Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)

A/N – Thank you all who continue to read my story <3 Without further delay, here’s chapter 10!


Chapter 10


From what I've seen
You're just one more hand me down
Cause no one's tried to give you what you need
So lay all your troubles down
I am with you now

Jaken tried to shrug away the negative thoughts as he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him in the direction of where Kazuki suggested that he had gone.



Sesshomaru returned to the camp with Inu-Yasha’s limp body held securely in his arm. It was almost surreal to the Daiyokai. He had always anticipated that he would be the one to take the whelp’s life, not some lowly demon claiming to be the hell-spawn of Naraku. Sesshomaru turned to the Monk as they walked into the camp.

“Do not let Kagome see Inu-Yasha like this.” Sesshomaru’s emotionless voice broke the silence in small group. “She doesn’t need to see him in this state.” A twinge of sadness echoed in his otherwise void voice.

“No, of course.” Miroku responded, almost mechanically. “Come on Kikyou.” He whispered to the dead Miko, while wrapping an arm around her. The two walked into the village, to intercept Kagome before she could see the Hanyou she once loved.

Sesshomaru crossed the quaint village in quick strides towards Kaede’s hut in silence. ‘That bastard Kumonosu will pay. I promise you, brother.’ He thought with malice. ‘Your life was not his to take.’ Sesshomaru stopped short in front of Kaede’s door. “Lady Kaede.” Sesshomaru spoke emotionlessly. He watched the human’s unpatched eye.

 “Leave him here child.” Kaede said, her raspy voice quivered at the sight of the Daiyokai clutching onto the hanyou she had grown to love. “I’ll tend to his body. Place him in on the cot, I will do the rest.” She managed to whisper.

 “That is not necessary.” His voice void of emotions, “I can tend to my brother.”

 “No, you tend to Lady Kagome. I will tend to Inu-Yasha.” She barked out at him. “Ye need not to tend to your brother like this.”

 “Hn.” ‘Kagome.. that damn girl.’ Sesshomaru nearly scowled. “No, I have to honor my father and tend to his son. He may only be half of my blood, but the blood of my father ran through his veins.”

 “I’ll take care of him, Lord Sesshomaru.” Kaede laid a hand on top of his clutched hand. “Kagome needs ye.”

 “Why is caring for the human more important than caring for my blood? I have an honor to uphold.” Sesshomaru’s icy tone sent chills up Kaede’s spine.

 “Lord Sesshomaru, your father would want you to care for her not tend to his dead son’s body. The honor he would want you to uphold is caring for the living before the dead.” Kaede said gently, moving her hand from his to Inu-Yasha’s cold face. “Your father would have made sure Kagome was taken care of first.”

 Sesshomaru sighed as her words sunk into his head. ‘Mate needs us.’ His beast grumbled. Sesshomaru nearly growled as his beast reared his head. “Hn.” He walked past Kaede and into her hut, then laid the hanyou on the empty cot. He ran his clawed hand over his brothers ruffled, coarse hair then walked out of her hut.

 Sesshomaru walked through the moonlit pathways the wound through the village. His piercing, golden eyes locked onto the door where Kagome’s scent emitted. ‘Why is she now my responsibility? How did this happen?’ As he approached the door, Sesshomaru sighed lightly and placed his hand on the wooden surface of it. His hand quivered as he pushed it open, expecting to be bombarded with the scent of salt from her tears, instead the electric sizzle of Kagome’s powers washed over his skin. 

 He stepped into the room and spotted the Miko facing the only window in the room. Her fingers gripped the windowsill, her energy crackled around her. Her alabaster skin seemed to glow; she looked ethereal in the moonlight. His beast growled within, forcing visions of the Miko’s pale skin draped in moonlight on his bed. Sesshomaru shook the thought of her from his head. “Kagome?” He whispered icily into the room to break the silence.

“Sesshomaru.” Kagome’s responded with a snarl.

“Good. You’re lucid.” Sesshomaru’s voice wafted silkily though the small room between them.

Kagome snapped her head towards him. “Of course I am.” She snapped. “Don’t get me wrong, I cared deeply for your brother however, I think I’ve cried enough over him while he was living.” She looked away from Sesshomaru. “We need to get on his trail. The longer we wait the longer Rin is held captive by him. And Kami only know what that bastard is doing.”

