Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)


Japanese words and their meanings:

Ningen - Human



Chapter 2



Gonna make you break out of the shell cause they tell you to
Gonna make you like the way they lie better than the truth


“What do you want, Yokai? Speak before I loose another arrow.” Kagome barked out.


 “You.” The demon smiled, and lunged towards the Miko Priestess, and before she even had time to react her world turned black.




  “Kagome!” Inu-Yasha screamed, searching for the young priestess frantically. “Where are you?” He asked himself quietly. He stopped, in a clearing; a small hot springs was centered in the middle of this clearing. ‘She was here.’ He thought to himself as he inhaled deeply, and was instantly surrounded with the scent of fresh thunderstorms and honeysuckles. She was here. But the scent trail ends abruptly.


 He looked around the clearing, looking for more clues on where she may have gone, and what was going on before the pulse of her Reiki was emitted from her being, she only did it when she was looking for the location of someone or something. “What happened here, Kagome?” Inu-Yasha asked himself quietly, his ears flat against his head. “This is all my fault.”


 Sango searched the edge of the woods for any clues of where their friend may have gone. She spotted a faint glimmer of light, about 6 feet off the ground.  “Inu-Yasha, look at this!” Sango yelled to the hanyou. “It’s an arrow.” She said as her fingers lightly touched the arrow. Her fingers slid gracefully down its shaft towards the fletching of the arrow.


 “Someone was here. Someone had been standing right here.” Inu-Yasha said as he spotted some footprints. “I can smell the demon, but it’s a light scent.” Inu-Yasha said as he let the breath he was holding go. ‘Why didn’t I smell the demon before?’ He asked himself as his ears flattened against his head once again.


 “No kidding Inu-Yasha.” Sango barked at the half-breed before her. “Why else would there be an arrow in this tree?” Sango gripped the arrow and pulled it out of the tree. “Touch the arrow Inu-Yasha.”


 “What? Why!” His voice came out more shrillish than he had anticipated, while taking a notable step back from the Taijiya.


 “Because if Kagome’s Reiki is embedded in this arrow, you will be able to feel it.” Sango said, stating the obvious.


 Growling, Inu-Yasha begrudgingly touched the arrow, wincing in angst as his fingers touched the fletching.  The familiar electric charge he had anticipated never enveloped his fingertips. “Nothing.” He said, the shock notable in his voice.


 “Then Kagome didn’t initially feel threatened by this demons presence.” Miroku stated. “This must have been a warning shot.” Miroku pondered for a moment. “Inu-Yasha, is the scent familiar from this demon?”


 “No, I can tell that it was a Yokai, a male, and I’m nearly positive that he’s of the Thunder Tribe.”


 “I thought we killed the last of the Thunder Tribe?” Sango asked, recalling the encounter with Hinten and Manten.


 “Yeah, so did I.” Inu-Yasha stated, inhaling deeply. “But I’m almost certain that it’s a Thunder Yokai.”


 “If that is the case, they could be out for revenge.” Sango said. “After we killed Hinten and Manten, it’s entirely possible that this guy is the last of them, he could be out for blood.”

“Kagome could be in serious danger.” Miroku state, looking at the arrow in Sango’s clutched hand. “We need to figure out a plan to get her back.




 “Milord! Wait for me!” Jaken yelled out to the stoic demon lord that seemed to be miles ahead of him.


 Ignoring the Imp, he continued patrolling his boarders.  Sesshomaru sighed, knowing the Imp wouldn’t stop his annoying screeching until he caught up with him. With two fingers to his temple, he paused for a moment, waiting for the toad-like creature to catch up.


 “Thank you, Milord!” He squealed when he finally caught up to the demon lord.


 “Hn.” Was his only response to him as they continued patrolling the Western Land’s boarders.


 “Have you found anything suspicious Milord?” He asked.


 ‘The constant need for speaking, it is quite annoying.’ The demon lord sighed again. “Just an electrical pulse towards the East. It is not my concern, it is off of my lands.” Sesshomaru stated coldly.


