A Question Of Honor

BY : KogasAngel
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A/N: By request of my readers from A Single Spark, I am bringing this story to you. Please know that it does contain a hinting of rape, though I will not go into detail. I will be bringing in OCs and am proud to bring this fic to AFF.

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It begins anew.

Sighing, the youkai lord turned his head and stared at his bedchamber doors. He could hear the anguished sobs of the young miko and he waited patiently as her sobs increased in their intensity. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before the miko’s handmaid would be in to care for her and though it did not show, the youkai lord was disturbed that the once-happy miko was now filled with despair and pain.

He knew that he was partly to blame for her fall from grace. He knew that they were all to blame. In a moment of anger, the group had singled out the miko and delivered onto her their aggressions and frustrations and because of that moment, the miko was now forever scarred.

After they had calmed and found that his half-brother’s dead bitch had deceived them, they had gone back to the spot where they had left the miko, tied and defenseless, and found a sight that would forever haunt each and every single one of them. Yes, the sight too, had affected him. He would never admit it, but when he saw her bloodied form, he was immediately sickened. Their enemy had struck again, and this time, they had aided his cause.

He could remember that wolf, Kouga, howling as his claws ripped away the little miko’s bindings and then had to be held back by his comrades when Inu Yasha had tried to lift her into his arms to care for her. It was the monk who had stayed calm, but his aura and scent had told the youkai lord that the young male was beyond angered, but simply offered comfort and supportive words to the group as they took in the horrific scene.

The slayer sobbed as she rocked back and forth, begging her little sister to forgive her, but the small miko said not a word. In fact, when they had arrived, her eyes were closed and for a moment, it appeared that she was dead. When he caught sight of her chest moving, he had stepped forward and unsheathed his healing sword, but for some reason, the sword like him and the others, abandoned her.

The hanyou had declared that he was taking the miko back to the village. He said that she needed to see the old miko and that it would be she who cared for her. Though the wolf continued to argue, it was decided that this was the best course of action and they had all parted ways.

It was a month after they had parted when his half-brother arrived, the miko snuggled in his arms and deeply asleep. They had been ushered into his study and it was there that his half-brother explained to him what he needed.

He explained that after they had arrived at the village, the little miko had awoken, but had become hysterical when she caught sight of the slayer, monk, and hanyou. It had taken the older miko to give her strong herbs that would induce sleep to get the younger miko to calm down and fall back into slumber. After learning what had happened to the miko, the older miko had told the hanyou, monk, and slayer that they would no longer be welcomed into the village. The only ones out of that small group who were allowed to stay was the miko, the neko and the kitsune.

His brother explained that the miko had clearly been broken and that he simply could not leave her behind in a place where Naraku could easily get to her, so he had decided to come to his older brother in hopes that he would help protect her. He also pointed out that pack law states that the males of the pack are responsible for the females, and since he could no longer care for her, the responsibility for her care rested on the youkai lord’s shoulders.

After handing her over to him, the hanyou told him that he would send the kitsune and neko to the palace within a week’s time and that he was going after Naraku. Once the hanyou was gone, he had summoned a young maid and told her that the miko was now her responsibility and that her comfort was her top priority.

During the days, the miko was silent and would often be found sitting in her room, by her window, staring at the snow-capped mountains in the distance. At first, he had simply thought that she was coming to terms with her attack, but now, he was not so sure. Not even Rin, whose smiles could light up any room, could cheer the miko up.

During the nights, the miko was anything but silent. Each night, she would scream and cry as she relived the events that had ripped away her innocence. Each night, he would lie in bed as her heart-wrenching sobs echoed throughout the halls and made their way into his bed chamber.

He was responsible for this. He had helped in the destruction of her, and now, he was paying the price.

When had his honor left him? Was it when his father had died? Perhaps it was when his mother had left. Or, perhaps he had never had it to begin with. Had he had any honor, he would have never allowed the transgression against the miko to occur.

Her sobs were now quieting as the soft voice of her handmaid began to sing a soft lullaby to her lady, easing her back into sleep. He knew that the maid would sit with the miko all night, watching over her and soothing any terrors that decided to and would rear their ugly heads.

When the miko’s sobs finally stopped, he closed his eyes and let out another sigh. This never should have happened.

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