Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)


Japanese translations:
Baka – Fool, Idiot, or a trivial matter


Chapter 6


Try to make you like the way they feel
When they're under your skin



“Poison is a wonderful thing.” Shiro laughed manically again, it quickly died when he felt the electricity of Kagome’s Reiki crackle against his skin.

 “Yes, you will.”



 Sesshomaru stood there, paralyzed holding onto Shiro’s throat. Unable to move, unable to speak, he felt entirely vulnerable. ‘How could I possibly be affected by this poison, my own neutralizes anything that enters my bloodstream.’ He thought. For the first time in his life, he felt the flicker of his own fear rising. As he listened to Shiro’s manic laughter, his blood red eyes widened as his beast slowly began to completely take over control.

  Sesshomaru held on to control, just long enough to feel the familiar crackle of Kagome’s Reiki charge across his skin.

 “Yes you will.”

 It was her voice, he could hear her, he just couldn’t see her. ‘She sounds so calm and peaceful.’ He thought, as he watched Shiro’s head struggle to look to her face.

 “And who might you be?” Shiro retorted. “A human Miko?” He smiled, showing his sharpened teeth.

 “The question, more or less, is who are you?” Kagome smile, taking another deviant step toward the Yokai. “I don’t really care, I just want to know who you are so I can add your name to my list of kills.” Her Reiki flared, painfully suppressing the Yokai who dangled in Sesshomaru’s permanent death grip. ‘Sorry Sesshomaru.’ She thought for a moment before taking another step toward the two males.

 Sesshomaru somehow found the strength to tighten his hold on the now squirming Yokai in his hand. He may not be able to move freely yet, but he’d be damned if that bastard was going try to kill him, and live to tell the tale. He moved his eyes toward the left, where Kagome was now visible in his peripheral vision. For the first time ever, he looked at Kagome as if she were more than just a human.

 She was beautiful; her hair whipped around her head from the immense power of her own aura that crackled with a foreboding danger. Her melted chocolate orbs pierced into the demon that she set out to destroy just moments ago shone with vengeance for his deceiving nature. Her soft, pink smile sent chills up his spine, ‘She’s enjoying this.’ He thought looking at her relaxed facial features. The midnight blue kimono she wore caught his eye the silver crescent moon she bore on her chest stirred a lustful desire he never knew he had.

“If you don’t answer, you’ll just be known as a cowardice Yokai who failed at an attempt at Lord Sesshomaru’s life.” Kagome’s sweet tone sent noticeable shivers up Shiro’s spine. She smirked as she casually walked up to Shiro. “What’s the matter cat got your tongue?” She cooed at him.

 Looking over to Sesshomaru, she whispered, “I’m sorry if this hurts.” She broke her gaze away from the blood red eyes of the Daiyokai beside her and for the first time took in the appearance of the demon she sought out to kill. His fear laced expression caused satisfaction to bubble in her stomach. She could see the emotion dripping from his orange eyes. His short brown hair was matted, showing his lack of concern for his personal hygiene.

 Shiro’s eyes widened in horror as he watched Kagome’s hand reach up towards him, in a feeble attempt to deter her, he began to flail his legs around while trying to loosen Sesshomaru’s grip on his throat.

 “Do you really think kicking around like that is going to stop me?” Kagome asked, touching her hand to his head. “Think again you coward.” Her soft, loving voice whispered as she let loose a tangent of energy from her fingertips.

 Sesshomaru watched as she almost lovingly placed a hand on his head. ‘I hope she knows what she is doing.’ He thought, watching her Reiki flow though the tips of her fingers directly into Shiro’s skull. Her intense release of energy sizzled across his skin, the powerful electric feeling washed over him as the damaging tendrils were forced into the skull of the Yokai he held on to.

 Like a lightening strike, he could feel the burning sensation ease its way onto his hands. She was purifying him, even if it wasn’t intentional. He watched in horror as his left arm was engulfed by Kagome’s purifying energy. He ripped his eyes from his arm that now burned with a pain he had never before experienced, and looked at Kagome.

