Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)


A/N: It’s been forever since I’ve sat down and started writing again. I’ve recently gone through a lot of changes, which freed up a lot of my time J Due to my work schedule updates will be blotchy, but I will NEVER stop writing until this story is done. Well, enough of me wasting my time instead of writing!



Japanese words and their meanings:

Sohei – a warrior monk



Chapter One


Someday they'll find your small town world on a big town avenue

Gonna make you like the way they talk when they're talking to you



 ‘One day, I’ll find what I need. One day I’ll find peace, love and happiness.’ She thought to herself as she bent down to tie her shoe. He had left her here by the campfire again, Inu-Yasha had left to ‘scout out an issue’ he supposedly smelt after they finished setting up camp for the evening. He rambled on about how it could be a threat to the camp; she scoffed at the thought. She knew damn well that it wasn’t a threat. Kagome looked into the fire as a cool fall breeze blew through her long, ebony locks. She had her bets that it was Kikyou, not a demon threat to their camp.

 Miroku and Sango were off walking, their usual nightly routine since Naraku had been defeated. The couple’s relationship seemed to blossom uncontrollably now that the arachnid had been squashed like the bug he was. Kagome smiled at the wandering thought of their wedding that would be held this coming spring.


 Shippou had been left in the care of Keade, where Rin currently was too. The group decided that would be best for the two youngsters as the clan hunted down information about how to seal the well for good. Sealing the well off now that Naraku had been defeated is the only logical thing left to do. While their search thus far has been entirely fruitless, they continued to look for any sign of how to close the portal between the past and the future.


 Kagome’s thoughts wandered to Shippou, she thought of how big the little Kitsune has become. He was no longer a little boy but instead a teenager fueled by attitude. She giggled at the first sight of “love” in her son’s eyes. He and Rin really hit it off once Naraku was taken care of.


 Kagome poked a stick into the fire to stirring up embers before adding more logs into the hungry, dying flames. ‘What is he doing? Why can’t he just love the living?’ her mind’s ramblings began to take over her consciousness. ‘What does she have that I don’t? Why can’t he just grow up and realize the life that could be offered to him? Why can’t he see that I’d do anything for him.’ A silent tear slid down her face as her unanswered questions flowed through her mind.

Inu-Yasha had grown to be more secretive and distant after Naraku’s death. At first she thought it was because he lost sight in what his purpose was in life. She tried everything to pull him out of it, but stopped once she realized that he was seeking Kikyou for comfort.


 ‘I shouldn’t be crying. This behavior isn’t exactly new.’ She thought to herself, wiping the salty trail off of her face. ‘I should be trying to find ways to get over him.’ Getting to her feet, Kagome started pacing in front of the fire as one thought ran through her head. ‘Maybe I should look for him. Maybe if I see him with her it will help me close my heart to him.’ Her heart sped up. Determination lit her eyes as she thought of ways to free herself of the burden of actively loving a Hanyou who would never truly love her.


 This was going to hurt; she knew that by the deep gut feeling that riveted through her intestines. The moment she started walking towards them, the moment her eyes landed on the hanyou and the dead miko her heart would be crushed, yet her spirit set free. She looked towards the edge of the forest where he disappeared nearly an hour ago. ‘Inu-Yasha.’ She thought absentmindedly. ‘This is the end of us.’ Another tear rolled down her cheek, as she forced her feet to take the first few steps towards the edge of the forest.


 She touched the branch that was preventing her from continuing down the pathway towards her destination. She knew that if she followed through with this, there would be no turning back. There would be no more chances for the hanyou that she loved so much. Knowing damned well how much it hurts to watch the love of your life choose someone else over you, she knew that this one act had to be the only thing that would keep her heart from loving him. Without another thought, she pulled the branch back and walked into the forest, towards the pull of the other half of her soul.




 “Kikyou.” Inu-Yasha whispered, brushing her long, onyx-colored hair behind her ear. His other clawed, calloused hand ran across her now bare shoulders, caressing her cold, milk-colored skin.


 “Inu-Yasha.” She whispered in return. “How can you keep this up? How much longer are you going to lie to her? When will you be able to let her go and commit yourself to me?” Kikyou asked the hanyou before her.

 “It’s complicated, Kikyou.” His short reply came as his fingers trailed down her body. “I don’t want to hurt her.”


 “You will hurt her even more if she finds out before you want to tell her.” Her soulless, chocolate orbs connected with his vibrant golden ones.


 “No, I doubt that. Kagome will understand. She will see things my way, she always does.”


 “You are naive aren’t you?” Kikyou looked at him with a pained look on her face. “Her and I are one of the same, I’m telling you how she will undoubtedly feel.” Her hand trailed though his rough, silver hair. “Inu, you’re hurting me by not telling her too. I don’t want to keep this a secret forever. I want to be able to tell our friends that we are in a relationship, that we are in love. I want to be able to ask my little sister for help in planning a wedding one day. I want to be, for once, a normal girl in love.” Kikyou’s hands dropped to her sides. Her eyes slid closed, and she sighed.