Sesshomaru nodded his head in agreement. “His scent trail disappears like Naraku’s did.” He stated lowly. “Did you find anything else out about the attack from the others?” He took a few steps toward her, her scent of honeysuckles and thunderstorms intoxicated his senses. Imagine waking to that each morning.” His beast grumbled within. He pinched the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb in irritation, ignoring the nagging thoughts in his head.

 “No, the others said the same as Shippou.” Kagome sighed, almost defeated. The pulsation of electricity subsided as her chocolate orbs locked with his golden ones; his icy gaze cooled her boiling blood. “We definitely need to get on that. We should start now.”

 “And go where? You are nearly defenseless in the dark.” Sesshomaru’s icy tone sent chills up her spine. “We will search for more when light breaks.” He stood in front of her, not understanding why his feet took him so close to the Miko before him. His eyes never broke from her chocolate orbs as the scent of salt filled the room.

“I’m sorry.” Kagome whispered as she dashed the droplets from her eyes.

“It is okay, Miko. I understand why you would be in pain.” Sesshomaru placed a hand on her cheek. “You will be okay.”

Kagome’s heart pounded in her throat as his clawed hand gently stroked her cheek. “I know.” She whispered. “I don’t know why I ever loved that bastard.” Her eyes slid shut. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.”

“What is love to you, Kagome?” He asked, dropping his hand from her cheek. “How could you love him, when you knew he would never love you?”

Kagome sighed. “Why would you care?”

“Why would I not?”

“Love is an unexplainable emotion.” She said as a sad grin drew across her lips. “Love is when you would do anything for someone, even if it kills you inside. Love is when you are willing to sacrifice yourself for another person’s happiness.” She wiped a tear from her eye then looked into Sesshomaru’s golden orbs. “I fell in love with him because he was different, or so I thought. I still loved him when I found out about him and Kikyou, but I said nothing because I knew eventually he would come around – but I grew tired of waiting.

“Then I realized I did not need him anymore. I ran from them all because I couldn’t bear the pain of watching him love a dead being. He tore me apart and I couldn’t handle watching it; no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop loving him. And with the Shikon No Tama gone, there was no reason for me to stay. I developed my powers and I can defend myself. I do not need him anymore.” She sighed. “But, now I am wondering if I should have left. Had I not left, he may still be alive.”

Sesshomaru listened as she poured her heart out to him. He watched the tears well in her eyes once more, then reached out to brush them away from her eyes. “I do not like to see her upset.” The beast growled within. ‘Me either.’ Sesshomaru thought unconsciously.  “Had you not left we would not know that this bastard exists.”

“I suppose that is true.”  She looked into Sesshomaru’s eyes once more, his golden orbs seemed to illuminate in the moonlight, the magenta stripes nearly begged for her to touch them, but she refrained from doing so. His silver hair danced around his shoulders as a light breezed blew in from the night.

“Kagome, there is nothing you could have done to stop this from happening even if you were here. You cannot beat yourself up over the hanyou’s death.”  He once again touched her cheek, trying to comfort her raging heart. “We will get that bastard.” Under his fingers he could feel the warmth of her cheeks as they flushed, he began to arch an eyebrow when the scent of her arousal infiltrated his senses. “She likes us.” The beast within purred.

“Sesshomaru I –” His mouth crashed against hers before she could finish her sentence. His tongue danced with hers as their soft lips melded together. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers gliding up the backside of his skull though his silky silver hair. Sesshomaru’s hand slid from her cheek to the back of her head, while his other arm snaked around her waist.

Sesshomaru, growled and ripped himself away from her as he picked up the scent of Jaken, and began to hear his demands to see him. “Jaken.” He nearly snarled. Sesshomaru left the Miko’s hut to meet the Imp outside.

Kagome watched the Ice prince seemingly storm out of the hut in anger. A small smile fluttered across her lips. ‘The Ice Lord isn’t so icy.’ She touched the tips of her fingers to her lips, her cheeks flushed from the feeling of his lips against hers. ‘What am I going to do? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m falling in love with Sesshomaru!’ She sat down on her cot, her fingers slid across her lips again. ‘But does he feel the same way?’ Kagome sighed, not wanting to get her hopes up for love again. ‘Who am I kidding? This is Sesshomaru, he could never love a human.’ She sat quietly and allowed herself to fantasize about what life would be like as Sesshomaru’s mate.

‘What am I doing here?’ She thought to herself. ‘The man I am still in love with just died, and not even an hour later I am making out with his brother and imagining what life would be as his mate?’ She sighed, self-resentment rolled off of her in waves. Kagome snapped from her absentminded musings as Sesshomaru walked in.