When Kagome was satisfied that he’d endured enough pain, she giggled lightly. “Good bye, Shiro.” As soon as the last syllable left her lips, a blinding light lit up the town. She dropped to her knees, wheezing from the extreme display of energy that she let loose on the demon before her. She looked at Sesshomaru’s feet, where Shiro’s now headless body rested motionlessly.

 Sesshomaru looked down, his heart sunk when his mind finally accepted the fact that his arm was once again severed from his body. Unsure if he would be able to regenerate the missing appendage, he decided to worry about it later. He closed his eyes, trying to seek out the poison that ran rampant in his blood stream.

 Kagome sat on her knees, greedily taking in deep breaths, as if that would restore her energy. She felt so exhausted. ‘I hope I didn’t hurt Sesshomaru too bad.’ She thought absentmindedly. She looked at the demon lord beside her; his once pristine clothing now cloaked with the blood of their enemy. Her eyes trailed further up the Daiyokai’s body, trying to assess if she caused him any damage. ‘Where’s his hand? Did he regain the ability to move?’ She pushed herself to her feet, and looked over to where the Daiyokai’s arm should have been resting, but found it’s rightful place empty. “Sesshomaru!” She cringed at her fear-laced voice; the sound crippling even to her own ears.

 Darting in front of the Daiyokai, she put her hands on his face, his eyes locking with hers in a lazy fashion. “I know save your breath, you’ll kill me later for touching you.” She rolled her eyes before gazing into his golden ones. She could clearly see the angst in his swirling golden orbs. She finally caught a glimpse of emotion from the demon lord, but it’s not what she wanted to see from him. Refocusing her thoughts, she concentrated her energies with positive vibes. “I’ll make you better Sesshomaru.” She whispered, as electricity enveloped their forms.

 Sesshomaru kept his eyes trained on hers, trying to search for what she was about to do. Her aura’s energy reignited, he expected the same electric energy as before, but instead was met with a warm comforting feeling over his person. A feeling he couldn’t quite put his finger on. ‘What is this feeling? Why is it so familiar, yet foreign?’ Sesshomaru looked into Kagome’s eyes, trying to find the answers to his questions.

She looked into his eyes, slowly flooding his body with her Reiki. Trying to find the source of his paralysis, her brow started beading with sweat. ‘This isn’t going to be easy.’ Kagome thought as she slowly started to purify the poison inside of Sesshomaru.

 He could feel the burning sensation of her Reiki clashing against his own aura as it worked to neutralize the poisons in his body. His Yokai surged, attempting to fight against the invasion of her pure energy. Forcing his Yokai to calm, he knew he needed to accept the help she was giving him, even if it meant feeling the electrifying sizzle of her pure energy against his own dark, demonic aura.

 The intense feeling of her Reiki dancing with his Yokai, even through the electric tendrils of pain, mesmerized him. He could feel how important this was to her; it was comforting to him, but one question weighed heavily on his mind, ‘Why do I matter to her?’


Sesshomaru and Kagome both collapsed to the ground the moment her Reiki receded from his being. He felt empty without the warmth of her Reiki, his beast howled in disdain the moment it’s presence left.  She lay motionless on the ground, passed out from exhaustion. Sesshomaru pushed himself off the ground, the spot where his left arm once was still remained empty.

 The Daiyokai sighed; he pushed himself to his feet, then gathered the young Miko who had collapsed before him in his arm. “Lord Kazuki, we require that bathhouse again.” Sesshomaru stated coldly, turning to face the Human lord behind him.

 “Of course Milord!” Kazuki’s pale face nodded vigorously in agreement.

 “You will bring us new clothing as well.” Sesshomaru stated flatly.

 “As you wish Milord!” Kazuki bowed deeply to the Daiyokai before him.

Turning away from the Ningen, he began walking towards the bathhouse, letting his nose lead the way. ‘What is this?’ He asked himself, as he looked down at the Miko in his arm. Sesshomaru rolled the questions around his mind over and over again, trying to figure out what that vaguely familiar feeling in her aura was. ‘It was love.’ His beast casually chimed in on his overly crowded mind.

