Hand-Me Down

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Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)


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Japanese translations:
Baka - Fool



Chapter 5



Somebody ought to take you in
Try to make you love again



‘How do I wish to kill the first Ningen and that pathetic Daiyokai?’ He grinned as he contemplated their demise. ‘This will be too easy.’




 Kagome was packing the last of her belongings, thinking about what topics she should discuss with the Daiyokai first. Unlike Inu-Yasha, she knew he would understand the seriousness of following the rules of the future. ‘I know that he’s still skeptical of the fact that I am from the future.’ She sighed as she zipped up her backpack. ‘I know he will take my words seriously once we are though the well, if I can even get him though the well.’

 She looked over to where he stood. His hands were crossed over his chest, his shoulder resting against the wall of the cave as he stared out into the clearing; it was like he was looking for something or someone to show up. He looked regal, even in his seemingly relaxed poise. She watched him untangle his crossed arms and push strands of hair that had fallen over his shoulder back into submission.

‘Get a hold of yourself Kagome! This is Sesshomaru! THE Sesshomaru who attempted to kill you in the past, and will kill you without thinking twice about it now! He’s already warned you once you baka!’ She berated herself, forcing her to snap out of her trance on the demon Lord before her. She pulled her backpack up onto her shoulder and walked up to him.

  “I’m ready to go now.” Brown eyes met gold as she approached him. ‘He needs someone to melt those harsh golden eyes of his, along with his heart.’ She sighed looking at the demon lord, trying to think of what could possibly melt the Ice Lord himself. ‘No, bad Kagome!’ she thought as she forced her eyes to break away from his.  

 Arching his brow, he looked at the Miko before him. ‘Odd.’ He thought to himself as he watched the rush of emotions swim across her face. “Hn.” He responded, walking out of the cave. “I have to stop at a local village.”

 “Okay.” Kagome said compliantly. “Why’s that?” She tilted her head slightly to the left in an inquisitive manner.

 “I was informed this morning that there’s a demon terrorizing a human village near by.” He sighed, refraining himself from rubbing the bridge of his nose out of frustration. ‘So many questions.’ He thought blandly.

 “You have human villages in your lands?”

 The shock in her voice caught him by surprise. “Hn.” His short response was all he would allow for an explanation. ‘Insolent human, why wouldn’t there be human villages in a territory as vast as mine?’ He growled internally at the absurd question.  ‘Is she so naive to think that my father located a human wench outside of the western lands?’

 “I didn’t mean to sound so shocked. I just didn’t think that you allowed humans to reside on your lands. I mean, after all you do hate my species.” Her quiet response elicited an unseen risen silver brow. ‘It would make sense, considering Inu-Yasha’s mother was from around here somewhere. I just never imagined that he would allow them to continue to live here.’

 They walked together in silence, Kagome observing the lands surrounding her; Sesshomaru walked quietly, regally ahead of her. Kagome looked up at the quiet Daiyokai, and figured that now would be as good of a time as any to begin to tell him of the things he will see in her time. “Sesshomaru?” Her voice reached out to him.

 “Hn?” He responded quizzically, not bothering to look back at the Miko.

 “I wanted to discuss some of the things that you will see in my time.” She said confidently, jogging up to the demon lord’s side.

 Her statement caused him to look over to her; his eyes betrayed his placid face momentarily as curiosity flitted across their golden surfaces. “Go on.” He stated flatly.

 “First thing, there are a lot of differences between building structures here and in the future.” She took a deep breath. “Your castle, while impressive in this time, pales in comparison to some of the skyscrapers in my time. They have metal and crushed stone structures, and they are so tall that it looks like they are touching the sky from the ground level.”

 “There is no way they can create buildings from metal and crushed stone.” He stated, like it was common fact it could never be achieved. ‘Buildings of crushed stone and metal, this Sesshomaru will have to see such things to believe it.’ He scoffed inwardly.

 “Well, its not just crushed stone, it’s a mixture that is called concrete. When you mix it with water it becomes as solid as stone again.” She tried to explain to him. As his brow fell, she moved on to the next topic. “The way of life is quite different because machinery handles most of our work for us.  There are automated mills for food that process everything for you, and even package it so it lasts longer. We harness water and can control the temperatures for perfect baths.

“Candles to light the room you are in still exist, however we usually use electricity for that, which turns on a little glass ball or tube and makes it light up, kind of like a candle. The machinery that you will encounter the most is used for transportation.”

