A Question Of Honor

BY : KogasAngel
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Kagome waited patiently in her chambers, but when her dinner arrived, she was told that she was to have dinner in her chambers and that Lord Sesshomaru would be by to see her before bedtime.

Sighing, Kagome walked over to the small table and sat down to eat her dinner. She picked up her fork and gathered up some rice. As she lifted the fork to her mouth, Kagome's eyes looked up and through her window, she caught sight of one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen.

His body gleamed in the candlelight and with each movement he made, his muscles seemed to flex effortlessly. Her food forgotten, Kagome slowly got up and walked to the window, her eyes transfixed upon the male in the chambers across from her.

He was nude and for the first time, Kagome noticed that she was not afraid of seeing a nude male; quite the opposite in fact. He was so breathtaking that she found that she was having a difficult time pulling her eyes away from his body.

As the male turned, she got a glimpse of his generous manhood and her eyes widened. Biting her lip, she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. This was very new to her and she was not quite sure if what she was feeling was normal or not.

When she opened her eyes, the male had dressed himself in a pair of hakamas and now had his back to her. Kagome's eyes wandered over the broad shoulders and she wondered what it would be like to run her hands over the blemish-free skin.

As she delved into her thoughts, Kagome failed to notice that the male had turned around once more and was now staring straight at her. When Kagome finally noticed that he was now staring at her, she gasped and quickly turned to go back to her seat.

She sat down and placed her forehead upon the table, groaning at her stupidity. He had caught her staring at him and now was probably angry at her for seeing him in his private moments.

How was she going to face him after this? How was she going to look him in the eye after this and not blush?

The knock on her door caused Kagome to groan once more before standing up and walking to the door, sure that it would be him to confront her for peeping at him.

Sure enough, there he stood, in all of his glory and when he looked down at her apologetic eyes, she whispered, “Sorry, Lord Sesshomaru. I didn't mean to stare.”


Sesshomaru growled softly when he reached his chambers. There was a reason why he had requested this particular chamber and that was so that he could watch over Kagome and make sure that no one dared to enter her chambers through her windows. Ok, perhaps that was a pitiful reason, but if he was to be truthful with himself, he requested these chambers so that he could watch Kagome and be discreet about it.

She had become somewhat of an obsession for him. She was perfection personified, in his opinion, and the fact that she had chosen him to defend her proved to him that she saw him as much more than her guardian.

He knew that he should not engage in his current activities. After all, she was still hurting from her attack, but his body and heart simply would not listen. Nor did it help things that he had not one, but two rivals for her affections.

His eyes narrowed and Sesshomaru allowed his thoughts to linger on his co-general, Conner. The inu lord was very intelligent and had many good ideas about how to engage Naraku. In fact, he had proposed an idea that, so far, had been the best. But, that did not excuse his infatuation with the miko. Sesshomaru thought that the younger inu's involvement with Kagome was nothing more than a simply crush, or for a better term, puppy love. But, after hearing Conner and his mother talking, it was clear that the Scottish lord had lost his heart to the fair miko, something in Sesshomaru's book that was totally unforgivable.

As he stripped his body of his clothing, Sesshomaru's thoughts turned to Balthazar. That particular inu really got on his bad side. Clearly, he was not used to being dominated and enjoyed a good battle, but in Sesshomaru's opinion, he was not good enough for Kagome. The inu was too violent, too angry. Kagome needed someone who could control his emotions and give her the comfort she needed. It was true that he was not known for giving comfort to anyone, but he was certainly a better choice than Balthazar.

As Sesshomaru pulled on a pair of clean hakamas, he happened to glance up and found Kagome looking into his window, her view of him clear as day. A faint, uncharacteristic blush spread across his cheeks as he realized that he had just been caught looking at her, but from the look on her face, he began to wonder if his initial reaction was correct. She had a guilty look to her and when she darted from the window, he then realized that it had been she who had been perusing his goods and not the other way around. At least, not this time.

Dressing with a speed that would have made Kouga dizzy, Sesshomaru left his chambers and quickly found himself before Kagome's chamber. The Scottish inus had all been called into a meeting with Lady Karin and would probably be occupied for a couple more hours, so there was no one to guard her door at the moment.

He knocked on the door and when it opened, Kagome paled and then hung her head. “Sorry, Lord Sesshomaru. I didn't mean to stare.” She whispered.