 Sesshomaru stopped in his tracks. Love? Was it love felt for him, or just the emotion in general that coursed though her Reiki? ‘The only way to find out is to wait for her to wake.’  Sesshomaru began walking again, trying to find the bathhouse seemed to be taking forever. Just when he thought he was lost, he found the path that Kagome started on. He walked down, the brick pathway

  Not long after he started heading towards the bathhouse, he spotted two individuals chatting in front of a shop. He didn’t think much of the two humans, until Kagome’s name popped up.

 “You sold Kagome that Kimono for 600 Yen!”

 Sesshomaru looked at the enraged woman, why was she berating this man over the price of a now destroyed piece of fabric.

 “You should have given that to her! She is the Shikon Miko you baka!” The dark haired woman cried in frustration.

 “How was I supposed to know Youko? Had I known it was her I would have! She just looked like a normal girl!”

 “Silence!” Sesshomaru’s icy tone immediately caused the arguing duo to cease what they were doing and stared at the Daiyokai who was covered in blood. “We need to enter the bathhouse.”

 Scrambling back to her senses, Youko bowed deeply. “Right away Milord, just follow me!” She looked at him, then to what he had in his arm, it was her, the Miko she spoke with earlier. “Is she okay?” She asked meekly as she straightened her body out.

 “Hn.” Sesshomaru nodded.

 “I’m glad. Please follow me Milord.” Youko stated quietly. Turning on her heel, the young woman started walking away.

 “Hn.” Sesshomaru followed the Ningen girl to a building covered in a thin layer of plush, green moss. He walked though the doors that Youko held open, the Miko still sleeping soundly in his arm.

 “Milord, your arm.” Youko whispered softly, noting the now missing appendage. “I thought it regenerated.”

 “Hn. It was a necessary loss.” His emotionless tone washed over her, looking down at Kagome.

 “What happened?” Her eyes widened at his words. She froze when his golden emotionless eyes locked with hers. ‘I shouldn’t have asked.’ She swallowed her fear as her warm brown eyes stayed with his.

 “She saved my life.” His words softened, his eyes broke from hers to look down at Kagome once more.

 Youko’s mouth dropped open. ‘She saved his life? What happened in the short time that she had left to find him?’ Questions whirled through her mind as she led the Daiyokai down the hallway. “Do you require assistance, Milord?” She asked quietly.

 “No.” He followed her quietly to the end of the hall. He was thankful for her silence. After a few moments they approached another door,

“In here, Milord.” She motioned him through the doors as she opened them. She walked though the doors behind Sesshomaru and pulled a couple plush towels and washcloths from a cupboard and placed them next to the springs. “Just let me know if you need anything at all, Milord.” 

 “Hn.” He mumbled dismissively and walked though the doors. ‘She’s not going to like this any more than this Sesshomaru will.’ He sighed internally as he laid her down next to the springs warm edge. He could feel his beast reveling in the sight of her covered in blood once more. ‘She protected us.’ His beast grumbled as Sesshomaru’s amber eyes trailed over her blood-coated body.  The memory of her sitting in the middle of that room in the southern castle swept though his mind.  Something stirred deeply within him. Something primal began to run rampant though his demonic veins.

He suppressed his primal urges as he turned his attention towards the Miko. ‘Why did she save me? She didn’t have to, yet she drained herself of her energy and saved me.’ ‘She saved us because she loves us.’ His beast growled in content. ‘Doubtful.’ He nudged the beast out of the forefront of his mind, while repositioning Kagome to be propped against his knee as he began to remove her kimono.

He sliced though the silken material cautiously, pausing momentarily when he reached her pelvis, catching the crescent moon that sat just above the Obi that wrapped around her tiny waist. ‘I wonder if she knows that she submitted herself to this Sesshomaru by wearing the crest of my house.’ He thought, tracing his knuckle across the now blood red moon. He finished slicing though the thin fabric then peeled away the sticky material, exposing previously white undergarments.