 “Go on.” He reiterated.

 “Well there are motor vehicles called cars. People drive them from place to place instead of walking there. They’re powered by an engine, and can go really fast, some can go as fast as you can run.” She stole a glance at the Daiyokai. ‘He thinks I’m lying. She could clearly the skepticism written on his face. “And there’s another type called a jet. They are machines that can fly they take people all over the world. “

 “I think that’s a little far fetched.” His eyebrow rose gracefully. “Are you sure that your mentality is stable, Ningen?”

 Her jaw nearly dropped. ‘Did he just ask me if I was insane?’ Her eyes widened at his accusation. “You’ll see how right I am if I can get you though the well. If I can’t you’ll see it in five hundred years from now.” She crossed her arms, brushing off his snide remark. “Anyways, those machines, mainly the cars and jets, create pollution. You’ll smell the remnants of the burning fuel the second we go though the doors of the well house. The pollution burned Inu-Yasha’s nose when he first went there.”

 “Hn.” His response was short, skepticism lacing the snide reply.

 “You’ll have to refrain from using any of your demonic abilities. Your inhuman speed, the poisonous attributes that you have, and controlling your eyes from turning red.”

 “Why?” He arched an eyebrow, looking over at the Miko. ‘There is not a chance in even one of the seven Hells that I would hide.’

 “Because they will try to take you. You will be able to show yourself any way you would like to around my family and myself, but outside of the shrine, it’s too risky.” Concern laced thought her voice. ‘Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he’s even more stubborn than Inu-Yasha.’ She cringed slightly at the thought of Sesshomaru speeding though town, claws glowing with poison as he killed someone who irritated him. Shaking the horrifying though out of her mind, she looked at the cool, calculated lord.

 “They would be insane if they attempted to touch this Sesshomaru’s person.” He looked into her molten chocolate orbs. Fear resonated though them. “Why are you afraid?”

 “You’re not taking me seriously. You think this is just some kind of joke.” She crossed her arms, breaking away from his cold, golden gaze. “You wont be laughing once we get though the well.” ‘I’ll pull his happy ass though that well if it’s the last thing I do!’ She declared to herself internally.

“Hn.” He paused, looking at her serious stance and concluded that he should follow along with her fantasy; even if it weren’t true, the look on her face would be priceless when it actually hit her. “We shall see.”  Thinking of the Ningen village he fell silent.

They walked in silence for what seemed to be an eternity. In reality, Kagome calculated by the placement of the sun that it was more or less about two hours. She sighed, and looked at the lord, wondering if she should even ask how much further they had to travel to find the village.

 “We are almost there.” Sesshomaru stated blandly. He could almost hear the unasked question from the Miko beside him. “Another hour, maybe two.” He sighed.

 “Okay.” Kagome walked beside him silently, thinking back to the giant dog in the sky. ‘Liberating human villages.’  She let a smile creep onto her face. ‘Maybe he’s not as cold as I anticipated.’


Sesshomaru’s head ran rampant with thoughts. He had been around several high-ranking Yokai women, over the past century. His beast had always remained quiet, yet the moment that he laid eyes on the human girl beside him, covered in another Yokai’s blood, his beast when insane. ‘Maybe it was her display of strength.’ He thought idly.

 ‘Her display of power is tantalizing, you cannot deny that.’ His beast purred within. Sesshomaru thought back to that moment, ‘Sure, she is desirable for her strength.’ He thought as he walked along the path. ‘But she is still human, and I do not require additional strength in my leadership in the West.’ He stole a glance at the girl. She really was beautiful, in human standards. Her long black hair shimmered in the sun, her sharply defined facial features set her apart from anyone else he had ever met. Her creamy sun-kissed skin teased his mind her odd clothing gave her the appearance of a common whore, yet she held her self with such sophistication and class.

 ‘Perfect for a mate.’ His beast whispered from the dark crevices of his being. ‘No.’ He told himself flatly. ‘We cannot mate with a human.’ He nearly growled internally. ‘Politics are best left to those who have to face consequences.’  He argued with himself.

 ‘She would love us.’ Sesshomaru nearly stopped in his tracks when he heard his beast. Love? He hadn’t thought about that since his father left his mother for a human; ultimately that led his father straight to his grave. ‘Love is for the weak minded.’ He concluded. ‘We will mate with some high-ranking Yokai in another land, to expand our growing Western lands.’ He told himself. He needed nothing so frivolous as the useless emotion of Love.

