Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)


A/N: We’ve made it to chapter 7 yay J I want to take this time to thank everyone who’s read and reviewed this story so far! You guys are great! For those of you wondering when I expect to post the next chapter, see my profile – I’ll have the projected date of release posted there. (I update it after I publish every chapter!)

Another A/N: TRIGGER ALERT: There is character death in this chapter. You’ve been warned.


Chapter 7


Never once did you think they'd lie when they're holding you


Embarrassment dripped from her scent, the second she looked down, and before he had the chance to open his mouth to explain what was going on, she released a blood curdling scream.


 In her sudden awareness of her nude form in front of the Daiyokai, she dropped into the pool to cover herself from his all-seeing gaze. ‘How did I get here? When did Sesshomaru remove my kimono? Where is my kimono?’ Her eyes frantically darted around the room searching for the material.


 Her name seemed so foreign falling from his lips. Not because he’s never used it before but because of the way the word resonated though the room. His voice, typically void of emotion, was full of warmth and calming. Her heart seemed to skip a beat once the initial shock of her nude form before him wore off.  ‘I don’t understand.’ Kagome thought to herself. She was so confused. ‘Am I going to die now? Does he show emotion before he kills people?’

 “Why am I naked Sesshomaru?” Her cool tone finally broke the silence between the two.

 “This Sesshomaru decided to wash the blood from your being, as a thank you, before it dried onto your skin, and into your hair.” He stated flatly. Sesshomaru looked into Kagome’s hard brown orbs; after careful consideration he decided to allow gratitude to flow though his amber eyes. “Thank you.” He softly mumbled the words, allowing them to.

 Her jaw dropped. ‘Did he really just say that?’ Kagome couldn’t tear her eyes away from the grateful amber irises before her. ‘He cleaned me out of gratitude, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with his honor.’ Kagome thought mindlessly as a smile broke through the anger. “You are welcome, Lord Sesshomaru.”

 Kagome watched a ghost of a smile crack over his stoic expression. Her heartbeat quickened at the simple gesture he offered her. A feeling welled deep within her chest, one so familiar yet so dangerous. She tried to brush it away; intent on not listening to the feeling that she had locked away since the night she overheard Inu-Yasha with Kikyou.

 Sesshomaru’s gaze never broke from hers; the swirling emotions that flowed through her walnut colored eyes mesmerized him. So full of emotion, he had come to envy her for that. Such raw emotions he could never allow himself to show, that would put him at a disadvantage. With her though, with Kagome, he felt as if he could be himself without reprimands of any kind. A warming feeling welled in his chest. ‘What is this emotion?’ He thought to himself, searching her warm eyes.

 Light footsteps drew his gaze from hers, his stoic mask firmly back in place, his eyes now void of emotion. Youko walked though the door moments later with the garments he had sent for from the Ningen lord.

 “Milord. The clothes you requested.”

 “Hn.” His emotionless tone resonated though his chest. “Place them down on the shelf.”

 “Yes, Milord.” Youko did as requested, then bowed before exiting the room.

 Sesshomaru stood suddenly and stepped out of the springs, walking over to where Youko placed their new clothing. He gently picked up the green kimono that was provided for the Miko, brushing his fingers over the silken fabric. He placed the Kimono on top of one of the plush towels that sat near the waters edge. “Here.” His baritone voice resonated in soft whispers to the girl before him.

 “Thank you.” Shock still raced through her body, as she made her way to the Daiyokai who was offering her the modesty of clothing. Her face flushed when she realized she would have to stand to dry.

 “This Sesshomaru will wait in the halls.” He stated simply as he set down the fabrics he held in his hand on the patch of dry flooring at his feet.

 Kagome looked up at the Daiyokai. Chocolate crashed with amber as she took in the site before her. He looked regal, even in his crouched stance. Still caked in blood, the demon lord’s silver strands faded from his scalp into a matted mess of blood that had now coagulated in his hair. His face seemed to have captured some of the blood that had been shed from the demon she had slain, her eyes drifted to his missing right arm.

A pang of sadness overcame her for a brief moment. ‘This is my doing.’ She thought sadly. ‘I will learn to control my powers more.’ She silently vowed to herself before brushing the grief away. She brushed the passing thought away as she noticed his once pristine clothes were coated in the blood of their enemy. ‘When did it become ours?’ She wondered silently to herself. ‘Was his enemy truly mine? Or was it just the right thing to do at that moment in time?’ She broke out of her thoughts when he stood, dismissing himself silently.




