Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)

Chapter 12



He began to undress, throwing his clothes to the floor. “Now I get to take my time with you.” He growled happily at her. A small chuckle escaped his lips as the scent of fresh tears greeted him.




Some day they'll open up your world
Shake it down on a drawing board





Rin kept her head down as he entered the room; she could hear him throwing his garments down haphazardly as he closed the space between them. Unwillingly, tears fell from her eyes as she heard his sickening voice echoed incoherently in her ears. ‘How could this have happened? How am I going to have the will to live?’ She thought mournfully.  ‘Maybe if I just pretend I’m somewhere else, I can live though this.’


“I said get UP!” Kumonosu said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her upward, his claws ripping into her delicate flesh as he did. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” he cooed. “If you listen to me, things will go much smoother for you tonight. Now, look at me.” He said, releasing her arm.


Rin continued to stare at the ground. She knew this act of defiance would inflict more pain, but she couldn’t willfully bring herself to do it. ‘I will not bow.’ She thought, before she felt his hand grab her chin. Trying with everything she had, she fought his hand. “No.” The second the word left her mouth, her ears filled with the sound of his laughter.


“Do you think it was a request? You will look at me!” He dug his claws into her cheeks and forced her face to his. “You must like pain. Is that it?” He smiled devilishly. “Good, because you’ll get it.”


“You will not break me.” Rin looked into his eyes with her hate filled chocolate orbs. “Sesshomaru will be here soon, and you will regret ever touching me.” She spoke the words with confidence, even though she doubted that her lord would reach her in time. Even if he didn’t, she knew that he would die.


“We will just see about that.” He chuckled lowly. “Let’s forget about the foreplay, shall we?” As the words left his mouth, he picked Rin up by her jaw and threw her down. The chains forcefully stretched her arms above her head as Kumonosu pinned her legs down with his own, resting his pelvis just below hers. “I am going to turn your skin into a piece of my own living artwork.” He said as he took in her form.

“No!” Rin squealed as she jolted underneath him, trying to escape. She knew the fight, in the end, would be fruitless but she had to try. “Let me go!” Her arms flailed frantically above her head, as she desperately tried to free herself from the chains, if she got her hands free, she could at least try to defend herself.  Her hands were almost small enough to fit through the cuffs. ‘Almost.’ She thought as she tried to buck him off of her.


Kumonosu chuckled at her feeble attempt. “Silly girl.” He openhandedly slapped her across the face, his claws grazing her cheek as he did. “Don’t move again, next time it will be worse.”


Rin stilled below him, still trying to wriggle her hands free from the cuffs as he began to draw patterns in her skin. ‘Ignore the pain. Do not scream. Focus.’ She thought to herself as his claws sliced into her like butter. She tried desperately to get her hands free from the metal prisons that held them, but with no avail. Tears welled in her eyes once again. ‘I may die here, but I promise I will never give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream.’ She thought helplessly. ‘Sesshomaru where are you?’


Rin willed her subconscious to take her away from this horrible place, to take her to a happier time. Shippou’s smiling face filled her vision and the warmth of the sun warmed her skin. She could hear him talking about their future together, about becoming mates. Tears fell from her eyes as she willed herself to stay in that field of flowers while the monster above her carved into her body.


Kumonosu drug his claw between her breasts, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. The coppery scent was intoxicating, eliciting a light growl from him. He licked the red substance from his claws before lapping it off of her skin. She didn’t move a muscle as he did. “Good girl.” He grinned. “Now you will get a reward.” He closed his mouth over one of her nipples and suckled it gently, twirling his tongue across her flesh. He could feel it harden beneath ministrations.


Rin let out a small, involuntary moan as he sucked on her breast. Tears fell from her eyes, how could her body betray her? How could she still react positively when all he has done is hurt her? As the thoughts swirled through her head, he bit down onto her, hard enough to pierce through her skin. She broke the promise she had made to herself and screamed.


Kumonosu’s cock throbbed as the sound drifted to his ears while he savored the taste of her blood. “Good girl.” He cooed as he released her breast. He drug his claws roughly up her thigh, leaving searing cuts in their wake. “Scream for Daddy.” He growled as he thrust a finger into her tight walls, but he was met with silence. He pulled his finger out of her. “Tsk, tsk, tsk.” He sighed. “I said scream for me.” He ripped into her with three fingers, and she finally screamed. He laughed, while he fucked her with his fingers. “Daddy needs to come now.” He growled, as he removed his fingers from her.


