Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)

A/N - * Hides in a corner as shoes are thrown my way * I know! It’s been an insanely long time since I have updated and I am really sorry. I had a LOT of ‘life getting in the way’ moments in the past year. I promise – I’ll make it up to you guys. I started by revising the 8 previous chapters (just fixing grammatical errors that I had missed and rewording some paragraphs to make more sense, no changes in the plot has occurred) – and now before more shoes are thrown at me, here is Chapter 9. Enjoy <3


Chapter 9


You start to wonder if you're ever gonna make it by
You'll start to think you were born blind

“I need to go home. I’m going to the well..” Her cold tone caused a chill to run down her neck.
“Hn.” Sesshomaru replied before he began to follow the Miko towards her strange world.


Kagome’s hands touched the weathered wood surface of the well. ‘He’s really dead isn’t he?’ She asked herself as a tear slid down her cheek. She looked into the dark depths of the Bone-Eaters well, and then spun around into the direction of the Goshinboku Tree, where her seemingly endless quest began.


Her friend was now dead, a piece of their enemy remained alive – even if it wasn’t from his own flesh, it was from his own DNA. The –not quite hanyou, not quite human – known as Kumonosu had killed her best friend. ‘You will live to regret this day, Kumonosu.’ Kagome gritted her teeth as she looked back into the depths of the portal that would take her home.


Sesshomaru watched Kagome, as her aura danced across her skin. The electrical blue pulses of her Reiki enticed him, but he had to push away the thoughts of caving into the decadent desert that was on display before him, especially now. “Kagome.” He said, waiting for her to listen.  “As much as this Sesshomaru wishes to join you in your world, Inu-Yasha needs to be avenged.” His emotionless Amber colored irises locked on to her shaking form. “Honoring my blood, even if only half, is a necessity. It is my duty. Go home and morn with your family. I will destroy Kumonosu.”


Kagome’s enraged chocolate orbs clashed against his emotionless golden ones. She considered the Daiyokai’s words. He was right, of course. Honor needs to be upheld before she took care of herself. Her best friend deserved that “I can’t leave yet.” She whispered. “That thing has to pay for what he’s done. I need to stay and kill him before he kills another one of us.” Her voice gained volume and anger with each passing word. “Inu-Yasha deserves me to uphold my honor and avenge his death.” She slammed her fist against the wood below her.


“I need to go to the village.” Her hands tightened around the boards, her nails etching into the wood as she forced herself to let go; faint markings were left behind from her blunt nails. “He deserves more than my cowardice.” She whispered.


Sesshomaru listened to her malice-laced whispers. The words he spoke drove the point home; he knew that they would. He couldn’t allow her to be a coward, not after all she has been though. Not after she had proven to be one of the strongest Ningen women he’s ever seen in his existence. “Hn.” He responded simply after a moment silence between them. “The half-breed does.”


Kagome looked up at the Daiyokai then towards the direction of the town she considered home was located. “Lets go find out what happened.” Determined, Kagome pushed herself away from the well and started walking into the direction of the village.


Sesshomaru’s right brow rose slightly at her newly found determination. ‘This Sesshomaru is intrigued by this Miko.’ He thought, walking behind the girl, his head tilted slightly in thought over the conundrum that was Kagome. She, in many ways, still behaved like a young child. Yet, in many other ways she was the epitome of maturity, grace, and power. ‘Mate.’ The echo of his primal instincts roared within.


‘Is she truly the one who I am suppose to mate? Was she created for me as Inu-Yasha’s mother was created for father?’ Sesshomaru thought as he walked behind her. ‘Although, she is a human, she will produce only half-breed heirs.’ He pondered that thought for a moment, watching her hair sway across her lower back with every step that she took. Before he could stop the thought from entering his mind, her nude body beneath his fingers flashed into the forefront of his mind.


 “I think after we find out what happened from the group you should find out what direction he’s at least headed in.” Kagome said, just to fill the silence.