Inu-Yasha sat in the vast branches of the tree he was pinned to for fifty years, the Goshinboku. ‘This is where it all ended, but began.’ He thought mildly. He remembered the painful feeling of Kikyou’s betrayal. It wasn’t her fault; after all she was under a spell from Naraku. ‘Thank the Gods that damned demon is dead.’ He thought callously, thinking of the back to the final battle, where Kagome’s sacred arrow delivered the final blow to the bastard.

 ‘Kagome.’ He looked down, at the spot where the two first met. He could almost see himself pinned against The Tree Of Ages, Kagome standing next to him on the massive roots of the Goshinboku, reaching up to touch his ears. He smirked, thinking of her soft fingers gently tugging at his ears; the symbol of his heritage that he despised so much. ‘I never deserved to have someone so pure in my life.’ He remorsefully thought. ‘You deserved so much better than me.’ He tore his eyes away from the roots of the tree, and closed his eyes.

 ‘I never should have taken Kikyou back.’ The thought raced though his head. ‘I should have shown her mercy by killing the clay body that her soul now inhabits.’ He reopened his sad, golden eyes.  ‘I’ve already sealed my fate with her.’ He thought, ‘after all we were meant to be together.’ A small sad smile cracked across his features. ‘What have I become?’



 Kumonosu watched the hanyou from beyond the tree line. The emotional rollercoaster that the hanyou was taking at this point could prove to be advantageous to the first step in his plan; killing Inu-Yasha. A sinister smile crept across his face. ‘This is all too perfect.’ He thought wickedly as he decided how he should execute the monster before him.

 He looked up at the hanyou once more, his cold violet eyes filled with anger. ‘He had no right to rip away my childhood by taking my father from me.’ The thought dripped with hatred. ‘I cannot wait to feel your crimson blood against my claws as I rip out your throat!’ He couldn’t wait to exact his revenge on this pitiful excuse for a hanyou before him.  

 ‘Should I mimic father and warp his mind to think he is being killed by that girl he loves?’ Kumonosu mulled it over, thinking of how delightful it would be to watch him die again at the hands of a lover. As he began to plan out how whether it would be Kikyou or Kagome to kill him, another idea struck him. He thought back to the scene that the girl known as Kagome came to witness in the woods as Inu-Yasha held the one his father once loved.

 ‘I wonder if Kikyou knows that Naraku’s mistress was the priestess who tried to kill her.’ He smiled thinking of his mother, Tsubaki.  He thought back to some of the tales his mother told him. Her venture to remain young and beautiful, to extend her life; she had nearly been killed by her own Shikigami by both of the Miko women he now sought to kill. He broke away from his thoughts as he looked back up at the pitiful hanyou sulking in the tree. ‘I need to stay focused on the target at hand.’ He thought as amusement danced across his eyes.

‘Maybe I should break his heart, like he did to Kagome. Then have her kill him.’ He smiled at the thought. He imagined the scene, the looks that would come from his face as emotions rolled off of him in waves. ‘Almost poetic justice.’ He grinned revealing his pointed fangs, as he slipped though the darkening forest around the unsuspecting hanyou.

 ‘I have to strike while he’s away from his sword.’ He thought peering at another angle of the hanyou. A wicked smile crossed his lips as he started to invoke his plan. ‘First a barrier, I don’t want this to be disturbed. I’ve been waiting for this moment for way too long.’




Kikyou watched the sun set into the horizon as her thoughts turned to her hanyou lover. ‘He’s been gone for quite some time. Maybe I should find him.’ She questioned herself for a moment before walking into the hut that her sister provided for her. ‘Keade.’ She thought sadly. ‘You’ve grown into a wonderful woman; a treasure for all who come into your presence.’ She loosely thought. Her sister had grown into an old woman; she envied her life and the experiences she has lived though.

‘If only life were that way for me.’ She thought remorsefully. ‘Do I truly belong among the living? Am I much different from any of the evil spirits who dwell across the lands of the living?’ She found herself questioning her existence again. She shook the pessimistic thoughts from her head. ‘For whatever reason, I was given another chance at life. I should accept that and find value in the things I love.’

 A smile crept across the undead Miko’s face. ‘Where are you at now my love?’ She wondered as her mind wandered back to the hanyou her heart yearned for. As she walked out of her hut, she was hit with a sudden surge of a seemingly familiar demonic aura. Hearing commotion to her left, she turned her head to find Miroku and Sango pulling their clothing back into place as they rushed out of their hut to see what was going on. Nearly silent pitter-patter of the fox Yokai and Sesshomaru’s Ningen ward rushing into the village was heard to her right, the two-tailed feline Yokai following closely behind them. For some unknown reason to her, they all converged where she stood.

