Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)

A/N – Thank you all who continue to read my story <3  Without further delay, here’s chapter 11!


Chapter 11


“Hn.” Sesshomaru nodded as they proceeded forward. He sheathed his sword, as he took a breath. “I can smell her blood.”

Kagome watched his eyes bleed red. “Go, I’ll catch up.” She said, as she started running in the direction of energy.


I'm here for the hard times
The straight to your heart times
Whenever it ain't easy

You can stand up against me
And maybe rely on me
And cry on me, yeah



Kumonosu waited until Rin’s body became limp from his hands. Smiling, he let go of her throat and watched her body fall to the ground. Her crimson blood dripped off of his claws called for him to taste it. He held his index finger in front of his face, as if it were a foreign object as he watched her blood run down the length of his finger. Her scent of rye and honey teased his nostrils as he inhaled the scent of the coppery substance.

His eyes dilated as he inserted his blood soaked finger into his mouth. He swirled his tongue across his claw, pulling every drop from the crevices of his nail. He repeated the process with the remaining three blood soaked fingers, before shredding her clothing from her body.

He pulled a piece of rope from his robe, and tied her hands together. He ran his fingers across her collar bone, and down between her breasts. She was beautiful for a human; at least her body would please him. He cupped her breasts in his hands, then dragged his claws across the soft tissue. He pinched her nipples with the tips of his claws lightly, hardening them beneath his touch.

As he ripped his clothes off he asked “what should I do to you first?” He drug his index finger down the middle of her delicate abdomen, applying just enough pressure to leave a red welt in his wake. “Should I make this quick and take my time with you later?” He asked himself as he slid his finger between her labia, sliding the tip of his finger across her clit. Her unconscious form jerked slightly from his touch.

“You’re right, I should rush it this time.” He smiled, and positioned himself above her. He reached out with his index finger to wipe off some of her blood. He popped his finger into his mouth, the combination of the bittersweet taste of her and the thought of her screams as he took her virginity made his cock throb painfully. He lowered his head to her neck, and licked the remainder of the blood off of her.

He pulled back from her jugular and placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her innocence. He roughly grabbed onto her hips, slicing his into her fragile body as he forced his cock inside of her.

Rin’s eyes snapped open as he ripped into her body. She resisted the urge to scream in pain as he violated her. She stared emotionlessly into his glowing, red eyes as she fought back the tears that threatened to spill. Her hips screamed in pain as his claws ripped into her flesh. ‘Sesshomaru where are you!’ She screamed in her mind.

“When I tell you to bite my neck, you better obey or I will rip out your throat.” He growled into her ear. He lifted his left hand from her hip and cut into his neck. He then pulled his right hand off of her hip, and placed his hands on either side of her head as he pounded into her body.

Rin tried to hold back the tears, but failed as the pain overwhelmed her body. She could feel herself being ripped open as if she were made of paper. His blood dripped onto her face as he continued to ravish her body. ‘I will not give him the satisfaction of screaming.’ She thought, trying to force her mind to drift to another world, one where only the positive things in her life existed.

As the scent of her salty tears began to tickle his nose, he could feel himself come to a climax. “Now.” He growled. “Bite me now.” He thrust into her one last time as he lowered his neck to her mouth. He bit crudely into her soft shoulder as he released himself, her blunt teeth attempted to rip into his flesh. He rolled off of her, and then left her side to go rinse himself off in the waters that surrounded them.

Rin laid motionlessly on the ground. Her body screamed in pain. She wasn’t sure which she was angrier about, the mark melding her soul with his, or his violation of her body. ‘Please Lord Sesshomaru. Don’t leave me with this monster for too long.’

Kumonosu untied her hands, and threw what was left of her shredded kimono at her. “Clean yourself quickly.” He stated flatly as he pulled his robes on. “We need to leave.”


Sesshomaru bolted through the woods, following the scent of Rin’s blood. After what seemed like hours, he finally found the pool of her blood. His ears buzzed as pure anger flooded his senses. It wasn’t often that he allowed himself to break his stoic disposition, but in this circumstance, he felt it necessary. He knelt down and touched the ground and slid his long, slender fingers gently across the compacted grass where Rin had once laid. ‘Rin…’  Sesshomaru’s crimson eyes released a single tear in red-hot anger.