 ‘We need love.’ Sesshomaru pondered that thought of his for a moment. Why on earth would he need something so frivolous? Why would his beast push the subject? He needed nothing of the sort, just a high ranking bitch to expand his lands who would give him strong heirs. ‘She would be pupped with hanyou’s. I cannot make the same mistakes my father did by diluting this bloodline further.’ It’s bad enough that his father did it. 

 ‘She can protect herself. She would not need to rely on us all the time. We would worry less about her as a mate.’ Sesshomaru scoffed, but he knew that his beast was right on that point. Most female Yokai knew basic protection skills, but not how to engage in a legitimate battle. Most female Yokai had been kept within the courts of their castles; they typically never receive training. ‘Hn. That does not change the fact that our heirs would be hanyou.’  

 ‘You would let love and security of more lands be ignored over half-breed pups?’ His beast internally shook his head. ‘You are ignorant.’ Sesshomaru stopped momentarily at that thought. Ignorant? How was he, the great and terrible Daiyokai of the West, being ignorant? Sure, he had made some irresponsible decisions in the past, ones that cost him a great deal of inconvenience; but he had never been ignorant in his decision making process.

 He pondered over the idea of love. What exactly was the foreign emotion that his beast was speaking of? Tales of the power of love between two people had piqued his interest when he was young; but as he had grown he learned that love was meaningless, except the love between your parents and your pups.

 He brushed away the idea of the emotion of love. ‘Love is meant for humans, children, and the delusional.’ Sesshomaru concluded. ‘Apparently you are delusional.’ Sesshomaru flatly told his beast. Mates were meant for political gain, nothing more. He looked at looked at the miko for a moment; she seemed to be lost in thought too. ‘I suppose I am not the only one arguing with myself.’

 ‘Do you not see what political gain you could obtain with her as a mate? She is the Shikon Miko.’ Tearing his gaze away from the Miko, he felt so confused. ‘She’s a miko; Yokai’s and Miko’s do not mate. It’s never happened.’ He could feel the challenge arise before his beast even spoke. ‘All the more reason to try, you would make history.’  His beast’s challenge resonated though his head. Making history? Was he not doing that already? He would go down in history for playing a major role in restoring peace in all of Japan. All of them would, considering they all helped defeat Naraku in one way, shape or form.

 ‘We need her.’ His beast now sounded desperate with him. ‘No.’ He growled at himself. ‘She needs us to protect her.’ He could hear howling laughter from within. ‘You are ignorant. Do you really think that she wouldn’t be able to survive without your guidance?’ His beast forced the image of the Miko covered in blood in the forefront of his mind. ‘She doesn’t need us. She desires to not be alone.’ He barked at Sesshomaru before leaving him to his own thoughts.

Was that true, did she just require company? Did he not have to protect her in this insane world? He held a duty to protect the young female beside him, but now he wasn’t so sure if she really needed the protection. Even when they were fighting Naraku, he felt as if he needed to protect the humans from his heinous actions; as if they would be torn like a delicate flower if they were exposed to his true power. ‘She was holding back.’ He realized, connecting the dots between the two occurrences that he’s seen her actually fight.  She could hold her own.

 ‘Then why am I here?’ he questioned himself, looking toward the sky.

 “Is that the village?” Kagome asked, breaking the Daiyokai from his thoughts.

 “Hn.” He nodded, looking toward the village ahead of them.

 “You said that there’s a demon here?” She questioned him; it looked peaceful from where they stood.

 “Hn.” He nodded again, not paying attention to her growing irritation.

 “Do you know anything about it?” She asked, crossing her arms.

 “No.” He sighed, pinching his index finger and his thumb against the bridge of his nose. “It’s a demon bothering humans; I will exterminate it.” He said flatly.

 “You’re not going to see why its bothering the humans?” She asked, slightly shocked that he already came to the conclusion that the beast was going to die regardless of what its crimes were.


 ‘He’s impossible!’ She thought, exasperated by his reply. ‘How could he be so unforgiving with life? Couldn’t he see how important it was for everyone every one to live?’  She sighed, looking at the ice lord now in front of her. “Why not question him first?”

 His blood began to boil. ‘How dare she question me! These are my lands!’  Reacting before he really thought of the consequences, his found himself lifting her into the air by her slender throat. “Do not question my ruling methods, Ningen.” He snarled at the fragile girl in his grasp.