Sesshomaru gently pushed her back into her chambers and regarded her plate of food. “Why have you not touched your dinner, Kagome?” He asked, his tone soft. He stared at the young miko while she glanced over at her plate and then back at the floor.

“Well, I had started to eat, but then I got kind of distracted, and right before you knocked, I was about to start eating, and then you knocked, and well, here you are.” Kagome babbled. Gods, she sounded like such a fool.

Sesshomaru held up his hand and then allowed his fingers to gently brush across Kagome's soft cheek.

“Did you find what you saw interesting?” He asked, his golden eyes trained upon hers. He watched as the young woman before him shift uncomfortably.

“I-I don't know what you mean.” She murmured, her humiliation now complete. Well, she asked for it by staring.

“I mean, did you find my nude body interesting? I know that you were watching me dress, Kagome. It is perfectly alright, but if you intend on watching males, it will be me and only me that you will come to for such an experience, am I clear?” He asked, his tone calm, but still held a hint of authority.

Kagome's jaw dropped open and she found that she was too stunned to even try to deny what she had been up to. She felt Sesshomaru take her arm and lead her back to her chair.

“Eat, and then we are going to go for a walk and talk.” He said. He nodded in satisfaction as he watched Kagome lift her fork once more and place a forkful of rice into her mouth. It seemed like a bad dream that she had been trying to starve herself. Thankfully, those days seemed to be behind them and now, perhaps they could move towards the future.

Finally, after Kagome had taken her fill, she pushed her plate away from her and quickly accepted the hand that Sesshomaru held out to her. Smiling, she allowed him to lead her out of her chambers and they walked down the stairs and headed out to the gardens.

After her little display of power, things for Kagome had gotten quite a bit easier. The youkai treated her with respect and they spoke to her carefully and never insulted her. The women were constantly inviting her to join them as they had tea and spoke about their mates. It was nice to be included.

Sesshomaru, too, had seen a great change in how he was being treated. He had clearly won back his respect and had reestablished his reputation for being merciless, as Lady Minya quickly found out after Kagome had been sent to her chambers. Now, the other lords regarded him with extreme respect and even their host, Lord Ashitaka made sure not to step on his toes. In fact, it had been Ashitaka who suggested that he show Kagome the gardens. He had heard that the young miko loved flowers and he informed Sesshomaru that his gardens were renowned throughout Japan.

When they walked into the gardens, Kagome gasped and brought her hand to her mouth. Her eyes wide, she let go of Sesshomaru's hand and moved forward, unaware that a pair of golden eyes were tenderly watching her.

“It's so beautiful here. I wonder why I have not seen this part of the garden yet.” She murmured.

“Lord Ashitaka does not allow just anyone to walk through this particular garden, but we are an exception. You may come here whenever you wish, Kagome.” Sesshomaru said, his larger body coming to stand next to her smaller one.

Smiling, Kagome stepped forward and reached out to touch the petal of a very delicate looking flower. Its fragrant scent gently rose to tickle her nose and she inhaled deeply. When she glanced over at Sesshomaru, she found him to be deep in thought.

She walked over to him and gently took his arm. “You said that you wanted to talk.” She reminded him.

Nodding, he led her over to a stone bench and let her get settled before he began. “I wish to talk to you about what happened earlier today. I understand that you are curious to see if you are able to experience touch, but I do not feel that Balthazar is the appropriate one to go to for these matters.” Sesshomaru explained. He kept his voice level and had decided to use a gentle approach with the miko. He had learned his brother's lesson well and knew that to confront her aggressively would have very little success.

Kagome listened to Sesshomaru and wondered momentarily if the inu lord was a bit jealous. She was not stupid. She knew that he didn't care for her guardians, but the fact that she liked them, he did his best not to antagonize them as he had Inu Yasha. That, for the proud lord, was an extreme sacrifice.

“I'm sorry that you feel that way, Lord Sesshomaru. He meant me no harm. I am the one that wanted to know and he simply offered to help. I'm sorry if I offended you.” Kagome replied.

“You did not offend me, Kagome. The inu, however, did.” Sesshomaru growled. He allowed his golden eyes to gaze off into the distance and he clenched his fists. This possessive feeling that held for Kagome was becoming a distraction and if he didn't do something about it soon, he would more than likely do something that would humiliate both him and Kagome. “I do not feel that he is a suitable companion. He is too impulsive in both his temper and his mouth. He is worse than my brother.”