 Inu-Yasha sighed, then took her face in his hands. “Look, Kikyou. I’ll tell her tonight all right? Come back with me to camp, we can tell them all together.” He wrapped his arms around her, and captured her mouth in a kiss of fiery passion.


 “You won’t have to tell me Inu-Yasha.” Kagome whispered as another single tear fell down her cheek. She turned around as his hands started roam across Kikyou’s body. She tortured herself enough; now it was time to plan how she would make her break without anyone knowing what is going on. Miroku and Sango would only try to talk her out of leaving. She needed to branch off – she needed the separation from him, from her. Otherwise, she would never heal.


 Inu-Yasha pushed his nose into Kikyou’s neck and inhaled deeply. The dull scent of thunderstorms intermingled with clay and dirt filled his nostrils along with the slight passing scent of a crackling thunderstorm, the lightest addition of honeysuckle, and a hint of salt. His breath hitched as he looked up and around to see if his senses deceived him, or if she really was there.


 “What is it Inu-Yasha?” Kikyou asked as the hanyou looked around in a circle franticly.


 “Nothing, it must have been the wind.” He replied gruffly before burying his nose back into the crook of her neck, and stripping her of the rest of her clothing.





 “Miroku, we should probably get back to camp. Kagome and Inu-Yasha will be looking for us soon if we aren’t.” Sango said with a blush as she pulled her shirt back over her head.


 “I’m sure they have figured out that we will be back in due time.” Miroku answered lightly, wrapping his arms around her.


 “Miroku, don’t you start that again!” Sango blushed a deep crimson red as his hands wove up under her shirt. “I’m serious! We don’t have the time for ‘round two’ tonight!” she giggled out as his fingers went from light teasing touches to gentle tickles once he realized he had lost that battle.


 “Okay, okay I’ll stop.” He sighed with a grin. “Lets get back.” He held out his arm for Sango to loop hers though so they could walk back to the camp arm in arm together.  The walked together in silence, enjoying the warmth of the love they shared for each other. The simple touch of their arms laced together was enough for an exchanged between the two lovers. Sango rested her head against the Sohei’s shoulder as they wandered into the clearing that housed their camp for the evening.


 “Where is everyone?” Miroku asked, looking at the now dead fire and empty campsite.


 “I don’t know.” Sango said letting go of Miroku’s arm and walked further into the camp, looking for something to tell them what was going on. The couple looked through the camp together coming up with nearly nothing except a few footprints, and a note addressed to Inu-Yasha.


 “Should we read it?” Miroku asked, looking at the folded piece of paper in Sango’s hands. She remained quiet, running her fingers over the folds of the note before finally making the decision to open the paper.


 “Inu-Yasha, Sango, Miroku, and I guess Kikyou since you will be here to read this too,” Sango paused, and then looked at Miroku. Tears welled in her eyes, as she knew without having to read the rest of the page before knowing what the text actually said. She shoved the page into Miroku’s hands and walked over to the fire, stoking the flames back into their destructive glory.


 Miroku took the paper, quickly reading through the rest of the young Miko’s text.




                                   Inu-Yasha, Sango, Miroku, and I guess Kikyou since you will be here to read this too,


I’m going home. I need time to let my heart heal. I’ll continue to search for answers to closing the Bone Eater’s Well in my time. Maybe there is something in a history or fairytale book that will help us find a way to seal the well forever. If I find something, I will find you.


Sango and Miroku, I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you came back. I’m sorry that I will more than likely miss your wedding. Miroku, don’t harass her too much about children until she is actually your wife, you Hentai.


                        I’m going to miss you guys.







“She’s gone.” Miroku whispered. He pushed the letter into his pocket, and waited for Inu-Yasha and, apparently, Kikyou to come back.


 Sango remained quiet; staring into the flames waiting for what she already knew was going to happen to come. ‘No, I will not let these tears fall. Kagome wouldn’t want me to be crying. We all knew that one day she would go home and never return anyways. But she is my sister! How could she just leave me here with no explanation or word of good-bye? How could she?’ The first tears of the evening fell into the flames below her; the sound of the drop sizzling in revolt against the red embers below met her ears and her sadness slowly churned into anger.


 “It will be okay Sango.” Sadness laced through his voice as he softly spoke to Sango. Her pain resonated through her; the pained expressions on her face and the reflection of the dancing flames in the trails left on her face from the tears she had shed caused him pain. He hated seeing her in such an upset state.


  “Will it ever be okay now that she is gone?” Her anger built with every passing second. ‘Why is she here? What is Kikyou’s importance to this?’ Sango sighed as she attempted to subdue her rage. “What does Kikyou have to do with any of this? Why was she apart of Kagome’s letter?”