 His icy voice slithered though her veins, causing her to shiver involuntarily. Her hands found themselves resting on his as she held onto what oxygen she had left in her system. ‘Stay calm Kagome.’ She told herself, piercing his now blood red eyes with her molten brown ones. His constricting grip caused his claws to dig into her soft flesh. ‘Just let me go.’

  “I am not the hanyou. Do not forget that.” He growled icily, and as if he could tell what she was thinking he set her down before releasing her throat. He watched her fall to her knees as she finally broke eye contact with him. He watched her as she hastily sucked air in to replenish her oxygen-deprived cells.

 “I was asking because the humans could be lying about it.” She said after a moment, pushing herself to her feet. She rubbed the left side of her neck, where his claws had pierced her skin.

 “I did not ask for your council.” He stated coldly. The scent of blood filled the air around them, the coppery scent stung his nose.

 “I apologize if I stepped out of line Sesshomaru-Sama.” She stated sarcastically, staring into his now golden god-like eyes. “I, however cannot in good conscious allow you to kill someone without knowing all the facts.”

 “How can you question my own methods? How can you sit here and tell me what not to do when for the past five years you have been battling demons and humans alike without asking a question before killing them?” His cold, malice-filled voiced caused a chill to run up her spine.

 “Do you think that is how I allowed Inu-Yasha to run things?” She laughed at the lord in front of her. ‘Bad move Kagome, he’s going to kill you!’ her brain shouted as the giggle left her lips. “All lives matter, you’re a fool if you don’t see that. Justice is the only way to liberate anything! Or is it that your judgment is too clouded, Lord Sesshomaru?” She questioned, her voice never waivered; nor did she allow an ounce of fear to pass though her aura.

“How do you think this should be handled, Sesshomaru? Should you just go in there, and kill another yokai based on a humans’ word, or should you question both to see who is telling the truth?” She stood there with her arms crossed, looking at the demon lord as if she had just won the argument.

His eyes bled red again. ‘Does this woman wish to die?’  In a flash, he had her pinned against a tree, his forearm pinning her by the shoulders against the rough bark. “It would be a shame if I came all this way to take you home just to kill you.” He whispered emotionlessly. “I suggest rethinking the way you talk to me Miko.” His barely audible voice growled.  He let her go once more, and turned away from her.

 ‘She’s right, you know.’ His beast chimed in coolly. ‘We need to consider all of the facts before putting someone to death.’ Growling internally, he ignored his inner voice. Even if she was right, she needed to know her place. ‘I love that she stands up to us. No one ever does such things.’  Sighing, he looked back to the girl.

 ‘I should hit him with a taste of his own medicine.’ She thought idly, brushing the debris off of her back. Instead, she sat there and let him hurt her. She could, and would, heal herself easily enough, but she knew that the demon lord was too curious about her home in order to kill her. ‘Next time he’s going to get it back just as hard as he’s giving it, I’m not going to continue to sit here and let him take his ego problems out on me.’ A ghost of a smile crept across her lips. “Lets go Lord Sesshomaru.” She stated flatly, exaggerating the pronunciation of his title. “We have a demon to exterminate.”

 Sesshomaru couldn’t believe the gall of this girl! How dare she mock him? ‘Before this trip is over her blood will be spilt if she cannot control her tongue.’ His icy thoughts echoed a growl in return from himself. ‘Quiet Beast, She must learn her place.’  Nodding his head slightly, he walked forward down the beaten path to the village ahead.

 “You will ask villagers about the disturbance as I seek out the head of the village upon our arrival. “ His flat, emotionless voice called to the woman behind him. “Do not question me while we are there Miko.” He finality laced though his words. ‘She will not make a fool of this Sesshomaru, or she will face dire consequences.’

 “I’ll be on my best behavior.” She sweetly retorted back to him as she caught up to her place by his side. 




 Sesshomaru and Kagome finally walked though the gates of the town they sought out. Kagome looked at Sesshomaru, his gaze catching hers for an instant. She flooded her eyes with loyalty to him, hoping he would take that as a sign that she would not make him out to be a fool.

 “Lord Sesshomaru!” A masculine voice called out, causing Kagome and Sesshomaru both to turn their heads at the mention of the Daiyokai’s name. “What a godsend it is to see you here Milord!”

 “Lord Kazuki.” Sesshomaru stated flatly. His eyes locked with Kagome’s once more. ‘Hopefully she isn’t useless in gathering information.’  “Do you have a bath house where the Shikon Miko can bathe?”

