Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)


A/N: I almost put off finishing this chapter today, but I felt like a schoolgirl when I seen the reviews pop up in my E-mail today. Thank you all for your kind words! I am going to try to update every day or every other day to keep the content coming your way! Now without further delay, here’s the next chapter!


Chapter 3



They'll tell you everything you wanted someone else to say
They're gonna break your heart, yeah



“She is mine.” His beast growled from within.


 ‘No way in hell, will she be our mate.’ He growled inwardly at his animalistic side.




Inu-Yasha sat in a tree above the rest of the group, pondering all of the decisions that he has made in the past year. ‘Was it worth getting with Kikyou? Was Kikyou’s love worth loosing Kagome’s friendship entirely?’ He looked down at Sango and Miroku. Miroku had propped himself up against a tree, and was running his fingers through Sango’s onyx hair while she laid in his lap, a smile of contentment graced her face. His eyes darted over to Kikyou, who sat alone near the fire. Smiling, Inu-Yasha hopped down from his branch. ‘Yeah, I made the right decision.’


 “Nice of you to finally join us, Inu-Yasha.” Kikyou said coolly, as he sat down next to her.


 “Sorry, I’ve just been thinking about a lot is all.” He said quietly. He placed his hand on her knee and gave her a gentle squeeze. “Do you think she is okay?”


 “She is still alive. The other half of my soul has not returned to this body.” She replied, looking into Inu-Yasha’s golden eyes. “I am sorry, Inu-Yasha.” She whispered, before looking away from his gaze.


 “Why are you sorry?” he looked at her saddened features. “There is nothing for you to apologize for, Kikyou.”


 “Kagome left, and now you are concerned that you will not see her again, yes?” She asked, looking back to his face for the answer.


 “Well, yeah.” He said quietly. “She’s my friend. I care about her wellbeing and I made a promise to her mother that she would see her again.” Inu-Yasha’s ears flattened against his head, as he recalled the berating words of Ms. Hirogashi. “If you ever hurt my daughter again, or allow her to get hurt, not only will you not be allowed back to this house Inu-Yasha; but I’ll kill you myself.”


He shook the words from his head. “But, now it’s Sesshomaru’s duty to take her home. He will make sure she gets there safely.”


 “Indeed.” She whispered. “You almost seem to resent him for that.”


 “No, I just promised her mother is all.” He said again. ‘I just wish I could explain myself to her. I just want Kagome to know that I didn’t intend for this to go this far. I didn’t intend for her to get hurt again.’ Inu-Yasha sighed. “It’s getting late. Let’s go to bed Kikyou.” He stood, then extended a hand out for her.


“Okay.” She yawned as she grabbed the hanyou’s extended hand.




He watched her puffy, red eyes slide closed. The little Miko had completely taken him by surprise today when he walked into that scene. Never in a thousand years would he have thought he would ever see the Shikon Miko drenched in blood like that. It drove his beast insane. “She will be Mine.” His beast growled contently as he looked at the now sleeping Miko.


 ‘This Sesshomaru thinks not.’ He replied to his beast. This is not an option for him. ‘We cannot mate with a Ningen.’


 “She is more than just some petty human. You seen that today yourself.”


 ‘She will not be ours.’ Sesshomaru sighed and looked away from the Miko and up to the sky. He closed his eyes, hoping to rest some before they began to travel towards Kagome’s home.


 “I will show you why she will be ours. I will show you her though my eyes.” The deep baritone rumbling of his beast’s growl echoed in his head as he lost the battle to stay awake.


 She woke first, her head pounded with malice from crying so much the day before. ‘I’m such an idiot.’ She berated herself, as she looked over to the sleeping Daiyokai. ‘He could have killed me for what I said to him yesterday.’ She sighed and looked over at his pale face. ‘When he’s sleeping, he looks so kind, so peaceful.’ She thought to herself. Her eyes landed on his Mokomoko, and like when she first met Inu-Yasha, she had to know what it felt like. Like she was being pulled, Kagome carefully and quietly scooted herself over next to the sleeping demon lord.


‘This is stupid Kagome! He’s going to kill you if he wakes up to your hands in his tail!’ Kagome’s hands trembled as she pulled away from the long fluffy mokomoko wrapped around Sesshomaru’s shoulder. ‘But I just gotta touch it!’ Taking a deep breath she gently plunged her fingers into Sesshomaru’s tail. ‘It’s so soft!’ She marveled to herself.