 “I don’t know Sango, but we will find out soon enough I’m sure.” Miroku sat behind Sango and wrapped his arms around her. He sat deep in thought as he tried to comfort the warrior in his arms. ‘She must have caught Inu-Yasha with Kikyou. He thought grimly. ‘It’s the only thing that even makes sense.”  They waited for Inu-Yasha to return to camp, wrapped in the comfort of each other.




 She ran towards the well, her legs pushing her forward as fast as they could possibly carry her. Her eyes streamed tears, and even though she willed them to stop, they just wouldn’t. ‘Why did you do that Kagome?’ She asked herself as she fled though the forest. ‘Why couldn’t you have just waited, said good night to everyone and then snuck out of camp while everyone else was sleeping?’ She argued with herself.


 ‘I’m doing the right thing, I know I am.’ She thought, as her breath grew shorter. ‘It’s time for a break before I pass out from overexertion.’ She broke through the dense woods into a small clearing with a hot springs. Her eyes widened and she smiled, ‘This is exactly what I need!’


 She walked over to the waters pristine edges and gently dipped her fingers into the waters edge. The temperature was perfect! Shaking the water from her fingers, a sad smile swept across her face. Usually Sango accompanied her for their “Girl-Talk” baths. She stripped herself down, carefully folding each article of clothing, and dipped her toes into the water.


 Lowering her body into the steaming oasis of water below her, she tried to let all worries slip from her mind.  ‘Maybe this is all I really need before I go home. Just a really hot bath before plunging myself into the real world.’ She slid her eyes shut, and let the hot water warm her sore muscles, and tired limbs. ‘I can’t stay in for long, just a few minutes.’ She told herself, as her warm, chocolate orbs slid shut for only a minute. ‘The good thing is, it will take Inu-Yasha longer to find me. I’m glad Keade taught me how to cloak myself.’ The young priestess smiled as her world slowly went black.




 “You’re WHAT?” Sango screamed at the Hanyou before her. “How could you betray her like that? How could you even consider doing such a… a… Monstrous act.” She spit out at him.


 “Sango relax! It’s really not that big of a deal. Kagome will understand why I did what I did. She understands me.” The hanyou said happily.


 “If she will understand why you did what you did, than explain this!” Sango dug her hands into Miroku’s pockets, located what she was looking for and shoved the piece of paper into his face. She stormed off ranting about how he did the worst thing he could have ever done, betraying her trust and her kindheartedness.


 Miroku looked at the couple before him, then to his future bride. Multiple thoughts raced though his head, though the one that stuck out the most is how beautiful his Taijiya looked while she was angry. He quickly shook the thought from his head and began looking at the facts: Inu-Yasha and Kikyou were now openly admitting they were in a relationship, Kagome must have overheard a conversation that Inu-Yasha and Kikyou had without them knowing and found out. This resulted in Kagome’s return to her own time.


 “She’s gone?” Inu-Yasha asked in disbelief. “There’s no way she’s gone. She couldn’t have traveled to the well that fast. There’s no way she could have.” He looked at the group around him. He had noticed she wasn’t there, but figured she was taking a bath or relieving herself or something.


 “Took you long enough to notice you idiot! I can’t believe how dense you are Inu-Yasha!” Sango yelled at him as she donned the rest of her armor.


 “Where are you going? You can’t go after her by yourself.” Inu-Yasha scoffed. “Besides you humans need to stay here while I go look for Kagome. God only knows what kind of trouble she is in now.” The hanyou looked at the group surrounding him. “Stay here, in case she returns. I’ll be able to find her scen-” He stopped mid sentence when he felt the electric sensation of Kagome’s Reiki flow over his skin. “Kagome’s in trouble.” Inu-Yasha said, and without an explanation, he jumped into the treetops and darted into the direction he felt the pulse from.


 Miroku looked at Sango, and without saying a word they both nodded and started running after Inu-Yasha’s path of destruction towards Kagome.





 Kagome’s eyes snapped open, and looked up to the sky to see light instead of darkness. ‘I only closed my eyes for a few minutes. What’s going on here?’ She pulled her body out of the springs and quickly dressed into her clothing surveying her surroundings as she did so. She could feel them, their eyes lingering on her.


With the sudden realization that she was being watched, she knocked an arrow and drew back and waited for the chance to let it loose. “I know you’re out there!” She yelled. “Show yourself you coward!” She harnessed her Reiki and let loose a pulse of her energy, and located the demon in question. She angled her body into his direction, and loosed the arrow she had drawn, and it landed exactly where she wanted it, just a hair beside the demons head. “Show yourself, I wont miss next time!” She shouted out into the direction of the being before her.


 Just as she had asked, the demon pushed himself forward into the clearing that housed the springs. She looked at his unfamiliar form; he was a tall yokai his hair a shimmering lilac, his eyes as blue as the sky. He held a light expression on his face, far from serious at all, his clothing made her realize he must in a political position such Sesshomaru.


 “What do you want, Yokai? Speak before I loose another arrow.” Kagome barked out.


 “You.” The demon smiled, and lunged towards the Miko Priestess, and before she even had time to react her world turned black.

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