 “Of course Lord Sesshomaru!” Kazuki bowed deeply before the lord before him. “Lady Kagome, the bath house is just down this path here.” He pointed towards a brick pathway to their left. “It’s all the way down to the end of the path on the left.”

 “Thank you, Lord Kazuki.” Kagome bowed to him, her voice seemingly gracious. “It’s been quite a trip!” She giggled lightly. She looked at Sesshomaru, who barely nodded his head. She heard Sesshomaru tell Kazuki that he wished to speak of the demon that was terrorizing the village as she walked away from the two males.

She took in the faces of the people on the streets. They all seemed happy, walking into and out of different shops in the village. They seemed carefree, not looking over their shoulders in a paranoid fashion like there was a real threat to their livelihood. ‘If there is a demon terrorizing the place, they are doing a good job at hiding their fear, or they are really naïve.’  

Kagome looked though the windows of the many shops lining the street, and stopped when her eyes landed on the most beautiful kimono she had ever seen. The material was dark blue, like a clear midnight sky. The sleeves held inlays of white stars, above the silver obi a white crescent moon sat perfectly. Like a girl in a mall, she migrated to the open window where the kimono was on display.  Her hand reached out to touch the material, and the second her fingers slid across the fabric she knew it would be too expensive for her to purchase. ‘This must be real silk!’ She cooed to herself. ‘One day I will own such extravagant things, but right now there’s no way.’ Her hand dropped to her side.

 “I bet that would look ravishing on you, my dear.” A soothing masculine voice filled her ears.

 “I’m sure, it would.” She smiled, turning to the voice. He was roughly her height, his bright blue eyes glistened with the memories of his past; his silver hair and wrinkled face portrayed kindness. “I’m sure I can’t afford such an extravagant kimono though.” She blushed looking away from the older gentleman.

 “How much can you afford?” He asked her. “I may have something similar for you in stock.”

 “I have roughly two thousand yen.” She meekly replied.

The merchant looked at her. “The dress is only six hundred Yen.” He smiled.

 “Really?” Kagome asked, astounded. ‘Something of this quality in my home town would be at least four thousand yen!’ Kagome couldn’t believe her luck. “I’ll take it then.” She smiled at the merchant.

After Kagome purchased the kimono, she continued her journey towards the bathhouse. She listened to the townsfolk talk about random gossip, hoping to find some type of important information from the people she passed. 

She found herself in front of the bathhouse without as much of a syllable of the Yokai terrorizing the town. Quite disappointed in the lack of gossip thus far, she hoped her luck would spike as she walked into the establishment she was pointed towards.

 “Good Afternoon!” a soft voice called from the desk in front of her. “Here for a bath?” She cooed. Taking in the woman’s appearance, Kagome thought of how much she looked like her friend Yuka. She was about to answer before she heard the woman giggle lightly. “Of course you are!” She walked out from behind the counter holding a towel and soft scented soaps.

 “Yes, of course.” Kagome smiled in response. “I’m Kagome.” She smiled sweetly, taking the offered bathing supplies. ‘She even walks and sounds like Yuka.’ She thought idly. ‘It should be easy to befriend her then.’

 “I’m Youko.” She smiled sweetly, walking towards a closed door.

 Kagome’s mouth nearly fell open. ‘There’s no way that similarity this is a coincidence!’  She pulled herself together as Youko motioned for her to follow.

 “You must be pretty brave, Kagome.” Youko said with a sudden, sullen sadness.

 “Why’s that Youko?” She looked over at the tall raven-haired woman. 

 “That Yokai that keeps popping his head up here.” She shivered noticeably, her voice held a twinge of disgust.

 “What’s so bad about the this Yokai?” Kagome asked her as she found herself in front of a housed hot spring.

 “Well at first he was just a creeper, ya know? He’d watch people in the village, wandering around aimlessly. No one really bothered him; he never talked to anyone at all. Not at first anyways.”

 “What do you mean, at first?” She asked, dipping her now nude body into the steaming waters edge.

 “Well, he started talking to the children.” Youko stated, as if it were common knowledge around here.

 “Why the children?” Kagome asked. “Is he a form of Tatarimokke?” She looked at the girl who was resting her feet in the relaxing waters.

 “No, I don’t believe that he’s a Soul Piper.” She replied to the submerged girl.  “I think he just wanted to talk to the children to get information on the men in this town.” She said meekly.