 Snapping away from the thoughts of the nude Miko, the Daiyokai quickly replied, “I will find his scent while you are speaking to your friends.”


 “Okay.” She responded quietly. ‘I wonder why Inu-Yasha’s death is affecting him so greatly. They never seemed all that close while he was alive.’ Her thoughts overtook her mind as she wandered through the small town, not noticing the forlorn looks on the villager’s faces as she passed them.  What she missed, Sesshomaru did not.


Golden eyes darted from face to face, taking in the different emotions from the Ningens that walked though the village. ‘Inu-Yasha will be genuinely missed.’ He thought passively. ‘I will avenge you, brother. We may not have been close, but you are still apart of a Daiyokai clan.’ He looked back towards the Shikon Miko. ‘This woman.’ He thought as his golden eyes softened just a touch at her determination. ‘She cares far more than he ever could have for her. She loved him – at one point, more than he would have ever known.’ Hardening his eyes once more as they approached a weeping Sango, and a worried Shippou stood pacing.  Sesshomaru made eye contact with Shippou and could immediately tell something beyond Inu-Yasha’s death was wrong.


 “Lord Sesshomaru.” Shippou bowed as low as he could as he approached him.


 “Where is Rin?” His ice-cold voice silenced everyone in his general vicinity. A moment passed without an answer and his eyes began to bleed red. “Where is she?!” The Daiyokai’s voice rose slightly with anger and agitation on the surface.


 “Whoever killed Inu-Yasha took Rin.” Shippou replied with a steady voice. His heart was racing, ‘Lord Sesshomaru will never let me mate Rin now. I’ve failed to protect her.’ His eyes dropped as the thought of not spending the rest of his life with her entered his mind. ‘I have to make sure she gets home safely.’


His red-rimmed eyes darted around the group that had gathered, “Where is the Monk and the undead Miko?”


 “They are with Inu-Yasha’s body still.” Shippou responded as Sango broke down sobbing once more.


“Sesshomaru you should get them and come back so when can come up with a plan. We cannot charge him and save Rin, he’s made that clear.” Kagome’s steady voice brought reason to his clouded judgment, and with barely a nod he left to retrieve the dead Miko, the Monk, and his brother.


 Kagome looked at her son with sorrowful eyes as Sesshomaru vanished into the tree line before them. “I am so sorry I wasn’t here for you Shippou. What happened?”


Shippou’s green eyes clashed with his adoptive mother’s brown ones. “Inu-Yasha was out thinking by the Goshinboku, he was out there for a while. There was this burst of demonic energy, and everyone thought it was Naraku. It felt exactly like him.” Shippou looked down, diverting his eyes away from hers.  “Miroku, Sango, Kikyou, and Kirara went to where the source of the energy was, and found Inu-Yasha out there.” Shippou paced as he recalled the events that took place.


“They were gone for a while, so I was worried. I left Rin here at the village and took off towards everyone else to see if they needed help.” Shippou continued. “I found them all there, Sango and Kikyou were a mess. Miroku told me to take Sango back to camp, so I did. When we returned, Rin was just gone. I searched everywhere for her. I can’t find her, Mama! I don’t know what to do. I love Rin; I want to spend the rest of her life with her. I don’t want her to ever feel alone or scared like she is now. I can’t believe I let this happen.” Shippou tearfully choked out to Kagome.


 Kagome tightened her arms around Shippou. “Everything will be fine. It’s not your fault that this has happened. If you’re worried that Sesshomaru won’t give you his blessing, don’t be. He’s lost Rin before too. And if he tells you no, then I’ll put my foot up his stiff icy ass.” She teased, trying to lighten the mood. “We will find Rin, and we will find Kumonosu.”


 “Kumonosu?” Shippou looked at Kagome inquisitively at the mention of the foreign name.


 “He’s who killed Inu-Yasha. He’s Naraku and Tsubaki’s son.”


 “Tsubaki, really?” Shippou cringed at the sound of the dark Miko’s name. “Even Naraku could have done better than her.” He shuttered again at the thought of someone procreating with that vile woman.