Kagome finally caught up with him, “Sesshomaru-sama.” She said softly. She felt his youkai flare around her before she came close to the demon before her. “What happened?” 

“They are gone.” He said flatly, trying adamantly to remain in his humanoid form. “She is alive.” He said quickly.

“Thank Kami.” A small smile graced her lips as she released her breath.

“Hn…” Sesshomaru growled, “he mated her.”

“Oh no.” Kagome’s small smile faded. Kagome walked up behind Sesshomaru, and placed her hand lightly on his unarmored shoulder. Kagome remained silent, rubbing her hand across his shoulder. She knew it wasn’t actually going to comfort him, but she had nothing else she could offer. ‘I can’t imagine what hell is going through his head. I can’t imagine what hell Rin went though.”

She felt his large hand encase hers. She felt small and fragile, but protected, under his warm touch. She felt as if everything in the world would be okay just from the touch of his hand. ‘Everything will be okay.’ She channeled her aura around them, willing Sesshomaru’s to calm. “We will find them, and we will kill Kumonosu. He will pay for what he has done.”

Sesshomaru stood and turned to her. “Hn” he mumbled. “Let’s go.” He wrapped his arms around her, and they were off once again.

“I wish I had something like the Shikon No Tama on each of my friends that way I could find them no matter where they are.” Kagome sighed.

“It would be useful.” Sesshomaru’s flat baritone voice rumbled though his chest. ‘I am coming.’ He said to himself as he listened for any out of place sounds. Th-thump. Th-thump. Th-thump. Kagome’s slow, rhythmic heartbeat thumped lowly in his ears. It was like a purr to his inner beast. ‘She cares for your feelings.’ He brushed the thoughts away, ignoring his desire to nuzzle his nose into the crook of her neck to feel the pulse against his face.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, refocusing his search for the smallest hint of Rin’s whereabouts. His nostrils filled with Kagome’s intoxicating electric honeysuckle scent. He paused for a moment, noting that he didn’t entirely despise her scent. ‘You like her too.’ Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and scoffed internally before going back to his original task at hand.

The woody scent of the oak trees from the forest below, and familiar wildflowers flowers clashed against his sense. He snapped his eyes open, scanning the surroundings like a hawk. Ranunculus Japonicus (Japanese Buttercups) bloomed only in the spring. With summer closing, they should all be dead.

“Do you feel that?” Kagome asked, looking town to their right. “It feels like a barrier but I can’t see anything.” She frowned as she tried to isolate the aura. “It’s almost as if it’s around us. She gripped her bow in frustration.

“Indeed.” He inhaled again. It was definitely the scent of the very buttercups that Rin use to pick from the fields in the western lands. “We are in a manipulation trap.” Sesshomaru lowered them into a small field speckled with yellow flowers. “These flowers do not grow during the summer months. “ Sesshomaru said as he plucked one from the earth.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru and nodded.


Kumonosu watched Sesshomaru and Kagome descend into the middle of his trap. His mother taught him this little illusion trick Naraku often used on the group he was hunting. Clearly it never worked in the long run for Naraku, but it would at least buy him some time to hide him and his new mate to his underground castle.

He smiled wickedly as he looked down at the battered girl in his arms. She was his to torture and abuse as he sought to be fit. His smile widened as he thought of his next torture plan.  He continued his trek with a renewed vigor. ‘I will not rest until I make this girl scream in pain tonight.’ Kumonosu let out a chuckle.

 Rin laid in his arms, as still as she could possibly be as they bolted across the lands. She kept her eyes shut, not even wanting to know what hell he was bringing her into. ‘Sesshomaru, Shippou…” Her thoughts roared with pain as faces of the Daiyoukai she admired and the kitsune she loved flooded her mind. ‘Where are you?’

After it felt like hours of traveling, they stopped suddenly. Kumonosu dropped the girl to the ground. “Stand.” He hissed at her as she struggled to get back on her feet. “Good girl.” He said, “if you continue to listen that well, I will go easy on you tonight.”

Rin hid the horror well, as he smiled at her. ‘This sick bastard thinks he can intimidate me. I won’t let him.’ She thought as he walked her towards his underground castle.

“Lord Kumonosu.” A lesser demon guarding the entrance to what appeared to be a cave bowed deeply as Kumonosu approached. “How may I serve you?”

