Hand-Me Down

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the song �Hand Me Down� by Matchbox 20. I do not own Inu-Yasha, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hand Me Down


Disclaimer – I do not own any part of the song “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox 20. Characters are based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha :-)


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Chapter 8


You wonder why they haven't called
when they said they'd call you



“No.” She whispered to her snake-like creations. “You cannot have him.” Her barely audible words seemed to deter the creature, as it left the clearing to look for another victim’s soul to feed to her master.



Shippou waited, impatience nearly getting the better of him, as he paced around the small village. ‘What’s taking them so long?’ He questioned silently as he looked for even the smallest evidence that the group was returning.

 They’ve been gone for nearly an hour, according to the position of the sun. “Damn.” He quietly cursed under his breath as his mind ran rampant about the potential of what was coming. ‘If it is Naraku, how did he come back to life? We killed him and all of his puppets, even the Wind Witch is dead.’ He thought, as the memories of all of the Hanyou’s creations flashed across his mind in a plaguing fashion.

  Rin watched her kitsune lover pace back and forth. He hadn’t stopped since the group left; the grass he walked across was starting to thin, revealing the sand below its plush, green surface. “Shippou-kun.” She whispered as the waves of his distress crashed tangibly against her skin. ‘I need to calm him down before he becomes uselessly enraged.’

  “Shippou-kun.” Her voice barely rose above a whisper as she walked towards her kitsune. “Pacing isn’t going to speed things up, love.” She spoke with a surprising amount of calm, considering the circumstances. “Come with me, love.” She whispered, grabbing his hand.

 His demonic green irises pierced into her innocent cinnamon-colored orbs. “Something’s not right here, Rin.” His voice serenely calm, as his emotions ran like a wild beast inside his mind.  His hand trembled lightly squeezed Rin’s hand as it rested in his palm.

 “Everything will be fine.”  She smiled sweetly at him; she pulled on his hand, leading him away from the edge of the forest. ‘Finally.’ She thought as she led him towards the bench she had been watching him from.

 Shippou sat first, giving in to her silent cries of calming himself down. They sat in silence for a moment; listening to the birds chime in as the grass whispered its sweet song while the winds blew through it. Its serene song was interrupted as a distant, shrillish scream filled the air. Emerald locked with Cinnamon, and a silent wave from Rin ushered the Kitsune to go aid his friends.

 “I’ll hold down the fort.” She said softly as he bolted away from the small village.  She stood up, and began walking through the village, greeting everyone she crossed paths with politely. She wasn’t sure where her feet were taking her, but she followed the familiar paths until she came to a halt in Keade’s simple hut.

 The elderly woman was making a stew of some kind as she walked in. “Lady Keade?” Rin finally said after watching the woman stir her pot.

 “What is it, Child?” Keade asked as she turned to face Rin, her tired brown eyes meeting the young girl behind her.

 “I need the bow I’ve been practicing with. Shippou and the others are out looking for Inu-Yasha, and possibly a reincarnation of Naraku.” Rin masked her concern, and didn’t tell her about hearing someone’s screams while sitting with Shippou. She didn’t want to worry her if it was potentially nothing.

 “The bow is located in the corner over there.” She pointed the wooden spoon toward the corner that housed several bows, eyeing the girl suspiciously.  “Be careful child. Seek me out if ye need help.”

 Rin bowed to the elderly woman before her. “Thank you, Keade-San.” Rin straightened her body, then retrieved a bow and a quiver of arrows. “I’ll let you know if I require assistance.” She said before taking off out of the hut, to stand by idly waiting for her love to return.




Shippou darted though the trees following the scents of his friends. The closer he got to Inu-Yasha’s tree, the more the feelings of De Ja Vu hit him. Slowing his steps, he recalled a dream he had a long time ago. ‘I hope I don’t want though that tree line and see Kikyou holding Inu-Yasha.’ He thought remorsefully as he closed the distance between him and his friends.