 “That’s what I thought too.” Kagome giggled lightly, trying to find something – anything, to laugh at.  “Everything will be okay Shippou. We will get her back.” She said as she pulled him into her arms. “If it’s the last thing I do, Kumonosu will die for what he has done.”


 Shippou buried his face in the crook of Kagome’s neck. “I hope so Momma.” He said as the first of many tears slid down his cheek. “ I hope so.”




Rin shivered in pain as her mind began to slip back into the conscious world. Her eyes snapped open, trying to adjust to the almost lightless room. She could feel the rope that bound her hands rubbing harshly against her alabaster skin as she struggled to free her bound wrists. She could see a strip of the floor in the moonlight that splashed in from the three-inch wide crack in wall of the cell she was held in, it was made of dirt. ‘Ground level, that’s a good thing.’ She thought as she lifted her head from the cold surface of the ground to sit up. Her head revolted with an instant headache from the sudden movement.

She closed her eyes, trying to let the pain pass and recall what happened leading up to this moment. Everything seemed so fuzzy as she attempted to remember. The last thing she could remember was Shippou telling her to stay in the village as he ran to check on the others. She couldn’t remember what had happened.


‘I gotta see if I can find a way out of here.’ She thought absently as she tried to stand, running her hands across her legs to see if the rope was attached to the wall. ‘I have to get back to Shippou and Lord Sesshomaru.’ To her surprise, her hands were merely bound. ‘I may be able to get out of this!’ She thought with a sliver of hope. She stood, walking over to the crack in the wall of her cell and pressed her face against the cold stone to peer out.

‘Thank Kami it’s a full moon out!’ She smiled to herself as she eyed the foliage outside. Praying to find something that could tell her where she was, her eyes darted from tree to tree, shrub to shrub to find nothing more than common plant life found all over Japan. She closed her eyes and slid down the wall to her knees, sadness and defeat weighing heavy on her heart. ‘There has to be something that can tell me where I am. Maybe I’m not looking for the right thing.’

She opened her eyes again and looked around her to try to see if she could manage to catch a glimpse of anything in the dark space. When she found no movement, she pushed herself to her feet once more and peered though the crack in the wall looking for anything that may tell her where she is. 


Her eye scanned across the lands that were visible to her. Neither relics, nor flags were hung in her line of sight. No specific trees were visible, no berries or herbs that were special to any specific area. ‘There has to be something!’ She cried internally as her eyes jumped from leaf to branch to rocks – frantically searching for anything out of the ordinary. ‘Kami please let there be something I just need to know where I am.’

As if the Gods had heard her cry for help, her eyes caught a slight disturbance in a bush. Clumsy movements wiggled the low branches and leaves in the shrubbery surrounding the creature causing it. Rin watched with baited breath as the creature slowly made its way closer to her though the forest. ‘It’s almost close enough to hear me!’ She thought with excitement. ‘Just a few more steps…’


“Hey!” Rin shouted through the crack. “Come here quickly! Hurry up before they come!” She watched the creature stop and turn towards her then move quickly towards her. “Good you can hear me. I need you to find Lord Sesshomaru and –“

“Lord Sesshomaru need not be bothered by some squalor prisoner!” A familiar high-pitched croak came from the edge of the bushes just before Jaken’s toad-like head broke through the foliage. “Lord Sesshomaru is above someone else’s trash!”
“Lord Jaken, it’s me! It’s Rin! You need to get to Lord Sesshomaru and tell him where I am!” She was relieved at the sound and sight of a familiar face.

“Rin! What are you doing in there? Where’s Lord Sesshomaru? Where’s Shippou?” He questioned.

“I was kidnapped you idiot! Go get Lord Sesshomaru!” Rin yelled at him. “Go now!” She watched his eyes widen in terror and run away from the crack in the wall. She pressed her back against the stone surface of the wall and slid down, to the ground. She could faintly hear Jaken screaming Sesshomaru’s name. ‘Lord Sesshomaru I hope you come quickly.’ She thought nervously. She collected her thoughts, now was not the time to panic. Now was the time to keep it together. She now knew she was not far outside of the Western boarder since Jaken was here. She also knew that now help would be here soon.