 “What makes you think that?” She asked before dipping her head into the water.

 “Well, some of the more physical men started disappearing.” Youko admitted. “At first it was a liberating feeling, to have the abusers being taken from the village. The children were happy, the women who suffered from being abused relished the feeling of freedom.” She sighed swirling her foot in the steamy waters.

 “After the abusers were taken, the man started talk to the children again. We haven’t seen him in about two days. The women created a shrine for the demon outside of the village. I can take you to it after you’re done bathing if you wish.” Youko looked at Kagome, a fake smile plastered on her face.

 “Why did you sound so sad if the Yokai took away bad men?” Kagome asked, soaping up her hair.

 “Well, he took my brother.”

 Kagome stopped lathering her hair and looked at Youko. Her eyes were clouded over, heavy with sadness. Tears threatening to pour from them, Kagome asked the young girl, “Why do you think he was taken?”

 “Well, he didn’t have children, so I’m not entirely sure.” Youko wiped at her eyes, forcing back her tears.

 “Maybe he just went out to a neighboring town.” Kagome reassured her.

 “It’s not like him, he always lets us knows if he were to go off. It would take something catastrophic or amazing to make him just walk off.” She argued.

 “Well, we will figure it out.” Kagome sighed. “Lord Sesshomaru is here, trying to find the Yokai who did this.”

 “He’s a hero.” Youko defended the Yokai. “My brother isn’t abusive, but everyone else he took was. If he was an accidentally taken, that Yokai doesn’t deserve to die. I know Lord Sesshomaru is merciless.”

 “He’s not entirely merciless.” Kagome admitted. “He’s cold, but if he were merciless he wouldn’t have taken his human ward, Rin, in. He brought her back to life and he cares for her like she is his own. It says a lot about a person to take in a child who’s not yours.” Kagome dipped her head back into the water, rinsing out the suds from her hair.

 Youko considered her words, she was right. He wouldn’t have taken that child in if he were completely merciless. “I see your point.” She said as Kagome pulled her head out of the water. She pulled her feet out of the water, wondering why the girl before her knew so much about the Lord of these lands. “How well do you know the Lord?”

 “Lord Kazuki? Not much at all. In fact, I just met him before entering this bathhouse.” Kagome admitted.

 “No, I mean Lord Sesshomaru.” Youko looked at Kagome as she pulled herself out of the water. Grabbing the towel for Kagome, she continued on. “You seem to know a lot about him.”

 “I only know what the Lord allows me to know.” She admitted. “I’ve fought beside Lord Sesshomaru. He’s a fierce warrior.” Kagome took the towel from Youko’s hand. “I think I’m the only person on this planet that has survived an attack from Lord Sesshomaru.” Kagome smiled, thinking back to the fight they had in his father’s grave.

 “You survived an attack from Lord Sesshomaru?” Youko’s astounded voice snapped Kagome out of her memory.  “How did you manage that?”

 “Well, it’s a long story, but the short version is that his father’s sword protected me from his poison, and that’s also when his half-brother cut his arm off.” Kagome’s eyes shut as the thoughts of Inu-Yasha rushed into her head. That Hanyou has caused her more harm than good. She dressed herself quickly in the kimono that she bought earlier that day. She reveled in the feeling of the soft silk against her skin.

 “That’s quite a feat. Not many people can live to tell the tale of living after something like that.” She had heard the tales of Lord Inu-Yasha severing Sesshomaru’s arm, and like a thousand bricks reality hit her. “Oh my Kami! You.. You’re Her!” Youko nearly shouted.

 “Who?” Kagome looked at her in shock, as if the girl before her just started to look at her like a criminal or something.

 “You’re the Shikon Miko!” Youko bowed lowly to the woman in front of her. “Forgive me Milady!”

 “Whoa, slow down!” Kagome exclaimed. “I’m not of royal decent, you don’t have to speak to me like I am.”

 “Are you kidding!” As she rose from her bow, she looked at Kagome as if she had grown another head. “You may as well be! You defeated Naraku! You’re a savior!”

 “I’m just a girl who happened to be able to help out. Nothing more.” Kagome blushed at this girl who seemed to be foaming at the mouth over something that happened in the past. Sure she saved a lot of people’s lives, but she didn’t feel like a savior for all of those who died. So many people lost their lives to Naraku’s hand. Kagome felt the guilt weigh on her shoulders, she blamed herself for that. ‘If Mistress Centipede had never pulled me though the Well, none of that would have ever happened.’ Kagome sighed.