“Is everything okay?” Kagome stood as he walked towards her.

“Jaken knows where Rin is. She is in danger.”

Kagome instantly reached for her bow. “Lets go.” Her uncharacteristically icy voice washed over the room. “Do you have a game plan?”

“No.” Sesshomaru said as he turned on his heel and walked back out of the hut.

“Just like the good ol’ days.” She smiled. She dominantly walked out of the hut, her brown eyes lit up with excitement and her skin sizzled as her Reiki danced under her skin “Let’s go raise some Hell and get Rin back safe and sound.”


 Kumonosu held onto Rin’s unconscious body as he darted though the forest. He laughed maniacally as he found a clearing to stop in for the night. ‘I can mark her.’ He thought, grinning from ear to ear. ‘I can take her as my mate.’ He thought, wrapping Rin in a tight embrace as he propped himself up against a tree to rest, releasing a barrier to protect himself from detection. ‘Just a few hours of rest and then we will move on.’ He thought as he closed his eyes.

Rin’s eyes fluttered open to the feeling of someone clutching her to their person. Her eyes darted from tree branch to tree branch, and then finally to Kumonosu’s face. Her breath hitched slightly once she realized the thing that took her is holding her. ‘Keep your breathing even, dummy.’ She thought to herself as she forced herself to normalize her breaths. ‘How the hell do I get out of this one?’ She looked down at the demon’s arms wrapped around her. Lord Sesshomaru I hope you are fast!’ She thought as she slid her eyes shut, then began to silently pray to the Ice Prince who always came to her aide.

She let the feeling of the wind across her face take her away from this current moment, to a favorite memory of hers – the first time Sesshomaru held her to his chest and ran at full speed though the western lands. She could all but smell the Sakura blossoms that were in bloom that day. Their sweet scent tickled her nose in the fresh spring air. It had been a long, cooped up winter inside of Lord Sesshomaru’s castle. While she loved running though the halls and exploring his rooms full of trinkets, she felt claustrophobic being trapped inside from all of the snow.

She was jerked suddenly from her thoughts as Kumonosu stopped dead in his tracks. Her eyes fluttered open again, assessing her surroundings. She wasn’t familiar with the land. She had explored every square inch of the Western Province with Sesshomaru over the past 12 years of her life. “I have to figure out how to get away from him.” She looked up at her captor’s face. Chills ran up her spine as she looked at what seemed to be a carbon copy of Naraku. She watched his piercing violet eyes take in their surroundings, as his lengthy, bound ebony hair whipped about his face in the wind.

“Good, you’re awake.” He stated without looking down at her. “We have much to discuss.” He dropped the slip of a girl without much regard, then walked away from where she landed. “Don’t try to run. There’s a barrier that has been placed. It will make your attempt at leaving painful, and unsuccessful.” He placed his hands behind his back as he looked down at the creek that cut though the center of the circle he had set.

Rin pulled herself up off the ground and trained her eyes on him. “What is there to discuss?” She questioned sarcastically. “It’s not like you will give me much of a choice for whatever you have already chosen to do.”

Kumonosu smiled and turned his gaze to her. “Smart girl.” He took a couple steps towards her. “We should get along splendidly.

Rin stood tall, her shoulders rigid and square her face emotionless. After years of watching Sesshomaru stare down opponents, she learned to mimic his intimidating stance. “What are your intentions? I have no time for your pleonasm.”

Kumonosu laughed at her boldness. “You will have plenty of time for it once I mark you as my mate.”

Rin kept her expression mute as fear pulsed though the core of her body. ‘Mate? Is he insane?’ “Exactly how do you plan on making me your mate? Not only am I human, but Sesshomaru would never allow it – after all you have to go though him first.”

“Not if he’s dead.” Kumonosu grinned toothily.

Rin broke and laughed hysterically. “Not a chance in hell will that ever happen. You do know who he is, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. He is apart of the party who killed my father.” His violet eyes lit up as he spoke. “They will all perish for the death of my father.”

“Who was your father?” ‘There’s only one demon who Sesshomaru needed support to kill.’ She thought to herself.

“Naraku. The rightful ruler of the four lands.” He snarled at her.

“Naraku was filth. He was not a ruler, he deserved to die.” Rin snapped, she blinked and Kumonosu seemed to materialize in front of her.

“You will not speak of my father that way!” He hissed as he swung the back of his hand forcefully across her face. He watched her collapse to the ground, the corner of his lips tugged upward in a childish grin.