Rin cried silently as he forcefully thrust himself into her over and over again. When he finally climaxed, she could feel him pull away from her. She felt his claws draw over the raw mark on her neck where he bit her earlier that day.


“I can’t wait to play some more. But, until next time.” He chuckled and walked away from her to his door.




Sesshomaru and Kagome finally reached the barrier; his concealment spell was not nearly as strong as Naraku’s had been. Sesshomaru could still smell the stench from the creature who dared to take his ward, Kagome could feel the swirl of demonic auras from within.


Kagome placed her hand on the surface of the barrier, her fingers fueled with reiki. It waivered and sparked in angry retaliation to the purity of her touch, “It’s weak. I could probably break it by punching it” she scoffed.


“Hn.” Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, amused at her statement. “Why don’t you? It’s not like you have tiny, ineffectual fists.” He smirked lightly, watching her with amusement, as she drew her powers to her fist in electrical blue flares. Her chocolate eyes flickered with amusement as she looked at him for a split second before drawing back her fist and slammed into the object before them.

The purple of the barrier seemed to explode under her fist as it made contact with the surface. Kagome held back a giggle as the purity of her Reiki shattered it. “That was too easy.” The back of her neck began to tingle, alerting her of the lesser demons that had been concealed behind the barrier that were charging straight for them. “Incoming!” Sesshomaru darted into the direction of the incoming threat, Kagome quick on his tail with an arrow nocked and at the ready.


The first of the demons approached the duo; long snake like creatures with snarls across their faces and fangs bore towards them. Sesshomaru smirked and wasted no words as he brought his claws down on the demons. He tore through their flesh like paper; their thick, sticky blood coated his claws. As he tore through them, the sizzle of Kagome’s powers sent an electrical shiver up his spine as an arrow shot pat him - it’s mark combusting on impact and fell to the forest floor. ‘This is too easy.’ Sesshomaru thought as he struck down another lesser demon. ‘Maybe I should let the miko really show me her powers.’


Kagome nocked another arrow, watching Sesshomaru’s movements carefully. She pulled her miko energies to the arrow before loosing it again, watching the brilliant white light burn a trail though the hoard of demons attempting to attack them. Suddenly and to her dismay, Sesshomaru jumped backwards, landing behind her. “What the hell are you doing!” She cried out as she loosed another arrow in the direction of the hoard.


“You will show this Sesshomaru how powerful you really are.” He said almost lazily.


“Are you out of your mind?” She yelled at him as the demons kept coming towards them.


“Perhaps.” He said, flicking the blood off of his claws. “But, this Sesshomaru is curious of your capabilities.” He leaned against a tree and motioned for her to turn around as he jaw dropped to his explanation. “Enjoy.”


Kagome was pissed. “You arrogant dog!” She yelled at him as she whipped around and started fighting against the hoard. “What is this, a game to you?” She yelled at him. She loosed another arrow, effectively putting down four more of the hoard coming towards them.


“Perhaps. Now show me.” He stated with amusement, waving her back to the demons. Her chocolate eyes collided with his for a moment, the anger bubbling though her evident in them. Then, out of all the things she could have done next, she smirked. Sesshomaru watched her curiously as she turned away from him and focused on her task at hand.


“You want a show? Fine you’ll get one!” She nocked another arrow flooded with her reiki and loosed it at the snakes. “Get off the ground.” She dropped to her knees and pressed her hands to the Earth. “I hope this works!” She focused her energy to the Earth. ‘Please work, please work, please work!’ She chanted to herself as she closed her eyes, willing the energy to go forth in an explosive shockwave.


Sesshomaru floated above her, watching the miko intently. The snakes were coming uncomfortably close to her. If she didn’t do something soon, he would be forced to intervene. Her reiki kept them at bay, burning anything that touched her to ash as her reiki danced around her. He smirked, “Not as tough as I anticipated.” He placed a hand on Tokijin as he began to descend. He stopped suddenly when Kagome’s electrifying purification powers washed over him. The Earth seemed to move in a steady pulse, the snakes that had gathered around her were torched into ashes as her purity hit them in waves. He heard her giggle, the sound echoed sweetly in his ears as he watched her release her Reiki in a blinding wave around her. ‘Mate.’ His beast cooed in his ear as the light died down around her, the snakes that had threatened her were nothing more than piles of flesh on the forest floor. He dropped down, landing softly in the grass next to her.