 “Yes, Milord.” Jaken looked up at Sesshomaru, and noticed an electric blue streak forming across the sky. “Milord! Look!” He pointed into the direction of the blue light that seemed to land directly in the middle of his lands.


 “Lets go greet our unwelcomed guests, Jaken.” Sesshomaru said as he formed a ball of light around them. He transported them towards the area where the lightning streak settled, and took in the scene before him.


 Kagome was unconscious, the Ningen looked healthy, she appeared to just be sleeping.


 “L-lord Sesshomaru!” The being holding Kagome stated. “I did not expect to see you here.


 “Hn.” Sesshomaru looked at the demon before him. “State your name and your business here in my lands.” His deep baritone voice coolly barked out.


 “I’m just taking this human to my castle, in the South.” The lilac-haired demon replied.


 “That’s an answer to one of my questions. Do you really want me to ask a second time?” Sesshomaru’s eyes began to bleed red, the irritation of Jaken, the Ningen girl, and this idiot Yokai getting to the better of him. ‘It’s been too long since I’ve had a good fight, give me a reason to coat my claws in your blood.’


 “I am Lord Rakurai, Lord of the Southern Land.” He lied, hoping the demon before him would buy it.


 “Lies. I know Lord Rakurai quite well.” He rippled his fingers, hinting at his intentions as his icy voice sent chills up the demon’s spine.


 “I am Lord Raitoningu, I apologize for lying to you Lord Sesshomaru.” He bowed deeply to the lord before him.


 “Why do you have the Shikon Miko in your possession?” His golden eyes looked over the Ningen. Inu-Yasha was nowhere to be found, which was quite odd. Since they shared the battle that defeated Naraku, he respected the girl. He trusted her enough to leave Rin in the possession of her and her comrades. The fact that she was not with her group bothered him a great degree. Not just for the wellbeing of Rin, but for the sake of Kagome’s life as well.


 “Lord Inu-Yas-.”

 “Inu-Yasha is no Lord of House Tasho.” Sesshomaru barked out, informing this ‘Raitoningu’ before him.


 “I mean you no offense Milord.” He stated bowing deeply again. Beads of sweat formed upon his brow. ‘How am I going to get this twit and myself out of this situation alive?’ He straightened his posture, and repositioned the Miko in his arms. “Inu-Yasha asked for me to take her to my castle so she could review some of the scrolls in my library. She is looking for a specific prevention scroll that I believe I have in my possession.”


 “Why isn’t that Mutt with her then?” Sesshomaru quizzed the demon before him. He could hear this supposed lord’s heart racing in his chest, smell the salt of the sweat rolling down his neck, and feel the fear radiating off of him. “Answer me!” Sesshomaru barked out, after a moment of silence went past.


 “Lord Sesshomaru, I am not entirely certain why he did not accompany us to my castle. It could have something to do with that undead Miko he is in love with. Kikyou is her name, I believe.” He answered.  Kagome shifted in his arms. ‘The spell will wear off soon. I didn’t anticipate this.’


 “Why is the Miko unconscious?” Sesshomaru asked, looking at the Ningen in his arms.


 “Traveling by lightning can be rough on the human body if it is tense, I offered her a sleeping tonic during our trip to my castle, Milord.”


 “I have some questions for the Miko when she wakes you will stay at my castle until she does.”  Sesshomaru concluded, ending the discussion between the two lords. “Give me the Miko.”


 Raitoningu considered his options; he could hand over the Miko, and ultimately be killed by the Demon Lord known as the killing perfection, or bolt and give himself time to plan how to defend himself. He looked at the Lord before him. And choose to go with his second option: Bolt. “No way.” He said confidently, and the moment the words left his mouth Kagome and Raitoningu were engulfed in a blue light, and disappeared before his very eyes.


 ‘Great.’ Sesshomaru’s eyes bled red at the defying act of the oblivious lord. ‘Does he not know who this lord is?’ Sesshomaru growled before barking orders to Jaken. “Go to the palace, you are to write a letter to Lord Rakurai, ask about the existence of this ‘Lord Raitoningu’. I need to check on Rin and find that insolent Mutt.” Without waiting to hear Jaken’s reply, Sesshomaru bolted in a flash of bright white light.