“I will speak of him anyway I wish.” She hissed back. “He was a bastard. I am glad he is dead. I’ll be glad when you’re dead too.” Her eyes burned with hatred as she stared into his eyes.

“Well, I hate to break this to you sweetheart, but I do not plan on dying any time soon.” He crouched down, leveling his face with hers. “Sesshomaru will not protect you from what I am going to do to you.” His mouth twisted upwards into an evil grin as he watched fear momentarily flicker across her eyes.

“Just wait, everything you do to me, Lord Sesshomaru will do return to you tenfold.” Her hardened eyes didn’t give him the satisfaction of fear she knew he hoped for. She slipped once; she knew she couldn’t allow herself to do it again.

“Well, between now and then – I am going to break you.”

Before she could speak, Kumonosu had his hand wrapped around her throat. His claws dug into her delicate skin, she could feel her blood slip down her shoulder and soak into her kimono. “Try me.” She managed to choke out before he cut off her oxygen supply.




Sesshomaru held onto Kagome as they whipped though the air on his Mokomoko. He could hear and feel her thundering heartbeat as they searched for a sign of the castle that Jaken spoke of.  Her heart was no longer racing, but beating strongly in a slow, consistent rhythm. Th-thump – Th-thump – Th-thump. It was oddly comforting, the sound and feeling of her heartbeat. He didn’t understand how such a small miko could stir any emotions out of him. ‘Mate.’ His beast nearly purred. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at the thought.

‘No. A Miko cannot become our mate.’ Sesshomaru thought to himself and locked his primal thoughts away. There wasn’t a chance in hell that it could happen. He looked down at the girl in his arms. Her raven hair danced around her face and up his chest, her hands had a white-knuckle grip around her bow and arrows, scanning the land around them trying to find a glimpse of the castle.

Kagome’s eyes darted around the vicinity looking for any sign of the castle. ‘I’m so glad Jaken found something. I just hope we aren’t too late.’ She thought with a sigh. Sesshomaru shifted his arms, making her very aware of Sesshomaru’s closeness. She realized she felt safe wrapped in his arms; her heartbeat was steady instead of sporadic like it was when Inu-Yasha held her. It surprised her, just as much as it excited her. ‘I never thought I’d feel safe with a man, er demon, again. But, here we are.’ She thought.

Sesshomaru felt a momentary spike in her heartbeat, and moments later he felt her fingers trace the stripes across his wrist.

“Sesshomaru?” She said just above a whisper. “Why do I feel safe with you?” She questioned. “I haven’t felt safe with anyone since I was pulled though the well by mistress centipede years ago. Yet, you make me feel safe.” She dropped her hand, and before he could answer she said, “Never mind, I don’t want to ruin the small amount of magic in my life.”

Sesshomaru looked down at her, he wished he had an answer that he could have given to her. But he was left asking nearly the same question, he hadn’t felt comforted by another being on this Earth since his mother had died. What was so special about this miko? Was the witch really right? Were they meant to become mates, despite the circumstances?

She inhaled the crisp, sweet air around them and smiled. As she exhaled, she was pulled out of the happy moment and back to reality as a negative energy washed over her. Her body instantly became rigid. “Sesshomaru. He’s near.” She stated coolly as her hands locked back onto her bow.

“Hn.” He mumbled. Sesshomaru lowered them to the ground, Kagome stepped off and walked towards the energy, her bow knocked with an arrow. Sesshomaru walked ahead of her and stopped sharply. “Stop.” He drew Tenseiga, and swung the sword in front of him. Purplish pink sparks flew upward as the blade made contact with the demonic barrier.

“Wait, if it’s anything like Naraku’s barriers, we will have to hit it together.” Kagome said, as she drew her arrow back and aimed at the location the blade of his sword rested. “On my mark.” She waited until his sword was withdrawn from the barrier, took a deep breath, and slipped some of her Reiki energy into the arrow. “Now.” She said as she loosed the arrow.

She watched in wonder as her arrow struck the barrier as Sesshomaru’s blade did. Their blue energies collided with the purple and sparks danced across the surface. The purple seemed to explode under the pressure, and dissolved like smoke as the energy waves dissipated from their attack. “That seemed entirely too easy.” Kagome mumbled.

“Hn.” Sesshomaru nodded as they proceeded forward. He sheathed his sword, as he took a breath. “I can smell her blood.”

Kagome watched his eyes bleed red. “Go, I’ll catch up.” She said, as she started running in the direction of energy.

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