 He could hear the sobs of Kikyou. He could hear Sango crying while Miroku tried to comfort her in vain. “Miroku, Sango, Kikyou?” he called out quietly as his pushed his way into the clearing. He nearly ran into the engaged couple, as he popped into the opening the forest provided.

 “Shippou, go back to the village. Inform Keade that Inu-Yasha is dead. Get a letter to Sesshomaru letting him know that his brother is gone.” Miroku’s low commanding tone fell onto nearly deaf ears.

He tried to form a response, but his throat felt like it was closing in on him. The smell of Inu-Yasha’s blood penetrated his nose with its toxic coppery scent. Kikyou’s white Haori had been stained red from Inu-Yasha’s blood as she cried into the dead hanyou’s shoulder.

 He felt like he was frozen in time, ‘No, Inu-Yasha can’t be dead.’ He chanted in his mind. His heartbeat quickening under the stress of the truth before his eyes, ‘This can’t be how it ends!’ He took another step forward, reaching Miroku’s side before a warm hand grasped his shoulder.

 “Shippou?” Miroku questioned, as he looked towards the Kitsune who now stood next to him. “Take Sango with you. I will make sure Lady Kikyou and Inu-Yasha make it back to the village.” He lightly kissed Sango before letting her go, and ushered the two away from the grotesque scene.

 Sango bent down to nuzzle Kirara. Looking into her golden catlike eyes. “Bring him back when they are ready, please.” She whispered to her friend. After seeing her nod slightly, as if she were letting her know that she would, Sango stood and began numbly walking in the direction of the village as the Moon began to rise.


Kagome laid down in the hut that Kazuki had provided her. The simple décor gave the small building a home-like feel. She curled her body inward as she rolled onto her side, and looking at the wall, she contemplated everything that had happened in the past couple of days. Sesshomaru had shown her a side of him that he never shows anyone else. ‘Why did he allow himself to show me his emotions?’ She pondered as she closed her eyes. ‘I am so confused.’ She sighed as she flopped herself onto her back.

Images of Inu-Yasha swam though her head, although she wasn’t in love with the Hanyou, she still missed her traveling companion. ‘I wonder what Inu-Yasha would say about Sesshomaru’s behavior.’ She thought as she rolled onto her side towards the only window the quaint room had to offer. She expected the small frame to be empty, to perfectly frame the night sky. Instead, she was met with glowing purple eyes.

 Clamping her mouth shut, before she allowed the fear of this mysterious figure in her window to get to her, she locked her brown orbs with his violet ones. “Who are you?” She questioned sternly, praying for her voice to remain steady.

 “You will know soon enough.” He flashed her a toothy smile before climbing into her window. “I have news for you.” The grin spread sickeningly across his face.

 Kagome stiffened at his voice, it sounded so familiar yet so vague. The pure evil aura emitting off his being could only be related to the likes of Naraku. ‘That’s impossible. Naraku’s dead, along with all of his incarnations.’ She swallowed her fear, refusing to allow this new potential threat to see any weakness in her being. “Speak before I dispose of you, vermin.” Her light airy voice held her promise as her vocalized thoughts left her lips.

 “Tsk tsk tsk. You wouldn’t want to kill me just yet. Not before I tell you my news.” He gave off a light joyous chuckle.

 “Last warning: speak now, or fry.” Kagome drew into her reservoir of Reiki, pulling the electric energy to her palms.

 “A Miko of her word, I see.” He sighed, in a theatrical manner. “Now I must let you know who I am first, before I tell you my news.”

 As soon as the words left his lips, she watched his sickening smile resurface. “I am not in the mood for games, Yokai.” She challenged as she pulled more of her energy towards her palms.

 “I am Kumonosu, the son of Tsubaki and Naraku.” His eyes hardened at his father’s name. “I am here to give those who killed him my vengeance, and I’ve already begun to play my games.” He dropped the smile from his face as he erected a small barrier in front of him.