A soft breeze blew, blowing the scent of the wildflowers all around them. Fallen petals seemed to dance around the young couple in the field of wild flowers that they stood in.  Shippou’s question hung heavily in the air.


 Rin’s eyes still held the shock of that question. ‘He wants me to be his mate?!?’ Her thoughts wandered viciously though her head, while her heart soared with glee. ‘But, Lord Sesshomaru will need to approve before I even consider my answer to him.’  Rin smiled gleefully. ‘I hope he understands, but before I say yes, he will need to follow traditions.’


 Shippou’s hands still rested upon Rin’s hands. His heart was racing. ‘Why hasn’t she answered me yet? I just professed my love to her; I just offered her my life! Please answer me Rin!’


 “Shippou, as much as I would love to answer you right this moment, have you talked to Lord Sesshomaru?” Her sweet voice broke the silence between them.


 “No, he hasn’t been to the village, nor have I seen him while I have been away on training sessions.” He answered honestly.


 “Then I cannot answer you until you ask Lord Sesshomaru.” Rin said, pulling her hands out of his. “He is like my father, and tradition states you must ask him first.” She smiled sweetly, looking at the now frightened Kitsune.


 “I have to ask the Ice Lord?” he gulped.


 Rin opened her mouth to speak, but immediately replaced it with a grin. She could feel his aura. She could feel the warm sensation of her father getting ready to land near her any second.


 “What is it Rin?” Shippou asked. Before she even had time to answer, the ominous Lord in question landed between the two.


 “Lord Sesshomaru!” Rin greeted happily. “I am so happy to see you!” she immediately ran over to her Lord, wrapping her arms around his chest.


 “Hn, it is nice to see you too, Rin.” He stated coldly, running a hand across the back of her head, tangling his claws in her ebony locks.


 “Lord Sesshomaru?” Shippou squeaked. “May I speak to you?” Shippou looked at the Lord before him, determined to ask him for his permission to mate with his little girl.


 “Now is not a good time Kit.” He responded shortly, before turning his attention back toward Rin. “Has anything odd happened around here recently?”


“No, Milord.” Rin shook her head.


 “No new faces, nothing odd with Kagome or Inu-Yasha?” his golden eyes peered into her warm brown orbs.


 “No, Milord. They were here a few days ago and everything seemed fine.” Rin looked at him, then to Shippou. “Is something wrong with Kagome?”


 “I’m not sure.” Sesshomaru stood up, looking at his daughter. “I will return soon.”


 “Lord Sesshomaru, I need to speak with you before you leave. It’s important.” Shippou’s voice held more confidence this time.  His green eyes looked into the demon lords golden ones.


 “Hn. Come then Kit.” He said, turning on his heel to the edge of the field of flowers that he had found the two of them in.


Rin watched the two walk towards the edge of the field, far enough for her to be out of earshot of what was being said, but close enough for them to keep a steady eye on her. Nervously, she began gathering flowers, and weaving them into crowns like she use to make for A-Un.  ‘What will Lord Sesshomaru’s answer be to Shippou?’ She watched the two men she loved so much continue talking quietly.


 “Lord Sesshomaru. As you know, Rin and I have developed a relationship beyond just companions. I cannot imagine living my life without her. Even though we are young, I know that she is and always will be the one that I will devote myself to. I would like for you to give me permission to ask her to be my mate.” Shippou stated to the Daiyokai, anxiously awaiting his answer.


 Sesshomaru looked at the kit, not entirely shocked at his question. He had noticed that both Rin and Shippou had grown closer together over the past year since he had left Rin in the care of the human village. He knew this day would come. He hadn’t anticipated that Shippou would ask him though. ‘It must have been upon Rin’s insistence that he ask me.’ He sighed internally, not cracking his stoic mask, which made the Kitsune before him nervously bounce his weight from foot to foot.


 “Shippou, do you know anything of the mating rituals?” Sesshomaru asked.


 Blushing a deep crimson red, Shippou answered, “Of course Milord.”


 “Do you know what will happen to Rin once you take her as your mate?”


 “I believe so Milord.” Shippou said, quietly.


