me and I
need to be on my way."

Kagome thought she would burst. No! She had finally met a boy who was
fantastic, and he was leaving. She couldn't believe her luck. "Are you
sure you have to go so soon”, she asked him sadly.

"Unfortunately I do, but I want to see you again. May I come visit you
sometime in your village?"

"Of course you can. I would be glad to see you, anytime."

She blushed. He picked up her hand in his and brought it to his cheek. Her
heart skipped a few beats and she found it hard to catch her breath. This was
the first time he had laid a finger on her the whole night! He brushed her hand
against his face and then released it. She closed her eyes and finally took in
a deep breath. "You haven't even told me your name."

She opened up her eyes, but he was already gone.

* *
* *

Sango and Miroku were worried. They had sent Shippo out to look for Kagome, but
he hadn't come back yet. Then Inu Yasha came back, looking like he was the
luckiest man alive. Sango cornered her demon friend, wanting to know what had

"It's none of your business”, he told the nosy girl.

"It is when I am worried about her. I just want to make sure she's

"How would I know? I don't keep up with that silly girl."

Sango glared at him and he turned his head, trying to hide his eyes. "I
know you were with her last night, I can see it on your face. You came back
here too happy not to have been with your love."

Inu Yasha was about to deny it again when they heard Shippo calling out. He
came out of the woods, skipping ahead. Then they saw Kagome. She was singing
and dancing around. She had put flowers all thru her hair, and Shippo was
sporting the petals as well.

Inu Yasha grabbed Sango's arm as she was about to go greet her friends.
"She doesn't know it was me”, he whispered. "She was being nice to me
and we had a good time. I don't want to ruin it for her by telling her she was
with the man she hates."

"She doesn't hate you”, Sango tried to reassure the boy.

Inu Yasha turned then, walking towards the camp. Sango watched him for a minute
before turning back towards her singing friends.

* *
* *

Kagome saw Sango rush towards her. She was really glad to see her friend. She
had so much to tell her! 'Oh, I hope
she's happy for me. I know that she
gets lonely sometimes.' That last thought suddenly made Kagome very sad. 'What if
Sango never finds her true love. The man she'll want to spend the rest of her
life with?'

"Oh, Kagome, I am so glad you're back! Guess who else is here?"

Kagome stopped for a split second. Could it be him, the boy she had secretly
given her heart to? 'No, of course it
isn't him. He had gone on a long journey.' Before she could question
Sango about it, Inu Yasha landed right in front of the girls.

"You-you're back. I'm glad to see that you are safe, Inu Yasha", Kagome
whispered. For some reason she was actually glad to see him.

"Feh. Of course I'm safe. Nothing can hurt me." 'No one but you’, he
thought. "Where did you go off to so early in the morning?"

Kagome got all starry eyed. "I was just out at the spring. Fine day for a
swim. You should try it, you're a filthy dog." Kagome brushed some dirt
clumps out of Inu Yasha's silver hair.

'Oh, that bitch!
I can't believe she could make fun of me that way in front of our friends!'
Inu Yasha bit his lower lip, trying so hard not to say anything nasty to
Kagome. Someday she was gonna find out it had been him she had spent the night
with, and he didn't ever want her to regret it.

"What, no nasty comebacks from you today?"

Inu Yasha just walked away. He headed towards the village. Maybe Kaede knew of
a way to get Kagome back to normal. It didn't matter what it was, he needed her
the way she used to be. Shippo ran after him, hoping that he could sneak up on
the hanyou and tuck flowers into his hair.

"You know, you just did it again”, Sango said as she rolled her eyes at
her friend.

"I know. And I was trying so hard not to. He just makes me so mad! He's so
different from the type of guy I want."

"Do you even know what type of guy you want?"

Kagome's eyes sparkled again at the thought of her mystery man. "Oh,
Sango, I do! I met the most wonderful boy last night. He was kind, sensitive,
and caring. And he was gorgeous. But best of all, he didn't lay a hand on me,
til we parted. Awwww", Kagome sighed

Sango just bit her tongue as she let her friend lead her back to the camp

* *
* * *

"So, do you know how we can get her to act like her normal self, or

"Patience, Inu Yasha. It seems to me that the best course of action is
patience. Let her have some space, but also you must treat her like you once
did before - with love and understanding."

"But she's impossible. She treats me badly, but is good as gold to me when
she meets me in human form."

Kaede sighed. "Inu Yasha, it was once this way for her as well. You used
to treat her the same. It's been a tough road for both
of you, but you both will prevail. Just be patient.
Oh, and maybe it would help if you stopped wearing flowers in your hair. I
don't think Kagome would ever go for a hanyou that was flower fresh."

Inu Yasha's jaw dropped as he reached up to feel the soft petals in his mane.
He heard a chuckle from outside the hut. "Shippo! You better hide cause I'm coming to get you!"

Inu Yasha left the hut. Shippo had already started running. He decided it was
better to think out this situation with Kagome than to chase the child. He knew
that Kaede was right, but the pain was still there. If only Kagome could treat
him like she did the other night, everything would be great. As he headed back
towards the forest, he made a vow that no matter how long it took, he would
make her his - once and for all.


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