 “What games do you speak of Kumonosu?” Kagome momentarily dropped her fierce facial expression at the mention of Naraku’s name. ‘Naraku has a son? A blood related son?’ She almost couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that anyone would want to sleep with the evil bastard.

 “The game of death. I will come to kill you all – I’ve taken my first victim.” He bared his teeth in a sinister smile. “Inu-Yasha is dead.” He laughed manically, as disappeared from the window frame.

Quick to react, Kagome ran after him jumping out of the window and running towards the horrific demonic aura he emitted. ‘Think about it later, right now I need to get to him before he disappears.’ She told herself as tears welled in her eyes as she darted after Kumonosu. She shut her eyes, dispelling the her tears that threatened to spill from her lids, and ran smack into something hard, causing her to fall against the object in question.


A familiar voice caused her to open her eyes; familiar golden orbs met her hard chocolate ones. She stood up briskly, breaking eye contact with him immediately. ‘Where did that bastard go?’ She though, looking for even the slightest detail of where that bastard child may have gone. She sighed in a defeated manner and whispered, “He’s gone.”

 “What are you talking about?” Sesshomaru questioned, looking for something or someone who may have been amiss in this area.

 “Kumonosu.” Her eyes hardened as her lips tightened to form a thin line. “He’s claiming he killed Inu-Yasha.” Kagome looked at Sesshomaru, his emotionless golden orbs flickered momentarily with acknowledgement of his brother’s possible death.

 “Who’s Kumonosu?” Sesshomaru asked sternly. Looking down at the girl in front of him. Tears welled into her eyes as sadness flowed off of her in waves.

 “Kumonosu is claiming that he is Naraku and Tsubaki’s son.” She started.

 “The dark Miko’s son?” He asked, as he uncharacteristically tilted his head slightly to the left.

 “Yes.” Kagome sighed, then gave him every detail that she could recall, the color of his eyes his hair, every detail of his facial features; she then went on to tell Sesshomaru about the events that had just happened, laying them out like a police report for the Daiyokai.

 ‘The half-breed is dead, and Naraku has a son, how did that slimy bastard produce an heir? How did that product of filth get here without this Sesshomaru noticing?’ He resisted the urge to rub the bridge of his nose. “We will leave at first light, towards the village, to find out anything we can. Inu-Yasha may not even be dead.” Sesshomaru’s icy tones responded to her.

 “Okay.” She said, her voice seemed to give away her defeated mentality. ‘It’s happening all over again.’ She thought. ‘This nightmare with Naraku is never going to end, is it?’ She sighed, forcing herself to mechanically say good night to the Daiyokai and backtrack her steps to her room. ‘I should’ve killed him.’ She thought begrudgingly. ‘I had the chance to rid the world of this atrocity, and I didn’t.’ She looked into the night sky, hoping to catch at least a small glimpse of the stars above for comfort. She received no such luck, as the clouds blanketed the sky in an eerie fashion.

 Sesshomaru watched her walk away from him, her eyes seemed to lose their vibrant echo of hope as she turned them back to him before she whispered goodnight and walked away solemnly. ‘Has she given in that easily? Does she know that regardless of if we leave now or in the morning, the outcome will not change?’ He asked himself as he followed her back to her room. ‘Such a strange Ningen.’ He thought as he watched her look towards the sky, the back down in a depressed fashion.

 ‘She needs to have comfort.’ His instinctual voice echoed in his mind. ‘No. She needs space.’ He thought firmly as he watched her walk quietly into her room. Not more than a few seconds after the dark-haired miko disappeared behind the doorway, the strong scent of salt and waves of the emotion known as sadness assaulted his senses.  He planted himself outside of her doorway, waiting for the call, should she need anything.

Sesshomaru gazed up at the night sky, finding himself lost in the mesmerizing movements of the clouds, and the stars that played peek-a-boo between their broken luminescent glimmers. ‘This Miko.’ He thought as he unknowingly stared into the heart of the Canis Major constellation. ‘Why do I feel this way with one Ningen?’ He questioned himself, closing his golden eyes. ‘Why do I have this overwhelming urge to protect her?’ He leaned an ear into the door, and found that her sobs had stopped.  He could hear the mellow drumming of her heart, a soft rhythmic strum instead of an erratic loud thumping.  ‘She’s sleeping.’ He sighed, almost in relief when he pulled his head away from the doorway.