 “What was that?” Shippou asked, his voice laced with concern as he made eye contact with Kikyou. He kept Rin close to his side as he surveyed the area for where the threatening aura may have come from.

 “Please tell me that it’s not what I think I felt.” Miroku looked into Kikyou’s eyes, searching for the answers.

 “It’s him again, isn’t it?” Sango’s forlorn voice whispered solemnly.

 “It appears to be something with part of his aura.” Kikyou looked to each of the individuals, looking for even a glimpse of his rough, silver hair. “Where is Inu-Yasha?” She asked quietly.

 “Shippou, stay here and protect the village. We will go investigate.” Miroku said before the three walked into the direction where the pulse of negative demonic energy originated.



Inu-Yasha’s ears perked, his nose wiggling at the familiar scent of thunderstorms and honey suckle filled his senses. “Kagome?” The dog-eared male looked down, trying to capture a glimpse of Kagome’s raven tresses, or her stubborn chocolate eyes. ‘I’d even settle for her to sit me right now.’ He hopped down from the tree, following the scent of his long, lost Miko.

 He plowed though the trees, her scent growing stronger with each step he took. He was about to break though the clearing when he spotted her raven tresses. He opened his mouth to call out her name again, but he couldn’t find his voice when his eyes landed on the sight before him.

 Kagome, his Kagome, was tangled in an embrace with someone. His eyes locked onto the clawed hand that was wrapped around his Kagome’s waist.  He followed the clawed hand upwards. ‘Impossible.’ Inu-Yasha thought in disbelief as his eyes took in the purple stripe that was etched into the demons skin. The white masculine Kimono donned with red hexagons embedded with white flowers covered only one demon in all of Japan; his brother.

 Inu-Yasha’s blood boiled. Kagome was in that clearing with his bastard half brother Sesshomaru. ‘How could she!’ He screamed in his mind. As he moved his hand toward the hilt of Tessaiga, his hand trembled. ‘I’m guilt of doing this to her though.’ His ears flattened against his head. ‘I caused her this pain.’ He thought, ashamed of what he had done to the girl he so desperately loved. ‘What kind of monster am I?” He began to question himself as the lulling sound of Kagome’s giggles drew him from his internal self-pity.

 “Sesshomaru, you can’t be serious.” Kagome giggled again, looking at the stoic Daiyokai.

 “This Sesshomaru does not jest.”

 Inu-Yasha watched them, paralyzed, as his worst fears became a reality. Sesshomaru’s hand gently reached up and grasped Kagome’s small jaw. He watched Sesshomaru capture Kagome’s lips in a short but passionate kiss.

 “This Sesshomaru would be honored if you would accept.” His lips gently rained a trail of kisses down the Miko’s jaw line. “Do you wish for me to ask again, Miko?”

 “How will you handle the courts if you were to take me, a mere human girl, as a mate?” Her hands traced the outline of Sesshomaru’s face lovingly.

 Inu-Yasha had heard enough. He needed to wake up from this nightmare! ‘This isn’t happening. This can’t be real!’ He had to stop Kagome before she did something that she would regret. “Kagome you can’t be serious!” Inu-Yasha screamed passionately as he charged into the clearing.

 Kagome whipped her head around, looking at the voice yelling out to her. “Inu-Yasha?” She asked him, void of the usual loving tones he had grown so accustomed to.

 “What are you doing half-breed?” Sesshomaru’s cold voice sent a chill down Inu-Yasha’s spine.

 “You can’t have her! You’re insane Sesshomaru!” Inu-Yasha cried. “Kagome, you can’t be seriously taking him as your mate!”

 “What if I am, Inu-Yasha?” She crossed her arms, looking down on him as if he had never meant anything to her. “It’s not like you’re alone.” She looked around the clearing, before dramatically adding, “Oh wait, you are.” A devilish smile broke across her face. “Sesshomaru, darling.” Her loving voice, the voice that had only ever been directly aimed at him, was now being beckoned towards his brother. The thought nearly made him sick.

 “Hn.” Sesshomaru’s tone warmed slightly in response to Kagome’s voice.

 “Rid the world of this worthless hanyou.” Her voice spat in Inu-Yasha’s direction. “He wishes to claim something that is no longer his, but yours.” A small sad smile cracked across her face. “But, before you take the hanyou to his grave, he needs to know this one small thing.” She wrapped her hand around Sesshomaru’s head, and gently pulled it to hers.

Inu-Yasha watched her in horror as she took his lips with a fiery passion that she had only ever shown to him. “I will be your mate.” The passionate words that dripped from Kagome’s lips tore his heart apart. Before the hanyou had a chance to react, Sesshomaru had him by the throat, his poisonous claws threatening to pierce his skin.

