A Question Of Honor

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Sesshomaru sat quietly as Kagome slept. He had been forced to feed her himself and she had tried, without success, to fight him off. He knew that the fear of being harmed again had made her swallow what he gave her, but he had to make sure that she did not starve herself. He would not allow her to suffer anymore than what she already had.

Once she had been fed, her quiet sobs continued as he escorted her down the hall and to the hot spring. He had informed his staff that they were to be exceptionally gentle with Kagome, and they had all complied. Even Jaken, whose guilt over leaving Kagome’s side had made him a target to other youkai, took great care in making sure that he did nothing to cause her to become upset.

As she was bathed, he could hear the maids whispering gentle words to her and soothing her with their soft songs. Finally, one of the maids emerged and said, “The lady is ready to return to her room, my lord.”

Nodding, Sesshomaru waited for Kagome to appear. Her hair had been pulled back in a braid and he could clearly see a long scar that had been placed upon her snow-white skin by Naraku. No doubt he wanted to leave a memento of their encounter behind. Shaking his head, he took her arm and led her back to her room.

Normally, he would have expected his guest to thank him for his hospitality, but with Kagome, the only time she ever said anything was to ask to be taken home to her mother. However, he could not allow her to leave. She was pack, and she was his to take care of until her dying day.

Now, as he sat beside her bed, watching her sleep, he could not help but think of the day that his brother and friends had arrived at the palace.


Jaken scurried into the study where Sesshomaru sat. The toad’s green face had gone pale and he squeaked, “My lord, your brother and his companions are here. Lord Inu Yasha is demanding to speak with you at once.”

Sighing, Sesshomaru nodded, and waited for his brother and companions to enter. When they arrived, his eyebrows rose when he saw the little miko snuggled into his brother’s arms, asleep.

Looking down at Kagome, the hanyou sighed. “We need to speak. As you well know, when you and I discussed putting our differences aside and fighting as brothers against Naraku, we reformed our pack. Everyone in this room is considered part of that pack, and your little girl is also a part of this pack.” He said, his golden eyes finally turning to Sesshomaru’s.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. “What is it that you are trying to ask of me, Inu Yasha? Such formalities are not your style, so I am guessing that you want something.” He said, his tone dry.

Inu Yasha nodded. He glanced over at his friends, including the wolf and his two lackeys, and then said, “I need for you to take Kagome into your care.”

Sesshomaru’s eyes widened slightly, but then asked, “I was under the impression that the elder miko would take care of her, so what has happened to change that?”

Taking a deep breath, Miroku stepped forward. “When we returned to the village, we went to Lady Kaede and told her what had happened. The villagers see Kagome as being kind as well as powerful. They hold her in the highest esteem, so when she returned to them violated, well, the villagers were not happy. Even Lady Kaede was angry. She had us bring Lady Kagome into her hut and then ordered us to leave. When she did come out, she informed us that she had given Lady Kagome herbs to prevent pregnancy and that she is not sure if Lady Kagome will ever be able to have a child of her own. She said that the attack was so brutal that it damaged her and she does not know if the damage is permanent. The village had a meeting, and they decided that we are no longer to be welcomed to the village. They feel that because we aided Naraku in her attack, that they would be betraying the shikon miko by allowing us to stay, so they told us to leave and that only Lady Kagome, Kirara, and Shippo were allowed to stay.” He explained.

Sesshomaru sat back in his chair. “I see. Tell me, when the miko awakened, what was her reaction?” He asked.

Sango sighed. “Her reaction was not good. We refused to leave, at least until she awoke. We wanted to apologize for our behavior, but when she did wake up and saw us, she became hysterical. It got so bad that she began to claw at herself and she even tried to stab herself with a knife that she had grabbed from Lady Kaede’s hand. Each time she is awake, she tries to hurt herself. Lady Kaede says that when Naraku took her, he broke her, well, her mind. She says that Kagome is a danger to herself and to others. Look at her wrist. She has tried quite a few times to slit her own wrist.” She said, her voice soft.

Standing up, Sesshomaru walked over to his brother and then reached out to grasp Kagome’s wrist. Lifting her arm, he examined it and could see that the slayer spoke the truth. His golden eyes turned to the wolf, who was growling softly.

“Why are you not with your tribe? I would think that they need you to be there to lead them.” Sesshomaru said, his tone haughty.