 “Do you believe so, or do you know so?” Sesshomaru asked icily. “This is not a joking matter, nor is it a game. Once you mate it’s for life.” Sesshomaru said, looking down at the young, clueless Kit before him.


 “I know so Milord.” Shippou said, gaining control of his confidence levels once more.


 “I want you to consider it, more than just as a passing thought. When I return with either Kagome or Inu-Yasha, you will ask me again.” Sesshomaru said, and then turned his attention away from the boy and to his daughter. “She is all that matters in this.” He spoke lightly; his features seemed to soften momentarily before hardening once more. His eyes returned to Shippou’s. “If you ever hurt her, I will kill you slowly.” He said before walking away from him.


 Rin watched Sesshomaru walk away from a paling Shippou. ‘I wonder what he said to him.’ She thought, as she watched Shippou snap out of his dazed state and follow Lord Sesshomaru back to where she stood. “Did you guys have a nice chat?” Rin’s curious nature shone though her bright questioning eyes.


 “Yes.” Shippou said smiling. “Lord Sesshomaru has pressing matters to attend to, so we will finish our discussion once he returns.”


 “Indeed.” Sesshomaru looked down at Rin. He put his hand on her cheek. “I will return in a few days time.” Sesshomaru looked into her eyes. “Do not make any rash decisions until I get back.” He stated before stepping back a few feet and disappearing in a ball of bright, white light.




 Kagome’s eyes snapped open. Sending a surge of healing energy through her body to assess any damage that may have been done. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except feeling like she was hung over. “Where am I?” She quietly asked herself, looking around the room that she currently was in. It seemed antiquated, even for this era. Most of the furnishings she had never seen anything quite like it while here in this time era. ‘Who was that purple haired man? What did he do to me?’ Kagome asked herself, sitting up from where she was laying.


 “You are in my castle.” an unfamiliar voice answered her question.


Kagome looked towards the voice that answered her question. It was that man, the one she seen near the hot springs before she passed out.  “Who are you, where is your castle located?” Kagome asked, looking for answers.


 “My name isn’t entirely important, but I am Lord Raitoningu. You are in the Southern territory of the Southern lands, which is where my castle is.” He stated calmly, trying to answer her questions without irritating her. After all, he needed her to be on his side for his plan. ‘I would rather her be a willing participant than one against her will.’ He inwardly smirked, waiting for her answer.


 “Why am I here, Lord Raitoningu?”


 “Well Priestess Kagome. You were alone. I figured you would want someone to keep you company, someone to keep you safe. I have a proposition for you.” The demon lord looked at her, hoping he used the proper combination of words to get her to listen to his bullshit explanation to her. ‘I need her to finish taking over the south, and eventually move north to the eastern lands.’


 “In other words I looked like someone you could pick on? Someone weak enough to subdue?” She asked, crossing her arms. She pulled her Reiki to the surface of her skin. ‘Touch me, make my day you idiot.’ She thought to herself. “Do I really look like someone who’s not strong enough to protect herself? Do you have any idea who I am beyond my name?” She asked, her eyes and expression iced over, not letting any of her own interior emotions shine though. ‘I suppose being around Sesshomaru did have its perks.’


 “No! Not at all Priestess!” He stood from his chair and began to walk closer to her.


 “Then explain yourself.”  She stated flatly. “I want an explanation of my abduction.” Kagome looked at him, her eyes void of emotion, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing she was beyond terrified. Even in her boldness, her lust for blood in this moment, she was absolutely terrified of what could possibly come.


 “Like I began saying earlier, I have a proposition for you. If you are interested in hearing it.” He confidently stated. ‘This should be like taking candy from a baby.’


 “I am getting ready to loose my castle because I haven’t taken a mate.” He started. ‘keep with the pity card, she will fall for it, I’m sure she will.’ I don’t know how other castles do it, but in the south, if you haven’t taken a mate within five years, you are deemed incompetent of being able to rule the lands you have control over and it is passed on to who you choose as your successor if you have no children.”