 “Any last words, Inu-Yasha?” Sesshomaru asked him icily.

 Chills ran up his spine, hanging his head in defeat, he whispered, “Just know that I will always love you Kagome.”

 Kumonosu smiled, as he squeezed Inu-Yasha’s throat tighter in his grasp, letting the illusion dissipate as his claws broke the flesh of the half demon’s throat. A perfect mixture of Snake venom and Miasma flowed from his claws and into his blood stream. “Look at me, mutt.”

 Inu-Yasha’s head snapped up, in full alert at the new twisted voice that seemed to be right before him. His eyes focused on the Yokai before him, and instead of meeting the golden eyes that mirrored his own, he locked with vibrant violet orbs.

 “You will die by my hand today! I, Kumonosu, son of Naraku and Tsubaki, take your life as the first installment of your debt. You helped kill my father, and you will perish because of it!”

 Inu-Yasha’s eyes widened, ‘I need to get out of this.” He thought as his hands grasped the one around his throat. A sickening laughter filled his ears as he feebly attempted to escape from Kumonosu’s grasp. He tried to scream out, but throat filled with fire as the toxins began to melt his vocal cords. The burning sensation of the venom that Kumonosu pumped into his bloodstream had him on the verge of loosing control of his sanity. Without being able to hold onto his barely conscious mind any longer, Inu-Yasha’s body pulsed.

 “What a pity, you should’ve fought me before Inu-Yasha.” Kumonosu grinned devilishly, squeezing the hanyou’s throat. “Now you shall die before you can even begin to fight.” In a quick swift movement, he lanced his claws through the tender flesh below his hand, and forcefully pulled the hanyou’s trachea from its rightful position. The sickeningly sweet scent of blood caressed his nostrils as it flowed freely over his hand as Inu-Yasha’s body dropped to the ground. “It’s a shame that I didn’t see you in your most powerful state, Inu-Yasha.”


Kikyou led the group toward the Goshinboku. She could feel the pulsating negative energy; she knew she was getting closer to the Yokai that produced it.

 “Do you think the Yokai is much further ahead Lady Kikyou?” Miroku asked as they walked towards the tree.

 “No. It’s not far past The Tree Of Ages.” She said quietly. She had a bad feeling about this. They still hadn’t seen a sign of Inu-Yasha anywhere, all she could feel was this demonic presence, and it wasn’t his. She looked at the ground, walking instinctively towards the tree.

 “Kikyou stop!” Sango’s voice cried out as she grabbed a hold of the dead Miko’s arm. “There’s a demonic barrier.”

 Kikyou’s gazed snapped to the force in front of her. She lightly pulled her arm away from Sango’s grasp and laid a hand on the familiar surface. “I might be able to purify it.” She said retracting as she retracted her hand, looking at the group she now traveled with.

 The group behind her nodded, stepping back a couple of paces. Kikyou waited for them to settle into their comfort zone and placed her hand back onto the pliable surface of the barrier. After a few passing moments, her hand glowed with a familiar white light. It rippled across the purple construct, electricity ran though her fingers as the demonic aura of this demon and her pure miko energies reacted together. With Inu-Yasha in mind, she forced a powerful burst of energy though her palm, which effectively disrupted and broke the barrier before her.

 “Kirara, do you know where Inu-Yasha is?” Sango asked her two-tailed feline friend.

 With a small nod, the Yokai directed them as fast as their pace would allow. She watched the Ningen’s behind her looking for their friend, calling out his name. She slowed her steps, waiting for her friends to catch up, she could smell the sickening bitter scent of Inu-Yasha’s blood. For the first time, in a long time, she wished she could voice her findings in their odd human language before they broke through the clearing.

 Kikyou broke though the trees first behind the fire cat, followed closely by the rest of the group. Screaming in horror, she rushed the hanyou’s bloodied form. “Inu-Yasha!” Kikyou placed a hand on his lifeless body, willing him to come back to her. “No, you can’t die. You cant!” Kikyou sobbed over her fallen lover.

Sango clutched to Miroku’s robes, burying her head in his chest. “He’s dead Miroku.” She whispered softly as tears fell from her eyes.

Miroku looked down at his future wife as he wrapped his arms around her in a consoling fashion. “I know, my love.” He whispered back solemnly.

Kikyou looked up from the familiar sensation of her Shinidamachu’s aura; it flooded her senses, as it cut though the air painstakingly slow. “No.” She whispered to her snake-like creations. “You cannot have him.” Her barely audible words seemed to deter the creature, as it left the clearing to look for another victim’s soul to feed to her master.


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