Sesshomaru woke up to the scent of thunderstorms and honeysuckle infiltrating his senses.  He knew Kagome was in his vicinity, but her scent shouldn’t be that strong, unless she was nearly on top of him. Keeping his breathing even, he felt her fingers lightly brushing though the fur of his Mokomoko.


He lay there, stunned. Too stunned to actually produce a reaction to the unsuspecting miko who was touching his Mokomoko. As her delicate fingertips gently pulled through his fur, his anger rose, and his beast shook uncontrollably in contentment. His eyes snapped open, tinted red; she was still completely oblivious and lost in thought.


‘His fur is so soft.’ She smiled lightly as she lightly ran her fingers across the soft surface of his tail. ‘I don’t understand why he is so cold. His face betrays his personality.’ Kagome trailed her hand from his shoulder up to his long, silky hair. She closed her eyes as she ran her fingers though the silver locks over, and over, and over again.


 ‘Why is she doing this?’ Sesshomaru had half the mind to growl until his beast almost purred in content. “Mother use to run her fingers though our hair when we were a pup. Remember?”  His beast reveled in the nostalgic feeling.  And that is when Sesshomaru snapped. 


Before Kagome had the chance to react, she found herself hanging by her throat, pinned up against a tree. Her hands instantly went up to his, trying to pull them away from her neck, and out of sheer fear for her life, she released a surge of Reiki into his hands.


“Do not ever touch this Sesshomaru again, or I will kill you.” His blood tinged eyes locked with her terrified chocolate orbs, completely ignoring the shock waves of pure energy burning his skin.


 “Y-y-yes M-m-mil-o-ord.” She choked out between short breaths of air.


He released her throat, not being able to stand the electric jolt of the pulsating, purifying energy being released to his hands. He watched her as she collapsed to her knees, greedily sucking in large gulps of air. “Get something to eat, or starve for the rest of today’s trip.” He barked at her.


“You hurt her.” His beast growled at him. ‘She was touching me.’ He shoved the beast’s angry thoughts aside and finished tearing down and destroying the evidence of the campsite. He had to win this battle with his beast, there was no way that he would loose his own position as alpha.


 Kagome grasped at her throat, struggling to rid herself of the dizzying feeling she was left with due to lack of air. ‘I never thought that he would do that to me. I know he’s capable of killing me, but I never thought he would actually threaten to kill me for touching him.’ Kagome sighed as she collected some berries for breakfast. ‘I really do have a death wish, don’t I?’


He stared down at the hand he had wrapped around her throat. The burning sensation hadn’t quite subsided from her Reiki, and he had a feeling that it would be a while before it did. He had perfect handprints across the top of his hand and the joint of his wrist where her hands had been. “It will heal.” His beast grumbled in discontent. ‘Hn.’ He thought quietly. She had actually done what very few people lived to do, she injured him; and he let her live. He stood there, looking at his hands for a moment longer before tearing his eyes off of the burns to continue tearing down the camp, contemplating why he let her live.


 As she finished eating her breakfast, she wondered where she was going from here. ‘Sesshomaru never really told me where we were going from here. Should I ask him? Or should I just remain quiet?’ Kagome looked down at the berries she held in her hands, and debated about what she should do.


 “Let’s go Ningen.” Sesshomaru said icily.


 Jarred out of her thoughts by his voice, she let out a shrillish scream, throwing berries at the Daiyokai who seemed to have magically materialized in front of her.


 “Now that you’ve assaulted me with your powers, your voice, and berries,” he paused, wiping a splattered berry off of his face, “can we go?” He looked at her, arching an eyebrow.


 ‘Why does he have to do that?’ She questioned herself, looking at that perfectly arched silver brow. ‘Why does he have to look like that?’ His perfect features seemed to taunt her. She stood up suddenly, hoping that once he started talking again her brain would get rid of the silly thoughts she had in her head. ‘How could I possibly be attracted to a yokai like Sesshomaru? He’s so cold-hearted.’ She sighed, ‘But what if there’s more to him than meets the eye?’ Kagome paused, and let out an audible giggle. ‘There’s no way in hell that the Ice Lord has a soft side.’