Kouga scowled. “I no longer have a tribe to lead. When I went back to the mountains, I had to inform the elders of what had happened, and yes, I had to tell them about Kagome. My tribe adores Kagome, even though she is a human, and when they heard that I turned my back on her, they turned their backs on me. Ginta and Hakkaku are the only two out of the tribe who still consider me as a friend. Not even Ayame will give me the time of day. She, too, has heard about what happened and she told her grandfather that she will not mate with someone who willingly betrays someone he claims to love. So, here I am.” He said, his tail snapping back and forth.

Sesshomaru silently nodded. He, too, had felt the sting of his actions. He heard Kagome groan softly, and he motioned for his brother to hand her over to him. With his one arm, it made holding her a bit awkward, but after he wrapped his long tail around her, it was easier.

Inu Yasha watched sadly as his brother took Kagome from his arms. However, he simply could not walk away from her until he knew that he had placed her in the safest place possible.

“Before you ask, Kagome is under the influence of sleeping herbs. Kaede said that the journey here would be easier on her if she were asleep through it. I wish that we could have left her with the old witch, but with Naraku still on the loose, Kagome is vulnerable. Under your protection, Kagome will be safe and we can hunt Naraku without any further worries. I am asking you as the alpha of our pack to please care for her.” The hanyou said, his hand coming up to rest on top of Kagome’s head.

“Very well. Know this…she is now and forever mine. She will never be your responsibility again and I will do with her as I see fit. She will not be harmed nor will she want for anything. Kouga, your claim on her is void. I do not need any males hovering over her. If she is to be mated, it will be to a male who has my consent. To be mated to you would be a constant reminder of what she has gone through.” Sesshomaru explained, his golden eyes hard.

Kouga glared at the taiyoukai, but then sighed. He knew that Sesshomaru was right. For him to mate with Kagome, it would be like her having to see Naraku again. She would be reminded of it each time she looked at him. No. He would not put her through any further pain.

“I agree. I no longer claim her.” Kouga whispered, his heart breaking. He could feel his entire body shake and he was finding it difficult to hold his stomach at bay. He needed fresh air. So, with one last look at Kagome, Kouga turned and walked from the study, his blood running cold.

After the wolf left the study, Inu Yasha allowed his claw to come up and rest upon Kagome’s forehead. “I still do love her, even though I said that I didn’t. I never should have allowed Kikyo to remain in this world. Now, not only do I have to pay for that mistake, but Kagome has paid as well.” He murmured.

Sesshomaru nodded. “You have my word. She will find no harm here. In my domain, she is safe.” He said, his stoic mask never retreating from his face. He had to be strong. He would not break. He would not show the others that he had any feelings other than duty.

“Thank you. Well, it’s time to go. We are going to collect Kouga and be off. Don’t worry. We will not come here again. We just wanted to make sure that no matter what happens, Kagome is taken care of. Tell her that Shippo and Kirara will arrive in a week’s time to keep her company. Oh, one other thing. Treat Shippo and Kirara well. They are the only ones besides Kaede that Kagome allowed near her. She thinks that she is too dirty to be around others. I am scared for her. Not only physically, but mentally as well. You can’t let her be alone. Not at all.” Inu Yasha warned, his eyes revealing his fright.

Nodding, Sesshomaru watched as his former group gave the little miko one last look before heading out. He observed that the monk no longer wore his holy robes and that the slayer no longer wore her uniform. He supposed that they believed that they had betrayed their professions and now had come to understand that they had no rights to wear such garments.

Once he was alone with the fragile miko, he could not help but stare down at her. Her bumps and bruises were gone, but he could see that she had dark circles underneath her eyes and he could surmise that she had a great difficulty sleeping. He knew that she would need to be handled carefully, and that she could not be alone. At least, not yet. He simply could not trust her not to harm herself. He had seen the madness that went along with rape. Some women were strong enough to move on, while others simply could not bear the shame, and so, they ended their lives. He would not allow such a fate to come to her. No, he would be her protector, whether she wanted him or not.

He had chosen a maid that he knew would take very good care of her. Sayuki was mated to his general, and even though there was no reason for her to work, she had quietly insisted that she needed something to keep her hands busy. So, he had appointed her as the head of his household staff. After all, he did not have a mate to direct his staff, and Sayuki did a wonderful job.