 ‘If he thinks I’m going to mate with him just so he can keep this castle, he’s out of his mind! There is no way I’d mate with anyone right now.’ Her chocolate eyes broke the mask as sadness seeped through her heart at the thought of loosing Inu-Yasha to someone who’s dead.


 “Anyways, I need a mate. You need a protector. Why don’t we make this happen?” He asked her hopefully. ‘Buy the bullshit so I don’t have to be a dick.’ Raitoningu thought to himself. His sky blue eyes locked with her molten chocolate orbs.


 “You’re lying to me.” Kagome said after several moments of searching into the blue eyes of her captor. “If you weren’t lying to me you would have told me in the clearing instead of subduing me and taking me half way across the island.”


 “Smart girl, clever girl.” His voice he portrayed as soft went as hard as steel.  “You should have played stupid.”  He shook his head. “You should have just agreed to the plan.” He chuckled lightly. “Now it’s going to be worse, because one way or another I will keep my castle and you will stay by my side.” His blue eyes bled red.  


 “Not today buddy. I am not in the mood for power hungry want-to-be Lords!” Kagome’s eyes began to glow a brilliant white. “I am sick and tired of selfish men trying to exploit my powers for their own personal gain! I will not be apart of your selfish plan! I will not participate in your ridiculous schemes!” Kagome’s Reiki flared around her, as she took her first step towards Lord Raitoningu.


 ‘What the hell is going on here?’ His eyes widened as he felt himself become paralyzed by her powerful aura, Kagome’s Reiki danced around the room in a tantalizing display of power. He watched her step forward, her words cutting through his oblivious state of mind.


 “Good-bye, you pitiful excuse for a Yokai!” Kagome shouted above the silence, and placed her hands on his temples and released an immense surge of Reiki through her fingertips.





 Sesshomaru gracefully landed in front of Inu-Yasha, who instantly had his hand on the hilt of his sword. “Now, little brother. I’d think we’ve already settled out our differences.” Sesshomaru said dryly. “Why is Kagome in the company of someone such as Lord Raitoningu?”


 “Who the hell is Lord Raitoningu?” Inu-Yasha paused a moment, “You’ve seen Kagome?” He looked at his brother.


 “Indeed. Lord Raitoningu is a lowly Lord that is watching over the Southern territory in the Southern Lands. Lord Rakurai has informed me that he has been trying to turn his armies against him, not that his men are easily misled. He’s been considering on replacing him at that castle, by force. It seems his abduction of the Shikon Miko has solidified his fate.


 “Well, now that we know exactly where Kagome is, we should go get her.” Inu-Yasha declared, and began moving towards the southern lands.


 “I think you should let Sesshomaru get her, and help her return to Keade’s Village.” Sango stated flatly, shooting daggers into the direction of the hanyou.


 Sesshomaru arched his left eyebrow in confusion. “Why is that Taijiya?”


 “Inu-Yasha is the reason why Kagome is in the predicament that she is in now.” Sango explained. She ran Sesshomaru through the quick version of what was going on.


 “Interesting.” Sesshomaru responded. “Why should I retrieve the Miko?”


 “Because of your ‘outstanding honor’.” Sango sarcastically retorted.


 “Because, we care about her and we cannot pass into the Southern Lands fast enough to save her.” Miroku spoke up quietly. “We do not have the ability to get there fast enough.” Miroku stared at the Demon Lord for a moment. “Kagome has saved Rin’s life several times. She has never asked you for anything in return. Lord Sesshomaru, if you let Kagome die, you will also be hurting Rin.”


 Sesshomaru considered the Monk’s words, pressed his index and middle fingers to his temple and sighed. “Okay. I’ll get her.”


 “Thank you Lord Sesshomaru!” Miroku and Sango said unanimously. “We will be forever in your debt.”


“No, I owe her this.” Sesshomaru said quietly before disappearing in a ball of light.


 “What the hell just happened?!” Inu-Yasha asked in disbelief after he snapped out of the dazed state he was in. “Why did you tell him to get her?” He all but screamed at the couple in front of him.