“You arrogant bastard.” She bit out, turning towards him. “Next time, could you at least warn me before we charge into something that you plan on making me fend for myself!”


“This Sesshomaru merely wanted to know if you could fight for yourself.” He stated coolly, grasping her by her waist. “We have no time left to spare.” He ran, at full force towards Kumonosu’s castle, following Rin’s light scent that lingered in the air.  


Kagome was too stunned as his arms wrapped around her to respond. His words echoed in her ears again, her eyes narrowed. ‘How dare he!’ she seethed to herself. ‘I saved him and he still questions if I am capable of protecting myself? I killed Raitoningu without any help at all!’  The more she thought about his statement, the angrier she grew. ‘After we get Rin back, I’m going to rip him a new one!’ She promised herself.


Sesshomaru felt the anger bubbling in the miko he held securely to his chest as he bolted through the forest, dodging trees as he ran. ‘Good, I pissed her off.’ He thought with a smug smirk. He half expected her to yell at him in retaliation, the other half expected her to wait until after the battle to say anything. He stopped abruptly, the pungent scent of Kumonosu started becoming stronger he slowed his pace.


‘This is it.’ Kagome thought as she felt Sesshomaru slow his pace. ‘This is where we will slay the bastard who ever dared to touch Rin.’ Hatred seeped though her pores as Sesshomaru put Kagome back on the ground. As they approached what appeared to be the mouth of a cave, Kagome waived all thoughts and emotions from her being.


Sesshomaru glanced at Kagome, watching her angry expression fade into nothingness. ‘Preparing for battle.’ He thought as he arched his eyebrow. ‘She is beautiful.’ His beast cooed as he watched her eyes flip from fierce and fiery to calculating and guarded. Sesshomaru looked back to the cave, “They are in there.” He stated, void of emotion.


“I know. I can feel them.” Kagome said as she rolled her neck. She looked over at Sesshomaru, a pang of guilt swept though her as the empty sleeve fluttered in the wind. ‘I’ll find a way to fix it.’ She thought to herself. “Well, there’s no time like the present.” She said, then giggled lightly at the irony of her statement. Instead of waiting for Sesshomaru to lead the way, she walked straight towards the cave and brought the tickling powers of her Reiki to the surface of her skin.


Sesshomaru arched an eyebrow at her movements, as he strode to her and walked in the cave side by side. The electric tingle of her Reiki washed over him as she pulled it to the surface, forcing their presence to be known to the enemy. They walked for a few moments through the cave until it seemed to end. He watched Kagome’s hands touch the surface of the wall, her purification powers pulsed outward in a small burst and the cave wall seemed to dissipate with her touch.


“Weak.” She muttered as she walked though where the wall once stood. The bamboo lined halls didn’t impress her, the tapestry that hung on the wall just angered her as her eyes fell on Naraku’s face. She bit back the urge to yell about the irritating hanyou. ‘It’s not worth my time.’ She thought as she ripped her eyes off the piece of fabric and continued forward.


“I’m surprised we haven’t run into anything yet.” Kagome said. “It’s odd, especially since I basically blasted a warning that we are coming.” She said more to herself than Sesshomaru. The hall opened up to a modest sitting area, crude bamboo furnishings littered the room while torches lined the walls to light the way. “Where is Rin?”


“She is at the end of this hall.” Sesshomaru’s eyes bled red as the fresh scent of Rin’s blood assaulted his nose. “Catch up if you can.” He whispered to the miko as he left her behind.


Without wasting more time, Kagome nocked an arrow and darted down the hall after Sesshomaru. Each door that he past he ripped though, waiting for something, someone to pop out to attempt to attack them – but it never came. ‘Where are the guards?’ Kagome’s brows furrowed with the lack of response of their intrusion of the hanyou’s home. She pulsed her Reiki outward, searching for any sign of the demons within the walls of the underground cave. She felt the collision of her powers against a wall of demons that were coming towards them from behind. They were going to be ambushed – at least they would have the knowledge.


“Sesshomaru, they are coming. I’ll go to Rin, you work on the demons.” She called out to the Inu-youkai. She knew that he would want blood, and Rin would need someone to comfort and protect her. She watched him nod his head slightly before he darted past her towards the threat. Kagome continued forward without looking back as screams erupted from the once quiet hall. She knew Sesshomaru would kill them all, without mercy. Kagome ripped the door open, only to be met face to face with Kumonosu.  



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