“Take my mate to my chambers. Make sure you shackle her.” Kumonosu stated with a bored tone. “I wouldn’t want her exploring the grounds without my assistance.”

“Yes Milord!” Without hesitation, the demon grabbed her out of Kumonosu’s grasp and began to pull her into the mouth of the cave.

Rin tried to carefully note her surroundings as she was pulled though the opening of the cave. It was damp and dark which made it difficult to see the details of where she was being taken. The cave seemed like any ordinary cave, they walked though it for several minutes until the demon stopped at a wall.

Rin watched him with trepidation, the wall in front of him seemed to vivify under his touch. The illusion rippled like a stone being thrown into a pond, after a moment it fell away, like dust, allowing the light from torches to flood the area where the two stood.

The floor of the cave continued into what appeared to be a hallway, its walls were lined with bamboo and decorated with a tapestry depicting Naraku. The demon escorting her pulled roughly at her arm, “Lets go, Milady.” He said as he walked forward. She studied the tapestry as they walked passed. She watched Naraku go from human to hanyou with Kikyou to Tsubaki, his death, and finally Kumonosu’s birth.

As her eyes landed on Kumonosu, panic bubbled in her chest as she realized she will have to placate the demon lord with every one of his wishes to survive until Sesshomaru could save her.


Kagome looked to Sesshomaru as he pulsed his aura outward trying to locate the source of the barrier, his expressionless face waivered for just a moment indicating he found nothing. “I have an idea.” She quietly stated, adverting her gaze to the ground. “I’m going to send a pulse of my reiki out around us. In the past, Naraku’s illusions weren’t in a large radius, so I should be able to purify it if I just purify the ground around us.” She dropped to her knees and ran her fingers across the blades of the soft grass around her. “You should get off the ground though, I wouldn’t want to purify you as I try to do this.” She said as an afterthought as she dropped her bow to her side.

Sesshomaru nodded, “Try, Miko.” He stated flatly. He pulled his cloud to his feet and floated off the ground, watching her every move intently. Kagome looked up to make sure he was off the ground, and for a brief moment his calculating golden orbs pierced into her determined chocolate ones before she redirected them towards the ground.

Kagome repositioned herself to sit cross-legged on the ground then planted her palms firmly against the cool earth on either side of her. She pulled at her energy, the familiar electric-like tingle surged to life though her veins. ‘This has to work.’ She thought as she willed her purifying reiki to pulsate outwards from her body.

“It isn’t working, Miko.” Sesshomaru said as she opened her eyes.

Kagome rolled her eyes in response before she closed them once more, her face scrunched in concentration as she sent a stronger wave out across the land. “There! I felt it waiver!” She said with excitement. “I know where the barrier is.” She pulled herself off the ground. She grabbed her bow, and motioned for Sesshomaru to follow her as she darted towards the barrier’s closest point.

“It’s here.” She said as she came to a sudden stop. “The barrier is here.” She quickly readied her bow with an arrow and drew back on the string as she filled the wooden construct with her reiki.  “Here goes nothing!” She said as she let the arrow loose. The arrow came into contact with a blinding blue light, the barrier retaliated with amethyst sparks.

Chills ran down Sesshomaru’s spine as her purifying reiki won the battle and broke though the illusion. ‘She’s not entirely useless.’ He thought to himself, which elicited a low growl from his inner beast. Without wasting more time, Sesshomaru grabbed Kagome by the waist and took off again.  Rin’s scent permeated his nose the second the barrier broke. ‘Kumonosu, I am coming to kill you.’

“I can feel him.” Kagome nearly growled. “We are not far.”

“Hn.” Was Sesshomaru’s only response as bolted through the sky.


Kumonosu grinned as he walked through the halls of his castle. The concealment barrier his father use to use cloaked his palace, they would never be found, which meant that he could spend more time thinking about ways to torture the girl locked in his chambers tonight. ‘I can’t wait.’

He approached his chamber door quietly, hoping to hear the sounds of the human girl inside sobbing; he was disappointed when met with the sound of silence. He found her laying in a pile of furs on the ground, shackles attached to her wrists and ankles. The fact that she couldn’t even fight back turned him on. The control he would have over her exhilarated him.

He began to undress, throwing his clothes to the floor. “Now I get to take my time with you.” He growled happily at her. A small chuckle escaped his lips as the scent of fresh tears greeted him.

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