 Sesshomaru arched an eyebrow, looking at the strange Miko. “She is too adorable.” His beast sighed in content, noticing the half-smile on her face. Sesshomaru inwardly sighed. ‘This is going to be a long trip.’




 “Where are we going?” Kagome finally said after what seemed like an eternity of them walking together in silence.


 “I’m taking you to the Bone Eater’s Well. Is that not where you originally wished to go?” He retorted icily.


 “Yeah.” She said quietly. ‘See, no way in hell he has a soft side.’ She sat in silence again, now that her question was answered. She rubbed her left hand over her right, a nervous tick she’s had since she was a child. ‘Now the more pressing question is, why did he bother himself to rescue me? Not that I really needed the help.’ Trying to think of a logical conclusion to that answer, she was pulled out of her thoughts by said demon lord’s voice.


 “Why do you wish to visit this well?” Sesshomaru asked, looking back at the Miko.


 “You still haven’t figured it out, have you?” Kagome looked at him; nearly taken back that he had no clue.


 “Figured what out, Ningen?” He stopped, and turned to face the girl before him.


 “You won’t believe me until you see it for yourself.” She scoffed.


 “Tell this Sesshomaru.” He arched an eyebrow, his placid face not showing the curiosity that ran rampant though his mind.


 “Why should I? So you can just sit there and call me a liar?” She taunted, crossing her arms in a defiant manner.


“This Sesshomaru wishes to know why you seek the decaying Well.” He took a step forward. “Tell me now, or suffer the consequences.”


 “If you kill me, you’ll never know.” She taunted, smiling at the Daiyokai. “It would be a shame if the great Lord Sesshomaru were to kill the only vat of information on this particular subject.”


 “Hn.” He stared at her, contemplating what she had just said. She left him with no choice but to let her live, this curious well of hers had baffled him for some time. He wanted to put the silly accusations to rest. “Fine, this Sesshomaru will wait for the answer.” As he began to turn on his heel to start to continue their journey towards the Musashi Province, he caught a smile on Kagome’s face. “I like when she smiles.” His beast growled inwardly. ‘Silence you fool.’ "What are you smiling about? I simply asked a question. I don't care, I'm just curious."


 “If you must know, the well takes me to my home.” Kagome said, dropping her arms to her side. “I’ll show you when we get there.” She walked past Sesshomaru with dignity. ‘I wonder what he’s thinking now.’


 “You’re walking in the wrong direction.” He inwardly chuckled while keeping his stoic mask in place. “See she wouldn’t survive without us.” His beast purred. “We need to stay by her side to protect her. She is the only one who will be good enough to be our Mate.” Sesshomaru sighed. ‘We cannot mate with this Miko.’


 “Fine, can you lead us in the right direction Fluffy?” Sarcasm dripped from her words. “Why can’t we just jump there on your magic ball of light anyways?” She asked, following the Daiyokai closely.


 “Fluffy?” He stared at her blankly, not knowing if it was an insult or just a snide remark for the insolent Ningen. “She gave us a nickname!” His beast wagged his tail, howling joyously.


 “Yeah, it’s a common name for most dogs where I am from.”  She rolled her eyes as if it were common knowledge ‘and cats’ She giggled inwardly. “If you live for another five-hundred years, you’ll hear it for yourself.”


 “Hn.” His mind wandered over the last part of her statement, and then he stopped in shock. ‘Five hundred years?’


 Kagome inwardly cringed. ‘Oops. I shouldn’t have said that.’ She closed her eyes and sighed, waiting for the questions to come spewing out of the Ice-lord’s mouth. ‘Well, this ‘ought to be interesting.’ She thought to herself.


 “Five hundred years?” He had stopped walking, as he finally spoke the words she was waiting to hear fall from his lips. As he went to turn around, her body collided with his. His eyes widened at the sudden contact and closeness of this little female Ningen.  He looked down at Kagome, and his shocked golden orbs locked with her molten chocolate-colored ones. He could see the emotion swirling within – shock, a twinge of fear, a dash of curiosity, and a touch of lust. His heart rate skyrocketed as her hand touched his arm.


His beast purred with pride. Oh, how he reveled the feeling of the closeness of his chosen one! The soft touch of her silken fingertips, her small body conformed against his. His arm instinctively wrapped around her waist as he let out a soft growl from deep within his chest. “Ours.” Sesshomaru’s beast grumbled internally. ‘This needs to end, Beast.’ He growled, struggling to control his own actions.