His golden eyes peered upward to look into the starry night sky once more. ‘Inu-Yasha is dead.’ He thought. ‘I’ll kill the bastard who killed what was rightfully this Sesshomaru’s to kill.’ He sighed when he realized he tried to swipe his moonbeam colored hair from his shoulder with his missing arm. ‘I’ll need to remedy this quickly.’ He thought, annoyance ghosted over his features for a moment before he resumed his normal, emotionless mask.

He listened to Kagome toss and turn in her sleep for the remainder of the night, while the questions of the little Miko, his brother, and his new threat swirled in his head.


Kagome found herself walking through her subconscious mind. She found herself replaying the events of last night. Every word, every movement, every smile – it replayed like a movie on repeat in her head. Each time it replayed she paid attention to another detail, another emotion, another perspective.

 Kumonosu just declared himself as an enemy to everyone who was present when Naraku died. That included her and all of her friends. He had claimed that he killed one of the members of their pack already, and now Kagome felt lost because her hanyou friend, the only constant person that has been by her side since passing though the well, was now dead.

 She knew that it was possible that her dog-eared friend was still alive, but something in her gut told her otherwise. Inu-Yasha was dead. Kagome was replaying her interactions with Kumonosu again in her head, watching his how his body language portrayed his playful child-like manner when an emotionless voice interrupted her thoughts and began to pull her from her from her subconscious mind.

“Kagome. It is time to wake.” Sesshomaru stood over Kagome’s sweat-coated, unconscious form. He was about to put his hand on her shoulder, to gently shake her from her slumber, when her doe-like eyes fluttered open in the dimly lit room. “It’s time to start gathering your things. First light will be upon us soon.”

Kagome watched him turn on his heel as he dismissed himself. Sighing, she stood and stretched her weary limbs. ‘It’s going to be a long, emotional day.’ She thought grimly as she pulled her pajamas off, and replaced them with customary Miko robes. She sighed as she straightened out her garb, the red and white material making her grimace with the thought of her obvious resemblance of the woman she shared a soul with; Kikyou.

She wondered how the undead Miko was taking Inu-Yasha’s death. Kikyou loved him, without a shadow of doubt, Kagome knew this, ‘She’s probably hurting more than I am over Inu-Yasha’s death.’ She shook the thoughts from her head when she realized the lack of arrows and a bow. ‘I’ll have to remedy this problem.’ She thought before taking a mental note of what Yen she had left as she left the solitude of her room and wandered though the town.

‘Would a town such as this even have a weapons shop?’ She thought as she looked into the windows of the different boutiques that the town offered. As she passed the tenth clothing shop, she sighed in aggravation. “Where can I buy a bow around here?” Kagome said thought gritted teeth looking for even the smallest sign of where she could purchase a bow.

She peered upward. The sun was just beginning to reach its finger-like rays though the atramentous star field. The day did not cease to exist like she once thought it would if Inu-Yasha had left this Earth. With a heavy heart, she looked away from the sky; revenge for her friend seeped into her mind. The thought of tearing Kumonosu limb from limb, burning the very Yokai from his form nearly brought a smile to her face.

‘No, Kagome; you must keep your thoughts pure. You cannot let your darkness overcome you.’  She thought, as she shook the image of herself destroying the Yokai she wished to rip apart form her mind. ‘We will provide him with his deserved death, but not because of our own hatred.’ She knew she had to keep her heart in the right place, she couldn’t allow her purity to be tainted due to hatred.

 Returning to her search for a bow, she returned to scouring the town for a stronghold of some sort. The need to defend herself seemed even stronger than it had been before. A real, tangible danger had resurfaced, and if it truly did come form the loins of that dastardly hanyou, she would need a good bow. Sure, she could defend herself with her now carefully controlled Reiki, but, an actual weapon in her hands would make her feel more secure.