Kagome stood up and turned her back to Sesshomaru. Crossing her arms over her chest, she stared down at the ground and said, “Unlike your brother, I like Balthazar. He is kind to me and he doesn't treat me like I am weak. He talks to me like I am an equal.” She paused and took in a deep breath before saying, “It seems to me that you might see him as some sort of threat to you.”

Growling, Sesshomaru stood up and glared down at the miko. “That male is not a threat to this Sesshomaru. I have earned my title as 'The Killing Perfection' for a reason, miko. That male is nothing more than an uncivilized barbarian who swings his sword like an amateur. He is nothing to me, and it would do well for you not to forget that.” He snapped.

When Kagome's sorrow-filled eyes glanced over her shoulder at him, Sesshomaru's bad temper left him at once. He immediately regretted his harsh words when she whispered, “You see him as a barbarian, but I see him as a friend. One who I am coming to trust and who I know will not hurt me. Can I say the same about you?”

Before he could reply, she quietly turned and walked back towards the palace, her head held high. Sesshomaru stared after her and felt his heart clench in his chest. His inu was whining pitifully and he knew that unless he did something to show her that she could trust him, there was a very good chance that when the foreign inus left, Kagome might go with them.

Walking back towards the palace, Sesshomaru calmly ignored the curious stares of the other nobles and headed back towards his chambers. He entered and removed his clothing and was about to get into bed, but decided to glimpse into Kagome's chambers, just to make sure that she had returned to her chambers unharmed.

His heart jumped into his throat and his eyes widened. He could clearly see Kagome, and she was not alone. As the male stroked her soft hair, he was smiling down upon her with adoring eyes and she did not hesitate to return his smile. Then, the inu slowly lowered his lips to hers, and that was the last thing that Sesshomaru remembered.

The palace residents froze as a loud and vicious snarl ripped through the palace. Ashitaka's eyes widened and he gasped, “Dear Kami. Get to your chambers and lock your doors!”

As people quickly fled to do as they were told, the sounds of glass and a scream came from upstairs, and Ashitaka could only hope that whoever was the target of the enraged Sesshomaru came out alive.


Kagome's eyes were dry by the time she got to her chambers and she entered quietly. She walked in and began to remove the obi from around her waist, but jumped when a soft voice said, “Good evenin' tae ye, lass.”

Glancing behind her, Kagome smiled and said, “Hi, Conner. Is everything ok?” She watched as the tall inu stood up and stretched.

“Me mother feels that ye need tae be further along in yer self-defense. She has ordered Balthazar to step up yer trainin'.” He replied, his tone chilling at Balthazar's name.

Kagome grinned. She liked training with Balthazar. He was an excellent teacher and it was during training that they did most of their talking. He loved to tell her about his tattoos and oddly enough, she found them to be very sexy, much like their owner.

Reaching out, Conner brushed away a piece of hair that had fallen over Kagome's eyes and he gave her a tender smile. When she nuzzled her head against his palm and smiled up at him, Conner forgot everything that he had promised his mother about not making any moves on Kagome and slowly bent his head.

Kagome watched with wide eyes as Conner bent towards her and when the first brush of his lips swept across her lips, she gasped and pulled back quickly, her fingers flying up to touch her lips. She blushed prettily, and gave him a small smile.

Smiling back at her, Conner's head lowered once more and just as their lips touched, a loud howl was heard and both Conner and Kagome were flung back against the door.

Conner quickly got to his feet, his hand already upon his sword. He glared at the intruder and allowed his eyes to widen when he recognized his attacker as Sesshomaru.

The inu laird was partially transformed, but Conner could tell that his inu was winning the battle for control. His eyes darting to Kagome, Conner felt his face drain of color when he saw that she was unconscious and had a small cut on her forehead.

The door burst open and the other inus finally joined him. “Where have ye all been?” Conner growled, his voice laced with anger.

Balthazar snarled, “We were in our chambers, just as ye were tae be.” He glanced over at Kagome and felt his own inu beginning to take control.

“Ye hurt me woman.” He snarled, not caring if the statement upset Conner or not. Balthazar's inu had indeed fallen in love with the young miko and he was not about to let her go. He could feel his muscles lengthening and his fangs sharpening. “Ye wanted tae battle me, and so ye will get yer wish. Prepare tae die, bastard.”