 She felt like she could see inside of his soul for that shared moment of contact. She could see emotion swirling within his eyes, the lust that suddenly danced within for just a passing moment, and the non-threatening grumble that lightly rolled though his chest. For some reason, she felt compelled to touch his face. “Sesshomaru.” She whispered her fingers gently caressed his jawbone.


 He quickly jumped back from the Shikon Miko, nearly appalled by his own actions. Disgust danced across his eyes and twisted his face. You liked it, don’t lie to yourself.” His beast grumbled happily from within. Sesshomaru nearly snarled. ‘What is happening here? You remain quiet for nearly one hundred years, and now you decide to talk and demand that I mate with a lowly Ningen?’ Sesshomaru, at that moment, felt as if he were going mad.


 “Sesshomaru?” Kagome said again, a shadow of fear laced her voice, as she watched his eyes go blood red.


 “Kagome?” Sesshomaru said flatly. He needed to regain control of himself. He would not fall the same way his father had.


 “Are you okay?” She took a step toward him, looking into his now blood shot eyes. “Your eyes are red, are you angry?” She asked. He looked so confused at that moment, as if he had been fighting with himself, unsure of what to do.


 “Hn.” Sesshomaru responded, clearing his mind. His eyes returned to their natural state of molten gold and white. “Lets move.”


 Kagome inwardly sighed in relief. ‘Maybe he will forget about the future reference that I had made.’





 A few hours passed, and Kagome couldn’t take the silence anymore. “You never answered my question.”


 “Hn.” Sesshomaru acknowledge but still gave no reply.


 “Why don’t you just bolt us there on your magical ball of light?” She looked at him as he walked in front of her. His silver hair sparkled in the mid-afternoon sunlight, swaying back and forth with his steps. His dignified stance and graceful walking pattern was probably enough to make any girl weak at the knees, but Kagome scoffed at his ‘Holier than thou’ attitude that came with it. ‘He’s so arrogant.’ She thought to herself. ‘I can’t believe that he had to be the one to accompany me to the Well.’


 “Because I’m going to knock out some of my routine while I take you to your silly Well.” His icy voice returned.


 “Sesshomaru stop.” She felt a presence; a negative energy which made itself suddenly very known. “I think someone is following us.”

“I know.” If he weren’t so dignified, he would have rolled his eyes at the girl.


“You’re not going to make them stop?” She asked, running to catch up to the Daiyokai.


 “No.” He looked over at her, as she kept looking back in the general direction of where the energy was coming from.


 “Something’s not right.” She said, stopping again.


 “Let’s go Kagome.” He grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her forward. “If that demon wants to make the biggest mistake of his life, he will do it soon enough.”


 “Good point.” She sighed, looking back in the direction of the energy. It felt so familiar, too familiar for her liking. It almost felt like Naraku.


 “He is bothering her.” His beast growled disapprovingly. ‘Of course he is.’ Sesshomaru sighed, looking down at the girl. ‘At least she’s not completely helpless.’ Sesshomaru inwardly sighed.

Kagome couldn’t shake the feeling. She knew he was dead. She watched him die, along with each and every one of his reincarnations. But something just didn’t sit well with her. ‘I’m going to go mad if I don’t find out who is following us.’ Kagome groaned inwardly, but Sesshomaru was right; if he was following them to cause problems, they would know soon enough.





Shippou looked up into the sky, trying to find the words to say to Rin. How was he to explain what the potential outcome of them mating could be. Rin was an ordinary human, the likelihood of anything odd happening was quite far fetched, but this of course was his luck they were talking about. Shippou looked to the girl of his dreams for the answer as the possibilities ran though his mind.


Sitting in the middle of the field, Rin was studying the different types of herbs from a scroll Keade gave to her. Rin could still hear the old woman’s words, the resonated though her head as if it was one of the most important things she would have to remember in her life. ‘Dear child, it is important that ye know what herbs will heal ye and kill ye. It’s also important to know which ones will help demons as well, especially since ye have an eye on a certain Kitsune.’ She blushed and giggled as she looked over to Shippou’s direction, unintentionally making eye contact with said yokai. Yes, it was true. She loved the Kitsune more than life itself; she would do everything and anything she possibly could, as long as she had the knowledge to do so.


 Shippou stood up, finally mustering up the courage. “Rin?” He asked as he neared her.