 “Most of the women look up to you, you are revered in this town especially. How did you miss the mark you have had on this town?” Youko took her hand and pulled her down the hall.

 “Why? Naraku wouldn’t have ever gained the power he had if I hadn’t shattered the Shikon Jewel in the first place.” Kagome asked, nearly running to keep up with the girl who pulled at her so relentlessly.

 “You are the Shikon Miko. Mistakes happen and you helped rectify it instead of running from the problem like so many use to. You taught us to face our problems instead of running from them; even if it wasn’t intentional, you are our hero.” She praised. “Along with our Lord of course.” She added as an afterthought.

 Kagome remained quiet as they exited the bathhouse; taking in the impact she made in this town she hadn’t even known existed before today, she felt almost relieved that not everyone thought she messed up so badly.

 “See, look!” She exclaimed, stopping in front of one of the shops, it was right next to the shop she had bought the kimono at. The intricately carved wooden sign above the shop read The Miko’s Stop, peering into the little boutique there were trinkets that resembled pieces of her life. Replicas of the Shikon Jewel, duplicates of her bow, arrows that had signs claiming that she had fired them.

 “Wow.” Was all the little Miko could muster say.

  “See, I told you! That kimono looks wonderful on you!” The shopkeeper’s voice echoed to her. She turned to look at the elderly man who sold her the kimono earlier that day.

 “Thank you!” Kagome blushed, bowing lightly to the man before her to show her respect.

 “Do you know who she is?” Youko asked the man before them. “She’s the Shikon Miko!”

 Kagome rubbed her temple. “I must be going.” She looked back at Youko. “Lord Sesshomaru is probably done speaking with Lord Kazuki.”

 “Of course Milady.” Youko bowed to her, she nudged the elderly gentleman to do the same.

 “That’s not necessary.” Kagome blushed, waving her hands to show how against the formality she was. “Really, its not!” She giggled nervously. “It was wonderful to meet you two.” She smiled before bowing and dismissing herself before either of them could object, or attempt to escort her to where Sesshomaru may be.

 ‘Now where is Sesshomaru?’



 Kagome felt like she was searching for over an hour before she finally caught a glimpse of long silver hair. She sighed with relief and nearly ran to the Daiyokai’s side. “Lord-“ Kagome stopped herself mid sentence when she noticed Tokijin in his hands. Suddenly, she had a pit form deep in her stomach, as if something horrible was about to happen.

 “You can’t possibly think that you can defeat me, Lord Sesshomaru.” A voice chuckled.

 “Such a big threat from small vermin such as you.” Sesshomaru seethed. “Die, fool!” in one fluid motion, he brought his sword down in a quick powerful swipe, producing needle-like shards of energy towards his enemy.

 “Sesshomaru, do you not think I have studied your techniques? It’s going to take more than that to kill me!” The demon laughed as he jumped out of his way.

 Sesshomaru charged at the demon in quick strides, before he had the chance to react, Sesshomaru had him pinned against a wall with Tokijin’s blade at his throat. “Shiro, you are harassing humans on my lands, this act in itself is punishable by death. Accept your death with dignity as I, Lord Sesshomaru, kill you myself.” His icy tones sent shivers up Shiro’s spine.

Kagome finally got close enough to the battle to see what was going on. She watched in horror, as she heard manic laughter explode from the pinned demon. She caught the glimmer of a silver blade at Shiro’s side, that’s all it took for her to start running into what now resembled a battle field.

 “Sesshomaru, he has a knife!” Kagome cried out, panic setting in as she pushed her legs as fast as she could get them to carry her.

 He looked down, just in time to see the shimmer of silver before Shiro drove the blade into his stomach.  The moment the pain set in, the Daiyokai’s eyes bled red. “You shall pay for that.” Sesshomaru growled deeply. Taking his free hand, he wrapped it around Shiro’s throat.

 “Will I?” The demon managed to sputter though Sesshomaru’s constricting hand. Smiling he watched the panic set into the demon Lord’s eyes as he found himself unable to move. “Poison is a wonderful thing.” Shiro laughed manically again, it quickly died when he felt the electricity of Kagome’s Reiki crackle against his skin.

 “Yes, you will.”


A/N: Yep, a total cliffhanger. Sorry guys! It’s two in the morning, and I can’t stay up any longer tonight! I’ll update as soon as possible! 

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