 The sun lit up the sky; its mysterious dark blue hues vanished into bright shades of gold and pink. ‘Sesshomaru will be looking for me.’ She sighed, her hands still itching to feel the familiarity of a bow; her spine tingled where a quiver should be resting. Defeated in her search, she started to seek out the Daiyokai’s familiar aura. She didn’t have to search long; the demon she sought out seemed to materialize in front of her after a few minutes of walking towards his familiar Yokai.

 “I’m ready.” Melancholy laced through her voice as she voiced her readiness to the Daiyokai.

 “What troubles you Miko?” His tone even, emotionless.

 “I just feel naked without a bow.” Brown clashed with gold as the words left her mouth. She watched a silver brow hike high above his eye at the common modern-day phrase.

 “You are not naked, you are clearly clothed.” He concluded after a baited moment.

 “It’s just an expression. I’m sure you would feel the same way I do if you didn’t have your swords.” She crossed her arms, and smiled at the misunderstood phrase.

 “Hn.” Sesshomaru dropped his eyebrow back into its rightful place in his emotionless mask.  “We must travel quickly.” He closed the space between him and Kagome, wrapping his arm around her.

She was about to protest the sudden gesture as her face exploded with unheard of shades of red from the unwarned contacted, when a bright light engulfed them and her face was plastered against his chest from the inertia of their take-off.

She inhaled sharply, taking in her first true breath since they took off. Dogwood and honey is the only thing that she could smell as the earthy scent of the Daiyokai wafted through her senses. ‘So mesmerizing.’  She thought as the Yokai’s intensely calming scent ran rampant through her nostrils. They bolted through the air towards their destination, the immense pressure that she had felt came to an abrupt halt as her feet touched solid ground once more.

 She let go of Sesshomaru; her vision swam as she tried to regain her dizzy head. Her feet tried to grasp the ground below her as she took a step back from the demon lord, but failed miserably. Her foot twisted under her weight and she immediately fell towards the ground. As she braced for impact, she felt fingers grasp around her hand and pull her upward away from the hard ground.

 ‘Clumsy Ningen.’ He thought dryly as he caught her hand and pulled her back into his chest. He didn’t dislike the feeling of the young girl against his person, as he thought he would minutes prior to their flight. Her electrifying honeysuckle scent infiltrated his senses, ‘Such a scent one could grow accustomed to.’ His thoughts wandered as he inhaled her unique scent.

“Thanks.” She mumbled, as she lost herself in the earthy scent of his being. ‘I wonder how many have been pressed against his chest like this.’ She caught herself wondering as she absentmindedly nuzzled into his chest, pressing her nose into the dip between his pectoral muscles.

 Amber eyes bled red, the simple gesture of submission caused Sesshomaru to stiffen against her movements. “Feeling better, Miko?” He said through gritted teeth as he tried to keep his animalistic instincts at bay. Closing his eyes, he berated the beast inside. ‘No. She does not know of her actions.’ He growled at the thought of taking a Ningen as his mate. ‘No.’ He repeated, more to himself than to the beast who bore his Yokai.

 “Yes.” She pulled herself from his being, unaware of the silent battle Sesshomaru fought through. “Where are we?” She asked meekly, looking at the trees that surrounded them.

“Inu-Yasha’s Forest.” He replied emotionlessly, as he reopened his red-rimmed golden irises. “Inu-Yasha is indeed dead.”

 Tears welled in the Miko’s eyes. Her friend was dead. ‘This is my fault.’ She thought as she pinned the blame on herself. ‘Had I not forced myself to follow them, he may still be alive today.’  She bit back the tears that threatened to spill onto her cheeks. “I need to go home. I’m going to the well..” Her cold tone caused a chill to run down her neck.

 “Hn.” Sesshomaru replied before he began to follow the Miko towards her strange world.

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