 “Yes?” Her cinnamon eyes looked into his emerald orbs.


 “What do you know of the demon mating process and the effects on the human body?” He spit the question out as fast as he possibly could while turning a deep shade of red.


 “I know a little bit about it.” She blushed a deeper shade of pink.


 “Well what do you know? That way, I can fill in the blanks for you.” He sat down in front of her in the grass. “Lord Sesshomaru said it was important that we both know and understand what happens before he answers me.” He took her hands and looked into her eyes. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed of, I’m sure I’ll have to explain more to you than you actually know about it.” 


 “Okay.” She smiled, looked into his eyes and began explaining what she knew to the best of her capabilities. “In a typical demon mating process, the couple engages in sexual intercourse, they bite each other’s neck, at the junction where the shoulder and the neck meets.” She paused and touched the spot she was referring to on Shippou. “During this bite, they bind their Yokai together by flaring their Yokai energy and clashing it together.


 “Once their Yokai bind is complete, they are able to feel what the other is feeling at any given point in time. The strength of their bond is determined by how much the love and respect one another. The bond can be as weak as allowing them to just know when they are close to one another, or it can allow them to communicate nonverbally though their bond.” Rin blushed and looked away from her lover. “But, I’m not sure if the process is the same between a Yokai and a Ningen.”


  Shippou looked at her, stunned that she knew as much as she did about a Yokai’s mating bond. He took a deep breath and started filling in the blanks for interspecies mating rituals. “A Human – Yokai mating ritual is not much different from a typical Yokai pair, however the bond is slightly different. Once a Human and a Yokai mark each other and their bond is formed, several changes can potentially happen to the human.


 “The human can obtain a longer lifespan, by an age delay. In other words, if you and I were to mate, you would age like I will. We would grow old together, unless something or someone were to take your life.” He traced his fingers over the bone structure in her hand as he spoke. “In rare cases, it has been documented that the mating process kills the human. Though, like I said, it is extremely rare that this happens, and it has only happened with female Black Widow Yokai.”


 “Wow, I didn’t realize that a human could potentially die from the mating process.” Rin looked at Shippou, concern filling her eyes.


 “Here’s the good news though, Rin.” His shining emerald eyes calm enough to stop a storm. “It has not once ever been documented with Kitsune Yokai.”


 “That’s always a good thing.” She sighed, not really feeling any better.


 “There’s also another thing, that should make you feel better. According to the documents, the Widow Yokai forced their potential mate to mate with them. It was against their will. I would never make you do anything that you wouldn’t want to do Rin. Not ever.”


 Rin smiled lightly. That was a good thing. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t worry about whether or not it’s a good thing or not, I love him and I am willing to take that risk. If I am suppose to die in his arm in the most intimate moment of our relationship, then so be it.’ Rin smiled to herself, leaned into the Kit before her and kissed his cheek. She scooted herself into his lap and wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “I’m okay with taking that risk.”


 Shippou’s heart raced with glee. ‘She just agreed to be my mate! Now all I have to do is hope that Lord Sesshomaru will be okay with her and I binding our lives together.’ He smiled and placed his nose into her hair. “I love you Rin.”




 Purple eyes watched Sesshomaru and Kagome from afar. Kumonosu had been stalking the traveling duo for the past few hours. At first, he thought them to be easy targets to rob, but then realized that it was them. Two of his father’s killers were right before his eyes. He knew without a doubt that the human girl was the Shikon Miko known as Kagome, and the tall Daiyokai was the aristocratic assassin known as Sesshomaru, Lord of the West.


 He knew soon enough that the two would lead him right to the bastard who delivered the fatal blow to his father, Inu-Yasha. They all had to die, but he wanted that pathetic hanyou to watch the rest of his clan die a slow and painful death first.  Kumonosu continued to follow the raven haired girl and the silver headed yokai through the woods, he was far enough away for them to have an issue detecting him, but close enough for him to hear their every word.


 “It’s going to rain soon.” He could hear the cold voice of that vile Daiyokai clear as a bell. “There’s a cave up ahead that I’ve used as shelter for Rin many times before.”


 “Sounds great!” The light chime of the Miko rose to his sensitive ears. “I’m exhausted.”


 ‘Sleep while you have the chance to. Because you will all face my wrath soon enough. You took the one thing that I cared for in this world; My father.’


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