‘What are these contraptions?’ The thought swept through his mind and was gone as soon as it came. Slicing though the thin material covering her breasts, Kagome’s milky skin appeared from beneath it. ‘Such an odd use for fabric.’ He mildly thought before slicing away the thin material confining her hips. He gently scooped her up in his arm once more, and then walked into the hot springs before them. He positioned her in his lap with her head propped against his knee to keep her head above the water. Once he achieved a comfortable position, he grabbed a washcloth and dipped the fabric in the water and began to clean the blood off of her face.

 The moment the warm water touched her body something stirred in her mind, ‘Warmth.’ Her mind relished the feeling that encapsulated her body. A ghost of a smile broke across her face as her body slid deeper into the comforting, warming sensation. ‘Whatever this feeling is, I don’t want it to end anytime soon.’  The corners of her lips rose slightly higher at the warm gentle strokes against her chilled face.

 Sesshomaru watched what started as a barely noticeable smile; grow into a full on grin. He took the cloth and dipped it in the water again to wring the tainted material out. He brushed the cloth against her forehead, wiping away the remainder of blood from her face. He put the cloth down against the edge of the waters. He laced his arm under her shoulders and lowered her head into the water until her hairline was completely submerged. Satisfied with her stability against his leg, he let go of her shoulder and began to run his fingers though her clotted hair.

 Kagome felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. The gentle strokes across her face ceased, and just as her smile started to fade, her dream-like state allowed her to feel fingers running though her hair. Memories of her mother caressing her head at night, running her fingers though her freshly washed hair, flooded her mind. ‘Maybe I should open my eyes to see her face. Even if this is just a dream, I just want to see her face.’

 Sesshomaru gently loosened the last of her knotted black tendrils of hair as her heartbeat quickened above his knee. ‘She’s awake.’ He mildly thought as he retracted his hand from her hair. ‘Just keep cleaning her.’  His beast chimed in. ‘The Miko will not like this.’ He retorted to himself. ‘And the difference between us cleaning her, and you holding her naked body in the springs is going to cause much of a different reaction?’ Sesshomaru considered the thought, and decided to grab the cloth that he placed to his left and began running the cloth down her neck, to her collarbone.

 Chocolate clashed with amber, the moment Kagome opened her eyes. Shock resonated though her irises, lasting only for a moment, no more or less. ‘I have to be dreaming, especially if I’m laying in Sesshomaru’s lap.’ She sighed, ‘I may as well enjoy my imagination. After all this is only a dream.’ She smiled sinfully. Her eyes slid shut again. She couldn’t deny the attraction she had toward the demon Lord, and if she were to dream about him, she may as well be happy about it.

Sesshomaru watched her curiously, wondering if she was still sleeping and her eyes opened as a nerve reaction, or if she was merely content with his display of gratitude. He decided not to speak, and continue to cleanse her neck.

Consciousness hit her like a ton of bricks as memories of the battle earlier that day flooded her mind, the blood. ‘So much blood.’ She thought, watching the memory flash across her eyes. As the memory faded into darkness, she shot up and examined the wound she inflicted upon him. “I’m so sorry Sesshomaru.” She whispered as her fingers trailed down what remained of his left arm. The stump, which was now completely healed, looked as it did before he wielded Bakusaiga.

 “If you hadn’t, I would have perished. Do not fret over such trivial matters.” He stated simply.

 Kagome looked back to Sesshomaru’s face, their eyes locked together once more. Genuine shock mildly danced across her features; for the first time since she had met the Daiyokai, she witnessed emotion that lasted more than a fleeting second in his deep amber eyes; gratitude. She trembled lightly, her shoulders suddenly chilled. ‘Why am I so cold all of a sudden?’ She questioned herself. Her fingertips slid across her chilled, goose-bump infested skin. She looked down at her shoulder, confused at the feeling of her own flesh instead of a soft kimono, when she realized that she was sitting in Sesshomaru’s lap naked as the day she was born. Her face snapped to his, locking their eyes for a moment before her head darted downward to break eye contact.

 Embarrassment dripped from her scent, the second she looked down, and before he had the chance to open his mouth to explain what was going on, she released a blood curdling scream. 

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