“Lord Sesshomaru.” She whispered into the dark. “Please don’t be too long.”




Kumonosu paced his room, ‘That was a little impulsive.’ He thought to himself as he studied the cracks and crevices in the dark stone floor as he paced. He crossed his room to the hole he punched through the walls which were made of the same dark stone as the floor of his room and placed his hands on the outside of the window as if he were about to throw himself from it. ‘I’ll figure this out.’ He thought as he continued to berate himself for the idiotic decision he made.

Taking Rin had been a spur of the moment decision, not thought out, and just plain messy. With no thought-out plan, Kumonosu expected Sesshomaru would arrive at any time to take his ward from him. ‘No.’ He thought sternly. ‘I will not bow to that bastard and just give her to him.’ He knew once Sesshomaru arrived, he’d devastate the already run down palace that he temporarily inhabited to find the girl. Kumonosu smiled wickedly as he hatched out a plan.

He removed himself from the window and walked to the door, where he met his ward, Sadako, met him. She was a slender slip of a Sun demon, her hair the color of golden wheat, her eyes a bright, shimmery sky blue. “Sadako, I need you to round up as many wandering demons as you possibly can, tell them that they are welcome to inhabit the house of Kumonosu for as long as they need.”

“Yes, Milord.” Sadako spoke quietly in a gentle singsong voice and bowed to Kumonosu before leaving his presence in a flash of warm light.

Kumonosu left his room and darted down towards the dungeon, where Sesshomaru’s ward was held. He had to move her in order to keep her in his possession. He wasn’t sure exactly where they would go quite yet, but he knew they couldn’t stay here.




Jaken ran continuously, his clothing had been torn to shreds from the bushes and brush he ran past. ‘I must get to Lord Sesshomaru, Rin’s life depends on it!’ He thought frantically. He continued running towards the human village that he had last heard his Lord had stepped. “Lord Sesshomaru!” he screamed frantically once more, knowing damn well that it was doing nothing but attracting attention to himself from everyone but the Daiyokai that he was looking for.

What seemed like hours passed when he finally caught sight of the human village that he sought out filled his view. ‘Thank Kami it’s right there.’ He thought desperately. ‘I don’t know how much longer I can run!’ Jaken thought as he pushed his legs as hard as he could to propel himself forward. ‘I can’t let Rin down!’ He thought as he pushed though the pain of his knotted muscles in his calves.

When Jaken finally ran though the gates of the human village, he began to search for Sesshomaru. “Lord Kazuki!” Jaken yelled out as he ran forward to the home of the lesser Lord. “Lord Kazuki, I need to speak with Lord Sesshomaru immediately! Is he here?” he screeched out as he began to beat his fists against the buildings doors.

Lord Kazuki opened the door, which promptly caused Jaken to fall into the now empty space. “Jaken?” Kazuki questioned quietly. “What on Earth is wrong with you?”

“Where is Lord Sesshomaru? It’s important that I speak to him right away!” Jaken squealed, his pitch rising with every word he spoke. “It’s about Rin, and it’s very important!”

“Lord Sesshomaru left, to take the Shikon Miko home yesterday.” Lord Kazuki informed him flatly. “He just recently saved my life – and the Miko saved his.” Kazuki bowed to the imp. “When you see him please tell him I send my regards. If he needs anything of me, he merely needs to ask.”

“I will. I must be going, thank you for the information.” Jaken squeaked out as he ran back into the direction that he had come. ‘I pray to Kami that I’m not too late getting to Lord Sesshomaru. Oh the consequences I will face!’ Jaken shuddered as he thought of how Sesshomaru would kill him if Rin died because he couldn’t find him in time.

Jaken tried to shrug away the negative thoughts as he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him in the direction of where Kazuki suggested that he had gone. 

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