With a loud roar, Balthazar lunged at Sesshomaru. The force of the impact sent both males flying out of the broken window and down to the ground below. The sounds of snarling and hissing could be heard as both males began to claw and bite at each other.

As Conner turned to care for Kagome, he found Kagome in the arms of Griffin, his eyes flashing angrily.

“What in the name of Dagda is goin' on?” He demanded. He looked around and noticed that Kagome's window was broken out. He heard the vicious growls from below and went to the window.

Paling, Griffin looked over at Ewan. “Get down there and stop them. Now!” he ordered. When the small inu left, Griffin glared over at Conner.

“What happened?” He asked, his eyes slowly going over Kagome's injury. He bent his head and allowed his tongue to come into contact with the wound. His saliva effectively stopped the bleeding and when he was sure that she was properly treated, he looked up and snapped, “Well?”

Conner glared at Griffin. They had been friends for a very long time, but now that he was mated to his mother, the arse thought to talk down to him. He was laird. He deserved respect.

“Donna use tha' tone with me. I was simply spending time with Kagome when Laird Sesshomaru rushed in here. He attacked us.” Conner snarled.

“And what were ye two doin' at the time he attacked?” Karin asked as she stepped into the room. She walked over to her mate and carefully examined the wound. Smiling up at her mate, she motioned for him to place Kagome in the bed and then glanced at her son.

“What were ye and Kagome doin', lad?” Karin asked, her tone gentle. She and Conner had spoken in great detail about his feelings for Kagome. It was useless to try and change his mind about wanting the lass. The heart wants what the heart wants, and Conner's heart wanted Kagome.

“I kissed her and tha' was when he came rushin' in here.” Conner replied. He saw his mother shake her head.

Clearing his throat, Payton stepped forward and said, “'Twould also seem tha' Balthazar is also in love with Kagome. 'Tis he tha' is fightin' with the laird.”

Karin gasped. Never before had Balthazar shown any sort of interest in a lass. This was gettin' serious. She noticed that the snarls and growls had stopped and cautiously made her way to the window. Looking down at the ground, Karin could see Ewan and a couple of guards pick up the two fighting males.

Turning, Karin bit her lip. “Nay. This is the end. We are returnin' tae Scotland. Kagome is better now, and doesna' need me help. I willna let a lass come between ye and Balthazar.” She said.

She was about to leave the room, but Conner's voice stopped her. “Then, ye will be leavin' withou' me. I love her, mother. I willna live withou' her.” He calmly replied.

Ignoring Griffin's growls, Conner walked to the bed and sat down beside the young miko. He didn't look up when the room cleared, nor did he care. All that mattered to him lay before him and he was not giving her up. Never.


Ewan glanced down and sighed. Balthazar was much heavier than he looked. He was also much scarier than Ewan remembered.

The guards had placed Sesshomaru and Balthazar in the palace healer's chambers and then left, leaving Ewan to explain what had happened. As the healer wrapped their injuries, Sesshomaru's golden eyes opened and he blinked.

All he could remember was seeing his beloved Kagome in Conner's arms, his lips upon hers. It hurt. For the first time in his long life, Sesshomaru could actually feel something other than arrogance. Was this what a broken heart felt like? Was this how his brother felt when the dead miko, Kikyo, turned her back on him?

Glancing over at Balthazar, Sesshomaru's lip curled into a sneer. He had nearly had him. If that damn inu had not twisted around at that last moment, he would be dead, and Sesshomaru would have been happy. Well, for the moment, anyway.

Before he could speak, Ewan quietly said, “The lad views Lady Kagome as his mate. He is in love with her, Laird Sesshomaru. I suppose tha' ye are, as well.”

“That is none of your concern.” Sesshomaru growled, his eyes narrowing in a silent challenge.

Ewan shrugged. All of his good humor was now gone as he straightened up to his full height. “I was in the garden, ye ken. I heard ye talkin' tae Kagome. She is a sweet lass and deserves tae be with a male who will love her for her, and not because of some damn obligation. Are ye sure tha' what ye feel is true, or is it somethin' tae satisfy yer honor? Donna think tha' ye are doin' her any favors by wantin' her because ye feel sorry for wha' happened. She will find out, and tha' will hurt her even more.” He replied.

Sesshomaru did not answer, but instead, looked out the window. What were his feelings? He didn't know. Somewhere along the way, he had lost sight of everything that he had held important. Wasn't it funny that one mistake could change an entire outlook?

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