He called the female in and quietly explained about Kagome. Her eyes soft, she quickly accepted her new role and followed him to the chamber next to his. The chamber was originally intended for the female that he took as a mate, but he had made the decision that it was now Kagome’s.

Sayuki quickly pulled back the covers on the large bed and she watched as the young miko was placed upon the silk sheets. Turning, he had murmured that the young miko needed to be undressed, and that he would wait outside.

He had heard Sayuki humming a soft tune as she undressed Kagome. Even though the room was ready for a female occupant, he had not thought about obtaining clothing for the female who would live within that chamber’s walls. So, he made a mental note to send a few of the females to the village and buy some kimonos and sleeping gowns.

When Sayuki stepped from the chamber, she whispered that the miko had been undressed and that she was resting comfortably. Nodding, he told her to keep a close eye upon the troubled girl and with those words, he left.

He had called forth his entire staff. Cleaning wenches, guards, cooks, gardeners, and even Jaken were in attendance to listen to him explain that he now had a new ward. He explained that he had been entrusted with the care of the young miko and that they were to be extremely careful with how they treated her. He warned them that should she become distressed due to any fault of theirs, the consequences would be severe.

End Flashback

His golden eyes were about to close for good when a hand fell upon his shoulder. His eyes snapping open, Sesshomaru gazed into the concerned eyes of Sayuki.

“My lord, it is late. Please go and get some rest. You will do her no favors if you are too exhausted to deal with her.” She said, her voice soft.

Nodding, he stood up. “I do not think that she will awaken any time soon. It seems that after she got some food into her stomach and had a hot bath, it calmed her enough for her to relax. Has Jaken found the healer that I requested?” He asked.

Sayuki nodded. “Yes, but she will not arrive for a few days. You see, Jaken could find no one in Japan that was willing to come and aid you, my lord. So, Jaken heard of a healer from a different land and he contacted her. She finally sent word back to us that she would come and speak with you about your request. The only thing is that she will be bringing her son and his companions with her. Apparently, she is renowned for her skills and needs to be protected.” She explained.

“I see. Tell me, exactly where does this healer live?” He asked, his curiosity stoked. He watched as Sayuki smiled.

“She hails from a land called Scotland. I had never heard of such a place, but Jaken has and he claims that the only people and youkai who live there are nothing but barbarians, but he also said that this healer came very highly recommended and that the magics that come from that land are very powerful.” She replied.

Sesshomaru simply nodded and turned on his heel. He had only a few hours left before the sun began to rise and he needed to get some much needed rest.

However, after he undressed and got into his futon, he heard the familiar screams and the haunting lullaby that would always quickly follow. Sighing, he patiently waited for the screams to stop. As he waited, he hoped that the healer would be able to help Kagome. This had to come to an end.

Karin stood before her son and his companions. She surveyed them with a practiced eye and said, “Do ye lads understand why we are goin’?” She asked, her accent thick.

The males nodded. They were part of the highland inu clan and had been summoned to a foreign land to help with a matter that needed the care of a powerful healer.

“Aye, mother. The lads and I understand. Some Japanese laird needs ye’re assistance and that is why we’re goin’.” The young male said, his green eyes trained upon his mother’s beautiful face.

Karin nodded. “Aye. Supposedly, a young priestess or miko, as they’re called in Japan, is needin’ me help. Ye lads will be protecting me on this journey and should I decide to help the lass, then she will be needin’ yer protection as well.” She said, smiling.

The six young inus smiled. They could not wait to see what this Japan had to offer. They had heard tales about other inus that lived across the sea, and now, they were going to get to see if the tales were true.

They soon found themselves on a large boat and every single one of them began to imagine what Japan would look like. The only one who was not happy was Karin.

She looked down at the letter in her claw and sighed. She had not told her son and his friends the truth. She did not tell them that she was going to help a young traumatized woman, a human, in fact, through an ordeal that had scarred her mind as well as her body.

As she sat, deep in thought, she wondered what the best course of action was to take with the young woman. Hopefully, this laird, Sesshomaru, would understand that sometimes, in order to heal, one had to relive the experiences that had brought them to the brink of destruction.

As the ship sailed on, it was clear that they were in for a real adventure. Hopefully, they would return as they had left. Alive.

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