“We were looking out for the safety and well being of our friend. That means keeping you away from her.” Sango snapped back at the hanyou. His ears flattened against his head. “You hurt her enough, seeing you right now is not going to help her, even if it is to benefit her life. Sesshomaru can get her in and out of there quickly, without causing an issue, without causing memories to keep flaring up.” Sango stepped back then laced her arm though Miroku’s. “Let’s go Miroku, I’m tired.”


 “Yes, My Lady.” Miroku and Sango left the hanyou standing there in disbelief.




Sesshomaru materialized in front of Raitoningu’s castle, just in time to feel the fading effect of Kagome’s Reiki. The electric-like energy sizzled over his skin. ‘I’m glad the Miko is still capable of caring for herself.’ Sesshomaru thought absentmindedly. He opened the doors to the castle; most of Raitoningu’s men were passed out on the floor due to being in the path of the initial blast of energy from Kagome. ‘I’m actually impressed.’ He followed his nose, following the trail of her lingering scent of fresh thunderstorms and honeysuckle.


 When he finally reached the room that she was in, he could hear her light sobs and smell the overwhelming scent of salt and the familiar coppery iron scent of blood. ‘She is crying. This should be interesting.’ The moment he opened the door his eyes fell on a most intriguing sight.  Kagome was on her hands and knees, blood dripped off of her body and onto the floor; Raitoningu’s body was up against the wall, his head wasn’t even recognizable.


 “Stupid men.” Kagome said quietly. “All of you are the same. You all believe that we are here for one purpose: to make you stronger, or to serve you. Its always the same.” She sighed; tears began to fall from her warm chocolate eyes once more. “I will no longer be the puppet or play thing. I will no longer be subservient to these idiots.” She laughed, nearly manically, until Sesshomaru broke her from her unspoken muse.


 “Kagome.” His voice took a tone that was softer than normal. His eyes actually reflected emotion: Disbelief and amazement. It lasted only for a moment, but Kagome caught it non-the-less.


 “What do you want from me, Sesshomaru?” She asked, her voice was cold, no emotion filtered through her eyes, not one single crack on her stoic expression.


 Chills ran down his spine for the first time in his entire life. “Ningen, get up.” He said coldly. ‘What happened to this poor innocent girl?’ Sesshomaru looked at Kagome, and reflected her emotionlessness. ‘I feel like I’m in an odd parallel universe. Since when can she send shivers up my spine?’ Sesshomaru inwardly scoffed at the very idea. ‘Since when have I shown emotion, especially to a Ningen?!’ He questioned himself, staring down at the Miko in silence.


 “Why should I?” She retorted quickly.


 “Fine, I won’t take you to a spring so you can wash the blood off of your body.” He inwardly smiled knowing that a good hot springs was the little Miko’s weakness.


 Kagome’s eyes widened as she looked down at herself. She hadn’t even noticed that Lord Raitoningu’s blood had coated her body in her fit of rage. She still hadn’t quite figured out what had happened, She just felt this pull to put her hands to his head and release her Reiki to his temples.  She was hoping to stun him, but instead his head just kind of popped like an overfilled balloon. It happened so fast that she didn’t even register the blood.


 “Sorry Sesshomaru. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that.” She whispered,.


 “Hn”. He took a few steps towards the Miko and extended a hand to help her up. “Let’s go get the blood off of you.”  His golden eyes landed on her chocolate orbs and he really took in the sight of the Miko before him. Through all of the battles that they have been though together, he had never seen her so electrically charged. Her blood soaked clothing hung low on her body, showing more of her skin than what he normally had on the young girl in front of him. Her usual cream-colored skin was now stained red. Her face was splattered with blood drops, and streaks of white down her cheeks where her tears had washed away some of the blood.


 Her hair, which was normally clear of any debris was matted down and soaked with the Thunder demon’s coagulating blood. He seemed to involuntarily watch as the blood pooled at the end of her matted locks, and drip down into the crevice of her breasts.  “She is mine.” His beast growled from within. He visualized himself ripping her blood soaked clothing off of her tiny body and taking her as his.


Her hand finally met his, breaking his subconscious away from the sight before him. He shook the thoughts of the beast out of his mind, and helped pull her to her feet. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” ‘No way in hell, will she be our mate.’ He growled inwardly at his animalistic side.

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